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2951 September 15, 2005

i cant believe some of these people on this thread u guys dont have any respect for your women and it also goes for u women too is that all u got to talk about is your dick dont u believe your mate like u for anything else if not then your not sven worthy to be with so just take what god gave u and be happy with it if u people just realize it theres more to an relationship then a pussy and a dick like understanding your partner and getting along with one another and have respect for each other  so get your minds out of the gutter and love your partner for who they are
2952 September 15, 2005

hi this is stallion again   to u guys  iam 57 yr and if your brains were as big as u say your dicks are then u would understand that people has feelings too and they dont need to be put down cause of something as unimportant as how bis your dick is or how u could get a woman in the sack so the same goes to some of you women too just grow up people cause theres more to life than just seeing how many people u can fuck   i like sex too as much as the next person but theres more to a relationship then just that
2953 September 15, 2005

HEY LISTEN UP DUDES! yes girls do find big dicks amazing and turn on, but the majority of girls want to be treated right! they want to feel like you think of them as queens. just as long as your at least average, say 5.5 or 6.5 inches then you should be ok. assuming of course that you pay attention to all of her body not just the sweet spot. also you got to have good hang time, at least 30 minutes or so. remember to ask ask ask....find out how she likes it and DONT put limits on yourself. do it all for her! anything she desires. oh ya and the harder it is the better for her. if she still not satisfied , then dump that selfish SIZE queen. good luck:)
2954 September 15, 2005

For those that want to research and take part in penis enlargement, I HIGHLY reccomend joining the FREE site WWW.THUNDERSPLACE.COM

I've gained 3/4 of an inch in length, and a 1/2 inch in girth since I started Thunder's penis excercises about 1 year ago.  Though I'm by no means huge, I feel ALOT better now with my measurements of 7.5 inches in length X 5.5 inches in girth.
2955 September 15, 2005

LMFAO this site is a trip.. i have to say from my experiences, this is total BS though.  i didnt see where this site mentioned how to cause a "squirting" orgasm from women.  i have had 6 girls in a row have this orgasm with me, 4 of which said they never did before.  and guess what, i only have a 6.5 long by 6.25-6.5 around thick penis. 

HERES THE TRUTH: its the thickness and hardness that matter more to women, and causes them to have intense orgasms (squirting etc) the G-SPOT is located only a couple inches in, and on the front vaginal wall.  when i get very hard, it curves slightly upward, just right to hit this G-SPOT.  to make it hit even moreso, have her lay pn her back with legs back and angle it towards the front wall like mentioned.  at the same time rub on her clit and dont cum too soon.  go all the way in and all the way out while hitting that spot and you will be amazed at the results. 

another thing this site fails to mention is that a recent study of women found that 90% of the women they surveyede said THICKNESS waqs more important than LENGTH.  (further proving the nerves are only 1/3 of the way into the vagina.  trust me, and dont listen to anyone or any site that says that length really means anything.  if it really did im pretty sure i wouldnt have to lay down 6 towels every time i have sex!
2956 September 15, 2005

help me how can get big lips pussy
2957 September 16, 2005

ok read thru your list and have to question the motives behind posting these last few pieces of information:

<<Most women who always prefer receiving oral sex to penetration, do so because of either mental or physical causes.>>

This one could make sense, but you could explain it a bit more. Some women cannot reach orgasm thru intercourse, they need direct stimulation. After all, if men get direct stimulation, why can't women?

<<In general, women prefer vaginal penetration above oral stimulation.>>

This would be a preference of each lady, of course, going back to needing direct stimatulation. If a guy can provide it, if a couple can work thru it and find the right way during intercourse for both to have fun, this wouldn't be a problem. Then again, some people just prefer oral sex, both men and women..but over all, I think you should point out somewhere in the list (if I didn't read it, sorry) that women prefer bigger penises, because they feel they deserve to be stimulated directly just like a man. I mean c'mon, would you want to lay there with a guy on top of you just humping away and you're just wishing it would be over? Or have it feel somewhat good, but not good enough and he comes while you're still waiting? lol
2958 September 16, 2005

This goes out to mart. I have at least a 7.5 to 8 inches dick and if you like to get rammed hard contact me by my email. 24kilates@comcast.net
2959 September 16, 2005

I really love big cocks, and so do most of my friends. As a teenager and twentysomething, I was a Mod. One the scene there were more men than women, so we could pretty much take our pick. Whenever a guy came on the scene who was rumoured to have a big one, we would get really excited, I once remember me and a friend following this new guy into the toilet to have a look because we had heard he was hung. Even though he was only sixteen (I was 23) he was huge, and me and my friend had absolutely fantastic sex with him, really stretched us out.

