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2751 June 30, 2005

great site! im a 19 year old guy from tokyo japan and have a small 12cm penis (maybe just below average for asian) I always believe that women love big penises, especially japanese women since extremely large penis is rare here. I think every woman should experience a big 20cm (8 inch) penis! Women here LOVE foreigner because of that. My friend here who is really big says he can get so many girls its crazy.
2752 June 30, 2005

An average won't be determined until sufficient
quantities of men from all ethnic origins are measured independently.Then we will see if the
myth about black men is true.All I can add to that
suggestion, is that I have stumbled upon yahoo
support groups for black men with small penises.
Don't beleive all you read.
2753 July 1, 2005

Have you ever heard a gal when she was having a really big meat rocket put to her? The extremely deep ecstatic sound she makes will be like nothing your regular size tool has ever heard. It proves what some gals won't admit and what some males won't believe.
2754 July 1, 2005

Matters more to younger women -or so it appears at first:
Bigger dicks matter more to chicks 18 to early 20s not yet wanting to marry. When they start getting really serious about marrage the importance of him having a big dick goes down some notches. She starts thinking more about if he will make a good husband and father-treat her right, mow the lawn, fix things around the house, a good father for kids, provider, protection, etc. Actually a big dick never completely leaves her desires but just gets covered up by things more important for a working relationship. This explains why when a relationship begins to fall apart the chick will suddenly tell him for the first time she thinks his dick is small or about her ex that was bigger. The other things in the relationship have fallen apart and dick size matters more once again to her. Afterall, love conquers all. Or at least covers it up could be a more precise way to say it. Notice also that if afterwards they make up she will try to fix what she said with "yeah he was bigger but you are the only one to make me orgasm" and "size doesn't matter to me" and "you're the perfect size for me", and "i was talking about his length, you're thicker and that is what matters" and "yes he was bigger but it just hurt" and "yes he was bigger but he wasn't anywhere near your league of lovemaking, he thought all he had to do was stick it in, and he couldn't last more than a minute", "i'm with you not him, what does that tell you". So he buys it, they get back together and she thinks "whew, that was close, I can never tell him everything- things like even though he would just stick it in when she got on top where she could control it she moaned to high heaven. She reminds herself to never tell him again what she really thinks, when angry, about his size, that was just not worth all the trouble it brought her and she feels badly for hurting him. She reminds herself this is one truth that she will never repeat and some details of her lovemaking sessions with her ex will never be mentioned.
2755 July 1, 2005

Actaully I believe that bigger is better; but although to me once you orgasm it all feels the same, so for those that are average go on being who you are, and for those who want a bigger member hey! take some enlargement pills or use methods, and good luck. I mean I have 8 inches by 6 inches round and I love it when the woman reach back and try to prevent me from going deeper then I am. I mean when they do that and say hold up you know you have a nice large member.
2756 July 2, 2005

Macho Man:
This site is fucking hilarious.  Dude you are pathetic.  Quit taking out your little dick issues on America in hopes to sell your penis enlargement products.  Obviously, the penis rules your tiny insecure world.  Men are way more obsessed than women on this horseshit.  Women are attracted to men way before they see his dick size.  Lay off the porn!
2757 July 3, 2005

Reponding to Christine Post 2681:
What size were these lovers in the past that were small to you?

Your bf is big, but not huge. He ranks a 'B' on the ideal penis size chart. 

There is a chance he is actually an 'A' to you and is therefore your ideal size, despite the ideal penis size chart on page 40. What needs to be kept in mind is that chart is based on the 'average' size vagina- that chart indicates the ideal penis size for a white woman with an average size vagina. Most white women will fall into that range.

Adjustment based on the women's sizes should be taken into consideration when looking at that chart.

Average size vagina of white women--use chart on page 40.

Smaller than average size vagina for white women--
Penis size 'B' upgrades to an 'A'
Penis size 'C' upgrades a 'B'
Penis size 'D' upgrades to a 'C'
Penis size 'E' upgrades to a 'D'
Penis size 'A' is demoted to a 'B'

Bigger than average size vagina for white women--
Penis size 'A' demotes to a 'B'
Penis size 'B' demotes to a 'C'
Penis size 'C' demotes to a 'D'
Penis size 'D' demotes to an 'E'
Some very big penis sizes upgrade to an 'A'

Average size vagina for black women--
Use above example chart of bigger than average size vagina for a white woman.

Bigger than average size vagina for black women--
Penis size 'A' demotes to a 'C'
Penis size 'B' demotes to a 'D'
Penis size 'C' demotes to a 'E'
Penis size 'D' demotes to 'Is it in yet?'
Very big penis sizes become a 'B'
Huge penis sizes become an 'A'

Smaller than average size vagina for black women--
Use chart on page 40

Average size vagina for an Asian woman--
Use above example chart of smaller than average size for a white woman.

Bigger than average size vagina for Asian women--
Use chart on page 40

Smaller than average size vagina for Asian women--
Penis size 'C' upgrades to an 'A'
Penis size 'D' upgrades to a 'B'
Penis size 'E' upgrades to a 'C'
Some Penis sizes 'Is it in yet?' upgrade to a 'D'

The ideal penis size chart on page 40 is just a general guideline to go by. The relativity of vagina sizes must be taken into consideration.
2758 July 4, 2005

yeah im sorry but my penis (8.2 length and 6 girth) is said to please the ladies i've fucked more than their past realationships, i've always thought penis size matters, this site verifies it. And dont try shaving to make your penis look bigger guys who shave below their neck are gay. pills and crap dont work either (my penis is all natural). and to all of you who think this site is a joke, its because you have small penises yourself, im sorry but you have to give it up, larger penises are better smaller penises suck
2759 July 4, 2005

To all concerned

 Soon,the penis size debate will be no more.The pussy size debate will be all the rage.So girls what strentgh are you,were do you fit?

[example only (not the real one) of the upcoming vagina strentgh scale.]

Tightness/cm H2O relaxed/cm H2O contract/lift oz-lbs

verytight/ 20 cm H2O    / 60 cm H2O     / 3lbs
tight    / 16 cm H2O    / 48 cm H2O     / 2 1/2 lbs
avg      / 12 cm H2O    / 35 cm H2O     / 2 lbs
loose    / 8  cm h2O    / 25 cm H2O     / 1 lbs
veryloose/ 4  cm H2O    / 17 cm H2O     / 10 ozs

this much needed scale will also break down women in percentages of strentghs.Thus

Verytight    3 % of all women
Tight        5 % of all women
avg          80% of all women
loose        6 % of all women
veryloose    6 % of all women

When this scale become official by virtue of being the only one.There is enought video taped proof of subjects being tested that it will never be contested.Unlike penis size scales were we have to take the word of the said researchers,the pussy size scale will be there for all to see and reproduce so as to be verified.

Now,to the women who post here,when the scale is made public,will you tell us your pussy sizes.

