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2801 July 23, 2005

As you can see from my user name I am not one that sports a large penis. I have been married 27 years and I never saw my dick as small. Now I must admit that it is... 2 inch soft and 4 inch erect. It is not very thick and I shave it so it wont get lost under the hair. My wife as helped in many ways in positions to get maximum penetration. It falls OT often and she helps. My wife as had 4 children and she is stretched (Yet another debate) I have really made her climax and to be honest that as only happened once. I have not penetrated my wife two months now and we intend to make that a permanent thing. My penis as never satisfied her... And she as tried a 9 inch so she would know
2802 July 23, 2005

Size does matter obviously.  But that's a one-sided way of looking at it.  Really what matters is fit.  This is only lightly touched upon in the site, but anyone who's had many partners will tell you it's true.  Vaginas vary in size just like penises.  Women who say they only love big cocks are often just revealing that they have a large vagina.  While I can sympathize with their plight - imagine having unsatisfying sex with guy after guy, in a world that tells you that size doesn't matter, and then finally meeting a large guy and finally being satisfied - they should try to understand that they don't speak for all women, and also that small guys are really just like them, and can't help the way they were born, so should not be spoken badly of.

Also, for the vast majority of women, size matters, but not much, hardly at all in fact.  This is borne out by many surveys.   

I'm average myself, but have been fairly promiscuous, and have lived in a house with 8 other people for over 10 years, most of whom were promiscuous, one of whom was a very large man.  We were all talking about everything all the time.  I can say from personal experience that the average woman can have fully satisfying sex with the average man, contrary to what this site says.  There's someone for everyone, and if you love someone that is not a good physical fit, you always have your mouth, get over it.  Ultimately love is a spiritual union.
2803 July 23, 2005


I have a question about your statistics...

I think that the statistics of yours and of this site are a little ....how should i say...uncomplete..
This is what i mean
First as stated by many people there are a lot of different women and men out there. 

Ive had sex with only 2 people.
the first one was a girl i knew in high school she had had sex with at least 8 other people..that she said. i asked her if she orgasmed and she said yes, which i later found out she didnt.Nice of her though
the second one is my wife now and she was a virgin...she always says im too big, but some time i think its her being nice(5.5 in long and 4.25 girth).

then thier are some of her friends that she has who at least three of them talk about penis size to her.

1. one friend like this guy she thought was cute, had sex with him once, found out he was small and lost all interest.(no idea what small is to her)
2. another cheated on her boyfriend who she said was the biggest she has ever had, but she was horny and he wasn't around...
3. the last one asked her if she ever wanted to sex with someone else ...my wife told her that since she only had one reference of penis to go by that there was no need since she doesnt know what she's missing.

therefor i state
1. if a woman has sex with only one partner then she and her partner need not worry about the size.
2.  if a woman has sex with many partners she will be more concerned with size which i think is probably correlated with how many.
3. some women dont care about size, just as long as something is in her.

Sorry about going off...no to the statistic question.

I think that men with small penises are less likely to try to have sex with more girls than do guys with big penises.that means that when a woman is out looking for a man to sleep with the odds of finding a big penis guy is up since they are probably more likely trying to find some one to have sex with..so the odds change.. the good thing is that the only girls out looking for them are girls that want to have sex with big cocks.
so the girls who say that cock matters...it does matter to them and they have probagly have had more then statistically calculated.

the ones that say it doesnt...dont have sex as much and are more likely to get the average and stary with in the stats.

So find a nice girl who isn't a slut....or you might have to compete with miste 10 incher...unless she has had a change of heart...most likely not though....cant teach old dogs new tricks.
2804 July 24, 2005

most of your info is opinion, not resaerch. i believe most of your "posts" on this section of the site are fake. and i also believe this site is propaganda used to sell dick pills. women want a wide variety of dick, from the girls like carports that need a massive cock just to feel it, to the ones that can get off on a middle finger. no, im not just some small dicked man who is mad, and no, i will not post my measurements. a dicks a dick, just fuck it.
2805 July 24, 2005

and another thing, you know that link at the top of every page? (new to this site, start here) click on that shit and note the sponsors. a dick enlargement group and a few porn sites in the favorites section. obviously just a "scare tactic, to keep you afraid, so that you might consume" in the words on marilyn manson from farenheit9/11
2806 July 25, 2005

Am i the only one who is noticing that a good portion of the posts on here seem like aspiring erotic stories writers, getting off by writing up a fake story about how they're huge cocksluts. Or About a guy with a 2 inch erect penis letting a 14 inch salami pound his wife for 3 hours, then being surprised his wife left him?
I don't know, but I can more or less tell the genuine stories and experiences from the amateur porn stories.
More likely than not, if a girl tells a story about how she let herself get anally rammed by 6 guys with horse dicks, shes probably lying, and sometimes probably not even a woman. Thats the thing about this thing we call the internet; complete anonymity.
Please don't judge yourself on what are obviously fictional stories.
2807 July 25, 2005

I'm 45 years old and have a 5" cock. When not erect it's 2". I also work out alot and have well defined muscles. This makes my cock look even smaller. I shave my balls and leave a little hair on top. If I shaved all my pubic hair off, I would look like a 10 year old boy.

However, either having a small cock or being older, I realize that a womans pleasure is more important than mine. I've become very good at giving oral to a woman and also treat every part of her body, not just the boobs and pussy.

One woman I dated(I'm divorced), liked all the attention she got from me, but told me my cock was too small and wouldn't do anything for her. She then proceeded to give me a footjob, which was unbelievably sexy. After she made me cum, she then sat on my face for another couple of orgasms for her.
2808 July 25, 2005

In response to "A Black Girl's Opinion...(I am that girl):
Yes, it's the black woman from before...

I can't believe that I still am fascinated with this topic.  After being in my new relationship with a 6-foot-two, 230 lb white guy, I'd like to cement my findings that size is very much related to height--he's between 7 and 8 inches. 

I just read a comment that Black women have bubble butts.   Um, it's just that.  But, just to let you know, I don't have a bubble butt.  Big boobs, but, just a regular, nice bootie.  That's why is stupid to generalize what all black women look like.  If you've been to Africa, or learned about
Africa, the people are short or very tall and linky, depending on ancestry and region.  There's no generalization to be made.   I happen to have a very ethnically diverse background as other
black people do.  I'm Black, White, and Native American.

I still completely think that the idea of race and penis size is DUMB, and has everything to do with body size.  A short man with  big dick is sooooo rare, but any big man I've had sex with carries heat.