Believe me, size matters, and big cocks are great. Other things matter too, but when it comes to pure sex it is the most important thing.
2960 September 17, 2005

hello guys&dolls, I'm a quite small man (15centimeters and dunnothegirth..). I'm worried with my size since 12 yo. I'm really obsessed. I love this site because I think it's true. It's so much true that it even goes behind what women think about themselves. You know, individuals may have distorted ideas even about what they really are and want. Sexually I'm bi. I love older men and I look for bigger cocks, but I could never touch a young man even with a HUGE tool. On my omo side, I have a very clear ideal of men I can fuck with. Concerning women I don't like big labias. Concerning the REAL subject of the site, I have always told my girlfriends 'I have a small cock' before having sex for the first time. But they appreciated anyway. You know I think that (for women) LOVE is the great equalizer, not erection!! I had noticed that italian women tend to get involved with the man they fuck with, so I had never had an OBJECTIVE (--> NON SENTIMENTAL) evaluation of my sex skills. Anyway TO ME size is important, it affects my life and it always will,  I try to manage and laugh about it, I love to suck big cocks and try to improve my 'sex style' with women to compensate my size. No other solution, I think. Bye
2961 September 17, 2005

I can't believe I read as much as I did in this site.  Get off your computer and go into the social environment.  There are so many, so many, lying men on this site it is ridiculous.  Whatever you want to tell yourself buddy.  If you have all that time to do your penis exercises then when are you going out meeting these women.  What good is a big cock if you don't go out and use it.  Why don't you take your glasses, put them in your case and pull your pocket protector out before you get and your jammies and cry yourself to sleep.  I'm shedding a tear for you all you bunch of ninnies.
2962 September 17, 2005


I laughed my butt off many times reading through this site, and especially some of the comments!
I think things are vastly more complicated then they're made out to be.

Like, for instance, my opinions, and perceptions of womens preference for penises, and anything in general, is determined based on the way posts are worded.
like, If I were talking about my preference for women, and breast size, I could be brutal, and just scream about how bigger is a zillion times better then smaller, and how women with small boobs should be crucified because they're nowhere near as sexually exciteable, or hot ect.ect, and to an extent thats true (excepet the part about crucifying), but its just an extreme exageration.  A woman reading that might murder herself if she had small boobs.
But, on the other hand, I could describe how, "oh tits in general, and breasts in general are fascinating reguardless of size", and that "bigger is better" is only true to an extent, and that there are many different shapes, and sizes that I consider optimal.  Who cares women I want to suck them all!  ..if I were to word it like that, then that would be completely true as well. It's too easy to explain truths in different ways to manipulate how the reader will enterperet what the truth really is.

So if a woman says "omg bigger is really sooooo much better" I'm so turned on by gargantuan hunks of meat" Guys who are less then enormous just arent nearly as satisfying"  whatever, thats' probably true, and will make guys with small dicks cringe in horror.  But its the way its "worded" that will exagerate the truth, and make you feel shitty if you dont have a huge dick...
Then that same woman could probably say something like "yeah I think bigger is better, but the small dicks have advantages  and turn me on alot too, theyr'e so cute, and I want to suck all penises reguardless of size...guys dont worry so much"  whatever...that's probably basically true too, but the woman would have worded it much differently, and made smaller dicked guys feel much better about themeselves.

So, my point is, dont let a few words throw you into any conclusions...If you got an average or small dick you might feel horrible if a woman really praises giant ones, and then visa versa...dont give a little information too much truth value, just because its the only info you have at the moment.

The topic of human sexuality, and arousal goes way beyond the factors of dick size, and breast size.  obv.  But those two single factors are probably of the highest priority compared with any other single factor. 

When you view information you're brain has to splice things into the possitive and negative catagories.

Like if somebody asks you "how you doing", and you say "not too bad" ...you've just muttered a "positive" statement...even though the words "not too bad" imply bad, but just not too bad. However, if you say "not very good"...even though you just said you basically feel good...just not VERY good, you'll get a "why is that" even though when you compare the phrases "not too bad" and "not very good" not very good should be better then not TOO bad, but its not because youre brain labels one completely good, and the other completely bad.

