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3001 October 5, 2005

what I dont understand is this situation. I cum, so my dick is getting smaller.. she seems to still like it so I carry on.. she then orgasms with a huge uncontrollable scream.. by then my dicks only halfway between big and small... wtf.. by that you could either say size hasnt much in it... and i'm only a 7" or so when big XD
3002 October 7, 2005

To Karin Post #2917
Everybody please read her post.

Who the fuck do you think you are making some bullshit post like that?  You sound like you're a fucking Nazi or something.  From what I've read the "small or average sized" guys here who have acted like assholes to women were rightful in doing so.  There have been many insulting and downright nasty posts made by some women on this site who deserve back the treatment they have dished out themselves.  No ill will is directed at women who have simply stated their opinions, only to those who made degrading comments.  What the fuck are you saying that these "small" guys have no right to be angry and argue back or you will spread lies about them???  What are you trying to prove?  I could tell everyone you have AID's too, but why the hell would I do that?  That's slimy and really low.  Is that what type of person you are?  Well, fuck you.  I don't give a shit who you are.  Do you think you're above other people in some way.  In my book nobody's above anyone whatever the circumstances.  I wouldn't walk around saying shit like that.  Something aweful could happen to you just as easily as it could anyone else.  I really find you're comments truly offensive.  I can bring myself to laugh at most of the ludicrous others I've read, but yours stands out as being a snobby and Nazi like attack.  You make yourself sound like your some superior being.  I'd wake the fuck up if I were you.
3003 October 7, 2005

i am here to learn the truth....is a 9 1/2 by 5 1/4 considered to be big, huge, small, or what? tell me people cause theres too much b.s here
3004 October 7, 2005

3005 October 7, 2005

To Lynn (2924):
At a polytechnic, are we?
3006 October 8, 2005

I'm 24 and I tell it like it is. I don't hate men who have small penises, I have nothing against them, but I do know that they won't be able to give me that much sexual gratification. That's all. I have male friends with whom I am very close (we're talking Jerry-Elaine relationships) and some of these guys are on the small side (I know because they're practically brothers to me) and I don't hold that against them. They're my friends. I love them, etc. I don't tease them about their size, I don't mock them, and I'm not a bitch about it like some women can be (some women I know). It's just life and that's that. What're you going to do? You know? I'm somewhat of a tomboy (the kind who's cute but is very passionate about football; I was raised by a single father) and I understand the male ego, so, I'm sensitive to it. But we're all here to talk about penis size, so let me do just that. I'm white; the guy I'm seeing is black. It's weird because I'm really pale and blond, almost to the point of having white hair, and he's got really dark skin, so we get our share of stares when we walk down the street with our fingers intertwined. Now, his penis is pretty fucking huge, I'll admit, and I have one hell of a time wrestling with it. Honestly, I have no complaints. The first time we did it, it was a little painful, but he was compassionate and patient, he waited for my body to accustom itself to his size before he entered me completely. Before him, I only dated white guys. They were usually hung, and great in bed, but I had never been with a really enormous man. Anyway, it was like "ouch, damn" for a few minutes, and then I got use to it, and then it began to feel really fucking awesome. It was like it went all the way into my stomach; I had never felt that before. Seriously, I could feel it inching it, stretching the muscles of my vagina, deeper and deeper and deeper. It just kept going. It reached the end and stretched it out. I think this is what this site calls "bottoming out." I could feel it in past my belly button,
pointed upward, and hitting the back at around my uterus. God, it was so good. The first time he started thrusting, I arched my back to feel his massive love muscle pummeling me, stretching me, expanding my little white girl's innards. (Just the thought makes me want some right now). I eventually got off in several consecutive orgasms. They were OUT OF THIS WORLD! They each lasted for like three minutes. Can you believe that? It's amazing, that feeling when you just can't hold back a scream, it just comes out involuntarily. It's so weird. So, he's great, what can I say? He's large and lovely. He knows how to treat his white chocolate. We've been trying out new positions lately. I like the classic missionary, but doggy-style is good, too. Either way, you just can't help feeling submissive and horny when you see those arms! I think interracial relationships are beautiful. His black flesh pressed tight against my white body. His penis burrowed deep, deep inside my pink pussy, dilating the lips until they are thin and transparent, pulling me inside out with thick, powerful strokes until when he withdraws and there's this big gaping hole between my thighs and you can see into my canal. His big balls slapping as he pounds, his huge shoulders, my little pale feet pressed into his broad and muscular buttocks. It's some good stuff, I tell you no lie. Anyway, I've rambled on. You must think I have no life, but I'm just bored. So, ladies, you've all got to try a black man at least once. They just fuck so hard and so dang good. Although, it can be painful (you'll be sore at first), it's worth it. Well, that's my two cents. Cheers!