I will advertize in different cities for a contest,exp:
" 2006 Los Angeles women with the tightess pussy"We know what the biggest cocks are,isn't time to find out what the tightess pussies are.So girls were do you fit?Remember you have absolutely no credibily to to complain when we start grading and scaling your pussy sizes.Your fair game now.And there's absolutely no way of stoping this.Men will be able to gauge your pussy size if you want them or not.

Many women say they are tight while they are in fact very avg.You should see there faces when I tell them so.You see,guys use too say they were big when all this dick size facts and visual media was not accessible to all.Now all women can say if a guy lies or not.Women use to have the advantage of not being compare in the pussy size department and lie and get away with it.But wait till they are all graded and rated on how tight or loose they are.But I bet my bottom dollar that the hypocrites will all suddenly stop talking about dick sizes and say love is the important thing.Women are such fetid hypocrites,they allway want to change the rules when it become's an even playing field or they leave and go sulk.It's way too late for you girls ,so too fucking bad!

Guys, wouldn't it be great,you at the pub discussing how loose or tight your girlfriend is.I say fair play makes for the best game.Unless your a pussywhipped.

Now be honest  Tight and wet or Loose and wet=sloppy
2760 July 4, 2005

Evasive answers when asked:
Ask chicks if size matters, and while some will say it does, many will give evasive answers.

Male: "Is bigger better?

Females responses:
"I'll take an average size man that knows how to use it over an endowed man that doesn't."
(She felt the need to give the average size male the advantage of knowing how to use and the need to give the big male the disadvantage of not knowing how. Why do this in answer to the question unless she knows in her heart bigger is better, but just won't admit it.What if a small breasted woman asked if bigger breasts are better and the guy responded with "Well, I'll take a woman with a good personality and small breasts over a bad personality and big breasts." She would wonder why he added the personality to this. His answer would indicate he preferred big breasts everything else being equal, but just wouldn't come right out and answer her directly.)

"Huge ones just hurt. I'll take a small one over a huge one".
(Notice how she left the bigger than average big ones out and jumped all the way up to monster sizes. The question was about bigger being better or not, but she evades that by using an extreme comparison and no mention of the other.)

"There are more important things I look for in a man."
('More important'-in other words penis size has some importance, but not as much as some other factors. So bigger is at least a bit better, she just wouldn't say it directly.)

"Yes my ex was bigger, but I'm with you now, so what does that tell you?"
(That doesn't tell him anything for sure about penis size being better or not-it could just be he is a better husband and father than her ex. Her ex still could have fucked her brains out better. Her evasive answer suggests that was the case.)

"I've had bigger and he just would stick it in and not use it well."
(Notice that women who answer with this always fail to mention what happened when they got on top where they could use it like they wanted to. More half truths and evasiveness.)

"Big dicks aren't good for anal and blow jobs".
(Ok, but the question was obviously about big dicks inside of vaginas. Where did this blow job and anal answer come from? In other words, big dicks are best to her for vaginal sex, but she didn't want to say anything  negative about average size dicks and found a way to answer with a positive spin on it."

"Women can only feel the first three inches"
(Yeah, riggghttt. This is the same one will also state long ones just hurt,unwittingly contradicting herself, and will grunt loudly when long dicked. No feelings deep eh?)

They just can't be 100% level with us.
2761 July 5, 2005

i have joined the ranks of the big cock loving women of the world.  i wrote a few weeks about never having more than five inches.  well, now i have had ten inches all at once and after the initial screaming and crying of being tore up bu this guy i have enjoyed his very large penis several times.  the first time it hurt just like i was afraid it would but now i love it.  now i am toying with the idea of 11 or 12 inches.  i am told i may have to find a man of color so to speak to get into those sizes.  does anyone know for sure if white really don't get that big? 
2762 July 5, 2005

Of course size matters .Just by looking at a big cock can turn a woman on.A small pathetic cock is such a turn off.A group of us went to a strip club the other day and the gasp of excitment from the crowd when they saw the well endowed men come on stage.If the guys had small cocks the crowed would of laughed them of stage.
2763 July 5, 2005

I've been with 2 guys and one was average (about 5 1/2 long, and almost 2 wide) while the 2nd guy was only 4 long (hard) and maybe a little over 1 1/2 wide. The first guy was experienced and knew what to do and had confidence, which is really importance. Confidence is very important on the guys (or "dominating") end. He was fantastic, but he ended up being a jerk so that ended. The 2nd guy was just so small and had no confidence and was Always asking if i thought he was big or not. And I liked him alot so i always lied and said he was great. But in the end when it came time to choose to continue the relationship or move on, I dumped him. And that he really couldn't give me pleasure was a big part of that. So my question is, is it always better if you like the guy to just not hurt his feelings, or should you just be honest?
2764 July 5, 2005

Myfirst bigcock:
I'm 27 old female, 110 lbs., 5'6" and married with two kids. My husband is 28, 5'8", 170 lbs., and has a 5 inch X 1 1/2 thick cock. Been with my husband since I was 15 and only man I've been with till recently. I was ok with my husbands cock till after we had our second child. His just didn't do anything for me anymore. That when I started wanting to get with a well hung guy. Well my sister had been dating her boyfriend for about a year. He was cute but a heavyset man but with a very big buldge in his pants. I asked my sister how big it was but she wouldn't tell me. I knew she didn't want me to that he was huge. Since my man had a little dick and she knew I wanted to fuck a well hung guy. We'll the other day He came over when I was home by myself cause I needed help moving a couch. I wore my short shorts and a little top hoping to get him to fuck me. When he saw me I could she his package growing in his shorts. I went over to him and kissed him and rubbed his dick. Then went to my knee's and pulled out his cock out. It was just fucking huge and made my husband look like a little boy. I coludn't rap my hands around it ang it was very long. I tried to give him a blow job but couldn't fit in my mouth. Then he took my clothes off laid me on my back. He then took tha massive cock and put right in my tight pussy. I love the the feeling over being filled like never before. He just fucked my brain's out and went for hours. I could barely walk afterwards but I love it. I measured that big cock it was 9 inches X 3 inches thick. Size does matter bigger is better. I never had orgasm's till i got with that big cock. I stiil love my husband but I'll ride that big dick any chance I get.
2765 July 6, 2005

Let's put it like this:

Pimp don't care what the hoe thinks or feels.  That's why they sell their bodies to suckers to make me happy.  Then they drink the piss from my two inch dick.

Be a fool if you choose.
2766 July 6, 2005

Ive had sex with about 24 girls and I have not once had any negative comments.I am only 6" long and about 5 1/2" in circ.and believe me I have been with some sluts and there was not a one that didnt get off.now that I am married my wife loves my cock size.I can make her cum about 4 times before I do and plus she said it is great for anal.yea so I might not be hugh, but I got the job done good enough for them to keep coming back.
2767 July 6, 2005

Me and my future wife have been on a disagreement for a while about penis sizes. I say that most woman prefer bigger penis. My future wife says it don't matter and she likes men to be natural and not huge. I have a 8" penis, I would like it to be bigger. My future wife loves my dick and said that she don't want any other dick. I think that she is only saying that because she is with me. If any of yall woman agree with me give tell me about it. I would also like to know to prove my girl wrong. Is a my dick that is 8" inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide small. I think it is. My girl thinks it is big enough.
2768 July 7, 2005

Naked Monkey:
Although this website may benefit some women, such comments as below are more likely to prove detrimental and do make some women appear stupid and bitter.

