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2851 August 13, 2005

Like a few of you, it humiliated me to discover that I am smaller than my wive's ex. I measure 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 and he is just shy of 7 x 6.
2852 August 13, 2005

im 19 and i've had my share of women and i am white seriusly unless u r a noodle dick and like less than an inch in cercomfrence than u dont have to worry about length unless ur like less than 3 inches i used to be worried about the same thing untill i had my first piece and unless ur doin a total slut that is stretched out and i mean like a hooker that likes fisting than u dont have a thing to worry about im deff average and pretty close to all men are except for porno stars who get sergery n shit women dont care about size and if she is a virgin a more than average cock probly wont be to pleasureable unless she is a total freak and likes excrciating pain.. how many women like having babys? ur probly average wich is like 5-6 inchs long and 1.5 -2.5 inched in cercomfrence anything more and u should probly only be doin hookers or total sluts... and for the record i hate this site
2853 August 13, 2005


check that out


and this seriusly it will help
2854 August 13, 2005

Here is a simple experiment you men can try, that will disprove a lot of what is on this site.  Find a chatroom on the net that has a lot of sexual chat going on.  Go in under a female name, posing as a female.  Tell women you are bi, so you can talk to women as one, but also about men.  Now start talking about sexual shit to them as if you are a woman, and onto the topic of penis size.  Now, say that you've had boyfriends of big and small, and say that some of the most pleasure you have gotten has been from smaller guys...and you know what...95% OF THE TIME THE WOMEN ON THERE WILL AGREE!!!!!  Now log out, and go into another chatroom or the same one as yourself(a guy) and start talking to a woman about sexual stuff.  When you mention what you look like, and you mention your size, say something like 4.5 inches or 5 or something relatively not large.  Most women will either, stop talking to you, laugh, make weird or rude comments, seem overall less interested, or they will pl!
2855 August 13, 2005

Like most women, I prefer a little bigger than average. 7"X5.5" is perfect for me.My last b/f measuered about 4.5"x4.0". I think that is too small for most women,including myself. Small ones are very tough to ride, even though I am on the petite side. Also, a big cock is masculine.Penis size is often a popular subject in the office I work at and I have never heard a female co-worker say small is better.Sorry guys, just the truth.For alot of women, a small or tiny cock can be a deal breaker.
2856 August 13, 2005

Responding to macho man 2756. Hey jack ass I`m married with 3 kids and don`t watch porno, don`t need to. don`t get mad cause you are in the 25% range who is below 5 and a half inches. don`t have a penis enlargement site either. oh`yea PS bring your girl and i`ll show you just how much she`ll enjoy a larger member.
2857 August 14, 2005

To Brad:
Nope, not end of story. Ladies can, and do, use their hands to judge the size of a penis. How far her fingers reach around and how much penis is covered up or sticking out of her hand(s). THere are a few who will measure with a tape. You jumped to conclusion because of your mindset. Not good.
2858 August 14, 2005

Hey, I'd like to meet this Ed who built up this site. Well, he must be a true retarded. If you look at this site from scientific point of view, there's very little (if anything) worth a reading. So please, just read it for fun.
2859 August 15, 2005

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for over a year, and we have been extremely honest with eachother. She says I'm big, and that could very well be because I'm the only guy she's fucked. Based on how tight she was the first time, considering how wet/turned on she was, this statement holds water. I don't really think it's because she has a small vagina. I also wonder if the woman being virgin makes a difference. I'm 6.5 inches long and 1.75 wide. Would her being a virgin to only me make a difference? When we fucked one night, I gave her 10 orgasms in one session (about 20 minutes) and she had to make me stop because she was about to pass out. What position you're in, how well the guy's technique is (how well it hits the g spot), and a bunch of other things matter too. She doesn't wear makeup, so it's not like she has a lot to hide either.

I'd like to wonder where you get these numbers from. This site can be inaccurate for a number of reasons, like girls lying about statistical questions, or you asking a specific section/group/clique of girls, or not enough girls. I'm not saying the numbers are inaccurate but, they could be. Think about how some penis sites will report 5.5 inches being an average, and then others will report 6.5. Considering the numbers you put out sometimes, you could very well be at least 18% off yourself, if penis surveys can be that inaccurate. Also consider the race of women polled, but I'm sure you already did that.

I don't know if you've been to www.intellectualwhores.com already but, if you haven't, it's a good read. Most women are pretty senseless and don't want a guy for the things the guy likes to do or the guy's sense of humor or how he acts or his preferences, which is things women  logically should be attracted to but obviously most of them aren't. Thank god for exceptions though.

Please get back to me ASAP via email when you can.