PS: I feel sorry for little guys who have to grapple with falling short of pleasuring a woman. It's tough, I guess. Anyway, just try and find a compassionate girl, one who's willing to be patient and sensitive to your needs as a smaller man. I know I really shouldn't talk, here I am praising big dicks and everything, but, as a woman, it's hard to help falling for a big one. You guys just have to understand, it's not my fault, it's instinct, it's just like Ed says. God bless everybody. Let's all just be friends.
3007 October 8, 2005

The big ones are the best. Don't forget, well endowed men always get the girls. There's a reason, people. Ladies, come on, who's pussy doesn't skip a beat when you see a big fat weiner ready to ram you where the sun don't shine, in between your legs like a big toy. Fill her up! That's what I say. I remember college. The frat boys, the jocks. Bigger and bigger and better and better. Now, that was fucking fun!
3008 October 8, 2005

Looking back:
I have had sex with between 25 and 30 women, mostly when I was in my 20s. My penis is just shy of 5 inches. But it worked just fine, except when I wasn't a good lover. Some women have difficulty having orgasms, but you don't know that when you're a young male. After all, it's no problem for you.

If a woman's not wet yet and you jam it in anyway, you are always too big. You can wreck everything. There was only one woman who felt loose to me. She came and thought I was great. It might not have worked having a long term relationship with her.

Size may matter more after a woman has had children. But a lot of married people don't have good sex lives after kids are on the scene. Penis size is probably not the issue, most of the time. Women who are nursing are less interested in sex.

Penis size may become an obsession when other things in a relationship aren't right. If a man is dumb enough to plant the idea that he is afraid his penis too small in his partner's head, she will surely use this put him down when their relationship is going bad.

I don't know the average age of the contributors to this site, but the ability to have a good erection is probably more important to middle-aged men.

Of course, as so many on this site have noted, all things being equal size is important. I am 5'8" so I can imagine that I might not fit a large woman who was 5'10". Men and women of disparate heights tend not to date, so it may be that people unconscious pair up with partners of approximately the right size.

This site would be better if the editor selected the best contributions in a condensed version. No one wants to read the people who lie, bluster and babble.
3009 October 9, 2005

opinions :
Men care more about size than women. Experienced, slutty women may want big dicks but "most" women don't. Just like an obese person cares more about the volume of food, its simply a habit formed by over indulgence. I'd say it depends on how
often you have sex too. If you have very frequent sex you get loose and perhaps a bit bored with the status quo. Average women want quality not quantity. Most women prefer to savor every bite of a gourmet dish and get satisfaction from the presentation, and the atmosphere of the entire dining experience, while most men seem to place the value on the total volume of food. You can usually profile the "size queen" as an unfit woman who lacks restraint and has many bad habits. You can never satisfy a pig. Personally I don't really care who agrees or disagrees. Opinion is all you can give on this topic.
3010 October 10, 2005

Karin I hate ladies like u I wouldnt have sex with this girl so she told everyone I had a smalll dick but its not ive got just under 6 inches and fat. U seekarin u must get none or u have a stinky hole cos I think I got enough packed to please any slut out there I dont get laid in my area anymore bcos of this bitch. Even when im limp im 3.5 I think I could mesure up against any black guy
3011 October 10, 2005

Take the quiz, idiots.
Any women that has a choice between 4" or 7" will choose the 7" everytime.
All other things considered equal.
Bigger is better than small.
85% of woman wish their lover was a little bit bigger, not huge, just bigger.
3012 October 11, 2005

This website is basically good for men such as myself with a size humiliation fetish.  (Thanks to all those fellas who pretended to be girls and wrote stories about "their first big dick" I got a few wanks out of them - that's about all this site is good for).  A lot of statements are made without any evidence to back it up. 

As a lot of people have already said if a big dick is all there is to your life, I feel sorry for you.  If your just looking for physical satisfaction perhaps a big dick is what you are looking for, if you are looking for a meaningful relationship with INTIMACY not just fucking then the size of the floppy thing between a man's legs is quite inconsequential.
3013 October 11, 2005

anonymous who called this site "a joke" must have a small penis. I am very laid back and feeling good reading about all these big dick lovers. My big cock hasn't been fucked in a couple weeks, and that's rare. I have a rep for my big dick, and have fucked a variety of good pussy. I've fucked asians, chinese japanese, latin, whites, blacks. There are probably more, but i don't try to figure out their race sometimes. The best fuck I had was about 6 months ago with a tanned long-haired brunette. she just turned 18, and a fuck buddy told her friend of me. she was super hot, slim and so tiny with a pussy that felt like it was trying to smother my dick. she was the first to make me cum too soon. 4 hard strokes and I unexpectingly came. But that didn't stop her from fucking me a few times more. I couldn't imagine being a man with a small dick. Us men with huge cocks are having so much fun. (mine is a little under 9" in length and 8 1/2 inches in gerth). That would feel really good, huh ladies??
3014 October 11, 2005

Anxious mammal:
Evolution favors big organs. Check out this site.