Another point that may support race and penis length...is nothing to do with race but evolution in regards to adjusting to the environment.  Asian men are said to have small penises.  1000s of years ago, they migrated to colder regions, which explains the slanted eyes, because they were constantly protecting their eyes from cold winds.  Possibly, the same coldness, that creates shrinkage.  Possibly...they had smaller penises permanently!!!

And just maybe those in warmer regions...such as in Africa, have larger bodies and members, because heat makes everything expand...including the girth of penises. 

I totally find the author's opinion about promiscuity to be TOTAL bullshit, but I guess it's another theory.
2809 July 26, 2005

When women say "bigger is better", it's like men saying, for example, 'women who look like Sharon Stone are better looking and in consequence more sexually desirable than women who don't'. Would women who don't look like her feel good hearing that their physical attributes were inferior? Probably not. I think they would be a little upset, even if we said (supposing that most men felt it to be true) that her face and body were soooooooo dang good to look at, kiss and so forth.
2810 July 27, 2005

Niagra Balls:
hey ladies and gents!  I bet your wondering how I got the name Niagra Balls, we'll you see i was born with huge nuts.  My penis isn't that big so i'm pretty pissed  cuz my balls can't get hard and fuck a pussy.  I am exactly 4 inches long 3 1/2 inches around and my balls are 12 pounds heavy.  Yea fucked up uh.  But its ok cause when I masterbate i can always squeeze my balls before i bust. Thanks for listening
2811 July 28, 2005

Well this site i have been reading for a while....
I always thought when i was a kid that it was pure love when a man and women were attracted to each other. I never knew it was about sex. From life experience, i atlast understood that a relationship was more about sex and penis. It shocked me to know it was. I learned all this through bitter experience and embarrasment.
My penis is 3.8 inches long and 3 around. When i was in my teens, i was a good looking guy, i had a girlfriend and we decided we should have sex... i asked her if she loved me, and asked her in 10 years time would you still be with me.... yes and yes her reply. I loved her... and we deicided lets do it. Well i went over her house ebcause it was empty. we staretd with kissing and took it all off and i took my shirt of first and when it came down to the pants. She just stared hard at my erect penis and asked me if its erect. I replied yep, and approached her to cuddle around her and kiss on the bed. She hesitated and asked me if that is normal.... i told her yes. i didnt bother asking why she was asking so many questions because i was a very confident guy back then. Well she gave up questioning and we started doing it. My penis was so small it would only fit 2 inches max and she just layed there without a moan or any kind of sensation. It was my first time and i thought i guess thats the way it is. She got pissed of after 5 minutes of me rocking back and foth with 2 inch of penis that fitted inside her. She stood up and got me of her. I wasnt sure why she did it. I asked whats wrong and replied "are you even a man, your penis is like my 7 year old brother and he isnt mature. I was devastated.. she explained to me i am not fullfilling her needs as a man. I loved her quality of ebing honest and open but at that ocassion i didnt know what to think of her honesty.... Now it hit me.... bigger is better question which i ahd never even thought about. I was destroyed as a man, heart broken, she broke up with me right at taht moment, told all her firends. They told everyone............ everyone looked down upon me and gloated about thee penis size and called me weird names such as pin dick... I moved lukily out of that place in a month, no girl wanted to come near me, the girls who had crushes on me, who followed me around liek dogs... all gone just because of my penis they didnt like me anymore. I became a loner al my friends made fun of me... I had other girlfriends when i got out of school, i thought maybe she was wrong... or may be i couldnt accept it. They all humiliated me, the nice oens said i dont think this is working out and left me when ever my pants come down and we decided to ahve sex. I got married to this women, a work mates sister, i liked her she was beautiful. i found out that she was single etc and after a month i invited her and asked her to marry me hoping she would eb different. She was exteremly nice and respectful to everyone...i told my self maybe all the other women are just sluts who i was in relationships iwth. She said yes......... Yes it came to sex at marriage night, she was very quiet after seeing it. We were married for 6 months until 1 month  ago i caught her when i came home early sleeping with another man.... all i could was cry, and yes it was her moanign and screaming that made me check wtf is happening in my bedroom...  i always thougth the moaning and screaming in porn movies is just done delibretly... but nooo. I caught her, the guy with her had a massive penis. compared to mine it was like an elephant and mine an ant. when i found them she looked at me and so did the other man. I didnt know what to say except cry like a baby in front of them. she came upto me and didnt know how to explain her self and tried to comfort me. I pushed her back away from me gently and put down my pants and showed her my tiny unerect penis, the guy with her stared at it like it in amzement. The guy respectfully walked out of my home and told her to call him and he can pick her up if there is peoblem. I was crying like a baby basically. she put some cloths on and sat down with me and also started to cry. It made me furious, all my anger from past break ups and my pathetic life lead me to screaming at her. I was angry at the fact she has no rigth to cry because she voluntarily had sex with him. I asked her how amny times she has cheated on me.. surprisingly this wasnt the first time, it was happening with the same guy behind me back. she explained i wasnt sexually satisfying her and that guy used to be a casual friend and one day eh came over to visit while i was at work and she got onto him... to have sex.
I told her to call that guy, to pick her up, because everytime i saw her it bringed the whole experience over and over again. With last words "i dont want to ever see you again"  We are divorced now. I moved out of thsi city i was living in. I live alone, dont have any friends, i avoid all the women and whisper to my self "bitch" at site of every women i see.. Its not them its me with my penis... I am depressed, sad and loenly and have decided to take my life.

The only reason i posted was because all you slut women who post here penis size matters... yes it does.... and the world is made up of women like you who think that and its normal for every onee xcept with a man with a small penis. Why because  of the irony of being a man yet he is not because he canot satisfy a women.

Life is not worth licing like this, if you women ever come across a man who is nice, respectful and will shower you with his love but has a small penis... dont do what has been doen with me. My heart broken into so many peices...

Good bye cruel world
2812 July 28, 2005

The biggest compilation of deceit i have ever read.

Whatever your intention and objective, may you fail hopelessly. Try spreading Truth, it is much more beneficial to everyone. 10% of the info on this site is true, while 90% stems from evil.

Love is all about compatibility... For small penises there are small vaginas, likewise for big penises there are big vaginas.