Susan: 1817 November 6, 2004
"I'm a 30y/o blonde married for 2 years. My husband has an "average penis" of 6".Our sex life could be called average too. I recently began an affair with a black man I met at my health club who has a 10" penis. He satisfies me much than my husband ever could. Many women enjoy big cocks just as men prefer big breasts. To those of you with average or small cocks, get over it. You can always masturbate. I know many women say that size doesn't matter, usually to reassure their mate but if they had an opportunity to experience a big cock they would change their thinking. For years many women have been put down for having small breasts, now it's our turn. If you have 5 or 6" cock or less you should feel inadequate."

1) If this person is willing to have an affair over penis size, might it not encourage more men to have affairs over vagina size (slack ones are not that pleasurable), justifying their actions by saying "Well, women do it to us"? Why give men more excuses to act upon their promiscuous nature?2) her lover has 10"-lucky girl! She's more than likely a liar .3) She compares breasts and penises (one a milk secreting organ the other a sexual organ), when she should compare sexual organ with sexual organ.4) She forgets that men enjoy tight vaginas, but may be reluctant to say anything to their women.5) She gloats, not realising she has made a faulty comparison.6) She must have small breast, and wishes to project her "inferiority" upon others.
2769 July 7, 2005

I came across this site, and found it HILARIOUS!!!  The stuff that comes out of people's mouths... I was rolling on the floor laughing.  LOOK, I'm just an average joe, but if I was two and a half inches long it still wouldn't matter.  I've been with quite a few women and a number of them reported, "wanting to crawl up the walls from pleasure".  The bottom line is that there is so much more to our bodies than cells and muscles.  All of life is part and parcel of the quantum field, and this energy is fabric of our existence.  Depending on how much you want to learn, are open to, and PRACTICE, you can manifest this energy on the physical plane.  There is a bounty of information on energy channeling, healing, chakras, kundalini, conciousness manifestation and the like.  My present girlfriend has been with a number of guys before me, some of them quite more endowed than myself... but no one has made her cum and scream like me (and she definately isn't the first one).  Even if you have a two inch cigarette for a cock, you can make every cell and nerve ending in that pink abyss vibrate with uncontrollable ecstacy.  When a woman is clawing her nails into the pillow and rolling her eyes back from the sensation, then it's not size that matters, but the intensity of your energy... not bad for a guy who's 5.5" x 5".  I know this sounds like bull$#!+, but I just HAD to post some truth on this site.  The material plane is the lowest vibration of energy and can only do so much.  So even if your member is "PERFECT", there'll be limitations if you can't go beyond the phsycial and enter into the mystical.  A good place to start is Tantra.  But don't be too preoccupied with positions.  Like yoga, the positions only facilitate certain energies to flow.  This stuff is for real, and you'll believe it when you make a woman wet just by placing your palm on her pelvis.  Open your perceptions, and unlock the mysteries of existence and reality, for only then shall you be free from the limitations of the physical... and sex will become a whole new universe of discovery for you.  Don't take my word for it... DO IT!!  Also, try not to rule out emotion.  It's the fuel that drives everything we do.  Don't be afraid to feel, to love, and most of all... to live, goddamnit!!!
2770 July 8, 2005

Just a thought:
Women who attribute more masculinity to larger penises are probably the sort who consciously or unconsciously attribute more femininity to larger breasts (we know females do attribute femininity to their breasts by the claims of women who have had a mastectomy that they feel unwomanly).
      If a woman of the above type has small breasts (or, for some reason, considers herself not to be physically or facially beautiful, and in consequence unfeminine), she may try to compensate for her 'lack of femininity' by insisting on dating a man she believes to be more masculine, i.e. in this case, one with a large penis, although she knows to date a man on such a basis is socially unacceptable. To make herself feel clean, she will visit a websites such as this in the hope that she will find justification for taking solace in large penises and perhaps find women who think as she does.
     In order to draw attention away from that aspect of her person which makes her feel unwomanly, she may to her friends highlight her man's masculinity, perhaps in the hope she will make them jealous and thereby  appear the woman of the moment, raising her self esteem.
    In sum, the desire of some women for large penises is a result of feeling inferior and not sexuality.Moreover, it's that type of woman who often visits sites such as this in the hope she will find justification for her thoughts and sometimes, to lessen her feeling of inferiority, she will leave a post there designed to invoke insecurity and a feeling of inferiority in others.

To me a smaller breasted woman, if she acts in a manner expected of a woman, is as feminine, and can be as beautiful and sexually attractive as the next, and often more so.
2771 July 9, 2005

To number 2649 Dr PHD's post:
I believe there is truth to what you said. The same Frenchman's study of black penises you spoke of also said the average is 6.25" to 8" by 2" thick for black men. The averages for white were much less, and Asian men were even less than white, and far less than black. I think it boils down to this. Noone cne can deny the obvious physical differences we see-black men are naturally more muscular and dominate physical sports where blacks are interested in it. Black women clearly are much taller and much bigger in the lower body. Asian women are very small in body size compared to black women, and small in body size compared to white women. That French study said that black womens' genitals are located further back and in a diffrent level. This is clearly to allow for the extra size of black men. The black woman's vaginal positioning is a clear clue that black men have bigger penises than even their extra height would seem to indicate. Since black women are taller with longer bottoms one would think that allows for extra length-a match up to their male counterpart. So why the different genetal positioning also? This indicates just extra body size isn't enough to allow for the extra penis length of black men-that black men are even longer than extra height alone would indicate. That black women are tall, have big thick booties is undeniable. That Asian women are short is undeniable. Yet when it comes to a part of them covered in clothing, where size differences can be denied, people think there is no difference or almost no difference. If somewhow black women's asses were never seen, these same people would swear that black women's asses aren't bigger than white womens'. That that much physical difference doesn't exist in humans. They can't say it though, because those thick bubble butts are right in front of their face.
2772 July 10, 2005

To Lydia (2659) or should I say 'Chlamydia'?
Owing to the shape of their noses, colour of their eyes and so forth, Black people can rarely live up to the western notion of facial beauty. Therefore, by our notions, your boyfriend is probably quite ugly. And if men tend to go with women a shade lower on the 'good- look- scale' than themselves, then what state must your face be in? Are your orgasms actually prompted by feeling of being wanted by somebody? Are you bitter towards whites and Asians, because they have rejected you for being ugly and having a vagina as deep and as wide as The Mariana Trench? By the way, most blacks haven't got large penises, so when you're dumped by this one, don't be upset if you can't find another nine incher.
2773 July 10, 2005

To Tiny 1229
You will need to do manual exercises (Jelk) in combination with the pills to achieve descent results.  I've gained 1/2 inch - girth and 1/4 inch - length over a 6 month period using Vig-RX. Unfortunately, they are very expensive at $60 for 1 month's supply.  Vacuum pumping will give you large, but only temporary gains, lasting about 12-24 hours.  Get one that has a pressure gauge on it, because you can seriously hurt yourself by pumping with too much pressure.  A good one costs about $100 to $150.  You might also try a penis extension.  I'd recommend the Dynamic Strapless Extension.  It will even stay on you without an erection!  It comes in two sizes, 7 inches and 8.5 inches.  Most guys buy the 8.5 inch one and cut it to the longest length that their wives can handle.  The interior dimensions of the 7 inch one are much smaller, so if the big is too big ,try the smaller one.  These particular extensions are very inextensive, about $16 each.