2860 August 15, 2005

I'm a college student. I've got an average sized wang.  I'm going to agree wholeheartedly and absolutely with the above poster (#2848), I use the exact technique that he described and girls tell me it's huge and a girl, exhausted from repeated orgasms will throw me onto my back and suck me long and hard because she's so thankful that i have the skill and know-how and desire to devote that kind of attention and intimacy towards her

i'd also like to say that a previous poster, i think his name was either cons or cogs, had a very good point from the cognitive science perspective (i'm a fellow major) about how we've learned to associate bigger dicks with pleasure and sexual prowess... although there is the fact that there is a difference in the physical sensation.. but like the poster said, women have learned to associate that physical sensation with pleasure - for example, the sensation of having your skin scratched until you bleed would hurt most people, but for me, in the right situation, it can be very pleasurable and erotic, or even as a form of meditation, it's just something i have been taught.

now having an average sized dick, two of the 8 women i've slept with have never seen a smaller one and have told me so... and that kind of thing can be very hurtful, just like putting my measurements into that size chart on this site and finding myself not "ideal"... and i don't want to say "there's nothing we can do about it so just live with it" because that doesn't make any of us feel better about not packing serious meat

this is what i've gotta say

compensate for it... don't go out and buy a sports car.. but compensate by studying up like the previous poster says, becoming the best damn lover that has ever existed, and of course you'll be able to hold on to your woman.. and when she's tlaking with her friends and mentions that she had sex with you, and tells them you did in fact have a small or unremarkable or unimpressive penis, she's ALSO going to say "he was the best lover ever, he went down on me for so long and he teased me and he lasted all night and we cuddled for so long and he said such sweet things"

and wouldn't you rather she said you were a great lover than just "yeah and it was about 9 inches long" and stopped talking?
2861 August 15, 2005

Breathe in, breathe out.  Penis in, penis out.  Nigga nigga nigga nigga.  Does your penis hang low can it wobble to and fro?  Can you tie it in a knot, can you tie it in a bow?  Does your niggameat hang low? joe joe. 

If you post here, your mom is a whore. Except mine.  Don't jew niggars have better things to do than read this bullshit? 

On another subject, chinese people have little bitty wangs.  Niggers, on the other hand, have big nigga dicks and little nigga brains.  Us crackas are just right (and your mom is a whore).  Sometimes you have to stop using your head and listen to your penis.
2862 August 15, 2005

to curious kaye:
I am glad to read that you have an 'open relationship'. For your husband's pleasure perhaps consider Hong Kong girls, who often have small tight vaginas, which, as any man who has penetrated such vaginas knows, feel much better than an average. However, having experienced a small one, many men may be reluctant to return to an average, particularly if a baby has passed through it, but I am sure if you can return to your husband, he will return to you. In fact, perhaps all white women, if they love their partners, should allow them to sample small oriental women, about whom many of us white men often fantasize.
2863 August 15, 2005

Hey, I'm a 5'5 white male. My penis size erect is 9 inches long and 5" in width. I'm 27 and have been with many female partners from several different ethnicitys. I understand I'm bigger than average amnong the races. But my main concern is the female aspect of it. In bed,asian women satisfy me more so than the other races. The Asian women I have been with have given me a better feel in bed and it seems as if things are a perfect fit. Nice and tight. So to make a long story short Asian women give me the better sex. Do asian women have a smaller cervix than other races; say white, black or latin American. If so, taking the size of my penis, shouldn't I be more sutible for say a white women or ect.
2864 August 16, 2005