The same works for just about everything, but when it comes to something like a penis size debate...you gotta realize that theres a lot more too it then what anybody knows (even woman, because of a lot of its subconscious), and you'd have to study up immensely to make rational conclusions.

But anyway..just a few thoughts on self esteem in general...people place too much emphasis on the way things are described, and we base our conclusions based on the total number of + and - things said about something.

Like a said before...I could say a thousand reasons why I love BIG boobs, and a woman reading that wanting to think men dont care about size, would feel like shit just because of the mass number of negatives I"ve said because that go against the conclusion she wants to obtain.  But if I said a thousand reasons why other things matter a lot, not just size, but shape, texture, color and how I love em all, those would just be lots of positives, and make her feel good...both are true, one just divulges into one side of the truth more then the other. 

But, anyway....amazing site, I'm glad I finally know that size is important (for a while I kept thinking it didnt matter at all) like with me and vagina size. (well it matters, but its an unbelievably small factor compared with something like Butt size/shape) 

I want to thank the author of the site for some great humerous moments, and lots of "probably mostly true" information. 

But, like I described...it all depends on the way things are illustrated and worded on the site that will have the most impact on you about the issue.  And the author says he's just realing out the ultimate truth, when he's just doing the complete opposite of "oh oh, penis size doesnt matter at all, its how you use it, woman care about other things much much more"  and saying things that will make you think the complete opposite.. Though I think his approach is well done, just remember that the impressions you get are based on what he says, and how it is said, and not the truths behind them. 

When you ask "does penis size matter" the whole question in itself is subjective.  What does it mean does it matter.. do you mean like if it was a 100th of an inch or 100 inches would it matter, or do you mean "are woman sexually stimulated by the sight of penises, and are larger ones more stimulating, does it cause more vaginal stimulation ect."  you'd probably be asking a million questions in one with "does penis size matter"   So everything depends on how it's interpereted

YOu would need tons of scientific data to get a good idea, or just need to be a woman for a day, to really know how penis size compares with the size of femal parts, and exactly how much it matters.

But anyway, great site, and lots of reasonable reasons as to why, and how Penis size matters.  Much better, then just saying the lie of "no it doesnt matter" ...I think this really hurts people more then it helps, and I"m not a fan of saying things when they arent true so...Thanks   

I really enjoyed, and got some "what I think is" great information!
2963 September 19, 2005

Paul Hotsuff:

 A note to Jonny del Vechio

 Most men would certainly appreciate your info and you are about 90% accuarate. However you should check out Dr Lin at www.actionlove.com.
 You can increase the length and thickness of your cock through natural methods.

 I personally went from just under 5.5inches in length and 4inches around to just under 7 x 5.5 inches around.

 I used the jelquing method for about 20 months to achieve this and Dr Lin had some great advise.
 My ex girlfriend left me for a guy with a thicker cock ( in fact I'm about that wankers size now).

 Women began commenting on my cock and how big it was. ( For the record I've fucked about 300 women)
Now 75% have been hookers and although they have experienced bigger, the vast mojority had great orgasms with my thicker cock.
 One girl ( a hooker) said she had the biggest orgasm with a man who had only 3-4 inches becasue the end of his cock was unusually curved upwards, just right to hit the G -spot. 

 Some women that love really huge cocks are really lazy in bed and arn't worth the trouble.

 So all you smaller guys out there, visit Dr Lin's sight at www.actionlove.com and you will get a pleasant suprise and learn a lot more than you realised.

 Take care all,
 All the best Paul
2964 September 20, 2005

Cory G AZ 17:
yeah i dont know hom much penis size matters im prob about 6.6 inches long maybe a little bgger but im under 7, and i just started having sex and my gf tells me i have a big dick i have made her bleed twice from my size her nick name for me is even "mighty dick" so i dont think it matters to much becuae im barely above average
2965 September 20, 2005

In my opinion men have a very simular argument.  Most men desire tight glove fitting vaginas.  Their penis size don't matter.  A man with a 9" penis that get lost in a very large or stretched vagina is no fun.  This is why these guys don't marry women too fast.  Women must understand that men like the feeling of a wet yet tight vagina and not a loose fitting one.  We like to feel the penetration when a women say "wait, go slow."  I have a 7 by 5 inch around penis and it gets really hard.  Many women tell me that they like a real hard penis too.  A large flacid penis is useless while a Large hard penis may prove too painful for some women.   So lets compromise.  Women who only want the large guys spend your time trying to find one yopu can marry and men who want tight vaginas spend your time trying to find a wife with one.  In the meantime respect potential prospects that don't have what you really want.  I've had women tell me that my cock was too small and I was tempted to tell that having sex with them was like screwing a wide oen window.  So while we search for a partner with a good fit, lets stop telling each other about our imperfections.  Comments are welcome to my email address Giditgood@yahoo.com.
2966 September 20, 2005