Good Luck
2774 July 10, 2005

Nascar Joe:
These comments are a crock! Im average and my wife of 20 years has a hard time taking all of me sometimes.
2775 July 11, 2005

Primal needs:
From an infant, the primal fears for any human being are supposedly fear of abandonment and fear of brutality
Thus for a male, any perceived relative (lack of) size is seen as a threat to his suitability to his partner as a mate ... the fear of abandonment comes in ... look at some of the very emotional responses in here, some hateful.

The Grass Is Always Greener:
Even on the Large Penis Support Group (www.LPSG.org) members were threatened when a female handle posted for help re handling her (14in?) new partner ...

What women want or what men want?
To me, it seems that women are not as much into absolute measurements as they are into looks (like guys with boobs ... symmetry, etc) but experienced women would call a 7 inch penis "large" and 8 inch plus very large to huge.
I may be close to Ed's "ideal", but would prefer an extra inch in length "just to be sure" (like everyone with their height?), even if it would most likely cause discomfort to a woman ... I think that most women would prefer smaller, but since it's not their appendage, this what we men desire: to outcompete.

Small Tits?
I believe that the outright put-downs (sometimes openly admitted) from (some of) the women in here are motivated from being lesser attractive women gaining revenge on men in general.
Especially the ignorant "6 inches is small" taunts: as per Ed's chart, I'm sure that a 6 x 7 would do more for them than a 7 x 5: but most guys would prefer the 7 x 5, as I think it's akin to a sense of superiority in being taller in height.
The 6 x 7 would in fact be a much larger penis (6 L x 7 circ).

I've heard women who've tried to put themselves in men's shoes say that they wouldn't want to be a man because even though they worry over their tits, if they had a penis they would be even more worried if it they were the "correct size": note the confusion created in trying to quantify this elusive quality in the subjective charts.

In up-market dept store bookshop with GF (in my mid 30s; she was a MILF with some experience) I made a casual remark to her re some book and guys 'built like horses'. (There was an attractive woman nearby about my age) to which my GF said, so that anyone nearby could hear, 'you're hung like an elephant': (although flattered) I was very embarrassed and asked to please keep it down. On reflection, after reading the comments in here, she may have been bragging to the lady nearby, however embarrassing I may have found the situation ... this was a group of white collar people in an upmarket store ...

I think that, in general, women don't want a bloated ego so don't give too much praise, but may boast to their GFs.
I've been treated very strangely of late by my new wife's best friend's husband and wouldn't be surprised if he'd heard something he'd rather not on the grapevine.

Why am I here?
Similar story to some others.  When young, and even now, can be quite small when flaccid ... a urologist may be able to explain: I must have a lot of erectile material, but it depends on the blood flow, can go from cold weather "stack of buttons" to 5 x 6 and still quite flaccid ... and when in the 5 x 6 state I have occasionally noticed women (of all ages & races) are drawn to the crotch for a perve ... it must be like a guy drawn to a cleavage ... they will stare, even if it is obvious that they are staring ... there must some kind of primeval thing there.

I think that Ed's work here, regardless of the motivation, confirms a lot of anecdotal information: akin to Dale Carnegie's "How To Win Friends and Influence People".

Skinny Guys:
My anecdotal info concurs with what many women have said here (and they, as Ed says, have seen more erect pene than men) is that my friends who have confessed to being well endowed have all been tallish and skinny ... "gawky" as some ladies have described them.

One Night Stands:
When staying at a motel I overheard a man and a woman in the car park outside (there was a bar attached): he was about to take the woman home for the night (she was pretty drunk) and expressed the concern "you'd better be big" ... I thought "What a condition to put on the guy at this late stage?", but I guess that she probably meant, as one woman commented earlier, lumping big and average together in saying "you'd better not be small" in a roundabout fashion.

Bottoming Out:
I once overheard a woman on a train talking to a female acquaintance explaining that she was a prostitute and that they used sponges in their pussies to collect the sperm and to keep themselves clean and that their customers couldn't detect the sponges' presence ...
2776 July 11, 2005

To  CC    (2654 ):
Many men prefer vaginas that tight around their penises.So maybe (I don't really know because my fiends and I don't often talk about our girlfriends' private parts) for a man with a small to an average sized penis perhaps a woman with a small vagina is ideal and for a larger man a woman with an average sized vagina. I think a man may gauge a woman's vagina by how it feels, in that a vagina is an open space a little harder to measure than a penis .I think your vagin is probably normal, but you can always ask your boyfriend (if he's worth it) how it feels to him and if you are not happy with his answer, there are some exercises which might tighten it up.

It' good to see a woman who realizes there are two in a relationship and sex should be enjoyed by both.
Good luck!
2777 July 11, 2005