The burden of bearing a massive penis

3015 October 11, 2005

To Stallion 70 in comment 1934 I believe. I concur in your statements. To start at the beginning, I could never hit a curve ball, so I became addicted to weighlifting and bodybuilding. Also, in high school, I did not understand the difference between a "shower" and a "grower". Bodybuilding allowed me to workout my tensions and develop a physique without exposing my small penis to ridicule. As I am sure every guy out there remembers, there was always one guy who had a huge schlong which he would waive around the locker room. I experienced that and my flacid organ could not hope to compete.
Well off I went to college, still lifting weights and bodybuilding. Also, one night when we were pretty high, this other "shower" was bragging about his penis in front of this ultra hot babe with 34DDs. I was much larger than him in muscularity, but she was concerned more about penis size then biceps. Well he pulled his penis out and she went down on him to produce a throbbing 7" erect organ, remarkably only about 1/2 inch longer than when he was unexcited. This was quite erotic and I was going to pleasure myself, until she saw that I was 7 1/2" long. Hence my first experience with a "shower".
My bodybuilding continued and I constructed what I regard as an attractive physique. As of today, I am 6'tall, weigh 246 pounds. My statistics are 56" chest, 34" waist, 21" biceps, 30" quadriceps (thighs)and 21" calves. Women are always rubbing my biceps, my pecs, my lats and my penis. See, no matter what the so called experts want you to believe, the penis is similar to any other muscle, it can be built just like your biceps. While my 7 1/2" served me well in college, one babe's eyes were the size of silver dollars when she saw me erect for the first time, I wanted to increase that muscle as well as my other muscles. Therefore, like with my bodybuilding, I devised and followed a method of exercise, involving stretching, pulling and manipulating which I perform every day. I started this system in 1988 and since that I have added 2 3/4 inches in length and 1" in thickness, to my present size of 10 1/4" and 6 3/4".
I can already hear the non believers laughing and thinking that I am making this up. I have read the vast majority of the comments on this sight [who gives a shit about the size of the vagina lips anyway? (that is a rhetorical question by the way.)]. Many of you will not believe. That is fine, I don't care because like Stallion 70 I have many women who stare at me. One day as I was leaving my table at a restaurant (I had on boxer shorts and my penis was hanging down my leg) a woman noticed the outline of my organ on my left thigh. The look in her eyes made me warm all over and she told her friend because as I was leaving, I looked over my shoulder and saw both of them staring in my direction. That happens to me all the time. One day in the weight room this female bodybuilder just looked at me and said "I don't believe anything on you is small." Of course in order to protect bodybuilders all over, I had to prove to her she was right.
This is running on longer than I wished, however, I felt like adding my opinion. Before I began to exercise my organ, these two friends of mine were staring at penis while we were urinating and asked how long when I was hard. When I told them, they both told me that they were only 5" hard and wished they were my size. So did their girlfriends.
Well I am going to be ending this now. As far as African-American versus other races, don't really know and don't really care. Was with an African-American honey one day. She looked at my organ initially as just another little white dick, until she fellated me to my full potential. When she found it impossible to deep throat me completely, she just stared at me. Suffice it to say, when we were finished, she was quite satisfied. That I think is my bottom line. As long as I satisfy my partner, then I feel satisfied. Performing cunnilingus on a woman is extraordinarily exciting to me. To feel that orgasm on my tongue is exquisite. Many times after that orgasm, which is added to by digital penetration, my partner is more than willing to accept my penis.
Bottom line, believe what you wish to believe. I have spent 17 years building my penis and 34 years building my body and I believe with perserverance and committment you can make yourself into what you want. Good night America.
3016 October 12, 2005

you wish you had my dick and my skillz:
This site is great. I laugh my ass off every time i come back here. People get so fucking worked up about dick size, it's fucking hilarious....

But let me tell you, I was really depressed the first time I read this bullshit. I thought "I don't have an 8"x6" dick, how will I ever please a woman?"

Then I realized this site is complete bullshit. Don't forget that. It's complete bullshit.

This site relates a woman's satisfaction to one factor only - dick size.

...And this site never defines "satisfaction"

what does that mean? orgasm? happiness? what?

if a woman is satisfied with an 8"x6" dick and unsatisfied with a 5"x5" dick...what the hell does that mean?

does it mean she didn't orgasm with the 5"x5" dick?

but she did orgasm with the 8"x6" dick?

 Of course she did...well, at least that's what this site wants you to think, but they provide no proof whatsoever. they never put the "penis to the test" to see which dick is actually more satisfying.

Girls can come up to 7 different ways. Only two of those ways depend on size. And chances are, your girl has only come 1 or 2 different ways. So concentrate your efforts on making her come the other 5 ways before you even worry about your dick size.
3017 October 12, 2005

same as before...:
this site teaches a trick to "make your girlfriend admit she prefers a larger penis than yours"

wow. that's pretty helpful. thanks.

I was always wanting to trick my girlfriend into saying she wanted a bigger dick than mine.

This site is so full of crap...
3018 October 12, 2005

All you guys rave about cock.
what you should really do is grow some
3019 October 12, 2005

same as before...:
there's one thing in common with all the posts on here. they're either from a chick praising big dicks from a guy being insecure about his dick.

Look at the facts as stated on this site:

The average dick is 6.0"-6.4" in length by 5.0"-5.2" in girth.

That would place the average dick in the "enjoyable" category according to the ideal penis size chart.

So...anyone below average is "not satisfying" therefore 50% of the men in the world have no hope of ever "satisfying" a woman.

The other 50% of "above average" dicks can only satisfy a woman their dick is between 6"-10" long by 5.25"-7" girth.

So basically, in a nutshell, these figures state that only 20% of the population of men will ever have the hope of satisfying a woman...