Hi, glad to find a refreshing site. I think it is luck and genetics. i am Mexican/Irish. I have a ten inch by 8  inch thick. 9 3/4 sometimes, but when really excited more than ten. Anyway, I think there must also be a size ratio for getting women to squirt. I mean shoot fluid when they come. I have made almost all women do it. I think after reading this, the truth lie in that women don't think except fantasy about that they need a big cock, but if pushed then they do. Or that once they had one, not neccessarily requiring one from then on. Sometimes its a bit of work for them day in and day out. It's extravagant. Me, I have had many girlfriends, but not married. Mid thirties very good looking 6ft athletic build. Swim and run and college educated. World traveled. A bit shy, and damn, you'd think I'd have someone now. But no. So a big cock isn't everything. Money is nice if you don't have a big cock. Even if you do it still is nice. I hope this post lets people know that yes a big one is nice, but women are not all about that. It's similair, but not the same as dating a woman with large breasts, you get used to them after a while. So, don't give up, women all don't require big cocks, they like them, but as rare as they are, it's not that big a concern.
oh, one more thing, just to take the piss out of you..
It's exceedingly pleasurable to see a women in the throes of ecstacy like an animal shooting fluid and coming uncontrollably. It does make you feel fantastic.
2967 September 21, 2005

Thick meat:
I measure 7" long and 5.5" circumference.  I'd say that is above average. Now if I was straight, I'd have to say mine is huge!  haha  In the gay world,(yes, I'm gay) we're all size queens.  Length isn't as important as the girth is with both men and female partners.  One's penis can only go so far up a mans hole or a womens vigina. Right?  Let's feel it, give us the girth!!
2968 September 21, 2005

most girls tell me that size doesnt matter but every now and again it is pleasing to them to have sex with a guy a little larger than average; which is very contradictary, and according to the girls that i have spoken with about penis size average is between 6 and 8 inches long which leads me to see myself as average as i measure in at around 7.75 inches
2969 September 22, 2005

I am 8.5" in length errect. I haven't measured how thick but my thumb and 1st finger just touch when I grip the thickest point. I have found that on some women I have to be careful, as I press hard against the back. I have photographic evidence for the none believers.
2970 September 22, 2005

OK this is stupid. I been with women that have vagina's so large I could put my whole fist in them. I also have women that were so tight they had a hard time just getting it in and I am 5 3/4" long. There are so many sizes in both genders and we just have to find a mate's that enjoy each other. Lets face it if a women wants a huge cock she most likly will be very lose for the average guy and sex will not be very good for either of them. There are men with very large penis's and also small one's. The same for women and there vagina's. So find the one that turns your crank and the hell with the rest.
2971 September 22, 2005

hey Bobby B. My ex wife is 5'5" and weighs about 125lbs. You would think a small woman like that would be one tight piece of ass. Well you could put your whole fist in her and thats not a lie. A womens vagina has no bearing what so ever to her phisical size. Just like a man's physical size has no bearing to his penis size.
2972 September 23, 2005

I believe that size does matter in a lot of different ways. Some women like big dicks and others would prefer something a little smaller. To some men, women have to be thin and have huge tits, to others, some men would prefer a heaver woman. It's all about different strokes. You just have to find whatever it is that makes you happy.
2973 September 23, 2005

Although I don't think that women who desire large penises are sluts (perhaps many have large or aged vaginas, for which no fair-minded man can blame them) I should want neither to court nor to marry such a woman. When there are women who prefer average (there are few who have here posted that they have experienced large, but prefer smaller), and therefore would make better sexual partners for us average and small ones, why would we want women who want larger penises?
2974 September 23, 2005

I can only speak for myself in that my penis size has diminished by two inches, from six and one half to four and one half. The probable reason is that I am well into my senior years and as well as rest of body, time has a way of aging all body parts. The four and one half inches in its erect state does not satisfy the wife and therefore must resort to masturbation for sexual enjoyment.
2975 September 24, 2005

Hey- I came across your website while researching penis size online. I am a male male of irish decent. My penis is about 6.1/2 inches in lenth, and about 2 inches wide. My wife has admitted to me that she has slept with guys as big as 8 inches. I satisfy her every time, so I'm not worried about that. I was wondering. do you think my penis is average sized, small, or slightly big? I always thought my dick was big because it was bigger than all my friends in high school. I have a picture of my half-hard penis @ nudetrial@blogspot.com. Email me @ chrisdevine23@yahoo.com and tell me what you think.