First off I would like to thank johnny for his honest and true to the "bone" comments.  I am an average guy, I have an average penis.  I am not ashamed of it, nor is this debilitating.  As far as this being a topic of evolutionary debate is ludicrous.  The male and female reproductive systems are for just as fore mentioned reproduction.  It is a bonus it is pleasureable, even if it wasnt we would still do it.  All great men did not have large members to this I can garantee, just as all great women do not necessarily have enormous mamories.  Do you think every one of our u.s. presidents are hung? what about all professional sports players?  I bet there has even been a tiny tadger on the moon.  I was once very worried about the size of my penis.  I let it get to the point where I just was not interested in seeking out personal relationships because I thought I was inadequate.  I read propoganda such as penis enlargement ads, hearing bar flies making comments about size of guys, PORNO!!!  Now this is not to say I was not an adequate lover, I take time in foreplay, put swing in my hips, and #1 make her feel like she is the top priority.  I have had some very successful relationships in my time and the end of them was never because of sexual defeciancies.  Although this was true my own phobias and psycosis brought me to a point of depression.  How could a woman be satisfied with me obviously not having the genetic gift.  Why should I even try when I know she has probably had someone bigger than me.  How could I possibly satisfy a woman, I am thin and not that long.  She will probably cheat on me anyway to get her own satisfaction.  To save you from a long story of self mutalating, depressing, self obssessed resentment, I thought of and this sounds really stupid, the movie deus bigalow male gigalo.  For those of you who have not seen this movie see it, it is funny its social satiriacal break down is excellent.  First off a womans greatest erogeounous zone is her brain. Maker her feel special.   I will quote "everytime you are feeling self concious about the size of your penis say something nice about her"  woman are far more self concious about there own apperance than we are make her feel beautiful and smart, and funny will add inches.  Another thing deus is not is smart, suave, handsome, charismatic, or even coordinated.  How does he do it? He is interested in her, her interests, her obssessions, her needs and desires.  If you communicate with the woman you are with you at least have a better shot of fullfilling her desires and vice versa. 
I do not want to sound like I saw the light by watching a movie it is just an example.  It is the applicable message that I am trying to portray.  If you do find a woman who is not interested in you just because of your size you either pissed her off and she is trying to tear your confidence to shreds or your probably better off.  Like johnny said if there really is an issue of not pleasing your partner there are hundreds of books written about the arts of love making, thousands of online articles, and the lump between your shoulders, GET CREATIVE, GET EDUCATED!!!!!
If you are totally obsessed with your size you are probably not being confident, not being creative, and obviously not giving it 100%.
If I can recommend a book the "Tao of Steve", It is about an overweight, pot smoking, part time working, average guy who has bagged more women than most guys dream of.  How does he do it? With confidence!! Be excellent at something and there will always be a woman watching. 
In conclusion yeah it is easier with the bigger tool, but why cant the small and average guy compete on even fields with the big fellas?  It worked in the revolutionary war, We won because we wanted it more. Furthermore go out there get the girl you want show her you are the man, make her quiver with excitement with every touch.  GOOD LUCK 
-average man
2865 August 16, 2005

Im 18 and I know a hott girl named hillarey whos 20 and friends with my brother. She does ballet and ive watched her practice a good amount of times. With the skimpy suits everybody wears you can see every body part. The four guys who are always there each have big penises. Through their suits i can see their flacid penis's are the size of or bigger than my erection which is 5 1/4 by 4 1/2 inches. Me being prety drunk one night i asked her if shed tell me what she thought of my penis. when she laupghed and said yeh i pulled it out. She said it was cute. i responded by saying cute how so. i told her to be truthful about how big it was and she said prety small. She gripped my penis and stroked it twice, than said "i should be able to stroke ur shaft 2 or 3 times before touching your head, instead stroking right over your head beyond your penis. She ended off saying she can only get pleasure out of 7  1/2 or bigger.
2866 August 16, 2005

Hi, my name is Jon.  And, I'm well endowed.  It was one day when I was a child I looked in the mirror, and saw a horse hung penis hanging from my body.  Yes, I am black, tall and handsome.  I love my penis, and my penis also loves me.  I love taking my penis out to dinner--he loves cleaned tuna, or a little smelly...But, that's not the point.  The point is that, I feel sorry for you loser small guys out there.  : shakes head. :  Little dicks, man.. What a shame.  You know what's so funny?  I'm glad you wanted to know.  Let's date back in history when slaves were well endowed like myself, hung for it--or actually killed.  Now it's our turn to hang the little dicks out there.  To hang the 5.5 inchers.  To hand the 3 inches.  To hang the even and impossibly, 1. inches.  We're taking over the world with our well endowed dicks.  You'll probably see me with any of your wives you small guys.  I'll probably be the one in the bed, releasing the teason your wife has gone through all her life over a small penis.  " Size doesn't matter hun, it's only you."  Bull, and that's a lie.  In heart, women are sluts.  You go hide in the corner while I'm ramming away at your wife.  And after the confrontation of you noticing our sexual activity, we'll leave you and go to a hotel to have more of it.  No no, I'll send a camera, and take pictures of me doing your wife in all positions.  I don't lick cunt, that's for you little dicks out there.  Lol.  Sad really.  Man, how do you live life everyday knowing that your penis is small.  I thank God everyday for my big dick.  We were known as freaks, and now we're known as kings.  Little dicks cling to love, but when it comes down to sex they run like children.  Get it right, home skillet.  Big DICK NIGGA's are taking over this shiznit.  Now, return to your normal viewing!!  You little dicks!~!~  Peace out. \/
2867 August 16, 2005

Of course size matters. Men like the pressure of a small tight vagina squeezing their dicks and women like the feeling of a big dick stretching their vaginas. The thing is both sexes can't have their own way.
2868 August 16, 2005