Caduceus,the fabled wand :
   It appears to me that women who believe that large penes are of paramount importance and say so are sometimes arrogant, often foolish, though frequently well educated, but only in fullness of time do many realise their folly. The following are actual women whom I know and who,whilst only in their early to mid twenties at the time, have at  some point over the last 15 years indicated to me that 'no man save a well endowed one will  serve', but who now are :  
  1) a lesbian and factory hand who resides with her partner, whom I have never met and upon whose sex life I am unable to comment.
  2) a transsexual and university graduate who has hitherto undergone a mastectomy, grown facial hair, may acquire an artificial penis and resides with a woman, upon whom, presumably, s/he is to use her/his ersatz intromittent apparatus.
  3) a mother, feme sole, former inamorata of mine, erstwhile National Socialist, Negrophobe and university graduate in whom no one membrose or otherwise has shown an interest in many years.
  4) an unmarried mother and factory hand who, a week prior to her inamorato's deserting her, bragged about, and demonstrated, the enormity of his person, so doing within sight and sound of many people, including me, who, upon hearing that she was single, would have asked her out on bended knees, had I not known her primary sexual requirement, viz. penertration by a person twice the size of mine.
     By the by, for this I did not think her a whore (nor do I  think such of any woman with a similar craving, for all that I do hold that some are, in fact ,mentally defective and in consequence are to be pitied ) , but, forasmuch as I believe that relationships are two way things ,and  accordingly  a man should essay to please his yoke-fellow as much as she him, I thought that, despite her continually  telling me for a number of weeks that  she was single, it  was worthless to pursue her. Nor, indeed, did anyone other see the value in his so doing.
  5) a clerical worker and a university graduate who, though I think she little realises it, is extremely well known for her fondness for large penes stands humiliated: she had a brief relationship, believing her respect for him was reciprocated, with a phallically blessed associate of mine. However, having had his will of her on a couple of occasions, he told her that he was soon to marry a real woman  (i.e. one not deemed a fille de joie) and to fuck off. In fact, he had so little regard for her that he was hard pressed to remember her surname. Upon hearing of this woman's humbuggability and stupidity, numerous men, whatever their penial dimensions, laughed and held up my associate as an hero -and, yes, a real man, to boot.
     Obviously to no.s one, who has said that she has never been happier or more fulfilled since meeting her amorosa ,and two, deep penetration by a large membrum virile is no longer important ; they now believe they were naive and in error to place emphasis thereupon .Notwithstanding that they may prefer  larger Priapi , no.s  3 , 4 and 5, whom ageing and fear of doing so alone daily drain of their fastidiousness  , I think soon, should they want a husband ,male companion  or  escort , penial size will become, if it has not already done so, a secondry,if not a relatively  unimportant, issue.
        In relation to no. 5,who, if one  judges  by the comment pages on this web site, is not the only phallocentric woman whose yearnings have allowed her to appear witless , I think to some men ,if not many, even the membrous, such women  as she are nothing but strumpets and ,any academic achievements non-obstante, objects of ridicule, worthy only of abuse and contempt .That said, hardly ever will men of this sort allow their views of a woman to bar them from  pursuing or  having a brief act of sexual intercourse with her.
       I hope from this that people realise that as time passes so  the priorities of many phallocentric women often change, as do those of real women, i.e. those females who act and think like civilised human beings, not animals and ergo whom one should call 'ladies' .As you have probably gathered: firstly, from their postings, the phallicists, who are so desperately trying to convince us and themselves that they are not lusus naturae, are oversexed, vulgar, their accounts being little but coprology , and bitter, often showing misandristic tendencies towards average and small men, on whom they would probably be reluctant to vent their spleen vis--vis and whose aegis they would readily accept, if needed; and secondly, from my testimony, wherein some of the woman mentioned are in reality bricks, they are often quite mad. It, therefore, doesn't do to take to much notice of them. By contrast, ladies, be their penile preferences what they may, are to be treasured; for they are women with whom one can have fun in many ways, sexual congress being but one of them.
2778 July 11, 2005

just a thought:
Penis size is the most important thing, actually in the world. Nothing else matters. It is infact the most important thing that ever has been.
2779 July 12, 2005

Open a book:
We're humans, accept it. If you don't enjoy yourself, no one else will. Don't live in fear because of this overhyped societies expectations. Quit watching TV for a week, go out and learn something. Sex isn't a big issue, if a girl tells you it's big, or average or whatever laugh it off.  I honestly don't believe that most (sane)females would break up with a guy citing penis size as the sole reason. I refuse to believe anyone is that shallow.
The main problem is most likely communication. Talk with her about sex. You should both enjoy it, find out what she likes and tell her what you like. If your girl expects you to please her constantly and condescends you if you don't then she obviously has some insecurties she needs to work out, not at your expense. Remember your her partner so work it out with her, not behind her back. She's your friend, not a demon. Do something thoughtful and care about her, if you can develop a true relationship with someone it will be much more satisfying than your 7 minutes in heaven. 
 I honestly feel bad for people who focus on sex as the main aspect of their existance, get a hobby or two, and quit measuring your penises.
2780 July 12, 2005

What has this website achieved for women? They now feel that they can say, "We want big dicks!"Is that going to get them large penises?-No. Is it going to improve things for women in general?-NO. It might cause men not to take women, who according to this website are nothing but animalistic penis worshippers, seriously anymore.  It might get more women physically abused by their boyfriends or husbands, who, particularly if unemployed and in consequence unable to fulfil their roles as breadwinners, may think it's now the only way they can demonstrate their masculinity, now that they've been told that they are not 'real men'. It may invoke misogyny in some smaller men, resulting in serious assaults upon, or even the murder of, more women .Perhaps, some men will enlarge their penises for their women, but with the newly found confidence a large penis will give them, they may go wandering, though.

This website has robbed women of their one true power over men, i.e. their mystery, and replaced it with a pointless opportunity to type "size matters" in capital letters. I am amazed that so many women hail this as a victory, especially when there may be unfortunate repercussions for many of their sisters. It is good, however, the author recommends penis enlargement methods, which may offer hope to smaller men and, if successfully employed by these men, may prevent some of the above predictions being realised. Nevertheless, one should never disregard the possibility of usually normal men committing penis related atrocities.
2781 July 12, 2005

No Victory for anyone:

I should be careful, if you are a woman like Amanda-20F (posting: 2060, February 4, 2005), who says, "I, for one, am more than comfortable telling a guy if he doesn't measure up. And I think all girls should be. We've pampered men's egos long enough. I have on two separate occasions stopped a guy before sex because he was under 6."
    Although under different circumstances from the above, the girlfriend of a former friend of mine told him once too often that he had a small penis; he lost his mind and killed her. The court took the view that he had been mentally tortured, resulting in temporary bout of madness, and was therefore not responsible for his actions. He received a five year sentence, of which he served only a couple of years. The thing is: he has a life, works, goes out drinking with friends, has sex, but she is still dead-dead for mocking a man's penis.
2782 July 12, 2005

Men if you cannot tell quite a few of the women's comments are sarcastic. The fact that so many guys believe this shit is just an ego boost for women who actually are or think they are smarter than men. It's all in fun (maybe not in it's purest form) so get over your cock sizes and focus on LIVING YOUR LIFE. Each sex has their own insecurities and the more we focus on them the harder it's going to be to make a relationship work. Start loving and respecting eachother instead of degrading and belittling, no one deserves to feel like shit about the size of their cock or the size of their breasts. I've been with both large and small breasted women, I prefer small.
Please don't generalize a sex all having the same opinions and desires because don't think ed's biological "evidence" is credible.
Be happy with what you have and communicate with your lover.
2783 July 12, 2005

hi my husband told me about this site and told u guys about our 3some with his best freind "and now one of my best freinds " well the truth is the first time my husband asked me about prefrence in cock size i lied to him telling him i had none but i like many other little girl growing up that see there daddys cock piture something thats going to look huge like that of coures if your like me latter in life you see daddy u realize it wasnt all that bigg but the feeling or mental seen u have of the size u r then and how it was in contrast then is a desire of your inner desire that was mine maybe its different but there r things that creat the mental desire and a few of my freinds i know r the same way
anyways the thing is mental desire and physical stimulation are very different for me durring the 3some there was no way to fake that my husbands penis was competing or anywhere able to satisfy me the same as jerry could my husband penis 7 1/4" long and 2" wide and jerry was 9 1/2" long and 2 3/4" wide my husband looked in my eyes kissing me deeply and said dont lie what was it like i told him i never cam so hard and felt so good i told him i loved him and id love to have him share me with jerry and id find a girl to accomidate a smaller fit he said to tell him something i would maybe be afraid to tell so i bravely told him after jerry fucked me really hard and he" my husband " started to fuck me i could hardly feel his cock that jerry had opened me up to his size and that is why i ask to have jerry fuck me again my husband then kissed me deeper than he ever has and he promised to have jerry over to complete me and feel my woman hood like he cant i promised i feverishly hurt down little pussys for him now i know this sounds like a fucked up way to have a relationship but in life we have all needs and desires and if its ok with both partys anything goes
"p.s. this has been 8 year living like this we love it we both get a full satisfaction   i love my husband soo soo much he fills my hart and he makes sure i get a cock that will fill my pussy way deeper and wider than he ever could  so is bigger better well for me it is oh by the way its not the size of the girl that means how big or small her pussy is or desires i happen to be 4'11" 95lbsbut it takes 9 1/2 to complete me but even my hubby does good with his little 7"lol oh yeah bye the way this little girl found her daddy thats jerrys nick name he tell me to tell him how much bigger he is than my real daddy p.s. my hubbys much bigger thn my rel daddy lol good nigh
2784 July 13, 2005