2976 September 24, 2005

My member is 8.2 inches length and is 6.3 inches around. Which most women would find perfect according to this site. A lot of girls i had, where scared... But then again a lot 'm liked it very VERY much.
2977 September 25, 2005

I have a 8 inch penis and my wife loves it. neatly trimmed and my head is large.
my wife always says big is better.. 8 inches by 2 inches thick....
2978 September 25, 2005

i have a 4.8 inch dick and i have 0 confidence.every time i am about to think i could get a girl i always step back or waste too much timeso i wont have too fuck her with my little dick.it's true all women like big dicks and a dick like mine is very small to them.my thing is if i say forget what they say as long as i enjoy it i would be lying to myself cuz i would enjoy if they enjoyed it.because if i noticed they didnt like my size i woukd get turned off myself.why do bitches like big dicks?becuz a bitch iz a bitch.and i truely hate them personally.i would love too fuck them.but i cant stand them.and it aint just cuz my lil dick.but im also ugly,fat,and cant get no bicthes at all becuz they are so picky and wont give a nice guy a chance.i have almost gotten a female about 5 to 8 times and i never end up gettin wit her becuz she makes up some dumb ass excuse or i back down cuz my dick size.and i hate when women show signs that you should make a move and then reject you like a fuckin retard.i hate my little dick,i hate the way i look,i hate bitches and their attitudes and big dick cravings, and i hate god for always fucking wit me even besides the dick and girl thing although that is a big reason i hate him.he always fucks wit me.if there iz anything i like about myself its my attitude towards these beliefs i have and the way i am personally.otherwise i hate life and bitches are a huge reason why i hate myself.to them im a fuckin little dick reject.
2979 September 25, 2005

Still the nicest:
Just be real with yourself fellas and push what you have. Set the mood, light a few candles and show her more romance than flat out fucking. I mean on the real, make love to her mind, and her body will follow. Some women want to all out sex and all I have to say is put it down. Dont trip on that small cock stuff, because everyone cant be huge, big, that'swhy the average is like 5 and a half. It will be many above and below. My penis size is only for the business of whom I am sleeping with and me. If you aint trying to let da kid poke ladies dont worry about it. Dont do online fantasies but realities I can
2980 September 26, 2005

Cock Sparrow:
Women believe that the can freely compare and comment upon the sexual skills, quantity of ejaculatory fluid and the genitals of the male, without theirs being compared and his preference being voiced. I think if we males give our preferences, which the more chivalrous of us have long suppressed, for vaginal size (e.g. smaller is more pleasurable) and appearance (e.g. smaller labia pudendi are more sexually appealing), in addition to our preferential breast sizes (e.g. bigger the better), and state that we love to see copious amounts of vaginal lubricant and female ejaculation, particularly over our penises (that's another reason for vagina size mattering) and that we often like sexually skilled females to take the initiative, many women are going to become a little upset, because will be unable to live up to our deepest desires.          
Women should note: failure in some of these departments may and does lead to male INFIDELITY
2981 September 27, 2005

Average Male:
This site is so fucking wrong it shouldn't even be up. LMFAO of course women want men with big dicks but you know what just cause they are big doesn't mean they are smart. Sure a women canh have a man with a big dick but if she wants a man with a big dick then she doesn't want a relationship. She just wants a man for sex. Well guess what news for all you dumb women that think size matters. A survey on a site I few says this,"The dumber the male is the bigger the dick and the smarter the male is the smaller the dick." and they prove it by the average size of a dick. Like say for instance the asia people have an average dick some where around 4-5 erect well they are the smallest on the chain and the smartest on the chain. Then they go to say that the black man is the biggest but yet the dumbest on the chain and no I am not being racis I am just stating what the site said. So unfortunatly for your site you just made shit up that I am assuming you want stupid males to beleive. Cause all dat shit you said is crazy and out of contex. I could care less if I am 6 inches, if a woman doesn't want me cause of my size then I don't really care. That is all I have to say I believe I have proben my point.
2982 September 27, 2005

don't oversimplify:
It's nice that you consider both width and length here, but for all your ridicule of experts who are being "insulting to women," I find it odd that you write off all factors but length and width as for women who are not really interested in sex.  What's more insulting than simplifying female sexuality as much as you have here?