So-called "women" who insult or mock a man because of the size of his manhood, are not women at all but merely a bunch of spiritial dead and sexually perverted bitches. If a women's religion is in her vagina, the member will be her sole.
2813 July 29, 2005

addicted girl:
I am sorry to say it, but size does matter.  I didn't think so until I experienced sex with large penis.  Sensations of being "filled up" were mind blowing and orgasms were very intense.  The guy I had sex with must have been 9 inches or longer and thick as well.  When he bottomed out he would still have about 2 inches left. just seeing this is a great turn on.  another thing he could do that small or average guy couldn't do is he would pentrate me as deep as possible and hold or he would just make very small subtle movements, rubbing against my cervix and stretching the bottom of my vagina.  this sensation would send me to very intense orgasm even when i didn't want to cum so quickly. it's like my pussy would just give into his size. 
Unfortunately I haven't seen this guy in a while and haven't found anyone with his qualities.  I still masturbate to the thoughts of our time together unless i am watching a porno with very well endowed men.  since this guy i must admit a very long and thick penis is something i need to be completely satisfied.... just my thoughts from my expereinces..
2814 July 29, 2005

Holy Oly:
My wife was super size in the twat department,let's call it a sloppy cunt.My cock is small or average.When we had sex I filled it up with my hand,I could have got my fist in her if I really tried.She always told me it was fine the size it was. By some of the things I've learned on this site maybe she wasn't happy with it. she told me one night,"What I need is a good screwing " maybe she got it from someone,I don't know & I don't care.We were married for 65yrs.Her with s super size me with my worm,as she called it.
2815 July 30, 2005

Hot mama:
I happe to know that women love big penises.I hae tried big ones and little ones.I have had over 8in.in me and really enjoyed a real good time.It was over too soon.I* hve hear about guys with 9in or more,I would like to try one.I also know that black guys have bigger ones than white guys.I have had them in me,more than once.
2816 July 30, 2005

this whole site is bullshit. the average penis size is at least 22 inches. im about 17 flaccid. 25 erect. i fit about 22 inches into my girl. she growls when i pound  my baseball bat into her stomach and make her vomit her diner. i sooo get off on that. we have such a kinky sex life. when i stuff all 25 inches in her, she calls me the kinkmeister. oh my god *gasm*
2817 July 30, 2005

curious kaye:
This is an topic that I've learned first hand is important to most women. Whether women admit it or not bigger is better, much better. I'm not one who has done a lot of sleeping around but I have had my share of variety. While I have seen and had some nice white cocks, black guy's have the best I've had yet. They are so much thicker and longer than the average white man. They seem to stay harder longer and last so much longer too. Not only that but it seems like black men really know how to work that thing. They screw me so deeply and with a rythm that drives me crazy. I've had black men that have lasted just about all night. I love lots of foreplay and giving oral sex and a black man has a cock that is soooo suckable and I can suck them all night. Especially if they are thick and uncut. So women, if you really want to experience sex like you've never had before, find a well hung black man to rock your world. Just beware, they can be addictive.
2818 July 30, 2005

curious kaye:
It's me again. I just wanted to add a comment to the post that I submitted earlier. While I did mean all the things that I said in my earlier post, I'm not against sex with white guy's. I am married, to a white guy, we have an open relationship and he understands that I need more than he can give me. We do love each other and live a normal family life and are raising our two little girls. We still have sex together but at least once a month he will let me invite my black friend over to satisfy my deeper needs. My husband and I have pretty good sex together but when I get ready for some real fucking, we send our little girls off to spend the weekend with thier grandmother and we invite him over or a weekend of hot sex. It's dream relationship where my husband allows me to be his woman for the whole weekend. He will usually come over Saturady evening and we will go out that night for some wining and dining, usually with lots of hot talk and foreplay. Then we will come home where my husband will be waiting there faithfully to cater to our every need. We never have sex without my husband being present but I will give him multible blowjobs before we get home. Needless to say by the time we get home I'm so hot and horny that I'm going crazy. As hard as it is for me not to drag him straight off to bed as soon as we walk in the door, we will usually have a couple of hours of seduction and foreplay for my husbands entertainment. It turns my husband on watching me being seduced and fucked by this strong, well hung black man. Anyway, we suck and fuck most all Saturday night, get up late Sunday morning and spend the rest of the day walking around the house naked, swimming and laying out in the sun by the pool, just doing things around the house together, naked, all day long. Needless to say with lots of occasional hugging, caressing, fondling, foreplay and blowjobs. By the time night time rolls around we are good and ready for more hot sex. We will occasionally have sex during the day but we try to wait untill night so the
day of foreplay would have made us all so horny that the sex is so much better. I love my husband for letting me enjoy the sex that I need so badly and would encourage any of you guy's out there who really love your wives, to allow them to explore their true sexual fantacies. I'm sure that you will find that no matter what they may say to your face that they truely want to experience what a big cock would do for them, especially if it's black.
2819 July 31, 2005

You can't over generalize and exaggerate something, and still be taken serious, dummy.
2820 July 31, 2005

used to be small:
its been a while since i posted. i am just so happy with my new size i startd jelqing and doing stretch exercises with my penis about 10 months ago. I also take viagra and supplements that are contained in most penis enlargement pills i get them at my health food store their in the section for men to help them sexually what a coincidence same ingredients as in the penis enlargement pills. They are about 1/3 the price and twice the amount of pills. Be cause i am over weight i use my measurements to the bone. i have a fat pad covering my penis. I started at 3.75 from fat pad and 4.5 from bone and 4.2 in around.  I also use a thick rubber band to trap blood when it is erect it helps increase girth witch now leads me to the decision that vacum pumps work for girth especially. If i get one it will be Dr. Kaplans their FDA approved. I am now 6.8 in lenth and 5.5 in in girth from the bone for lenth and fron fat pad 5.8 in length. i think i am about maxed unles i try a different method such as the vacum pump. my urologist says stay away from surgery but i have stretched my ligament with exercises all its going to stretch. My wife just loves my new size especially the girth my confidence level has rose two hundred percent. She now has two orgasms all most every time we have sex. I see her looking at my penis when i get out of shower and not trying to avoid looking at me as before. I believe girth is th most important i am 1.75 in width with out ruber band on but go to almost 2 in in girth and 1/2 to 3/4 longer with ruber band on. She seems to orgasm more intense and a lot quiker with it on but it also makes me very hard. Do not leave it on over 10 min. You are talking to a man that previous let his first wife have sex with black men and white who where well endowed. She would have maybe one orgasm with me but with them as many as ten, she left me for a well endowed white man after 12 years of marriage of which seven was swinging. Yes us small men can have children and give pleasure but don,t ever let her have the other if you do want to find out the truth about size. Love makes up a lot but its how i feel about myself now i can make my wife orgasm with my penis twice to me thats a accomplishment. The images from my first marriage still hasn,t left my mind but this has helped me. I will never be huge but this size is great compared to my last i now just whip it out at urinals in stead of hiding myself. Black men that i experienced have a lot more stamina than me but when your in that evil world i think satan gives them more power. i will never be as large as them but this sure helps. i might try the pump i will let you know in couple months.
2821 July 31, 2005

Finally a site that tells the truth and puts an end to all this every-size-is-equal bullshit.  No shit women like bigger penises.  Personally, I am lucky enough to be of good size.  But that really makes no difference.  I like 36-24-36 sized women but I'm not going to reject someone because they don't meet my standards.  For all you guys out there who are small, now that you know the truth you can move on.  It makes no sense at all to obssess over something you cant change.  Instead focus on the stuff you can change: Personality, fittness, not getting bald lol and maybe you'll get more sucess that way.  For all you women out there who prefer 9 inch cocks, i applaud you for speaking your mind but don't expect men not to return the favour.  If you are ugly, out of shape, small titted or loose, know that men would rather prefer someone other than you and that your man is with you only because he can't find someone else.
2822 August 1, 2005

this is hilarious...keep it coming
2823 August 2, 2005

I met my wife some 13 years ago and she was used to having guys with 8 inches or more. In fact she told me her first boyfriend was 10 inches long.

