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2901 August 30, 2005

Power of the Big One:
I know quite a few  blessed men, one of whom was  taken to court on a  criminal charge .His large penis did not have the power to prevent him receiving a six month sentence. Some people may say perhaps the court was unaware that he had a large penis, but does anyone seriously believe that, had he showed it to the court, he would, as he so much desired, have been set free, something anything with any real power would have been able to achieve? No, I think he would have probably got another six months.
2902 August 30, 2005

Perhaps not so glorious for some.:
If a man becomes less confident about his penis, he may become less likely to date tall women, who are believed to have longer vaginas, and fatter women, whose bodies will take length of his penis. So if more of these women find themselves sidelined, I don't think they'll see the glory in this site.
2903 August 30, 2005

To used to be small (2820):
Have you ever tried the Dynamic Strapless 
Extension.  It works very well.  Ref (2773)
2904 August 30, 2005

 Wog-gles Out! :
'No white woman with any self respect will have sexual intercourse with a Negro, whose skin is the colour of excrement and whose is countenance is simial', which is the opinion that I have heard voiced by quite a few white women whom I know. To be truthful, I can not help but agree, forasmuch as I should probably feel dirty copulating with a Negress .Wherefore, I have rebuffed any who have approached, or displayed an interest in, me. My blue-eyed, blond friend, in contrast, nearly always has a black girlfriend, for he believes the Negress to be more subservient (allegedly, he has a penis too large for any woggle), more sexually adventurous and in consequence more sexually appealing than Caucasoid women. The strangest thing of all is that his girlfriends invariably say 'black men are just losers and likewise are any women who date them.'
2905 Mike:
To Johnny_Del_Vecchio (2848):

Thank-you.  After reading the other 99.9% of horseshit on this site, it's refreshing to hear what you have to say.  It's nice to hear a down-to-earth but intelligent guy say exactly what I've wanted to say for a long time.

Me?  5.5" x 5", 6" long when it really gets out there, but rarely.  So I'm smaller than average, and I thought I had the struggle licked, but I'm still struggling.

I thought I had accepted the situation, but that's obviously not the case.  Hopefully this will help.

Cheers, brother!

2906 August 31, 2005

interesting porn observation:
Awhile back I saw an asian produced porno flick that was interracial.(asian women and black men). Most of the black men in the video were avg. size.
2907 August 31, 2005

A penis average in both dimensions is superior to a penis big in the wrong dimension for your girlfriend. For example, a long but thin penis is not much good for a woman who prefers short but fat, as a short but fat is not much good for a woman who prefers a longer but not a thick penis. What's more, if you posses a long and thick penis, much of the length will be wasted if your woman is of the first type and you wish to cause her no discomfort; over and above wastage, there will be no pelvic contact, resulting in less external clitoral stimulation. All in all, despite what some  people may say on this website, the average, for which many women do have a preference, in both dimensions is an all rounder(a jack of all trades, although a master of none),and therefore better for you and many women than most types of big, particularly the masters of only one trade.

2908 September 1, 2005

Size doesnt matter until you've had sex with a large penis attached to a guy that knows how to use what he has. 5 inchers used to do it for me, in fact I believed that all penises were around that size until I turned around 23. That was about the time I had sex with my first really well hung guy. I never measured him but he was a good 2.5 to 3 inches bigger than any other I had seen and thiiiick. It was the first time I had a lot of fun just playing with and sucking on a cock (he was also the first guy I gave a BJ). The first time we had sex was still to this day the most incredible experience of my life. Every time he took his cock in and out of me it felt like he was going to take my whole vagina with him. He also gave me my first cervical orgasm, something I havent had since except with my dildo. Being with him wasnt only a mental turn on, in that I felt most like a woman when I was on the end of his giant phallus, but also physically his big penis stretched me in ways a smaller one never could. It seems rather logical. A small penis CANT touch me in the same places.

I am now 25 and have yet to find pleasure with any other man. Where are all these big cocks Ive been reading about?
2909 September 1, 2005

Have people wondered how men saying 'smaller and tighter vaginas are better' and women saying 'bigger penises are better' is going to affect our children? Are women going to be pleased if their sons feel insecure about, or commit suicide over, the size of their penises, because these boys haven't got above average? Are men going to be pleased if their daughters do likewise, because they can't live up to men's expectations of big breasts and small vaginas?