 Responses to Miscellaneous points.:
Point: Women say men with larger penises last longer.
Response: Perhaps these women haven't turned their men on enough. From my own experience, I know that, if I don't find a woman that attractive, I can go for hours, but if I find her sexy I may last only minutes.
Point:Women feel sexy,when a man ejaculates into them.
Response: men ejaculate into mid air when they masturbate. Do they find mid air or their hands sexy? Neither, I dare say. Some sick men have sex with, and ejaculate into, animals, but they probably don't find the animals sexy: they are more than likely pretending it's a woman. How do these women know that, when a man ejaculates into them, he is actually thinking of them? He might be pretending that they are former girlfriends or a woman he saw on the bus. A friend told me that he did this, and he, by the way, has a large penis.
2785 July 13, 2005

Prior to the author's recommending penis enlargement programmes, what was the purpose of women giving their preferential penis sizes ,which were larger than the average man possessed ,to  place on the 'Authentic Penis Preference Chart', when they believed that there was little a man could do to enlarge his penis? Was it partly an endeavour to cause men anguish in revenge for (allegedly) having a preference for large breasts, which most women don't posses? Probably.
        I hope now vagina size is under discussion on various sites, including the Vagina Institute, that they are happy to discover they probably don't measure up to what most men (8 out of 10) want: smaller than average, or, at least, an overstretched average vagina. What is more, I hope that they remember that many women, even those who have a preference for larger penises, often want, particularly as they grow older, affection and companionship. To obtain these they will date a man regardless of his penis size, although they may at some point be sexually unfaithful to him if he is too small. Men ,on the other hand, are more concerned with sexual pleasure and as a result, unless really insecure, will rarely enter into a relationship with a woman whose vagina they believe too big to give them pleasure or if they do enter thereinto, they may  at some time throughout their relationship, seek better sex elsewhere.
2786 July 14, 2005

Obviously, since I've logged on to this site I like size. Probably most women that come to a site like this will enjoy a man with endowment, but I'm sure every woman can point back to a time where she craved a big cock. When I was in college I went to my share of wild parties where many of us were naked and my friends and I took notice and enjoyed comparing. One particular incident involved measuring and of coarse some men were reluctant while others were fine with it. It was very erotic and for the victor (9 inches) went the spoils...Seeing his versus the 5 and 6inchers was amazing. I wear a size 7 and when I playfully raised my boot near his member he was longer from heel to toe! the joke was some weren't as long as the heel. He was truly the man while others they looked like boys and yes he was cocky about it (pardon the pun). Now smaller men can be enjoyable, but his was so big and beautiful it has made a unforgetable picture in my mind that I have thought about for years!
2787 July 15, 2005

I had never had any complaints about my penis size or love-making before I met my current girlfriend. One day out of the blue she tells me she had been doing some research about why she was feeling discomfort while we were having intercourse. She wasn't exactly sure about it until she came upon your site and referred it to me. I was quite surprised as we were reading it together that we found out that I was rather large for her. Your site was very useful to us in determining what the problems were and opening up a very good and informative dialogue between the two of us. Our relationship is very new so we came to the conclusion that one of the problems right now is that we have been rushing into the penetration and heavy thrusting. In turn, it allowed us to openly discuss different techniques as well as making sure we take our time before really getting into it. Though I have never considered myself a well endowed man, I do know that size does matter to a woman. I'm a cook and believe me, the waitresses I work with talk about sex way more than men do and the one consistent thing I've heard (or overheard in some instances) is that bigger is better. It is nice to know that my girlfriend feels full when I penetrate her, but it also concerns me that she is feeling discomfort. Thanks to you, I now feel even more confident that I can give her the pleasure I want to give her and that she deserves. Thank you for the honesty that is portrayed on this site. It is something every man should read
2788 July 15, 2005

Everyone has their own god to worship. If these women here worship the penis, they will want the bigger one. If they worship character,dignity and/or handsomeness, they will want more or less of it. It  all depends on an individual choices.

The author of this site is only to blame for his generalisations and authoritativeness ( That what he says is correct and everyone that thinks and says otherwise is wrong and/or an idiot). He must be related to Saddam Husuin or Bush (someone of his convictions) that believes in individual decision making and imposing over others.

I am 7.5x5.8 and have never had any complaint. In fact, all my former gf's want me back and they cry,literally, on the phone begging me to re-consider my leaving them.

A penis size matters to any woman, but according to their choice. When I was eleven years, women asked me to pull out earlier than I would have liked, simply because of pain. I was also taken to bed by an old woman (+-30yrs of age) when I was +-10yrs old. She came several times and asked me to pee on her if I wanted to. I couldn't. Now I see she wanted me to come whilst still inside.
2789 July 16, 2005

yes penis size makes a differance my husband in defenantly smaller than my best fucks he knows it and makes sure that he does what needs to be done by useing dildoes and we have 3somes and 4 somes with guys with much larger cocks 8-11 3/4" long and thick thickness is a must exspesially after child birth just remember guys when u want a new sports car u want it to go faster right to get the thrill you need well girls need a nice streach too where not whores i make alot more money than my husband but i love him and when he asked about what i thought about size i lied at first then well he found out when we had a 3 some how much i loved it and we promised to never lie again and he surley makes good on taking care of my needs but its got to be a understanding and dont get down on your self on size just look at it this way im a 4'11" 95lb barly b-cup " dont think going out with a smaller girl will solve your problm most lil girl have been fucked by big cock all of my freinds have from 8-11"s and this is what causes a definant desire my first time i did a huge dong i was 14yrs i know my husband likes big tits but i wont go under the knife to get surgry so i dont get pissed when i see him look at the T.V. drooling like a dog i just let him enjoy and know i got him " for ever lol" you dont have to always ask a girl if she ever tryed a bigger cock than your or what the biggest was go to a sex store with her make it a date after dinner and drinks have her relaxed go thru the whole store let the last thing be the vibrator and dildoes watch her eyes and talk about having a kinky knight of sex how much you want to help her explore her body " when my man went about it he was really wanting to see pleasure in my eyes " and ill never leave him im scared if he left me no other man would do what ever it took to please me the way he does and i do any thing to please him im telling you its not a thing to worry about your size even if your large you need to make it fun exciting and a little forbiden remember use your mind role play but you need to make her feel ok and dont get weird and insecure remember your the one shes with and if you help her discover her inner self or get her totaly sexually open you got a mate for life and trust me the honest will be like never before my husband says things and i to we would of never if this didnt happen i love this site its honest and if you dont think of it as it a penis size degrading site but a factual site youll have learned and like everything improvise adapt and overcome and she will over cumm as well trust me P.S.remember dont think just cause your dating a skinny little girl she cant take 12" with ease after a little work and enjoy it like never before im 4'11" 95lbs and i use a 14" dildo 2-3x's a day and have slept with it in me all night cumming over and over and trust me it goes in and i dont hurt ive take it all in single trust i love pushing the limit this is no lie its just a fact
2790 July 16, 2005