When we first met I could tell that she was dissapointed with my cock size 6 1/2" long 5 3/4" around. Most women I was with prior to my wife would really enjoy the size of my dick and I would not have to do much in order for them to have an orgasm.

Well even though my wife and I had sex regularly (3-4 times per week) I just felt insecure knowing that deep down inside I knew she was probably wishing I had a bigger cock. One day I just flat out asked her if a huge dick turned her on and she answered yes but came right back and said that my cock was hers and it satisfied her more than any big cock would ever satisfy her. Well I knew she was lying just so that my feelings would not be hurt, so I asked her why she liked big cocks and she told me, "I like the feeling of being filled up" I never forget the look on her face that moment.

A year went by and I started to seacrh the net for answers on how I can make my cock bigger without surgery, and I ran accross this site and countless others claiming to have the answers I was seeking. To make a long story short I started taking penis enlargement pills and doing penis enlargement excercises and I saw some improvemnt but nothing as to what I had envisioned.

So one day back in late 2003 I purchased a penis pump and I started using it right away, at which point I saw a tremendous notice in length and thickness right away, even though the gains were just temporary.

To make a long story short I've been pumping for about 1 1/2 years now and, usually do it an hour before I have sex with my wife, all I can say is that my cock grows from 6 1/2" long up to 7 1/2" - 3/4" long and from 5 3/4" around up to 6 3/4" - 7" around in about an hour.

When I come out of the shower my cock looks like a giant salami and my balls just hang. It feels so good when I see the reaction on my wifes face when she looks at my cock now and back then she would suck my cock every now and then but ever since I started pumping she would suck my cock at least 3 out of 4 times per week.

It turns me on when I see that she has trouble fitting my cock into her mouth when back then it was much easier for her to suck and fit into her mouth.

It really turns me on when she has to get really wet and sometimes use extra lubrication just to get the first 2 inches of my cock inside of her. She screams now and has multi-orgasims where as before she moaned and had just one orgasim.

So pumping works well for me even though the above mentioned results last only about 8 hours, but with take Cialis my cock stays hard and full for about 24 hours.
2824 August 2, 2005

I am 42 yrs old sexually very active lady.Big is always better.I like big penis more than 9" & thick one.I hate men with small penis though they pay me more. My beautiful daughters too like big penis.Small penis does'nt look good.Finding good size penis is very difficult.Out of 10 men I sleep with daily just one has big penis mostly all are average.We orgasm only with penis size above9".This is my & my daughter's opinion.
2825 August 2, 2005

While it is true in my case and in many of my friends that penis size does matter, I would hardly declare it a determining factor.  In my twenties and in college I experimented with different races and nationalities.  There is no truth that black men have bigger penises.  This is a social lie started during slavery to animalize black men and deny their humanity making it easier to discriminate against them. 
During this time in my life my girlfriends and I had many intimate discussions about the importance of dick size, and yes I did quit seeing a guy once because he was too small.  However we did remain good friends and as my priorities changed as I got into my 30's I considered seeing him again because of the connection we had, even knowing he lacked size and girth.
In my twenties, I was less concerned with finding a companion, and more concerned with the thrill of sex.  I had a child young and had no desire to get married and add to my family.  At about age 30 I finally felt mature enough and trusted my own instincts enough to consider a life-long committment. 
Does dick size matter now?  Yes, but to a lesser degree.  I don't feel I am compromising, but appreciate the fact that a genuine connection between two people isn't something that can happen just by putting on my sexy dresses and finding a hot guy at some club. I love my boyfriend's consideration and intelligence and dated for quite a while before sex to make sure of his committment.  I would like to think our connection would be here even if he had a small dick.
2826 August 3, 2005

 Its easy for me to like this site, because I'm not a guy, and I generally agree with its conclusion, ie. "size matters, but not that much". To me the writer seems to have a positive, humorous, well-balanced tone. Its a joy to see that in our crazy-world, some ?Americans? are still sane.
   However, one important conclusion, is, in my experience as a woman, totally incorrect. I have never discussed anyone's penis size with any of my "girlfriends", nor has any woman ever discussed penis size with me. I can only think of one instance in which a woman has MENTIONED explicit, specific sexual behavior in general, other than one particular circumstance--post-partum and during breastfeeding. At this time, the women of my acquaintance were wont to  mention the difficulty in that their sex drive was zero, and their husband's was not. It would then stop there, with no discussion of penis size, details of performance, etc. One woman I remember expressed rather poetically that she was disturbed by her response to her husband, that she felt his advances as crude and harsh in contrast to her babies touch which was delicate and 100% attentive--still, she was more questioning her response than her husband's and didn't detail it beyond that. I guess the idea that old girlfriend's are gossiping behind your back is just another part of this strange obsession. I wonder, have men ALWAYS had so much of an interest in penis size? There is a hysterical antidote about Lyndon Johnson "whipping it out" during a meeting at this site: http://www.dhushara.com/paradoxhtm/prisoners.htm --its part of a larger essay about "sexual paradox-complementarity, reproductive conflict and human emergence" though, so you have to wade through alot to get to it though.  I wonder if men currently have an exaggerated insecurity about their penises due to the trauma of circumcision?
   In any event, one time I had a personal encounter with this men-expect-you-to-be-talking-about-their-penises mental quirk that this site has educated me to understand is a very ordinary viewpoint. I found myself in a compromising position with a neighbor, who was notable for his "following" of women and admirers. I wasn't part of it, but was friends with one of his friends. This guy was HUGE, I just couldn't believe it(& in fact, I said, "No")--I said, "man, you're huge" and he said, "I thought X would have told you."  Nope.
Just goes to show ya. 
   Well, I wish everyone the best of luck in coming into harmony with their sexuality and have these favorites I'd like to share--
   Check out a raw food diet as discussed by R.C.Dini most hilariously, and by real folks doing it at rawfood.com.  It seems clear to me that it increases sexual responsiveness.
   Read the classic by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, "The Functions of the Orgasm"  This is a marvellously well-written book, decades ahead of its time(which we can be certain of as during the 50's the FDA jailed Reich and yes, burned all his books!)which discusses the connection between the psyche and sexuality, somewhat in the vein of the self-esteem book Ed recommends.
  Check out Mantak Chia's the cultivation of male sexuality, and Grant McFetridge's cool site about Whole Hearted Healing.
2827 August 4, 2005