Perhaps in the future, though, it might be easier for people, having heard it said publicly so often(thanks to people like ED), to accept that most men like small vaginas and most women prefer large penises.
2910 September 1, 2005

I'm not understanding why so much focus is being placed on whether a woman is completely satisfied?  I hear statements that average sized cocks can give some of them satisfaction, but large ones make them have harder orgasms.  Do they think they are the only ones that need sufficient levels of satisfaction?  Guys have different levels of satisfaction just as well.  A super attractive girl or really tight girl can make our orgasms a lot harder and more satisfying than just a plain regular one.  What if a guy is feeling not completely satisfied?  His girl is loose or her ass is not tight and firm?  Should we then say that we need a tighter girl to satisfy us?  Hey Kaye, why don't you let your husband spend a weekend with a really hot chick and let him get his complete satisfaction?  And you don't join in, you just sit there and watch him worship and really dig that hot chick.  Why is it only about your satisfaction?  Why are all you men taking this bullshit from these women.  Why are you stuck worrying about whether you can satisfy her?  Worry about whether she can satisfy you.  Unless you love her then just stop if she's loose, wack it all over her face, and tell her she's sloppy, loose, gross and not satisfying.  Then ask her how many kids she's had and kick her right out!  Stop letting yourselves get commanded by these bitches, it's really turning my stomach.  If you really love her and she loves you then neither one of you will reject the other and that is the person you want to keep.  Anything less just toss back in.
2911 September 2, 2005

The specialists:
Many sex specialists say 'frequent sex with a large penis will not degrade a vagina', but they also say 'penis size doesn't matter'.
2912 September 2, 2005

Size and skin color are everything! I am 42 yrs old, workout daily, and I want to FUCK daily. However, my runt of a husband who is tied to work can't see what other men see. I have a great body, black hair, a neat trimmed bush that I just love letting men sneak a peek at. I "acidently" flashed a guy at the gym, and he took control! The next thing I know I am in the back of his SUV (thank God for tented windows)sucking on a 9" black cock. His name I'll call "Sam" was jet black and within a minute of sucking he emptied his huge balls deep in my throat and it was awesome! As soon as he with drew from my mouth he buried his huge cock in me to the balls. I must have come 6 times before he emptied in me again. So guess what, Sam owns this ass, mouth, and pussy. He has been fucking me for over two years now. If my husband finds out then he can get out or learn to love it like I do! Sam has promised to share me with some of his black friends, but as of yet to no avail. I think he wa!
 nts his own private white whore wife.
2913 September 2, 2005

I am about 7 1/2inches. woman tell me i am a nice size. not to small or too big. mostly they say it in nice in length but i have average width 5 1/2-6 inches. I have been told i am bigger than average but not large. I dont know I always thought I was average but i usually make woman come alot but they never really say anything about the size and if they do it usually is that it is big or average. I think it doesn't matter it is the total act of sex and some people are not sexual compatible. But i do hear small stories and large stories from woman. most like a nice size penis( 6 - 8inches )but girth does seem to matter alot, most woman don't prefer a long skinny penis) or a penis 8 1/2 long plus.
2914 September 3, 2005

Small is good. Women need to exercise your muscles to stay tight.  You can't contract as much on a larger penis.  You can practice by picking up your douche with your vaginal muscles while it has the water in it.  If you can't, start out with just the stick till you build your muscles. You'll actually grow more nerves and an ability for better orgasms as well as an easier labor as you'll probably hae better muscle control for pushing.
2915 September 3, 2005

Dancing Galaxy:
No man wants to waste his time with a woman who needs a large penis to orgasm.
2916 September 3, 2005

It Matters:
Any man who says "size doesn't matter" is a liar or has never had small one. I won't even sleep with a woman that's too loose. I measure everyone I've had with my love probe.
 Incidentally in a recent survey only 20 % men said vagina size did not matter and these men tended to be middle aged or above, perhaps indicating that older generations had lower sexual expectations of their opposite sex. Today , however, women feel that they can state penis size preferences and men are now starting to state their vaginal  preferences ,all of which puts pressures on both sexes to climb to perhaps unattainable heights. Perhaps our elders are our betters. They certainly have more wisdom
2917 September 3, 2005

All you small penised men out there need to understand something. If you act like an asshole to a woman, SHE WILL TELL EVERYONE SHE KNOWS, EVEN PEOPLE SHE DOESN'T KNOW how small you are. I'm amazed by the # of small dicks out their who apparently don't know this, and have the balls to act like asshole despite their tiny size.