The X chromosome is much larger and more complex than the Y chromosome, so female sexuality is far more complex and individualized than male sexuality.

Also, sorry to burst your bubble, but it's a sad reality that most men with huge cocks thing that's enough to be a good lover the way the hottest guys I made out with in junior high were the worst kissers because they though being attractive was enough.  Ask any woman.  It's not enough.

Yeah, sometimes I want to be fucked hard and deep.  Sometimes I want to be licked and fondled for hours on end.  sometimes I want romance and sometimes I want to be handcuffed.  It's so dependent on my mood.
2983 September 27, 2005

you suck marie:
marie you fucking suck your a dumbass, very little guys have over 9inches of cock. so good luck your probably fucking ugly anyways!
2984 September 28, 2005

I'm a guy with a 4 icnh dick when erect but i can still satisfy a woman, so what do you people think?
2985 September 28, 2005

John B:
all you guys are a bunch of fucking wierdo's who get excitement from this site. Go out and get some fucking ass
2986 September 29, 2005

someone it matters to:
I'm a very attractive, fit, 33 year old female. In college I had my pick of guys to date. Ive had sex with 6 different guys in 13 years. Five of these guys were average in size and they were circumsized. I remember them mostly for their personalities. The sex was ok with them. Their penises were not very memorable and all 5 seemed like they had the same penis. All 5 were maybe 5 inches (2 were maybe 5 1/2 inches) and all sort of thin (and boney). I wasn't really into the sex much at that point but when I did, it was the absolute minimum. Until... I met and began dating the 6th guy! This guy had a much larger uncircumsized penis and I remember him vividly the first time I went down on him and experienced his beautiful manhood. About seven inches and extremely thick! The head was so huge and tender I was completely in love with it. Suddenly I wanted to please it so bad that I gagged a few times. In between gags I even sucked on his exceptionally large balls and played with them with my fingers. The other guys all seemed to have round, grape-sized balls, but this guy had a couple of big oval shaped ones like chicken egg size. I made love to that big head with my mouth until his cum shot down my throat. I couldn't remember EVER feeling so excited about sex until that night, and after that date, I couldn't wait until I could be intimate with his big beautiful cock again. I had no idea I could be so dirty with a guy!! The next day, least 100 times I imagined sucking on that shiney, perfectly sculpted, oversized head that barely fit into my mouth. I imagined sitting on it too. My pussy got sopping wet each time!! I remembered my hand could not wrap around his incredible shaft. My wrist watch fits more tightly around the base of his shaft than my wrist! The first time I sat on it, I was in heaven! I fucked him like a wild animal and had a very intense orgasm!!! My pussy was drenched and completely satisfied. In the weeks that followed I sucked and fucked him in ways I never thought possible. I did whatever he wanted. I licked and fingered his anus and sucked his balls while jerking him off. I even tried to have anal sex with him(not my favorite thing). Prior to this guy, I had only orgasmed from a vibrator. I married him of course!!
2987 September 30, 2005

average penis size:
I agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once saidI agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once said everything positive has a neg everything positive has a negative side; everything negative has positive side. It is also interesting to see different viewpoints & learn useful things in the discussion.
2988 September 30, 2005

I'm getting to be an old man now at 51 but for years I've had to deal with a huge penis. Starting as a kid in Junior High in the showers I was 8 inches soft. Names like freakster and tripod were getting to be normal. In college, I was popular for the wrong reason, my 12 inch tool. I had girls coming up on campus back in the '70s mind you and ask about my Mule. I couldn't date just any girl I was attracted to because if she wasn't the right size I knew that in the long run sex probably might not be a big part of our relationship and that was what I wanted. Sure I dated in high school and when the subject came up, most girls didn't even want to go there other than looking, feeling, a couple tried to take me in their mouth, but nothing else. In college was just about the same, until I met a blonde bombshell from Sweden that was 6'00". She was built like a #%$@&%$%^ and was every mans dream, just she was tall, just one inch shorter than me. To make a long story shorter, we've been married for 29 years, we have 2 kids, she only weighs 15 pounds more than she did graduating college, is still built, even DDD's now with a 28 inch waist and the sex has been great. Takes a lot of prodding and planning to get her lubbed up and ready to take me but it is all worth it. In the long run, it has been hard to put up with, but worth the final result. Bottom line is, immature kids can be hurtful but life can be good in the end.
2989 October 1, 2005

Black men on National Geographic show:
About black men, I watch the Discovery Channel and some ventures have been to Afican tribes, and on thses show the tribal men are often naked. Not all of the men are swinging low, but many are and there are always some very long limp ones spinkled amongst the group. It does seem that the taller men have more so of the very long penises. There are a few with only 2 and 3 inch limps, but most appear to be about 5 inches limp. The occasional extra long ones appear to be about 6 to 7 inches limp.