The Truth:
I think its true that size matters to most women but I think the degree to which it matters is exaggerated. Here's why: I am a 25 year old male and I am goodlooking and I have a "ripped" body. I go to the bars ALL THE TIME and I will tell you right now-- I immediately get attention from girls based on my looks.  Heres the kicker though... I have no game!!! Once they start talking to me they realize Im kind of quiet and not very fun to be around so they move on---OR they try to date me instead of having a one-night-stand.  My point is that women at bars don't want to know your penis size before they go home with you---they want to be somewhat attracted to you physically and they want to feel comfortable around you.  I have learned that the #1 best trait for a guy to have if he wants pussy is a sense of humer, bar-none.  I have a friend who believe me is not endowed (i know cuz ive seen it) and he is charming so he gets so much ass its unbelievable.  So think of penis size as a bonus for women---it really isnt THAT big of a deal to them and its definately more important to us.
2828 August 4, 2005

I now know that my size is cool and having just got my wife to measure it that 8 inches is ok. I thought it was toooooo small but hey!
2829 August 4, 2005

the bigger the penis the better the sex. my man of 12 years is awesome 10 inches long and really thick. man i love it.
2830 August 4, 2005

Chauvinist Pig:
I have some questions for all the women with jungle fever out there:

Did a black man design the internal combustion engine?
Did a black man ever cure polio?
Did a black man ever come up with quantum mechanics or nuclear fission?
Was Alexander the Great or Caesar --conquerors of the known
 world --black?
Were the jets that  flew to Somalia to protect and deliver food and medicine to starving black people designed by a black man?
Were your IPOD's and cell phones, the factories that manufactured your hair bleach, the resistors and circuits that power your hair-dryer and your $200 Gucci hand bag designed by a black man?
Was the anesthetic used to knock you out or the silicon pumped in you during your breast augmentation  developed by black men?

Its funny how Carmen Electra will date Dennis Rodman or Britney Spears Kevin Federline, but neither would look twice at the guy who designed the GPS in her SUV (thx adam corrola).  Its also funny how in our society---slam dunks, touchdowns, rap videos and apparently (after reading this site) big cocks---are valued over brains.  I guess 50 Cent is a big catch because man that guy is a survivor! Hes been shot 6 times! And he can make words rhyme while digital music is playing in the background!   Oh--yeah--and he has a huge black cock man!

Im young, good-looking and have a college degree--but I guess I should just go kill myself because I can't dance and I don't have a donkey dick hanging between my legs... Wait a minute--I just realized, im a hypocrite--I wouldn't date Ping Lee from physics class---because she has no tit's and a pancake ass!!!!!!
2831 August 5, 2005

I have a comment. I fall under the small penis catagory just under 4-1/2.I've had my fair share of women both big and small,older and younger.Thats due to my better than average looks which could be due to keeping a clean look and a smile on my face.Dont forget that there is more than penatration to help pleasure a woman.Going downtown or simply some oils and rubbing on their clit gets them off relieving tension like nothing else.True alot of women prefer a big dick but only to prove themselves a big whore. No-matter how big you dick is,a whore is out for more if your not constantly around.A buddy of mine has a big 12incher and all his girlfriends and both wives cheated on him so now what the hell!
2832 August 6, 2005

I have some advice for guys who are about average in penis size.  I think many guys are worried that their g/f's or wives have slept with many men and have seen bigger dicks then theres.  This may be true but that can be a good thing.  Let's say your g/f was a whore back in the day and lets say she slept with 10+ guys.  That means that she probaly saw a couple big dongs.  But that also means that most of the dudes she slept with were in that "90% of unsatisfying penis's" the author of this site has been talking about.  That means she understands that most guys are like you.  The worst situation could happen if you were with a girl who has only been with 2 or 3 dudes and all of them were hung and then she sees your average one and it looks like a teenie weenie.

One more thing.  Some woman made a post earlier harping on how people keep grouping "average" and "small" together and leaving "big" in its own category. Ill bet most women feel the same way she does---its "small" and then everything else.  Think about it--i gaurantee facial and body attractiveness are more important to women than penis size.  That said--ive seen PLENTY of gorgeous woman with average or even below average looking dudes (and even some ugly ones if they have money).  So obviously that tells us something---Personality is #1 for woman. I know for a fact you rarely see a real good looking man with an average or unattractive woman.  We are the ones who put so much emphasis on size(boobs, ass)!
2833 August 6, 2005

Its funny how all the girls on this posting board talk about "their ex who had a 8.5 incher" or "some guy I did once who was 6 inches around".  Bullshit.  They have never measured any of their sexual partners and have no idea how big they were in inches.
2834 August 7, 2005

This is my first time on here but it is an interesting site. I would have to wonder if some of the men on here could actually authenticate their claimed penis size. But there are some really big ones out there. I dated the same girl all through High school and married and eventually got divorced  so I did not realize mine was abnormally thick until later on. It can be a good and bad thing at times. I have lost some very nice girlfriends due to the thickness. It is at times difficult to have normal hard fast sex without hurting some women who are a little tighter. I have also had mixed reactions like" Where the hell do you think your putting that thing?" and "Oh my god your not putting that in me" I never thought it was any bigger then anyone elses until I was told by many that was. It is also difficult for a women to give me really great deep oral but some do acheive it. I have grown use to and thoroughly enjoy performing long oral on the women I am with to make sure she is ready and well lubricated. I hope I don't sound as if I am bragging because sometimes the Blessing is the Curse. I am about 7" long and would love to be slightly longer. I am 8" around and my friends now Nicname me "Pepsican" because of the thickness.
2835 August 7, 2005

ILove to see a hot guy in the summer with a pair of
shorts on and thik to myself boxers or breifs?cut or uncut?long and skinny?or short and fat? ive had big ones little ones and you know what i Love em all as long as they are hard and can get me off.Just love cock in genaral.
2836 August 7, 2005

I have a six inch cock, and the info on this site is helpful. Many of my other friends through observation are larger than me, especially one, who is alot shorter than me, he has a 8/9 inch cock! But the comments on this site prove that I am indeed not REALLY that small...but, is it normal for guys to shave of ALL pubes, jw, cuz that 9 inch cocked friend of mine suggests i should, should I? Open responses please, if you want you can email me; SRTviper27@AOL.com
2837 August 8, 2005