I'm surprised there's not a website for listing the names of asshole men with small dicks. I'd post to it in a heartbeat.  In the meantime, I just keep spreading the word.
2918 September 5, 2005

i have a 7in penis, and i sometimes worry about what a girl is gonna think, however i have yet to have any complaints...i know that penis size isnt an issue to some of my buddies who worry more about pubic hair and how its gonna affect her...to me, if you feel comfortable with your hair, keep it, if you feel comfortable with your zize, keep it, if not, shave or buy pills but so far i am happy with both
2919 September 5, 2005

all other things equal:
Men should accept that penis size matters to women, but before they worry about their penis sizes, perhaps they should consider:

Considering all other things equal, does a normal healthy man get the same penile pleasure from any size vagina no matter its size?

If the answer is no, then vagina size matters and there are many women out there unable to meet your requirements. What's more, many women know it.
2920 September 5, 2005

Man with Huge Cock:
 <font color=red>The owner of this website is trying to sell his books. Beware, everything he said is bullshit.</font>
2921 September 5, 2005

Willy Wonka:
Women may bang on about how good big cocks are, but who cares? It is what we want that is important and that is women with small healthy, non fishy, juicy muffs,which are so scrum-diddly-umptious.
2922 September 5, 2005

What a very informative site and quite timely that I have stumbled across it too.  I am 26years old and have been going out with Geoff for about 4 years now. Our sex life is pretty good and I have no complaints about his size.  I guess he is a bit smaller than average according to your site but since he is the only guy I have ever had sex with I have nothing to compare him with. 

Over the last year or so we have got very friendly with another young couple living in our street, Dave and Caroline.  A couple of weekends ago the four of us went away for the weekend.  On the Saturday night after dinner and a few too many drinks Dave suggested we go into the hot tub in the gymn.  The hotel receptionist gave us each a swimming costume and with much giggling we went to get changed. 

Caroline and I were first into the hot tub in our regulation one piece bathing costumes.  Geoff appeared next in a skimpy pair of speedos which showed the outline of his manhood quite clearly.  Eventually Dave came out in a similarly skimpy cossy but with an absolutely enormous bulge straining the flimsy material.  Caroline laughed and made some comment about not leaving much to the imagination. 

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me" I said.  "Oh don't worry" said Caroline "if he was pleased to see you it would be out over the top of his trunks by now"

By this time he was submerged in the water and I could no longer get a good eyeful.  After alot of messing around we went into the changing rooms to get showered and dressed

The point is I can't stop thinking about the size of his cock and wondering what it would be like to take him inside of me.
2923 September 5, 2005

Boston Brawler:
Response to Tiffany 2739:

It sounds like you feel guilty for liking a thick penis. Don't feel guilty. You're just being honest.
You might like reading lisasexdiary.blogspot.com (thanks Laurie for that address, it's a hot site). This woman Lisa also says she prefers a thick cock because she cums from the tugging action on her labia. So you're not the only one. If you go to her site check out the archive from May 2005 where she talks about her sexual preferences.
2924 September 6, 2005

I'm afraid I can't contribute to the debate about whether sex with a well hung guy is better than a medium or even small bloke.  I'm 19yrs old and have had sex with only three guys and all of them seemed about the same size I think [I'm obviously not that experienced to tell a 5 incher from a 7 or 8 incher yet !!

However, where the well endowed guy scores over the smaller man is visually. Last year we had just finished our A levels and a group of us [ 7 guys and 5 girls] were staying over at our friends house.  They have an amazing pad including an outdoor pool.

The weather was gorgeous and we were all lounging by the pool enjoying the sun and having a few drinks.  Needless to stay the parents had disappeared for the weekend.  Anyway the usual messing about started with the guys unhooking the girls tops and before long we were all running around topless.  Before long we were all in the water stark naked but nothing was really on display.