Yeah, (yawn) I get the point, you have to have a big dick to get a chick off....

Seriously, any guy reading this needs to re-frame his point of view. It's not about size - really - it's not - every guy with a low self esteem thinks he's small. For example, I've got a buddy with 7", he thinks he's small. There's a guy on thundersplace.com with 9"x7" and he's still on there doing exersizes trying to make it bigger. The truth is, if you 've got no self esteem, your dick will never be big enough. But it will always be your scapegoat and your excuse....
3020 October 12, 2005

same as before...:

Any girl that compares your size to another guys or makes negative comments on it - you need to drop.

Drop her, now.

For example try reversing the roles:

If I thought my girls pussy was too loose and I was constantly thinking about the other tighter pussy's I've had - I wouldn't tell my girl about it and make her feel insecure about something she can't change. I would just find another girl.

Spector, Why are you subjecting yourself to that? If she's not happy with your dick, then she isn't happy with you. Leave her before she destroys your self-esteem.
3021 October 12, 2005

same as before...:

Read the above link...testimony of a male nurse who has seen many penises...compare it to the ideal penis chart...see the poo in front of your face?
3022 October 12, 2005

same as before...:
This site is built to prey on the insecurity every man has about the size of his penis. It's sad, there's guys with 7", 8" ,9" who think they're too small...let me give you a few words of advice:

1) Dump any chick that makes any kind of derrogatory remark about your dick. Don't put up with that, ever. She's trying to manipulate, control, and play games with you. She's thinking "I'll kill his ego, so he won't go looking for someone else."

2) Girls can come 5 different ways (at least). Only 2 of them need a big dick. The g-spot is only 2-4 inches in. Come on, guys, do some real research and find out more about the female body. Your girl isn't going to tell you what to do or what to hit, she doesn't know. She just knows it feels good.

3) Learn how to move. This is the tought part. Start slow, very slow, slower than you ever have. Tease with the dick and watch her hands arms, and legs and let her guide you in and out. Stay super slow for at least 30 minutes till you get a sense of how the girl guides you. Every girl is different but none of them want to be fucked hard and fast until they know you can make them come soft and slow. <Best advice ever)

4) Don't advertise your pussy eating abilities - ever. I don't care how fucking good you are. When you say you eat pussy like a lesbian you're admitting you suck at fucking. Which brings me to...

5) Don't ever stop in the middle of fucking a girl and start eating her pussy. If she's not enjoying your dick, then just roll over and go to sleep. The only exception is if she asks you to stop fucking her and tells you to eat her pussy. Then you have to do it, you've still been defeated, but at least your girl has the balls to let you know that she still wants to get off.

If you don't understand waht I just said - then reverse the roles...

When was the last time you were fucking a girl and you said "stop and suck my dick" - yeah, never.
3023 October 13, 2005

mirror mirror on the wall who has the biggest penise of them all?
3024 October 13, 2005

shrimpdick or should I say 14 year old freshemen who has a pact with his buddies to lose their virginity over the year how did you get past the parent controls?
3025 October 13, 2005

Hey. I am a vietnamese man. To compare with other vietnamese men i have a much bigger penis. My penis length is about 20 cm ( 7 or 7.5 inches. But i still like to have a longer penis because i have seen that there have been many men with longer penis in the porn film or website.
3026 October 13, 2005

Thought it through :
After reading many postings on this site, I suddenly realized women must be interested in penis size, as one aspect of the entire package. After all, women can often be very particular about all sorts of details that guys could care less about. Think of all the wives who hassle their husbands to dress better. Of course all things being equal (which they never are) size must be some factor. But are there many women who just say to themselves: "No way can I stay with him in a longer relationship -- it's too small"?
3027 October 13, 2005

I love how every other person posting has a 14 inch dick
3028 October 13, 2005

A womans love of a big penis does start instinctively a an early age. Even at an age of 12 the boys at my school would often have comparison contests with their dicks. The winner would get respect from the girls and guys. One event that was the diffinative moment in my love for a big one was when i was 16. My boyfriend was 17 and at the time had a six inch penis. I ended up cheating on him with his friend who was rumoured to be huge. And the rumours were true even flaccid his penis was bigger than the 6 inches that my boyfriend had. As soon as his penis was in my hand i felt such a desire for it. I loved the feeling of feeling like a slut as sucked him off and knowing that he was so much bigger than my boyfriend 
3029 October 14, 2005