Samba chiller:
Ummmm, I read Your comments with interest but unsure how much of it is based on fact. Myself I'm english(white) live in the North of England and I have a 8 and a half inch cock when fully erect I have been with a number of different races and nationalities, presently I'm seeing a black girl born in Ghana.
She has experience of black and white guys, her opinion is there is no real difference overall, she has been with black guys who ranged from 4.5inch when erect up to 8 inch. Ironically the two biggest she has been with is myself and a greek guy who was 9 inch's long both white european. 
I think this stereotype in particular seems to be played out my in Americia than anywhere else, why I'm unsure.

I know height is not a factor, I know many say that Asians across the board are tiny but apart from porn which is a bad guide I do not have solid evidence on that one.

The survey's are crap because I have never been asked, I do know anybody who has been asked to take part and never heard of anyone admitting to taking part so who is the survey based on?

I think if you ask a young say 22 confident athletic looking black male and compare him to a geeky looking 50 year old out of condition unconfident white guy then naturally there will be a high chance of a significant difference.
It has to be a balanced experiment same age, build, height, confidence and has to be placed over a great number of people.
2791 July 16, 2005

I thought my cock was abnormal being almost 9 inches.  Well now I know that asians especially enjoy my endowment.  They are so very tight and wet.  They cum so many times I can't keep count.  Best of all now that the word is out, I have an endless supply of asian pussy waiting for me every night.  They line up at the Asian Garden starting around 9:00 PM and I'll pick two or three lucky ones for my nightly pleasure.  Sometimes they fight over who will get me first or last, but I never leave them wanting.  If they can't agree we just do it all at once.  What I workout for my very hard erect cock.  Best of all they say my cock fits so very tight they have not trouble feeling me fill their little clits to bursting.  Some like to clean upp with their tongues and start all over refreshed with a mix our our juices.  Guess I need to get back to my next happy sex pal?
2792 July 18, 2005

i have to say that if a man with a smaller penis can please his woman and give her an orgasm no matter whichever way he does it fingers, tongue, penis etc., and if he can get off too, then what the heck is all the fuss about? i don't get it. if a woman only wants you for the size of your penis then she is truly a very shallow person, and obviously very narrow-minded. Men there is soooo much more than sex to a relationship, but thats not what this is about. if men would start to think a little more with their heads (the ones out of their pants)they would realize that. but even if they dont and use an excuse like "Your only as good as your equipment" guess what??? do you not have fingers and tongues, do you not have brains or at the very least an imagination and trust me i know we all do. :D but just use your head for once and give your wife, girlfriend, fiance, friend, or the hooker down the street the biggest royal treatment that you know how, whenever you sleep with them that is and you'll find they'll give a lot more back. (well i dont know about the hooker down the street but the ones that love you will)
2793 July 18, 2005

If you are not a beautiful woman (men have a natural preference for beautiful women, although not all males have the confidence to obtain such women), but insist on saying "bigger is better", do you think an handsome man who might have been insecure about his penis, is going to give you a second glance, now that he can make his penis larger with one of the often successful enlargement programmes and go for the "best" women? Have you considered that your boyfriend may dump you for a better looking woman, having read this site and enlarged his penis because he believes all women want a large penis?He will, in his mind at least, have more going for him and probably more confidence to approach other women. Have you considered that men who are not handsome (perhaps your boyfriend or husband falls in to this group), but posses large penises are going feel more confident in pursuing better looking women, now they know, as confirmed by woman here, that all women want big dicks?
       You see to a certain extent, the "size doesn't matter" argument can keep some penially blessed men in line, for fear lest they may lose their women to smaller but more handsome men. After all, face surgery is much more expensive and dangerous than a few daily penis exercises. In addition, the same argument may keep a smaller man in line, because there will always be a little doubt in his mind as to the importance of size, but he may conclude that she loves him so much that she sees beyond the dimensions of his penis, and as a result he may be inclined to want to dedicate his life to her. What is the point of dedicating his life to someone whom he can never satisfy? Might he not conclude that he may as well satisfy his promiscuous nature, or, if not nature, aspirations, and inseminate as many females as possible, the easy and fun option?
  Women may feel liberated by this site (I'd argue that that, if this site is correct, it has been men who have been empowered, for they now have a better 'understanding' of the female mind and can now manipulate it accordingly), but the job of impressing the opposite sex by conforming to society's view of beauty may once again fully burden their shoulders. The only women who may gain (or at least not lose) from this website are those who don't want a relationship and those who have truly good husbands or boyfriends.
2794 July 19, 2005

What Men Know And Women Don't:
If women had any insight into the male mind, they would realise that many men preferred smaller to medium sized breasts for a couple of reasons. First) Big ones make a woman look inelegant, which is not feminine (nothing big is feminine, whether a big vagina, labia or a desire for something big), and in consequence not attractive. Second) It's a perception amongst some men that women with large ones believe that their breasts make them ultra- sexy and therefore they neglect their bedroom skills, a little like women who believe it's the job of a man to sexually satisfy them,e.g those who rely upon a large penis for their enjoyment . Women with smaller breasts, in contrast, are believed to think themselves 'inadequate' and to compensate for their supposed 'inadequacies', they develop their bedroom skills, and as a result they become more desirable.
P.S My personal opinion of women who have breast augmentations is: unlike their natural sisters, they are not sexy, because silicon is not sexy.
P.P.S. A tip to women, rather than your breasts, you should pay more attention to the tightness of your vaginas, seeing that most men find small tight vaginas extremely pleasurable
2795 July 21, 2005

Not Rocket Science:
The posterior wall of the vagina varies from two to seven inches, the average being between four and five.

During arousal and penetration (let's hope one has happened before the other), the vagina will extend and be strecthed by about a further three inches.

Therefore the average vagina will be filled by a seven to eight inch penis which is what the average comes out when women are asked the ideal length.

The vagina size stats do show though that a woman with a short vagina will have the same full feeling from a five to six inch penis.  And sadly for the women with seven inch vaginas, they will need a ten inch penis to get the same pleasure as a small woman does with a five incher. I say sadly only because statistically they are going to find this pretty hard to find.