However as we all emerged from the water to lounge by the pool to dry off [ still starkers ] the difference in the guys equipment became really obvious !! I must say I never realised there could be as much variation in the size of one part of the male anatomy

The guy none of the girls could take their eyes off was simply incredible.  I haven't much idea how long it was but it dangled a considerable way down his thigh and seemed to be as thick as my wrist.  It actually swung from side to side when he walked.  He is not an especially good looking guy [ not the best one there by any means ] but the sight of him naked was amazing !!

By contrast the other guys there were all considerably smaller [ and for all I know quite normal ] but it was the guy with the huge cock that was visually so exciting.  I think all of us girls were dieing to see him erect but none of us had the courage to ask him.  A couple of the other boys were sporting kind of semi-erections but even then didn't have as much to show.

One of the boys seemed very small and it seemed almost buried in his pubic hair.  I've seen my young brother in the shower and even his seemed bigger !!
I guess the whole day must have been a bit embarassing for him especially as he was the only one I saw with a full erection - maybe he thought nobody would notice.  To be honest the only reason I knew it was erect was because it was sticking straight up but even then it looked ridicuously small

So, in terms of being visually exciting the guy with the large cock won hands down.  Even if it didn't grow much when erect it still looked really exciting and I must say I would love to have touched it and played with it !!

In contrast the guy with the small willy [I didn't even think of it as a cock ]looked a bit pathetic. 

Now in terms of getting screwed there may not be that much diference between them when it comes to satisfaction.  And yes I know that there is more to being a great lover than the size of your dick.  But in talking about the day afterwards all of us girls were in agreement - the guy with the huge dick set the pulse racing far more than the "average" guys or certainly the guy with the tiny weener

So there you have it - all you well hung guys out there have a natural initial advantage.  I think all of us girls would have had sex with the guy with the huge schlong just for the experience.  As for you guys the size of my little finger - I reckon you must work really hard to get laid !!
2925 September 6, 2005

  According to this website,I have borderline  'Ideal 'for some women, yet I have experienced quite a few whose vaginas are a little loose for me (these vaginas must extremely boring for  smaller guys) and these women ,none of whom have ever given birth, I have let go, usually after our first sexual encounter. These women are just no good to me
  Women should look after their vaginas and stop expecting men to satisfy them and perhaps us men would stop dumping them or having relationships behind their backs with women who have smaller and healthier vaginas .
  As regards looks  and whatever, I would never dump a woman for having large labia, even though I prefer small. I also like lots of vaginal juice and projectile cum. For me these are as important as a tight vagina, albeit for psychological reasons, because I feel at one with the women and more keen to take the relationship seriously. I think many men may feel the same and like me they will not dump on a woman they feel at one with
2926 September 6, 2005

I have a very small penise. There are pics on my profile as there is no way to describe how small.I dont think there is anyway women could find any pleasure in such a thing.
2927 September 7, 2005

 Caught in the middle:
This is about a couple of my friends who are dating each other.

She tells us that her boyfriend's penis isn't worth having.
He tells us that he makes her orgasm.
She thinks her vagina is top condition, not taking into account that she's had children and is middle aged Imagine pointing out that to her. No, thank you.
He thinks her vagina is loose, but doens'n want to hurt her feeling by saying anything.
She has had sex with a well-endowed man, whilst dating him..
He has had a long running affair with another woman.
Both deny their affairs to each other.
Neither is on the internet

Perhaps websites such as this, where both sexes can freely comment on the each other's sexual organs, might actually bring an understanding to each sex of the needs of the other, and thereby benefit relationships world wide.
2928 September 7, 2005

Mac Balls:
Something is fishy.  According to this site, I am average in size and WAY below ideal penis size.  That being the case, how come I have had sex with 28 women and over half have called me "huge" or "hung" and even a couple couldn't take mine?

So I guess there are 3 possibilities:
1. They are lying
2. They haven't seen too many other dicks
3. The average penis size of 6 X 5 is too high

They could be lying I guess but I didn't ask them about my size they just came out and said it!
I don't think #2 is correct because most of these girls were sluts that I picked up at the bars!
That leaves 3 as a possiblility as well.  I sure hope its 3!
2929 September 7, 2005

I must have a big dick, because women always come whining to me about other guys small penises.

This one asian girl once confided to me how embarrased she was over her fat white boyfriends penis; apparently he had gotten drunk and danced naked on a bar. She wasn't embarrased about him getting drunk and naked, but she didn't want her friends to think that she in any way was connected to his small thing. She was really embarrased about him and quickly dumped him.