I think all that about women checking out men's bulges at bars or at the gym is bullshit.  I have never seen or heard any women do that.  And anyway, you cannot tell anything from that. The way to get girls at bars is to have game.   And sorry but it is true--some dicks that are small flaccid get big erect---sometimes mine is so tiny it looks like a peanut flaccid but erect is 6.5 and decent girth.
2838 August 8, 2005

Penis size does not matter that much! I have a big dick and i am decent looking.  I don't get many girls and some of the ones ive been with say it hurts them and have to stop.  The only ones who seemed to enjoy it were fat divorced housewives who already had a couple kids so their vaginas were stretched out.  Thats the truth.
2839 August 8, 2005

     in response to john and other comments to my postI have to say that tha answer is yes. Bacherlorette partiesa were and are my favorite thing to do. Actually i have unretired and am back at it as the money and attention are toomuch to give up. Women are size queens and sp they go crazy over my cock. usually I had sex with several of the ladies at any function i did. These days i am more careful and selective because i have a girlfriend since my last post. She is a porn actress so she understands. As far as being with couples the men are generally the ones who push it in order to fulfill the wives so they like it and the women let go. my favorite thing is to let the bf or husband do her first with his usually small to average dick and then for me to do her with mine. In that situation the difference in feeling and reaction is usually dramatic. A couple of inches and more thickness make all the difference plus i have perfected technique!
2840 August 8, 2005

If you could literally buy additional inches of Cock, how much would each inch cost??
I am economist:  i think the law of diminishing returns applies.....the first inches would be the most expensive, and you would pay less as you grew in size.
Does anyone want to price up the additional inches?
2841 August 9, 2005

I have been dual-oriented since I was 12, and I
ve had dicks small medium and large. I won't turn down anything over 9", but I'm the most comfortable with 7", as it's middle ground. It's strictly a coincidence that I'm that size. My oldest son is nearly 9" and mulatto. He recently 'came out'to his mom and I. with plans to marry in Canada next year.
2842 August 9, 2005

I read a lot of the comments on penis size and don't know what to think.  Now you see sites where you can increase the size up to two inches or more, now is this really true.  Due to high cost of these devices I got to hold back, all want cash up front no payment plan. Now $300-479 canadian, dam that is a lot to ask for penis enlargment.  What you think?  Wife seen this and says its a lot of money to just get 2 or 3 inches, can't they give us men a brake.  No one in Canada sells these devices stretchers or pills, maybe it would be cheaper here.  So any dealers in the usa want to come to Canada or contact me.   Maybe I could become a rep out here.
2843 August 9, 2005

Like many of the other men posting here, I also have a huge penis (10.5 inches long and probably 7 inches around).  I keep it in a shoe box in the closet.

Lets get serious.  I don't believe anyone exists who has a penis over 9 inches.  Women who think that their boyfriends or husbands are 10 or 11 are being conned.
2844 August 10, 2005

you get all the blackmen in the world and gather up all the whitemen in the world and the penis percentile comes out in favor of blacks. The generalization that all blackmen are hung is a lie. The truth is blackmen as a whole are bigger,which leads people into believing that stereotype.there are more big dicks in the black race than the white thats all but there still the equal when it comes to size. there are 9 inch black guys and there are 9 inch whiteguys and so on its just that in the black you find them more. you people understand now no ones bigger than no one. Thankyou
2845 August 10, 2005

I wonder if that fellow who said that he would take his own life was for real. Anyway, his is one sad story. Let's say a prayer for men everywhere; it must really be something great that power women possess: you can break a man in two with the blink of an eye and your conscience would never notice. What can I say? Good luck, girls, have fun and never look back because all of the pain you've caused would kill you in a realization if you could understand it. It's fucking funny -- I'm willing to bet everyone who posts here is male, even the posters who claim to be women. Sometimes it's so obvious I just can't stop laughing. Like the one about the girl who cheated on her boyfriend with at a pool party, who "swapped" the guy's cum with other girls because she was so attracted to his big dick -- so fucking phony and so definately by a disgruntled guy. Shit, it's too much. Let me just say this: don't sweat it guys, you're looking for love but I'm afraid women just don't know how to do it. Godspeed, peace.
2846 August 10, 2005

simple man:
I have something to say hear..Women talk alot of crap in my opinion..honestly I have a 5 and a 1/2 incher and for the most part the women I have been with have has a penis fairly larger then mine..my ex wifes bf was 8 inches and thick and she said he was no comparrison to me even with his "big tool" It's funny how women will go on about how size matters so much until Im inside them and they ride me and orgasm within a few minutes if that. but it is true size matters to a degree Ifeel. Im 51/2 by 5.1 around at my max. I really think this is true. The only woman I had a problem with was one that wieghed about 260 and the other had 4 kids. The other women I made them juice all overy me when they rode me..I do have to say though I wish I was bigger. AND I will not try any scam penis enlargement devices. DO THE MATH!!!!  You have what you have..don't RUIN IT! love yourself trust yourself is my opinion. HELL YES!
2847 August 10, 2005

no size is not everything.When you really love someone it doesnt matter. However the whole size issue can be fun, especially when your younger. i went to many parties in my early teens where the boys would all have there dicks measured by the girls. It was alot of fun for the girls, and for the guys aswell as long as they wernt small. I look back on this now feeling sorry for the guys who didnt measure up. It would have been so humiliating for them. The girls had nothing to worry about but the guys did. Girls would often laugh at the boys with a small penis and would always give blowjobs or even more to the larger guys. I myself am guilty of mocking a guy with a small penis(5 inches) as everyone watched me give a hung guy a blowjob(8.5 inches). And i enjoyed it aswell, just knowing i was with a big guy was a huge turn on for me and i thought small guys were pathetic, i was 15 at the time and i look back with big regrets for what i did, but it still turns me on thinking about it
2848 August 10, 2005

This is hopefully the definitive writing on penis size. About two years ago, my marriage ended. As divorces go, it wasn't the worst story you've ever heard but it was definitely nasty. During that process, some things were said that got me to thinking about my johnson. I had always felt that I was just this side of average. (For the record, hard as can be, I measure 5 inches exactly from the base to the tip. Girth 3.1 inches [circumference]). But in the last two years I have come to the realization that I've got a little one. There's no 'if' about it. I have a small penis. It's not a silly insecurity. I know this from talking with more than 10 lovers on the subject. It's unanimous. Most have had smaller, but I was still well below average. So what do I do now?