Ed, I don't dig what you're up to.
One one hand, you've posted this website
essentially telling all us guys what we
always knew (or perhaps feared was true.)
On the other hand, you have a write-up on
Pilinski's program for "reforming" wankers and losers
(and as a small-dicked (5.9'') professional loser/wanker myself, I know
an attempt to profit off my misfortune when I see one! Not to mention, there's guys here SMALLER than me even! I wonder how they feel... you smug, self-satisfied bastard.)
You profess admiration for Pilinski's "good
will" (more like hunger for $$$, but never
mind.) Got a money deal with him, or is "Jiminy
Cricket" keeping you awake at night telling you
what a hypocrite you are? First you attempt to
trash what little is left of people's self-respect,
then you try to SKIM MONEY OFF OF THEM (kickbacks from Pilinski unless I'm mistaken, which I DOUBT.) If I
believed in an afterlife (which I don't, "spirituality" is
for morons) I'd like to see you rot in Hell.
I don't dig you, Ed. You essentially give
confirmation that there is a natural "slave
class" among men (which we always knew, but never
mind... who with three functioning neurons to
rub together ever REALLY believed that "All Men
Are Created Equal" - the biggest lie of the last
thousand years - anyhow? Unless you are laboring
under delusions of a "spiritual" reality to our
universe, which is the biggest lie of ALL TIME! If "God" exists, he can latch "His" lips onto my asshole and suck out my shit as far as I'm concerned. Why would "He" have given some guys a sex drive that they can't satisfy because of a small penis, unless "He" was a disgusting heap of vermin-ridden PUKE? 'Nuff said on that.)
I REALLY don't dig what you're up to, Ed. At least
you could be CONSISTENT (I can at least RESPECT an
asshole as long as he doesn't pretend he isn't one. But you seek not only to inflict depression, but then STEAL PEOPLE'S MONEY as well, by pretending to "care" via your link to that shameless huckster Pilinski. Think that makes you cool, huh? No, it makes you PATHETIC.)
Hope you sleep good at night, Asshole. At least you
could show some integrity.

3030 October 14, 2005

Rarely mentioned solution-the vagina compatibilty:
The idea is to have a penis to vagina ratio where the penis feels rather big to her (optimal), but not gigantic (not optimal):

If you have a small penis, seek out the smallest Asian females.
If you have a regular penis, seek out Asian females or seek out short/narrow bodied white females.

If you have a larger than regular penis, seek out small and regular size white females, or seek out small bodied black females.

If you have a huge penis, seek out white women (but avoid the smallest white women, as there is a good chance you will be too big for many of them), or seek out regular and big bodied black women.

Even if this strikes out at first, since body size doesnt always indicate vagina size, continue with this strategy anyway as it is your best chance seeks for potential optimal physical matchups. If you don't care about best chance seeking, then throw the dice gentlemen.
3031 October 15, 2005

Guy who needs a good opinion:
hi i am an 18yr old lad turnin 19 next month. just want a suggestion on what you peeps think.i have a riddiculous size of 4.7". to me i think that is small.do you think thats small for my age??
3032 October 15, 2005

  Ques. I have a large cock. 9 inches and thick. I used to hurt my wife, actually she would get cut open sometimes. 2 years ago she started letting me do more things, like using fingers and more positions. We were having problems a year ago and she really stretched out. She is loose now, when she was not for 4 years prior. Did she find a bigger dick to use, or is she just getting older and loosening up?
3033 October 16, 2005

Josh, what is this?
"You are loved and wanted! Do not let any of this fool
Loved and wanted By WHO or WHAT?
Our mothers? Hell, even a drool-mutant with Down's
syndrome gets that kind of love. Doesn't change the fact that he (or it, properly)is a defective waste of calcium, salt and organic matter.
Your God? O.K. Josh, if you think a superstition dreamed up millenia ago (in the fear-ridden imaginations of people who were culturally one or two steps above CAVEMEN) is a substitute for the delights of beautiful women, if you like to think that a "relationship" with an imaginary friend... some old guy with a beard in the sky who's going to give you millions of years of *CELIBATE* "happiness"... is worthy payback for getting screwed over by circumstances or Nature in this life, then more power to you.
Sorry, bud. Just because somebody is caught up in materialist American culture doesn't mean they're stupid ("Soulless tube-top girls" or whatever...) It is just testament to how AWESOME and SEDUCTIVE American consumer culture really is! American culture... Hot "tube-top babes", Coca-Cola and Burger King... have succeeded where Rome failed... THEY HAVE CONQUERED THE WORLD! (For those who are high enough quality, mentally AND physically, to prosper in American culture, it is the greatest that ever was, or ever will or can be!)
How could any "afterlife" as a celibate ghost (or whatever) compare with the glories enjoyed by a QUALITY MAN in American society? Or maybe you didn't mean religion at all, maybe you advocate withdrawing from society and living on a cave on a mountain or something and "Loving Yourself" pretending you're the only person on Earth. Is that what you meant? Keep it, you can have it...
For your Edification,

3034 October 17, 2005

man this site is soooo fucking full of propaganda that it makes me angry. Especially because it's delivered in a psuedo educational manner. By the way my penis size is about average so I have no personal qualms with my self-esteem. That being said..This ad is just another internet seed to propagate low self-esteem in males so that they will spend money to make their dicks bigger.

The End
3035 October 18, 2005

I think the statement that penis size matters a lot more to men than women is proven in these comment pages.  The percentage of men commenting as compared to women is about 85:15.  Of that 15% who claim to be women, it wouldn't surprise me if half of them were blokes with a size queen fetish anyway.  Time for us men to build a bridge (doesn't matter what size the bridge is by the way) and get the hell over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!