How much longer do they become when erect? It's rare to see one erect, so that is difficult to determine. It's commonly believed the typical black male grows about 2 inches and white male grows 3 inches when erect. If so, this would put the average tribal male at 7 inches when erect, and a few of them at 8 to 9 inches - the taller ones have more of this group. This also lends credit to the French surgeon often quoted. He said he had discovered from a lifetime of travel that the average black penis varied from 6.25 inches to 8 inches in length. The mean of that range is a bit over 7". That was the average black male. From watching the National Geographic on television, as I've stated already, it's apparent that is the case and that there are plenty of occasional 8 to 9 inch erections if the 6 to 7 inch limps also gain about the same. I've seen a couple that were long enough limp that they would probably grow to 10 inches when eect.

A direct association that can be drawn to assume the typical black female can accept more length than the typical female of other races. It stands to reason her desired penis size treshold for compatibilty is naturally higher, and that the normal size penis of other races will be small to her, unless her vagina is smaller than the typical black female. If she doesn't care about size then a regular white male six inch penis won't be an issue, but the 'rock her world' must be achieved through alternative means such as great foreplay, technique, stamina, and angled manevering during intercourse. If she does care, and many black females do, then only 'satisfactory' sex can be achieved at best with her for the regular sized white male, and only through much effort then, but no ultimate rocking of her world will be the result as six inches is on the small side of penises to her. The physical match up is not optimal.
2990 October 1, 2005

Male strip clubs tell the truth:
In strip clubs for the ladies all the hard bodied males get raved at but the males with the biggest dicks get the loudest whoops and yells from the females in the audience.
2991 October 2, 2005

I am a medium sized man (6"long by 5" around). Few years ago I had  an romantic adventure with a married woman, about my age. She was a very noisy multiorgasmic woman. We used to fuck, each time we met, for three to four hours without resting at all. She was the hotest and the wettest woman I ever saw in my life. During 69 sessions with her on top, her juices will drop directly to my mouth. They were very sweet and I loved to drink them. It was not pee!!
After few months, persuaded that she appreciated very much my penis and, as she always loved to say, I was the best fucking she ever had, I asked her about her husband size (one year youger than me). I almost felt out the bed when she confessed that he is much... bigger than me (7.5" X 6"). Although, she admittted that mine was much harder, once inside her, she did not feel any difference due to size, between mine and her husband's. What matters to her is that I could  remain very hard for hours during which time she had dozens of orgasms while her husband could not hold more than 5-7 minutes (including foreplay). She used to add : "on a scale of 1 to 10, you are 10 and my husband less than 5". With me, she learnt to enjoy  anal sex, since she always refused it to her husband fearing to be harm by his big penis.
I think that your website is full of bullshit and I am persuaded that technique is much more important than size.
2992 October 2, 2005

Natalia Brasil:
Lets get this cleared up once and for all! Size DOESNT matter.If your girlfriend says it does,dump her.she doesnt love you.when you love someone things like this dont matter! a penis is a penis..and a  pussy is a pussy.Girls don't be scared.no matter how your pussy looks it is beautiful,be proud,no one takes notes on these things really.if your boyfriend say anything to put you down about it.leave him.our personal strength is what makes us beautiful .the same goes for men! Be proud,
2993 October 2, 2005

I recently had an appointment with my nurse who measured   my penis - a whopping 12.7 inches long! I've tried to have sex, but my penis doesn't fit, even in the nurse's cock...
What do I do?
2994 October 3, 2005

Are you obsessed by penis size? haha! Ive been with bigger guys before ive had this boyfriend of mine, ive ive never had a mind blowing orgasm before him. Can you explain that one hot shot? Youre probably just saying this because youre bigger, and ugly, and you lack skills in the sack. hahahaha
2995 October 3, 2005

Plain James:
I've read alot of the comments on this site and being a bisexual male felt I had to comment. For starters-I've dated several black men, the first being less than average. The last however was enormous and by far the biggest I've seen! I admit the others were big too, but so are some white men I've dated. A couple were very, very well hung and one that was-WOW! So I must say that black is bigger than white is a myth.My best experiences were with that average men, 5-7 inches, not too big not small. Being a man I prefer average/smaller than larger for sex-it's easier and more comfortable. Larger penises can be a lot of work sometimes and sex is impossible. Average-big penises tend to be more "handsome". Cut or uncut? I prefer cut. It's a novelty to play with something "huge" now and again, but a nice average guy with a nice average penis is, well-nice.
2996 October 3, 2005

Hello, all.  Thanks for your great website.  I come from the wrong end of the spectrum, and have a message for all the other site visitors who are underendowed.