Notice the photoshopped pictures and such(which I would have rather not seen while looking for STRAIGHT porn) ya those are fake, no one has a 20 inch long penis, largest was 13, who knows if it worked. No I don't have a small one, nor do I brag...much. This is just another fraud to sell PENIS SIZE PILLS, which obviously don't work, no I haven't tried them. This is bullshit.
2869 August 17, 2005

sleepless addict:
No matter how many times I peruse this sight I always leave with the same feelings:depressed and suicidal.
2870 August 17, 2005

ding dong:
I see alot of people talking about race versus cock size.  Black men are bigger generally, but who cares?  lol  When they're completely evolved they'll come down to human size.
2871 August 17, 2005

I've had many lovers, and most were above-average (7" and over). I married a man who is 9", but not overly-girthy. I've been with a guy who was as big as my thumb erect (I broke up with him after that discovery) and have also been with a guy who was as big as 2 Coke cans stacked atop each other & at least that big around (I was drinking a lot that night, and didn't feel the pain until later ... I had to break up with him, too). My 9" husband and I separated for a year, and I wasn't interested in an emotional relationship - just the 'friends with benefits' relationships. If a guy wanted to be intimate, the first words out of my mouth was, "Let's talk cock." Some things I've learned in my dating forays:

1. If a guy claims that he doesn't know how big he is, he's definitely under 6". (PUH-lease... a guy who hasn't EVER measured his erect cock? give me a break)

2. If the first thing a guy does to you is 'go south,' he's got a small penis.

3. If a guy brags about his "amazing oral technique" and tells you over & over how much he LOVES to perform oral on a woman, he's got a small penis.

4. If a guy points to his buddy and suggests you go home with *both* of them, he's got the small penis & you should head home with the buddy instead.

5. Believe the black guy who feeds you the 'myth' about black men being more endowed than a white guy. He may not be enormous, BUT he'll probably be closer to 8" than a white guy. Remember, if he first performs oral on you or brags on his oral technique, he's probably a black guy with a small penis.

6. The correllation between size of the nose, feet, or hands & penis size is patently untrue. My 9" husband has small-ish feet for a guy and cannot palm a basketball. Tom Thumb (the lover who was thumb-sized when erect) had an enormous nose, huge hands and huge feet.

7. Men will lie about having a big penis (and most anything else) to sleep with you. The good news is that the proof is evident once the erection occurs. Ladies, you're not a bitch if you leave upon discovering he's got a small cock if he's LIED about it.

I'm a real woman, beautiful, 36D, and an educated college professor. I've done a lot of comparison shopping, and I'm speaking from experience.  ;)
2872 August 17, 2005

lets talk about this somewomen have very big pussy'swho need a big dick but most women have small pussy' and six inch dick would do the job so don't get down and out i have a seven inch dick by six no complaints eating a pussy is much better
2873 August 17, 2005

Hey uhh, here's a good example you could use. Your site is really really harsh example, with no comforting, motivational words. I would suggest teaming up with the johnny_del guy, because his post was really motivational; maybe you guys could write a book some day.

Anyways, I was going to give you an example but never did, and that's because I guess I didn't want you to stop reading at the first paragraph.

Basically, think of it like this.. if your girlfriend gives you pleasure; not the best pleasure, though... think of it how some girls could have a tighter or better in some way vagina, and give you more pleasure than your girlfriend could with hers. You do with what you can; your girlfriend is probably in the same exact boat as you are.

Naturally, when guys think of other guys with bigger cocks fucking their girlfriend they feel invaded, so that example makes it a lot better, at least for me.

Maybe some guys have a girlfriend that has the perfect pussy, but that would naturally imply that they have the perfect cock to go with that pussy so obviously either they have no reason to be here or they're exaggerating the word "perfect".
2874 August 18, 2005

Response to needanswers (2709  June 19, 2005):
8 out of ten men (whose penile dimensions are not given, but who are probably of an average or small size) prefer small tight vaginas for pleasure. In relation to vaginal appearances, according to a recent survey, many men don't like the type vaginas the author of this suggest they do (i.e., big), but of course there are exceptions. But you'll have to bite bullet, try not to care what anybody else thinks and have sex ,if you want it; otherwise you will remain a virgin forever .Even if the man you choose is a idiot about your vagina, there are many men who wont be. Go for gold and good luck!
2875 August 18, 2005

vince carternary:
this sight is funny alot of these guys lie about havin big dicks or else they wouldnt be on this sight big dick guys are too busy gettin pussy from size queens to be concerned about penis size. They know their big and dont bother. Im 6.2 inches long 6.5 inches around.
2876 August 20, 2005

I think that penis size matters much more to men than to women. Now, my women friends have told me that they love talking about their partners' penises with their friends--size, shape, etc. But, in the end, it's not a major priority. Guys like to talk about women's tits, asses, etc., but usually none of it is a deal breaker.