Stop whinging and get on with it.  You know what would be worse than having a small penis?  Being born in the third world, I bet all those poor black males starving in Africa are real happy with their empty stomachs, civil wars and massive organs.  Don't get a penis enlargement gain some perspective
3036 October 18, 2005

used to be small:
to Ella 3006 i know your telling the truth even if your someone fantasizing sabout the way it is. i have posted here a small in my first marriage we were swingers but eventually just ended up in a 7.5 yr affair with a black man like you described and it was as you say i was about 4 in he was 11 and i was 4 in around he was nine my wife would have orgasms continously for at least a hour and he would come two or three times in a four hr period but it still didn't work out for neither of us she left him for a white man well endowed and divorced me and married him now she has been married four times her life has been crap even though sexually she was satisfied by them. i met a christian girl and she excepted my small size but eventually told me it would be better if it was larger but she would not break covenants. i started to do something about it i started supplements and penis exercises it increased my size i now use also a vacuum pump but i got carried away and damaged my penis some swelling but its going back to normal if you use them they will help us but must do as directions do not over due it has made me 6.5 in long but i am now 6 in in circumforence and believe me this is where it counted my wife now has multiple orgasms and our sex life is now great and i don't have to have someone else do it for me. your right i know i will never be that large and i will never have their stamina but if you really love this man keep him marry him don't fool around if he has the other qualities for a good husband. but in my experience men with that size and sexuall ability just can't stay home and after afew yrs he will go on to conquer new women and you will be hurt. but to all you small men do something don't just whine most women are perfectly satisfied with average men or this would be a horrible world. Please don't go my route it will be misery for both in long run.
3037 October 18, 2005

Ha, ha....
all this b.s.
sometimes I think my gal more continuous orgasms with my finger, esp with a little toung, I mean she loves the penor (it's 8" on the mark) she always want's it but get's off on everything, so my conclusion:
my finger is <4" long, 3/4" wide.... both work well.
3038 October 18, 2005

Penis size:
It is true that most black men are bigger when it comes to genital size and physique, that being especially true in the gyms I have noticed that most black men are more well-endowed. Most whites and others are significantly smaller and many times I've noticed that the difference is night and day. I have friends and some relatives that are double digit length and thick like beer cans or thicker! I do have a friend in Miami who is 8"+ unerect and 14.9x9.1 erect-he's black and stand 7ft 3". But the thing is there are biggies of every kind of people and most men that are huge and promiscuos that I've talked to have quite a problem finding women to sleep with. For most women not all but some of the ones ive meet and interviewd and read about, size matters not. It also seems that as far as proof goes, most whites will show you in a second what they brag about so it is not fair to say most whites as in the population taken from the entire earth. But this has to do with the culture of the area one grows up in, regardless of skin color. The same goes for physical location which affects physical features regardless of skin color. In hotter areas of the world most people will be more muscular, bigger, taller. while in colder climits more fat is needed. So regardless of skin tone the body will adapt to any enviroment given over time and pass on those modifications along with every else on to the next generation.

What is ridiculous about the whole "black is bigger" issue is that it's used as a revenge tool. If you study the Bible God does not care about your skin and with the educational resources availabel including the Bible its about time people see past skin color. So the history of slavery should not be forgotten but it should be remembered to learn and apply form. I am aware racism still exits heavily in many areas but putting people down today is not the answer to it. Remember although one may posses features of extrodinary 'n' magnificient proportions this does not give you the right to put someone else down. You must always remain humble and remember even the most powerful God humbled himself before many of his servants by asking them "Please" or listening to their reccomendations.
3039 October 18, 2005

Why do some people say that any picture of a penis over 10" in size must be fake and photoshopped? Surely we can all accept that penises that size do exist.
3040 October 18, 2005

sandy puss:
Yeah, I'm a total whore and I need a bigger dick to fill me up-like 7" or more.  I can't even queef anymore, the air just blows out like a hugh "sigh".
3041 October 19, 2005

Chicks will use it against guys:
I love the ladies. They bring beauty to this world.

The problem is they can be so underhanded. The old saying 'A woman scorned..." was stated for good reason.

One of those reasons, and this one really bothers me and so many other guys, is the low blow chicks will delivery when they are angry enough (for instance during a bad argument or when breaking up), and so they think it's time to use it on us. It's the telling us our dicks don't measure up.

That constitutes a very dirty way to fight. Perhaps in some instances the female is merely making such a statement because she is angry and knows it will work to push his buttons, and in those instances she may not truly feel he is small, or even if she does it may not be of the importance to her that she is making it out to be at that moment.

At other times it will be that the woman is speaking what she felt all along, and so the truth finally emerges.

Whichever the case, whether she really feels that way or not, it is a very mean thing to say to a male. That qualifies as mental abuse, but she will get away with saying it. She fully understands it is her weapon of mass destruction, and savors her power, only to unlease it when she feels at war. She knows there will be no standing before the courts for her action. She can be smug about it.

After she has used her powerful weapon, if he and her don't break up she will full of excuses or reasons to coverup or dissolve her action.

She will say whatever it takes to make what she said seem not so bad afterall. It may be the truth, but beware, females are very manipulative. It's a strong trait that nature has provided females to make up for being less physically powerful than males.