Another story was from a few years ago, when I took this asian girls virginity. She later told me that she hadn't been able to walk for a week afterwards, because my dick was so big. (I discount her testimony as she was a virgin, and really couldn't compare with anyone). Anyways, she told all her female friends and I became this mythical big dick man to them. Once I met them all together and they all laughed and gave me a knowingly smile. One of the girls got so excited that I was "that guy" - that her angry boyfriend had to literally pull her away from me.

Also I noticed women always make penis size jokes when I am around, moreso that if other males are around. We ever so often discuss penis size and I am surrounded by size-queens. I always root for the underdog and defend small penis, but they are willing to get into heated debates defending big dicks. Almost all of them have shared stories of encounters with less-than hung men and they are all dead serious. This one girl almost vomits everytime she tells her story of a British guy she was making out with. She gets real aggressive about the issue too.

Hmm, what else can I share.. Oh, yeah, I got my dick sucked by two girls at the same time. Great fun. I also once had 5 or so girls take pictures of my dick while I was trying to keep it hard for their camera. I also had girls confide to me that they had never been taken 'like that before' - some of them in clear awe.

Oh, and I have an average size penis! (Or probably smaller than average according to this website!) - It's just so darn pretty, the girls can't stay away from it.
2930 September 7, 2005

Dave FL:
I'd like to mention just one thing about the text at the very end of this very well done research...You'd better hope to never keep a girlfriend. I don't know who this guy thinks he is, but I'll bet $100 he's never had a woman who hasn't thought of him as the dreaded "Selfish Lover." It's happened to my friends, and they've quickly become single for it. Don't be that guy, go the extra mile and make her see stars...before someone else does.
2931 September 8, 2005

Sexist Bastards!:
 A woman who expects a man to fulfill her sexual needs is being as sexist as a man who expects a woman to clean the toilet.
2932 September 9, 2005

I love to read how so many men say their 6 inches (seems) to get the Job done.Can a woman orgasm with 6 inches ? yes. Can a 6 inch penis make a baby? yes.
A 6 inch penis can even give a reasonable amount of satisfaction. However, All other things considered equal, I would choose the larger penis every time.
larger penises  brings me to orgasm in seconds instead of minutes. a bigger penis also brings me to a much higher level of orgasm. a bigger penis makes me move with more freedom. (without it falling out).
and I have had orgasms that lasted 10 times longer with larger than  the 6 incher you guys think is so great. when a man with a big penis starts to cum I want to feel it explode in me. and that just is not the same with a 6 incher. there is another thing as well I must bring up. the importance of the mans sperm is increased to me when he is bigger.When a large man cums in me I feel myself wanting him to shoot it in deep as posible.(and that increases getting pregnant a whole bunch)I also feel that I want to do more to please the man that has a big one and that has pleased me so much. I like the challenge to get as much in my mouth, and to swallow his seman, becuase he has pleased me so much.so you folks can belive what you like. for me 8 inches and thick is just a little slice of heaven. where 6 inches will do if noting bigger is around. finally My husband has 6 inches and when we have sex, I always find myself not wanting again real soon. but not because i am satisfied, its because its just not touching me in the deep spots that makes me feel so dam great. I love him dearly, and will allways be with him. but I wish the hell he was bigger. maybe when you 6 inch guys hear your wife say she has a headache , she is simply feeling like I do.
2933 September 9, 2005

F anyone who says girls like big dicks, it isnt true im probobly the best lover any of the girls ive been with have ever had, and ive been with many girls white, black, latina, asian but black girls are the best remember the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice!!!!!!!!
2934 September 10, 2005

my penis is 5 inch long and girth 4.75 and 3 women therefore already laughed at me! size does matter
2935 September 10, 2005

Jon - Bristol:
Penis size...virtually irrelevant, but self confidence can be hard hit if you're small.

Example: On one occasion I gave my g/f 25 orgasms within a 2 hour period.  My penis is 'average'...the thing here is that on that occasion I didn't even insert.  I just rubbed my glans around her clit and teased her with my fingers.  The teasing made it more intense for her than it otherwise would have been.  This was because I didn't have any condoms, so I improvised safe sex.