I have a small penis. Not miniscule, but on the smaller side of average. One ex even told me she thought it was small when we were dating, but it never affected the sex or anything else. The same way a girl's small tits wouldn't make me break up with her.
2877 August 21, 2005

Dear debators,

just goin thru the comments,
most of the commentators dont even exist. I mean...i'll tell u the truth, I am a black. My black friend was readin this website and he almost typed a comment with a "Female name" saying "Im a white woman an i love black cocks bla bla bla...". I stopped him and i type the truth here, my penis is no more the 5inches.......max 5 and 1/2. I never needed any drugs to satisfy my wife and we never thought about the topic. She is very happy with me and she never let feel a thing about it since our 8years of sex life.
This is true love....So guys, we need to enlarge our hearts and love for each other which is eternal, not our body-parts which'll be worn out by age.
Love u all...relax n be happy.
2878 August 22, 2005

The Key: Self-Discovery :
Yes size matters, and I am a guy saying this.  No I am not gay, and not small, or large, but average.  However, I have heard and seen girls turn into complete sluts of over big cocks...even girls who had very high morals.  Men think more with intellect.  Women think more with emotion.  Whatever makes more sense to a man he does, whatever feels better to a woman she does.  So, since big dicks look and FEEL better, she will obviously crave that.  For the smaller guys out there...keep your heads held high dudes.  There are so many other great things in life besides women, love, sex ect.  The key to happiness is self-discovery.  Other people can bring you large amounts of happiness, but they will always fail in some way.  only you know you, and only you can provide the pleasure, love, and all good things you deserve.  Godd luck.

P.S.  Now I understand why women haven't been aloud in the church...no intellect at all, just feel good, feel better than that good, feel better than that previous good...bah no brains at all!
2879 August 22, 2005

My penis is so long i could stick it in my ear.  I often do sometimes.  Then I wrap my 12lb. ball sack back in between my butt crack and bust all.  The vibration makes me cum like a crack whore with a telephone poll in her and it shoots into my ear canal.  I wait 3 minutes and pull out the hardened spoog... but it also brings out the ear wax too... its the new q-tip of the future... LICK MY BALLS!!
2880 August 22, 2005

To Needanswers, posting 2709 (June 19, 2005):

"somebody please answer this question i've been dying to ask. do men like small or big VAGINAS? i'm still a virgin and shouldnt be. but i'm embarassed about the size of my vagina. i don't want my boyfriend to be grossed out when he sees it. please help."

I realise that there are some stupid or shallow men who may react unfavorably to the appearance of your vagina. However, try not to dwell upon this and concentrate upon those aspects about yourself that make you a prize sought by  many  a man, to whose ego, peace of mind and sexual pleasure you will be a gift.
 For a man's ego and peace of mind the conquest of a virgo intacta is good in that:
a) he can not be compared and therefore, if he is the type who believes it is incumbent upon a man to sexually satisfy a woman, he will feel unpressurised to outperform her previous lovers.
b) he can boast to his friends, for not all males are able to obtain such a woman.
c) if chivalrous, he may feel honoured to have won her maidenhood, for that she can give but once.
b) if he is fond of her, he can be sure that he is not going learn that she was, for example, involved in group sex with four men, had a string of lovers, or engaged in sexual congress with so- and -so behind the bandstand. Such news may: firstly, make a man feel foolish, if all around him know more about his lover than he; secondly, lower his self-esteem to know he has attracted a woman of low morality; and thirdly, invoke sexual jealousy (an emotion programmed into men, contrasting with emotional jealousy said to be experienced by women), which often spells the end of a relationship.
  Incidentally, some people say "it's not right that a man be thought a stud for having a string of female lovers, whereas a woman who has a string of male lovers is a whore." To me, it appears that women hold 'studs' in a higher regard than men do: if a 'stud' seduces unattractive women, then his friends are likely to ridicule him. If he seduces all the women to whom his friends are sexually drawn, then he is going to invoke jealousy and inconsequence become unpopular.
 For a man's sexual pleasure, a virgo intacta is usually good in that her vagina - or that of a woman who has had few sexual encounters- is (or believed to be) smaller, tighter and in consequence more pleasurable to a man's penis. Having had intercourse with a virgin, I do know that the vaginas of such women can be small and that small vaginas offer much more penile sensation than lager ones. Your vagina will probably afford much pleasure to most men.
 In relation to vaginal aesthetics, if given the choice, I would rather have a woman with small labia and so forth. However, vaginal appearances are of little importance to me: I prioritise (not necessarily in this order) faces, particularly noses and eyes, feet, backsides, height, hair, dress sense, musical taste, voice, personality, reputation, sense of humour(i.e. does she make me laugh?) and genital compatibility, whereby I mean that I want to receive penile satisfaction from her vagina and (in the interests of fairness and the fulfilment of my own sexual desires) her to receive vaginal satisfaction from my penis.
 Although not all men think as outlined above, I do hope you realise that by many you will be seen as having much to offer. And I do verily hope that you soon find a man who will treat well.
2881 August 22, 2005