So when she starts making up by saying things like yeah her ex was bigger, as she had said in her moment of anger, but now is saying he wasn't as good in bed, she may or may not be telling the truth. She can probably convince the male she is being truthful, even if she isn't, that's the offsetting power nature has provided her with.

I know of and have heard of many males this has happened to. I want to believe that not all ladies will use such words against a male. I love the ladies, and they are wonderful in many ways, but this use of such a weapon really demonstrates a very dark side to the ladies. I'll try to be optimistic and believe there are ladies in this world that would never stoop to such a degrading of a male. It's a very heartless thing to do.
3042 October 19, 2005

I found this site to be interesting if not at least entertaining.  To say that I am average may actually be pushing things a little, however, why does it matter?  Some men are big and some are small.  Just like some women have large breasts and some have small.  I think that it really comes down to a matter of preferance.

To quote Edmund Blackadder, "I know for a fact that a horse is very well endowed, but I am unsure if that also mean that he is a very sensitive lover."

Basically I think that is you are going to state that you must be large to make your partner not wish there was more you need to apply the above saying to your lives.  I will agree that there are always ways you would like to change yourself or your lover, but when it really comes down to it those little flaws are really not that important.

Also, for you guys out there, most women, at least in my experiance, do not want to be pounded into the ground by some overly large penis.  If you are in fear of being a "wonderful lover" here is the answer.  TALK TO HER ABOUT HER NEEDS!  There I have said it.  Actually wonder what your lover wants and I can practically gaurentee that she will be satsified.  Come on now, we are guys, it takes a light breeze to get us off, women need something different.  The best part of it however, is that if you satisfy her she will go above and beyond to also do the same for you.

I personally think all this talk about size is pathetic.  You got what you got so learn to work with it.  That is all you can really do.  Well if you are insecure you can also buy an expensive car, however, I digress.

Just learn to love what you have.  Sensuallity is much more important then what you got swinging between your legs.  If you talk to her and find out what she needs she will be the lover of your dreams because you are the lover of hers.
3043 October 19, 2005

Assumptions about Ed, the owner of this site:
First of all, I'm not Ed, just in case someone develops that thought from this post.

This site has been up for a long time now it seems. Just about anything that can be posted in these comment pages has been stated.

So round and round it goes and where it won't ever stop.

So why does ED keep these comment pages going? If you've visited this these pages in the past you may havenoticed Ed doesnt update them nearly as often as he use to. If I were ED, I would feel like this stuff is just same ole same ole repeat after repeat now. With a little luck, every once in a while someone has something a bit new to add.

To those that believe ED is in it for the money, I can only think you might now be right, but only now perhaps. What you choose to ignore though is that he ran this site for a long time with no advertisements and in fact he endorsed Thundersplace which is a totally free penis enlargement forum. He has continued to endorse them. Hardly something someone in it just for the money would do.

How many of you would turn your back when someone finally offers you money to put up an ad on your site, a site something that you have been  maintaining for free. The advertisements are not out of line with your site, and you're not rich, so you say ok. Does that mean this was your intention all along? I think the reason Ed put this site up to begin with is because of all the controversy about penis size.

To those that believe Ed does have issues, how is that so different from many other guys on this planet? I think you're probably correct, but that is besides the point. He is simply putting it on a website and then letting comments be made about it, rather than keeping all clammed up about it like so many other males do. His points are logical, but surely are seen through the eyes of a male, and therefore the erotic mindset of females doesn't get enough attention. Size may matter to her, but her love/imagination can control a lovemaking situation for her, providedc she is in love or at least being swooned off her feet.

There are those from time to time posting comments that ED says only a very big one will do a woman any good. If you would bother to recognise the ideal penis size chart, you'll see that a regular size penis is shown to be enjoyable to women. It also shows too big is not ideal. To those that say he promotes only huge,I don't suppose you bothered to remember that part. Is that fair to cut a guy down without considering the points he makes you would be more inclined to agree with? The conclusion of his site/viewpoint is that bigger is better. That is probably correct, but you're free to not believe that is so. Many of you don't believe him, and choose to be very angry that he put up a website that demonstrates size matters.

He is allowing long posts that completely disagree with him. If he was just in it for the money, don't you think he would delete most of them?

Screwing technique and foreplay still are kings in bed, and someone who perfects those can go a along ways in pleasing women. Sure, bigger has the advantage, but isn't the be all end all with most women. Ok, so you can't be the best in bed. You are most likely not the wittest, or smartest, or richest, or best looking she has ever met either. She isn't expecting you to be. Treat her like a lady, be a good husband and father, and she won't likely be even thinking about any of that, including your penis size. Her mind works differently than ours do. She'll be completely turned on just by being in bed with you. Sure, if you were bigger her response might be even more intense, but she won't be thinking about that. Really, size is only important in one night stands, and also to size queens (which most women are not).
3044 October 20, 2005