Having a small penis does not end your sex life, it just makes it that you HAVE to be more creative if the girl you are with EXPECTS to be pleasured.  A girl with a decent heart should be capable of ignoring size.
2936 September 10, 2005

I was curious if any husbands or boyfriends were aroused by knowing there significant other had been with a larger sized lover. My wife and I have talked about it. She dated a black man and a greek man who in her words were extremely well endowed. 9" after much reluctance on her part. I am 6". She was nervous about telling me but I found it so erotic and we had amazing sex. Every now and then she will tell me a story and it keeps the sex exciting. To be honest I was a little jealous after she told me but soon the excitement overcame those feelings.
2937 September 10, 2005

small or used to be:
well its been a while since i posted i got me a dr joel kaplan pump it seems to work i did exercises for 8 mo and i think i maxed out. Some one said you measure from bone i don't really believe that but it is the most consistant measurement if your overweight
 i started with about 3.5 in l and 4.2 around from the correct way to measure. i went to5.5 long and 5.4 around by taking herbal supplements and penis exercices described in this site by the doctor in 8 months i am going to try the pump for a while. It is so much easier to make the wife come this size. in my first marriage we were into swinging and a couple introduced us to a ral large hung black man. First encounter my wife orgasmed about 12 times if you don.'t really believe size makes a difference then your not small. but i believe in this instance it was not only size but his incredible stamina. although he was near 11 in and i really didnt measure him but asthick as my wrist or about 7 in in circumforence.As you know that marriage ended up in a divorce she left me for a hung white man. my now wife knows how brain washed i am and lets me try these enlargement to build self esteem its working i am more confident and our sex life is better she is a good christian girl and we would never swing i don't recomend it to others. eventually in my first marriage we ended up in a permanent sexual relationship with a black man he came over 4 times aweek and satisfied her but this is much better i am doing the satisfying and we have trust in each other never again will i let someone else sleep with my wife. I now believe its against God and i am making progress in my size increase so you small men don't just stand there do something don't forget to use the thick rubber band around base of penis just before sex it will make you larger and she will thankyou for it don't leave on more than 15 min. i hope my advice will help another man with a small penis. i have the experience 40 couples and 14 well endowed men and never again it destroyed me and my childrens life.
2938 September 10, 2005

The remarks of the women above are the perfect reason that more men should become gay. Sexually, men know what men like, we know how to give it to each other, there's no need to stimulate some high-needs bimbo's clit for hours on end while she *still* never has an orgasm and then becomes frustrated and enraged at you like it's somehow your fault that there's something wrong with her body that she can't have an orgasm. Plus, when you're in the mood there's *always* a willing playmate just a phone call away; none of this "not in the mood" female horseshit; because you know other guys are just like you: *always* in the mood. If broads only like big dicks, they can visit a stable or buy a butternut squash from the grocery store. Chuck the chicks, guys, ya don't need 'em!
2939 September 11, 2005

Sure Matters To Me:

Fair enough the orientation of this site is the size of the penis relative to the vagina, with a presumption that all vaginas are the same.

But I am a man and my experience has always been the opposite orientation, namely the size of the vagina relative to my penis.

I grew up in pre AIDS promiscuity and had two encounters with girls with very large vaginas.  Penetrative sex compared to average girls was awful and I soon left the relationships.

I have been married for twenty years to a woman who even after two big natural childbirths can grip my penis with her vagina like an arm wrestler.

I can't imagine having had a twenty year sex life with the girls who were just way too big for me - so I don't have a problem with the women who have a problem with sex with penises that are way too small for them. At this level its just anatomical compatability.

I'd like to see some more honesty from the ladies about their size before they generalise - I can't remember where but I saw a post from a girl who was happy to admit that she had "a cunt that belonged on a cow" and she never understood why sex was so so until she met a man with a huge penis - they live happily ever after.  But please, let's not have a go at the guys who previously failed to rock her world.
2940 September 11, 2005

No one:
This site is some kind of joke right?...Anyway,most women that I've met that see size as a matter all struck me as one thing.SLUTS.LOL!It's true though,they were.I ain't ENORMOUS or anything as such (although my girlfriend says I do seem abnormally girthy,anyway),but I found there are TONS TONS TONS TONS of ways to get a woman off other than through penetration.All a guy has to do is put his ego aside for abit and ask her what she wants.