First off it's not the size that matters it's what you do with it. Making love is not all about penis size its about how you how you make her feel with you words and the touch of your hands on her body. If your having sex with someone you love their not going to looks at your penis and say ewwww it's small get it away. If some girl loves you she will accept you for who you are and if she doesn't then shes a bitch and get rid of her.
2882 August 22, 2005

Iam a 19 year old lad with a 5inch penis wen hard. It really depresses me and always wil do. Do MOST women care about cock size?
2883 August 22, 2005

I think this site is funny. I have an average penis and some girls back me off when I go deep. Some girls, I can hardly feel their insides.. Guys ,,Go get laid and find the right one for you(girls too) ..I think that's all. MMMM nope,, And stay hard for god sakes , she shouldn't need much more. We are made in god's image, I think that's why those girls who want giant ,freak cocks are looked at in a negative way. But let them get theirs, It's none of your business right?,no big deal.
2884 August 23, 2005

Dr. Chin:
I'm a gyno, and this website is run by a moron or a penis enlargement company. Take this website's info with a salt shaker, and if you actually have studied gynecology in med school, with a bevy of laughter. The group of people promoting this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves. But these people have no morals or shame. Oh, the countless studies done on how online hardcore pornography has traumatized and destroyed natural and healthy perceptions of life in countless teenagers...
2885 August 23, 2005

Its good women should know that their vaginas might not be meeting the needs of their men, who sometimes need to find penile satisfaction with their own hands or (sadly) in another woman's bed.
2886 August 24, 2005

Ok guys, this is simple... girth matters not length.  Dildos are made thick, never really all that long.  Any really long ones I have rarely ever seen inserted all the way...in real life that is not in fake porns that brainwash people.  If you are at least 5 inches in length you are ok...just work up your girth!  Try jelqing.  Try eating foods high in protein...ake hot baths(stay away from cold water and air, keep it warm), drinks lots water...and last but not least(this is a tough one)cut down on the wackin off.  If you are under 5 inches no worries just stretch it.  Hold for 1 min, then release for 15 seconds, then pull again.  Do this all together for 5 mins.  Strecth till you can feel a burning stetch with light pain, but not much.  Good luck.
2887 August 24, 2005

It makes me laugh to read  men saying that women secretly crave big cocks and they may criticize a man's penis while arguing or leave him on account of  his size. Well, we men think about the most pleasurable pussy we've had and we also have affairs or leave on account of our partners' pussies not being up to scratch. I've done it and an overstretched pussy is one of the reasons (a feeling of being left out is another) for men doing the dirty on women who have recently given birth.
So that women understand us ,men should be saying to their partners what they would like from them and not blaming themselves for not being able to live up to  "women's expectations". Compromise and understanding. Remember we have expectations too and we not second class citizens.
2888 August 24, 2005

this is good infromation to have. i have read many times over and learn of the things about it more and more. What a sad world when the is people out there that will have their cake and eat it too. it breaks my heart to see some like the lady who has a husband and she has a black lover on the side. and the husband is ok with it. i nearly fell of my seat reading that. its sad because she is very empty. and i blame everyone involved. If you cant have a fullfilled marrige in which there can only be a man and wife and nobody else, then you have a issue because you are cheating in the marriage vow. i will admit that i am in the small size index. but my dick dont pay the bills people. my mind does.but one thing i can say for sure.I am a complete lover. i was taught by the best older women out there. and they all said this: its nice to have some big cock in you.it feels good, fills you up, make them cum harder and faster.but what made them come back to me over and over many many times was that i made them feel like they were the last woman i was going to do in this world. Try worshiping a lady sometime. take your time to explore all there curves. there eyes,body,mind,soul, and spirit. That right there, you can not teach. It takes a man to satisfy one woman, then a thousand.
2889 August 25, 2005