Below are a few notes from my journey of realization and, ultimately, acceptance of this fact. There's nothing scientific about the numbers I throw out, and, of cousre, there are exceptions to every rule. But as far as I can tell, my numbers and conclusions are pretty accurate. I hope it helps you.

First, the bad news if you already haven't heard it. And if you did hear it and are living in FantasyLand, wake up. The faster you come to grips with the harsh realities below, the faster you can overcome your insecurities and the more confident and satisfied you'll be as a human being. Plus, you'll get laid a lot more. Yes. I guarantee it. Do I have your attention now? Great! Let's get started....

- Women love big cocks. Accept it. Read it again. Say it out loud. "Women love big cocks." There's no getting around it. Is it fair? No. But neither is being born missing a limb, contracting a debilitating disease, or losing a loved one. Am I saying penis size is on the same importance level as these things? Not even close. But you get my drift. The world ain't fair. Get over it. For the vast majority of women (appr. 92-94% [my est.]), bigger is better (with limits).
- When I've asked women 'What's the best sex you've ever had?', most cited a guy with a huge cock.
- Unless you've got a big one (at least 7 in. and/or at least 4.5 in. around), chances are about 86-88% that the woman you are with prefers that it were bigger. She could be completely satisfied, but she still prefers bigger. She may tell you differently, but that's okay. She's trying to be a supportive partner.
- Guys with big ones, like beautiful women, will always have an easier time finding sexual partners. They won the genetic lottery. They really just have to get the word out. It's that easy, I've seen it. (lucky bastards).
- There is no pill or natural method or exercise that will make yours bigger. I CAN'T stress this enough!! The Goddamned, motherfucking bastards who push these products should be burned alive on national TV. Ron Jeremy is a fat, hairy, lying son-of-a-bitch (the man gets some serious pussy, though. Gotta give him that.) Don't buy anything off of any website or TV commercial no matter how late at night it is, how well-presented it is, or how rarely you're getting laid.
- There are women you will not be able to satisfy because your dick is too small.
- The women who are wildest about big cocks are usually the best in bed.
- Chances are overwhelming that you won't be the best lay of a woman's life.
- Chances are pretty good that at least one woman has stopped having sex with you because it's not big enough.
- There are two reasons for women's fascination with big ones: Equal parts physical and psychological.
1. Vaginal sensitivity is pressure-related. The greater the amount of surface area and the greater the pressure on that surface area, the more pleasure a woman feels. That's just how women are made. There's also the feeling of 'fullness' that I've heard many women talk about that, apparently, is immensely satisfying (I suspect this is both a physical and psychological aspect). Here's a link on the subject of girth and sexual satisfaction - http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=33342
2. Psychologically, women (and men as well) inextricably link size with power. The concept is deeply rooted in the human psyche and spans most cultures (definitely Western and European). And power is the ultimate turn-on for women in any of it's forms - money, penis size, occupation, social status, physical strength, confidence.

So there's the bad news. Stop kidding yourself about these truths. It's time to come to grips with them.

Here's a few things I've experienced that might help you feel a little bit better about our situation - (btw, let me say here that I realize that women can be manipulators. I feel I'm a pretty good judge of bullshit but I do have a penis and, as such, know that I am still susceptible to female manipulation. That being said, I believe the statements that I include here to be true.)

- I once slept with a woman who had been with many black guys with really big ones. She told me I made her come like she had never come before. (It was so simple, too. There are some real morons out there who don't know what the fuck they're doing.)
- I had a threesome where the two serious hotties wanted a repeat performance.
- I have heard all of the following from different women (verbatim) "I can't stop coming", "That was amazing", "I've never come that hard before", "So THAT'S what multiple orgasms are", "You are skilled", "Please make me come like that again."
- In general, women that I have slept with want to continue sleeping with me and actively seek it out. Even those who have said to me, in no uncertain terms, that I've got a little one.
- One incredibly hot stripper asked to come home with me even AFTER she felt my little package through my pants (that one caught me by surprise). No cash was involved in that transaction, btw.
- An extremely promiscuous and sexually insatiable woman who made no secret of her love for huge cocks, repeatedly used me for booty calls. She also, oddly, would tell me about guys that she didn't want to have sex with anymore because they had little ones.
- I've made women ejaculate for the first time, come for the first time, have g-spot orgasms for the first time.

So why am I blowing my own horn? To illustrate a point. As much as women love big cocks, small-dicked men can make them come with the best of them.


Are you still reading? If so, this is the best part of this rambling article. Advice worth a pound of gold.

- Here's my secret to whatever level of success with women I have had: Education. A guy with a big dick doesn't have to work hard to be good. We do. Read everything you can get your hands on about being a better lover. Become a MASTER of it. Read books like The G-Spot. How To Make a Woman Come Every Time. The One-Hour Orgasm. Watch instructional videos.
- One of the best things we have going for us as small-dicked guys is that women are complex creatures led by their emotions (as opposed to us who are led by our dicks).
- Learn how to eat pussy like a lesbian. If possible, ask a bi-sexual woman to teach you (Swallow your pride, bro. There's no shame in ignorance. It'll pay off in spades, I guarantee). If you have a smaller dick than me, being a pussy-eating pro is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL.
- Learn how to turn women on. Every woman is different but there are a ton of common themes. Learn what makes them tick.
- Learn how to last longer. There are methods.
- If you're in a commited relationship, buy a huge dildo. You may have to talk her into it because she doesn't want you to feel inadequate. And she may still not say she liked it (some women really won't), but be persistent. Women have a need to be 'filled up.' Would you rather she looked for it elsewhere? I didn't think so.
- Try to de-program yourself somewhat from most of the porn out there as it focuses on a lot of mechanical pumping and minimal foreplay. There's definitely a time and place for some good hard fucking but just be aware that there are other, more effective styles of lovemaking.
- Although you may be tempted to do so, never, ever, NEVER offer in advance that you have a small penis. Never, ever, never. Trust me, women don't want to hear that. It's a BIG turnoff. The logic is that if you use self-deprecating humor or just tell her straight-up that it will somehow prepare her better and it will ease the blow. In reality, you just want to do it out of your own insecurity -- and insecurity is the exact OPPOSITE of power!! She'll find out soon enough. Trust me on this one, guys. Trust me, trust me, trust me. I've run experiments on this as well as asked numerous women about it. Fight your urge to do it.
- If you've got a 6-7-in. johnson and/or 4 in. circumference and you still think you're small, get the fuck off my blog. You are NOT. I promise you. Would it be better if it were bigger? Yes. But I don't want to ever hear you bitch about it. That would be like complaining to a blind man about having to wear glasses. Go out and fuck with confidence and wild abandon, bro. You're good to go.
- Remember that women aren't always as visually stimulated as we are. A well-placed compliment can turn her on as much as seeing her naked ass would turn you on.
- If you're in a committed relationship, ask your girl to do Kegel exercises. It'll feel tighter for you and she'll get better orgasms. You need to do them, too.
- Your best bet is to do it from behind. Two reasons - First, your johnson can gain up to an inch when you angle it downward. Second, the front wall of the vagina is the most sensitive area on most women. That's where the G-spot is and some women have other orgasm buttons closer to their cervix. Remember, it's all about pressure!!
- Learn how to use a vibrator or bullet and don't be afraid to use it on her while you're having sex. You'll blow her mind if she's never done that before. You'd be surprised at how many women have never used one even on themselves. I can think of 4 women that I've introduced to vibrators in the last year alone!!
- Get your body in the best shape possible. If I can't have a big cock, I'm going to have the best goddamned body I can get. And sometimes the pubic fat pad can hide what precious little you have.
- Make a lot of money. It sounds callous. But it's a reality. You want women and you've got a little dick? You're not good-looking or talented or have a great personality? Get rich.
- There is a very small percentage of women who don't care whatsoever about penis size. 3-5% maybe. The women I've been with of this nature are usually not great lovers. Again, the chicks who really dig huge cocks are the ones who are the best in bed (a frustrating catch-22 for us little guys).