I asked my girlfriend once if size mattered.She just laughed at me and said "No." My girlfriend has a very voracious sexual appetite,so to hear that from her really makes me think that size doesn't matter.

My girlfriend and I though did have some pretty hearty laughs at alot of what has been mentioned on this site,not to mention at some of the posts people have made.I know a couple women who "apparently" have well endowed partners and most have said that sex  with them isn't all that great,its just plain and simple as with any other man.Which just confirms my belief that women are like heavy machinery,lots of hours behind the wheel will give you an idea on how it works but until someone shows you how to operate it properly you'll never get it right.LMAO!
2941 September 12, 2005

Squirter's Boyfriend:
Geez Louise! ALl you guys suck.  I think that size doesnt matter anyhow.  There is a saying that goes around to every male in the world and it goes like this "It's not the size that matters, it's the way you use your dick, cock, or penis!"""
2942 September 12, 2005

averaged sized guy:
I am a happly married man  that has been with my wife for 25 years. I, like so many other men in deniel thought 6 inches was fine and that my wife was satisfied. with it. I could not have been more wrong. we gained trust with each other over the years and she told me of other men that she was with before we got married. She confessed that men with a bigger penis gave her better orgasms. my pride was jolted then I got over it. Well after alot more talking and more talking she said she actualy craved to feel a biger man  to the point of tears sometimes. Her first man was about 8 inches and thick. we rationalized that it may have just felt so big because she was young and inexperienced.  but she insisted his size was what made her orgasm in such a short time. well after we agreed that if she felt she needed a bigger one  that she could if she allowed me to know every detail or even maybe watch. so we set out to find a guy that was 8 inches or more. after sorting thought hundreds of average men that thought they had 8 and in reality only had 6 we found one that was truly endowed with a large penis.  He agreed to meet her and have sex and was ok with me being there. We did not want an afair or anything, simply no strings sex. They met and he came over to our house and they went trough the smalltalk. Finaly I could see they were ready for the next step. I volinteered to let them go up alone untill I thought they got comfortable with each other. after about 10 minutes I heard her screem. I was scared to death, not knowing the man at all before this and all the crazy's out there. I ran upstairs and into the room and there she was  in the thros of the best orgasm I ever saw her have. nothing like the ones that I have gave her. she looked like another woman. she orgasmed with each stroke of the guy. I had never wittnessed her in this condition. her body was soaked her face beet red, and she was  in another world. Her orgasms were close together and then I saw something I was never able to do, she squirted, and soaked the bed. afterwards she was afraid that I would be mad , but I was only glad she was finialy getting what she needed for so long.We became closer over this and she meets a well hung guy once a week for sex and feels better, in better health and looks 20 years younger. so whether you guys like it or not, guys with bigger penises can do more for a woman than any 6 inch boy penis. Her orgasms are always hard when with a bigger man and I finally see that there are alpha males. that are breeders and males like me that can love and provide. it all works out.
2943 September 12, 2005

Vagina, female 34:
Well, I am a female and i read the artice about the pussy lips and the size. I can only say that I have never met a man who likes such long thick and disgusting lips. Unfortunately I have such lips and I was rejected several times because of the lips. Many did not want to touch or lick and left me because they did not like the look. I felt forced to have surgery. It did not really improve the looks much, they are smaller but the clit still sticks out. I have not been able to have sex with a man in several years because of what I was told years ago regarding my big lips and clit.
Most women find big pussy lips disgusting and most men used to dislike them to. However I dont know if that has changed. I doubt it though....
2944 September 13, 2005

Hi I have read his site to it's full and I am a 30 year old woman  from England who has had  4 children. After my first son was born I started to worry sex would hurt so I did it a week after my son was born and I was like what do you mean your in !.
 I truly belived I was broken however I did of course go back otherwise I wouldn't of had the rest. At this point I would also like to point out that my husband was very understading which is what I needed at the time.
So with this in mind ladys please remember that the penis is one part of a man and is not the be all and end all  and no my husband was not an A
The most IMPORTANT part of sex is communication and building on what you both do and don't like And lads remember It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it.
We have enoth pressure on us to be the perfect human when there is no such thing So what ever you have use it and have fun with it good luck and good fortune
2945 September 14, 2005