I find it very amusing that so many responses to this absurd book have men agreeing that a man with an avearage to small penis could not satisfy a woman.  The truth is that penis size doesn;t really matter. Pleasure is 80% mental and 20% physical.  I am just above average in penis size with just over 7 and 3/4 inches in length and around 6 inches in gerth.  I gurantee that I can please any woman more than a man with a large penis long before I actually enter her.  Example..  I have been with my wife for 2 years.  Before I met her she was one of those women that only wanted big men.  When I showed her a new kind of maiking love she insisted that I was the best lover she ever had.  Pleasuring a woman is not about the size of a mans penis, making a woman feel desireable, sexy, excited, needed.. pleasureing a woman emotionaly will get you alot farther than trying to stuff a kilbasa into a cheerio..  the thoughts of a true pleasurer of a woman..
3045 October 21, 2005

John the RN:
Just a quick comment. Interesting site. As an RN, I have seen countless sizes and configurations of penis's over the years - not by choice, mind you, it goes with the job. I use to be self conscious about my penis, but after seeing so many others out there, I'm not. I'm about 5" long, although I've never measured my girth. I've discovered, in my 10+ years as an RN, that mine fits well withing the norm. Believe me, there are a lot of smaller ones out there - some miniscual, in fact. Interestingly enough, I've only witnessed a few colossal ones in my career, so they're the exception rather than the rule.
3046 October 21, 2005

I am small:
Now i know why my girlfriend left me. I have a four inch penis and it drives me crazy that I will never satisfy or be with the only girl I ever loved. She left me for another man who was far larger than I was. I am distressed however, a lifetime of celibacy is not that bad
3047 October 21, 2005

I would agree that many women (especially those who could easily be labeled "whore") do prefer larger penises. It is also true that most men prefer a tighter, less beaten vagina. So, it works both ways. The bigger penis a woman receives, the less desirable she becomes to of a lesser size. I am an honest 6.5" and have never had a woman tell me I was small, nor try to come back for seconds. However, I have slept with women whom I did not feel any desire to return because they become "gutless" and not very enjoyable. Women prefer larger penises because they feel better, the same as men prefer tighter vaginas. Kegels work both ways, but they do not fully restore anything. Once a girl is aroused she will fully open. A woman will get broken in to whatever size her partner is. If her partner is big, she will continue to need a big penis to fill her. Eventually, that big penis becomes her normal.
3048 October 21, 2005

For all of you shallow, immature, hollow people out there who treat a big penis like it is the hand of God, just stick that penis back into your mouth because no one wants to hear what you have to say. Penis undervelopment is a very big issue and I, as a female, am proud to say that size does not truly matter. I have been with my share of penises, small and very large. I am in love with a man who as a teenager was into cycling and thus has an underdeveloped penis. This is not an issue to me since i realize that there are more important things in this world than a penis, and i must say i feel pity for all who are infatuated with penis size because this probably means that they as a person have not grown or matured.
3049 October 21, 2005

Random Puerto Rican hater:
OH GOOD GOD GET OVER IT ALREADY! its like breast size its coo, but fucking who cares god sakes if people cant tbe happy with WHO THEY ARE, THEN AND ONLY THEN IS WHEN THEY CANT PLEASE ANYOTHER this is the funniest sight i have ever read, i luaghed through each and every page every ne of them and HEY I DO NOT PREFFER MEAT CURRTANS ON A WOMAN wanna know what i preffer??? uh? do ya? a woman that knows shes good enough for me reguardless of what her size or shape is and makes that point clear in the bed room, big dick small dick no matter, its the media that tell you this and its wrong .DONT YOU EVER EVER LISTEN TO A MAN SELLING A PRODUCT EVER, HE IS SELLING SOMTHING OF CORSE HE WILL SAY IT ALL COMBINE TRUTHS WITH LIES TO GET IT SOLD, FUCK OFF PAL
3050 October 22, 2005

John The Brit:
Oh my - where to begin?

Try thinking for yourselves when you read these comments and the site generally.

I am fortunate to be wealthy and have travelled the world for the last twenty five years as an adult.  I know from experience that there's nothing like a bit of criticism to get US citizens to close ranks - so be happy in your little huddle.

My point - you really need to get out more from your little communities (even in your bigger cities you form race and class ghettos) - yet you think you are the world.  In fact you are less than 5% of the world and I understand that less than 10% of you even have a passport.

If you were able to have a more global view (and my apologies to the intelligent who have posted here) you would see the string of myths that your masters feed you from your founation myth to the bigger is better myth that permeates all things US.

You may think that I am being offensive, but I am responding to the posts that invariably begin "I'm going to tell it how it is - I'm 33, gorgeous etc etc".  Ladies, if indeed you are, you know nothing that would justify your generalisations.

In my global experience, the US women I have slept with belong in Sexual Kindergarten compared with their foreign sisters.  Its not your fault, you grow up in these little high school worlds where your idea of sexual liberation centres wholly on the self.  If you enter a relationship with your me me me attitude, you are frankly boring, but your poor US men have nothing to compare you with and accept your aggressive selfishess as liberation, your right to happiness.

But believe me, you are missing the whole point of beautiful sexual union between two people.  No wonder you have more shrinks than some countries have doctors, and this site will just feed the line.

Big cock is a novelty value for sure - so is a pretty face and big tits, and?  Well, and very little really.  Asians certainly have the smallest cocks by race, but their culture of union to create a whole (yin and yang)leads to fulfillment that your ego-centric culture couldn't even begin to comprehend.

American men, get a passport and a plane ticket and free yourselves.

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