Follow the above tips and not only will you get laid more, but you'll feel a lot better about having a little one, I guarantee.

A side note about penis enhancement surgery. All I can say is that it's really fucking risky. Unless you're 3.5 to 4 in. long, surgery for lengthening is not even close to being worth the risk. If you're about my length or above, get it out of your fucking head. Thickening, though, I think is a slightly different story. It's more critical to women's satisfaction so if you're curious about it, check up on it. I do not advocate it, though, as it means bringing a sharp instrument in contact with my penis, an action with which I wholeheartedly disagree. But I have considered it. I met a guy who did it and he was very happy with the results. He was a real asshole, though. (A side note - the guys I have known with really big dicks were, more often than not, serious assholes).

Here's a great method to get you started on improving your situation. I've told three guys about this method and all three have enthusiastically come back and thanked me for it. Trust me on this one. You want to wow a chick in bed and you've got a teeny weenie? Here's how - Next time you get intimate with a woman, tease her. Teast her until she can't take it anymore. Here's what I'm talking about - Looooong foreplay here is the key so you're going to have to keep yourself under control. Start by kissing and massaging every other place on her body other than any part of her pussy. Focus on everywhere else - especially neck, breasts, butt, back, shoulders, hands, ears. Tell her she's not to touch you and then don't let her do it. If she puts up some kind of fight at any point in the night, treat her with a "tough shit" kind of attitude. If she puts her hand on your cock, forcibly take it off. You're in complete control here. Remember, power is her main turn-on. Occasionally, make her think you're going to touch her pussy. Graze it once in a while. Get her all worked up this way, then chill out for a bit and ONLY kiss her. Repeat this 'on again, off again' cycle AT LEAST 7 or 8 times. Make this last for 45 minutes or so. You think I'm kidding? Get that one-pump-chump mindset out of your head, bro. 45 minutes - MINIMUM. Monitor her breathing. It should be getting more and more excited. After she's good and worked up, make her think you're going to put your penis in. Put it right against her opening for a few seconds, but (IMPORTANT!) then pull it back and rub her clitoris with your penis instead. Don't put it in yet even a little bit. (You will want to shove it in. FIGHT THIS INSTINCT!!) Do THIS routine at least 7 or 8 times. Chances are, she'll get to the point of BEGGING you to fuck her. When she does that, you've got her just where you want her. Then, put only the head in and just keep it there while still kissing and touching her all over. Take it out and rub her clitoris with it. Do THIS routine 4-5 times. Getting the idea? Then when she least expects it, put it all the way in. About 50% of the time, she'll have an orgasm right then and there. Yes, even with a small penis. Then start slow but steady and deliberate thrusts as deep as you can get it in there and for as long as you can last. If you're in a committed relationship and pregnancy is not a concern and you shoot off, KEEP THRUSTING! Slowly and steadily. If you're lucky and you did it right, she might come as many as 10 times. Then again, she might not come at all. But either way, she'll thank you for it, I guarantee.

Guys, trust me on this one. I've been called a pencil-dick. I've been called shortie. But when I do this, the women come and come and come. And then they come back for more.

Here's a GREAT website on the subject -


There are millions of women out there. Some like huge ones, some like smaller ones, some don't care. We might have to go through some tough spots that larger guys don't have to worry about. But I guarantee they're out there. It's kind of like being a really good-looking but really dumb guy. Most women will pass on what he has to offer. But I guarantee that there is an equally dumb super-hot chick out there who'll think he's a "perfect fit" and fuck his brains out. (As a side note, I'll take my 5-incher and my brains any day of the week.)

So here's the final word. No need to read anything else about it. Size is important to about 95% of all women. It's critical (a deal-killer) to about 15%. But the vast majority of women will see you for the unique combination of traits that you bring to the table - physical attractiveness, sexiness, brains, money, talent in and out of bed, etc. Are there some women for whoem your penis will be too small? Yes. But there are plenty of women out there for whom it's not as big of a deal. Find them. Be as good a lover as you can possibly be. The smaller your dick, the harder you'll have to work at it. Remember, power is the ultimate turn-on. Make up for your shortcomings by accentuating everything else about you. Other than that, we just have to accept what we have. Just about every woman we're with will wish it were bigger. Like some men who are bald or short, it's our burden to carry. And in the great scheme of things, we could be a hell of a lot worse off than having a little johnson. It's truly about acceptance. My attitude now is "If you don't like what I've got, fuck off." That attitude gives me confidence. And confidence is what will get you laid more than anything.

Comment from ED:

I highlighted Johnny's comment because it has so many great thoughts and suggestions that everyone should read it.


2849 August 11, 2005

As a female I can tell you that in my case size does, indeed, matter.

But if I'm in a loving marriage, I can still be satisfied with a medium-sized penis. Of course larger is better.

It would be very difficult to be married to a man with a small penis unless everything else in the marriage is perfect on a daily and continual basis.

I don't say this to make anyone feel bad. I just want to give an honest opinion to someone who has a woman like me that would never tell them the truth at home.

Yet, I have no problem discussing a man's size with other women.

Still, I would not be unfaithful because of it and would remain a loyal wife.
2850 August 12, 2005

I've never felt a difference while having sex with smaller or larger men.  A woman's clit can be stimulated REGARDLESS of size.  That pretty much levels the playing field for all men.  A woman can't have an orgasm without clit stimulation.  That's where the pleasure is.

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