Message: Size Does Matter.

I've learned the hard way.  When a date really heats up, and things move into the bedroom, a woman has certain expectations.  I can only admire and envy you guys who can 'surprise!' a woman at that point. 

Here's the problem: fully erect, I measure 1-3/4 inches.  That's length.  Girth is slightly larger than a wooden pencil.

I had always hoped that, in the heat of the moment, she'd overlook my shortcomings, and be open to receiving oral pleasure as a substitute.  No way. Not once. Ever.

A woman likes to feel lots of things, but she never likes to feel cheated.  It's never, never a good idea to "wait till she's hot and bothered" to reveal your little surprise; as damaging to your chances as it may be, the best idea is to honestly, patiently inform her of the condition before she discovers it on her own.

Then, at least, you have a decent chance.  And you haven't insulted her in the bargain.
2997 October 3, 2005

Free yourself from mental slavery!

You are loved, you are wanted!  You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are, do not any of this fool you.

The world described in this article is the world of sports talk radio and baseball-cap wearing state-college campuses.  If you 'wanna get fucked' by MORE people, generic-girl-in-tube-top people, soulless vertebrates like the cast of sex and the city, and people more cosmically insecure than even you, oh meek genital friend-- then, by all means, agree with this... to "understand the reality" of penis size hysteria.

There is something more 'offensive' i can do than underestimate the sexual complexity and instinctual "drives" of women--i mean, that which the author claims leads to this "very-real, unavoidable" dynamic of human nature-- and that is to add that by this author's reasoning, men are somehow denying the "very real, unavoidable" urge to be polygamous and fuck as many women as possible to spread seed... and doing so in maintaining the entire foundation of modern family life.  we seem to have done okay at denying this instinct, i think in this context a relatively minor one like "put a big dick in me" can be ignored in the face of ANY actual feelings of smart humanity.

The point is, if it weren't the dick it would be the car that isn't sexy enough or the job that isn't impressive enough at a high school reunion.  Fuck it all, throw your mind away, if you want to be a part of that very small world of ego storms (yes, ego storms, there is nothing fundamental and universal about the fear of a small dick any more than the next worldly rational paranoia), then start donating a portion of your precious day to making an appendage bigger.  Or just, let it be.  Surround yourself with people smarter and more actively involved in the lucid world than these. 

You are loved, you are love.  Believe it, or at least, don't get pulled in to this EASY trap and outlet for people's fears that ARE NOT your own.  Deal with your own fears, work on death and dying first.  Your dick will never ever hold you back unless you let these people help.
2998 October 3, 2005

oh yeah, and:
in summary, the point is, if this sort of sexual insecurity is intense for you, and these 'revelations' on the topic seem real and relevant...

then there are bigger issues for you to tackle before getting upset over the size of your cock.  and, a big dick isn't gonna make any of that go away, this isn't cancer, friends, it's your mind playing tricks on you.
2999 October 5, 2005

I have a very small penis (4.75 in) and many women laughed at me therefore but does not intressiert me. quite contrary to it makes me even horny
3000 October 5, 2005

I am dating a girl who openly confesses that she prefers a big dick.  I have a 7" dick thats 5-1/2" around, which she says is "perfect."  We have an excellend sex life and she always orgasms multiple times, as she is very sexual.  She really likes it deep, much deeper than any previous girlfriend ive had.  Most never let me slam it home all the way...which in some way made me feel good. 

But...the fact that she loves it deep and never says its "too" deep makes me wonder if i have enough for her.  She never makes comments that its big or huge...just that its perfect. I am only the 3rd guy shes been with and she has made comments that others before me didnt "make the cut" because of their small dick size.

So, I have to guess that the two before me were well endowed and im most likely the smaller of the three...as if i made the "cut" just under the wire.

Im sure this sounds crazy but I would appreciate any other comments...

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