Of course the girth also has to be right for individual ideal size compatability.

It is fairly easy for women to measure the length of their posterior wall in an unaroused state and their comments on this site would be much more credible if they did, and revealed them as most men here do.

It is a more interesting question to me anyway, as to why women most prefer being filled, ie where the penis is the dominant factor during intercourse.
2796 July 21, 2005

Big cocks are yummy!  Little weenies are funny!
2797 July 21, 2005

I might be what you call "blessed".  My penis is 7 inches soft and almost 10" when erect and almost 7 inches around.  I love sex.  Sometimes my size makes sex rather difficult, because girls can't take all of it, but when i find a girl that can, its amazing.  I like to fuck girls that are tight and make their pussies lose and then i go and go and fuck someone else.  Overall i have slept with over 150 women.  This one time i was fuckin' a prostitute behind this building, it was one of the best experiences of my life.  She took all of my size easily.  My favorite position in doggy style.  I feel sorry for guys who can't do this position cause it makes you feel like a man.  Thats all i have to say
2798 July 21, 2005

In reading all the comments on here, I can't help but laugh. ESPECIALLY when a woman comes on here claiming to know the exact measurements of every dick they ever sat on.
A 6 inch dick might look 8 inches to a horny woman. And another 6 inch but slightly thinner dick might look 5 inches.
Ladies, unless you whip out a slide rule every time you see a mans hard dick, you are GUESSING. end of discussion

Since everyone else is stating their measurements (and I want to be part of the cool crowd), I'm about 6" in length, and 5" in girth depending on how excited I am and how long I've been fucking. I am not ashamed of my size in any way. I've never had a problem satisfying any of the 8 women I've slept with completely and have no problem telling the absolute truth about it.
I think it's so hilarious that just about 7 out of 10 guys on here claim to have these huge 8 inch coke bottle dicks, when the site itself says that only about 15-20% of men are that big. So obviously, some of you (most of you) are lying, which is pretty pathetic considering no one will ever know who you are (or care).

Heres the plain truth.
1. Unless you are EXTREMELY small (3"-4.5") a woman IS going to feel you and will get some amount of pleasure from the encounter.

2. Foreplay counts for a LOT. (ESPECIALLY if you're below average) So men, learn how to use your hands and tongue.

3. Black guys, on average, are bigger. There are exceptions to every rule of course, but thats the fact. But that dosent mean every woman in the world suddenly wants a black guy now. (in fact, I know some that would NEVER fuck a black guy no matter how huge he was.)

4. Not every woman is a size queen. Obviously, a lot of them here seem to be, which should be apparent seeing as how they're looking at a website devoted to penis size. So dont fret. I would guess that 90% of women would be happy with average and up.

5. There ARE ways to enlarge your penis using excercises and stretching techniques. It is proven. Your penis is nothing but spongy tissue wrapped in skin. It can be stretched and expanded to hold more blood.

6. Unless you have an extremely small dick (see #1) all insecurities and mental blocks are SQUARELY IN YOUR HEAD. Relax guys, have fun with sex. Play with it. Engorge in your woman and realize she is opening her soul to you, and share yours in return. Sex isnt meant to cause stress and mental anguish, exactly the opposite.

7. The proprietor of this website more than likely has an average sized penis. (like the other 80% of us, including me)

2799 July 22, 2005

What Men Know And Women Don't  2:
80% of men say vagina size is important and state smaller is better. Here are some genuine comments from men all over the world on how important vagina, not penis, size is and thoughts on women who want large penises.

United States: My wife's vagina is too loose. Sometimes I find it difficult to maintain an erection; certain positions make intercourse a bit more satisfactory than others. However, in with all due respect (and affection), my wife has had two C-sections and she is 48 years old.

United States: Being of average size, the vaginas I have experienced always seem to be loose. The last partner I was with used to "brag" about the larger sizes she has had. I wish I could brag about getting a woman who has a tight small tight and feminine vagina.

 United States: I have mixed feelings about it. I do not think the looseness of my wife's vagina is sole reason that I do not find our lovemaking satisfactory. We have been together twenty-six years and it is very difficult to keep any "spark" in our sex life.

 Sweden: A tight vagina is much more sensual and feminine, that is what you want in a woman.

United States: Women who give birth, play with toys seems to be the loosest. Some women are extremely tight, but you have to find them by chance. After trying them, you get spoiled and insist upon it as a feature.

United States: I hate to think that I am so carnal that tightness matters, but at some point, you want some pleasure...instead of lying about being tired etc. It is something that you just cannot talk about. If you do she cries, if you do not well Men cannot fake an orgasm...so you lie.

United States: Loose women claiming they wanted wide cocks... I resented that, don't these women think that their might be something wrong with their pussies that may not appeal to men?

Australia: Women stating that they want larger girth on a male that is a very one-sided way to look at things. If they are too loose to feel us, then they should do something about it. Not just, complain, since it is their fault and not ours.

United States: I think that it is important for the woman to take care of their vagina since keeping it tight will ultimately improve their sexual satisfaction

United States: Tight vaginas are better for sex; in fact, it is better for both parties.
2800 July 22, 2005

before I came opon this website I was very shy about the size of my penis which is right at 9 inches and I was shy in general where women were concerned and woulld settle for any woman who paid a little attention to me and things started to change I went from boxers to briefs and now I am wearing Jokcs that support my balls real good and have a hole to pull my penis thru and so while I am supported my penis is always free in my pants or what ever I have on it shows up real good and is free to move around and women notice it all of the time and I just smile and wink at them.  Women love to look at mens penises and that is for sure and I now have the courage to show mine and it feels real good I am a man and today I am
happy to show that I am without any kind of hangup if a woman looks at my buldge 2 or 3 times I reach down and position myself and in more than one case lately I have unzipped my pants and sat down so that my penis is showing and it really gives me a thrill I now date better looking women and after a few dates I tell them straight out that I will not wear a condum and that I have a right to try to get them pregnant and if they want to be protected that they need to take care of that it seems to get them very excited and if we do have sex later on they know exactly is going to happen and that they are responsable for their protection not me after that I begin to feel free to touch myself quite often and i usually keep my hands down around my crouch on my legs or my belt and their eyes usually follow my hands and if I feel a hard coming on I just let it happen it seems to be a ggeat turn on aometimes i forget to zip up when we are out and they can get a good look of at least part of my manhood it is all great fun and a good seduction tool sometimes on the way to taking a girl home from a date as I go around the back of the car after opening the door for her and I unzip and get in and drive on the way I adjust myself and wiggle around a little while she is close beside me and some times I put her hand on my leg and she gets real excited I have even had some slip teir hand in and play with my penis that feels so good if she is a new woman that I havent had as of yet sometimes I say just pump it a little and I start to get hard in their hand for me it is not getting laid it is about seducing a woman and watching her getting a turn on it is great fun and I am grateful to Ed for the website I have a pregnant clleaning lady and a longtime girlfrien who is married and wants it from me all of the time so I am not so anxious about lay;ing a woman in a hurry it adds to the sport..


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