the good thing:
there is one thing that is truthfulif you have a larger than normal penies it gives you an advantage
I meet what many men said was the most beutiful gril they had ever seen evan women.But she was so vain she would use men.She was slim 6ft blond she knew how to dress sexy,she alway's wore stockings and gater belt.Me i am 5ft 10in 170lbs 42chest but i found out the first time we had sex i could last up to 2hr anyway when i finished i heard her crying i asked why she said she had never felt it like that before.I moved in with her and at the end of sex she would be shakeing saying she was floating looking down on us haveing sex.The first time we did it doggy style,she said she could not belive it she said she felt me cum as in swelling up inside of her off she went aking her friends if they has ever felt a man cum,they said no.Then one day i was on the bed and she said no wonder she could feel me cum in her as my penis,went past my belly button.Well after 2 years of liveing together we had an argument,i got my own apartment so i thought we were finished but i hear a knock on my door in she comes wearing a long blue dressshe does notsay a word slips of her dress she has only stockings and a gater belt on we have sex its been a few weeks i wore a condom it splits she is crying saying she saw a bright light,we would meet in differant places always it ended up us haveing sex.But she was still useing men,she would get a kick out of it,me i had enough i got out i am married now love my wife would never swap her for a 6ft blond the sex is so much better with my wife but she also says she can feel me cum and that she never felt that before
2890 August 26, 2005


I'we been folloving this "debate" with much amusement for some time. (Actually, at times I'we been outright hooked. I admit to pondering on these issues from a personal perspective too)

Often it's very hard to determine the authenticity of the claims (e.g. personal size statistics of the posters) and even the authenticity of the identity of the posters themselves. I suspect that many posters who claim they are women are in fact men (usually either puerile pranksters or sick sadists). This becomes apparent at least when you read the most outrageous comments (e.g. "let's castrate all small dicked men!").

Furhermore, I suspect that of the few genuine female posters who insist size matters, many are driven by a wish to intimidate men rather than to contribute their (honest!) two cents!

To help keep things in perspective, I'we copied a link that posts what I believe are the actual results from the Ansell Lifestyles -study.


As has been said before, this study is probably the most reliable due to the fact that the measurements were done by qualified nurses (as opposed to self-reporting, as has been the case in most other studies) I think you will find the data sobering, and helpful when judging the reliability of some of the claims made by the posters (usually of the type: "I'm a man and I have a 10 inch penis" or alternatively "I'm a woman and I need a 10 inch penis to be satisfied") Judging by the data, these people are either liars or too stupid to use a ruler correctly.
2891 August 26, 2005

hmmm...yes..well, then: I'm beginning to remember why I haven't checked in here in quite a while [laughing].  It's hard to appreciate peoples' ramblings when they cannot even communicate in proper English!
I noticed that quite a few folks who (have) expressed something cogently, were mocked---indeed, drowned out---by the bleating hordes who are intent on typing first and thinking later....
I won't give specific examples, 'cause there's nothing to be gained in singling anyone out, but I will tip my hat to those who have bothered to use the King's English.  What a refreshing thing it is, to read through somebody's note and understand it without having to backtrack! Kinda says a little ABOUT that person, don't you think?
I wanted to try to keep this positive, so I will stop here.... 
Rave on, then!
2892 August 26, 2005

I like a little pain sometimes. 7 to 8 will bring it.  to me under 7 isn't enough. 7 is where it starts 2 hurt 4 me.  I just like the look and feel of a big cock. 7 to 8 is big. out of the last 5 guys only one was over 7. one was really fat 7.5 cir. But only 5.5 in length. I didn't like it at all.  I like 2 ride high and watch, so short fat cocks suck. don't get me wrong they have 2 be over 5.5 in girth 2. I just know what I want. Its funny going home and fucking your 6 in by 5 cir. boyfriend 30 minnutes after getting fucked by my now husband. God that was mean! My husbands measurements are 7 by 6 cir, and he totally pounded my pussy. To add insult he used a cock ring that day and just worked it out cummin off shit. That dick was 6.5 cir that day.  My boyfriend spread my legs to lick my pussy. Big gapper. We still fucked and we both came. I would love 2 see  humilation porn. I think guys take cock size 2 seriously.
2893 August 27, 2005

Men with big cocks don't need to have women with small tight vaginas, because they can compensate for the females' inadequacies.Small and tight is the requirment of the Majority of men,however.
2894 August 27, 2005

Hightlighted post:
Good post that was, but there are a couple of items that should be corrected. First, the average girth is 4.9" and a big girth to gals is 5.5">. Secondly, penis enlargement exercises do work. Pills don't.
2895 August 28, 2005

ivor bigun:
this is all crap im off to do somthing a little more productive
2896 August 29, 2005

It is proved that a man can not insert more than 7inc than wat's the point of inserting 10inc or more than it. If we look other side it is like we r going against nature if a man can not insert more that 7inc than by doing it hard and fast it will be dangerious to both so according to me there is no point of haveing 10inc penies or more i my self have 6inc and have given good time to lost of girls
2897 August 29, 2005

You guys that think size doesn't matter, WAKE UP.:
No, nevermind.  You're right.  A 4 1/2 incher and a 7 1/2 incher feels the same to a woman.  A 4 1/2 inch girth and a 6 1/2 inch girth also feels the same to a woman.