I just wanted to say to those who bemoan their small penises that I am but two inches when fully erect. Can you believe this? Just two inches! So, all you fives, sixes, and sevens out there, don't complain. It could be a lot worse, believe me because I know from experience. I'm handsome and athletic, but I can't get any girls. I'm tall and dashing, but I can't get any girls. Life's tough, men, but at least your not just two inches. So, keep your chins up. I'm 31 and I've only had sex twice; on both occassions the girl stopped midway before I could orgasm and said, "I just can't do this, get off of me." So, if my chin's up, don't you think yours should be too? OK. So, what's the problem?
2946 September 14, 2005

I've been around a while, I'm 42 and I have seen it mentioned in here a few times but far too much pressure is placed on men about their size,granted much is self imposed. Anyway, to get where I was going here, there are MANY different sizes in womens
vagina's! My wife is very snug and she fits me quite well. I'm probably just a little below average, but
as far as pleasing a woman there is much to be said about your skill in the bedroom. I think women need to realize that they can have a large vagina, it's probably a good idea for any man or woman to find someone who physically matches their size!
2947 September 14, 2005

I am a 26 year old blk f and i tell any guy who is interested in having sex with me you have to be 9 inches or better and really thick i want to feel everything every inch
2948 September 14, 2005

I appreciate what "relax" said re: the "average" woman being able to have fully satisfying sex with the "average" man.  This is logical given that there is in fact as much variation in vagina size as there is in penis size.

What I think we average-to-smaller men need to realize is that we will not be able to satisfy all women all of the time.  But hey, guess what?  The big guys are in the same boat.  I know MANY women who have tighter, smaller vaginas, and are NOT AT ALL interested in 8" x 6" or something larger.

If we can get over equating our penis size with the size of our manhood, we should be ok.  That's an issue for another post, however.
2949 September 14, 2005

In a conversation with a woman once, I asked her if penis size mattered to her.  She mentioned that she preferred girth to length.  Her preference, however, has nothing to do with the point I want to make.  It was how she referred to her previous lover.

He had a very large penis...probably 9" and about 6" around.  I saw a picture of it, so I can attest to this.  She referred to him as a "big man."  She wasn't talking about his body size either (obviously), rather his penis size.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago.  I'm chatting with this lady I've met at an online dating site.  One of her first questions to me is "How big are you?"  She wasn't asking my weight, waist or chest size - she wanted to know my penis size.

I see a pattern here.  I could be reaching, but I am seeing that a man with a large penis is considered a "big man" by women.  It's a very subtle but clear move that's being made here.  The size/stature of the man - the person - is being equated to his penis size. 

Now on the surface that's not what's being said, I realize this.  By saying that her previous lover was a "big man," my female friend was referring to his penis, clearly. 

However what does that kind of language do in our subconscious minds, I wonder?  What does it say to us?  Take myself, for example: 5.5" to 6" erect, 5" around.  That's average to a bit smaller than average.  Does that mean my stature is only "average," perhaps a "bit smaller?"  Does that describe my intellect, too?  How am I to understand it when a woman says I'm "average?"  Yes, I know she's talking about my penis, but am I internalizing it as something deeper?  Does my subconscious take it in at face value, instead of it's implied meaning?

I wonder.  We sure do seem to have a mini-crisis of men who feel inadequate because of the size of their penis.  The truth is that women - most women, anyhow - want much more than a large penis.  This has been said over and over again at this site, and it's borne out in my experience.  I have been with plenty of women who love absolutely HUGE penises, but they love the way I treat them and make love to them, and come back again and again for more.

So why the crisis?  As Ed has said, we as men want to know that we can satisfy ALL women.  Objectively we can't, so why can't we just accept it?  Is it because our very being - who we are - is wrapped up in our penis size?  Is that what it is?  Obviously this isn't true for everyone - probably for a lot of people.  But I wonder if for those who suffer from lack of self-esteem due to penis size, is it because their self-image is too wrapped up in their penis?  And is this the fault - at least partially - of the language we use in describing penis size? 

Food for thought.
2950 September 15, 2005

   I believe in some women size matters, my wife who I have been married to for 13 yrs loves my size. Im 8 long 5 1/2 girth. She said anything thicker would hurt, but then again according to her OB she as a unually long narrow canal, and a very small opening. So maybe there are ladies with huge cunts who can take it big.

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