So don't worry.  You don't have any reason to care if you're 8 inches long, or hung like an elevator button.

Yeah, right...

Other than a couple of things that I disagree with on the size chart, I think this site's info is quite accurate.

However, I do think that women who pick their men based on the size of his penis, are idiots and immature.  Just like all the men who pick women based on their breast size and nice ass.

But whatever.  To each their own.
2898 August 29, 2005

If all black men posses large penises and all women crave such, why in white countries do a disproportionately high amount of these men rape?
2899 August 29, 2005

Variety is the spice of life. :
The question posed here is way too vague, and is impossible to answer. That is why there is such a vast contrast from one comment to the next. All men are NOT created equal, and neither are women. Therefore, making generalizations about this topic is somewhat rediculous. Everyone knows damn well that sex is not purely a physical experience, and that the emotional and psycho-social aspects alone, make it impossible to put into a nutshell.
I've lost count of how many women I've had sex with when the counter reached 20ish. At that time, I was approx 33 yrs old. By now, I'm guessing I've bedded approx 30-35 women. I'm not bragging, I just have a very strong sex drive. I'm told I'm very goodlooking and charasmatic. I believe that men who claim to have screwed over 100 women are full of shit! I am a 39 year old male with a 6x6" penis. I am considered thicker than average, and every woman I've slept with has commented on this. Most have said "You are huge"!!! or something similar. However, I'd say half of them(especially the younger half) were not exactly pleased by, or did not "prefer" my girth. And anal sex was denied 95% of the time. From my perspective, the size, shape, wettness, etc of the vaginas, varied greatly from woman to woman. Also, predicting the vagina's characteristics based on body type, age, experience etc, is almost impossible! I've been surprised more often than not. Sometimes a large woman can h!
 ave a tiny vagina, and a petite woman can have a cavern!! Regardless of vagina size, a very horny woman with a smaller vagina, who is soaking wet, can be more accomodating than a large one that is dry and/or not as aroused. Also just because a woman has a great body doesn't mean she knows how to use it, and visa versa. I can say from experience that its difficult to generalize about sexual matters. I agree that "Size Queens" are usually admitting that they are a bit on the sloppy side, or are frustrated with smaller penis experiences. Over the years, a vagina's size, or "ability to accomodate" can change, perhaps much more than a penis can. To a female, perhaps penis size wasn't as important in her younger years because of the dynamics of her relationship(s), and because of her lifestyle. Perhaps the woman experienced changes in her vagina due to age, childbirth, fitness level, attitude, etc?  It certainly seems younger women, generally, aren't as concerned about penis size as older women.
I would suggest that both men and women share equal responsibility with respect to sexual compatibility and the satisfaction of their partner(s). Both men and women can get bored in a long relationship if either, or both of them, fail to fan the flames. Women who are in a relationship, or are married to a guy who has satisfied them sexually for years, but now, they are looking for "more", should first consider why this change occurred, and what "they" can do to improve it. Perhaps they might assume some responsibility instead of blaming their guy who's penis may be considered average. Men too, can't blame their woman for seeking excitement elsewhere, if they have become boring, overweight, limp, premature and unromantic! Just my opinion. Good luck.
2900 August 29, 2005

I read Rusty's comment (October 2003) & I absolutely concurr with the way he feels. I am really turned on by a large vagina and big labia. I am only 5 by 5.5 inches. I've always known I am small and as a teen ager used to agonise over the thought. I think quite differently now and feel quite liberated. I cherish the thought of my inability to satisfy a large vagina and am really turned on by the sexual surperiority of women. In a strange way I enjoy the humiliation of being small. I've slept with heaps of women but know I definately prefer them  large. My partner is really big & she understands my strange preference. I love the feeling of being lost in her huge vagina.
   I like to look at pictures of men with huge penises penetrating deeply. Best of all my big turn on is to have some huge guy screw my partner & give her the kind of orgasm which I can't. We have manged to have achieve this several times - it's been a fantastic experience. I'd like to be contacted & talk to guys who share this way of seeing their smallness & of course also women who have ideas on what I have said.

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