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2701 June 17, 2005

To Cherry at post number 2619:
You say you're a black woman married to an Asian guy that is 7" and that size doesn't matter. I'm not going to say you aren't who you say you are. Perhaps you are. Your post does cause wonder about that. Why? Because it is very rare to see a black woman with an Asian man and because most Asian men aren't 7". So it's a double whammy on the rare points and you just so happen to have both of them huh? Assuming you are being truthful, lets consider your post in more detail. He's 7" long and that is about average amongst black men. You'r being a black woman will find his 7" to feel like an average size tool in you. Since you state size doesn't count to you then then average is good enough for you. I do wonder if he was the average Asian length of 4.75" if you would still feel so strongly that size doesn't count. I've already pointed out two rare features in your post and will now point out another feature in your post that is not as rare as the first two but still not typical in this day and time. That is when you said size doesn't count with you. You are amongst a small percentage of black women who will sat that. Do you realise most black women are openly verbally saying they prefer long thick ones? This is not something I'm making up as all you have to do is watch black entertainment television and listen to the black women you are around in everyday life to realise this is true. I'm not saying all black women -just most. I don't believe most white women feel as strongly about size (though do care to some degree) as black women do and I must wonder why black women care more so? I think the answer is twofold. Firstly, it's natural to be proud of personal positive characteristics. Black people in general are bigger -more muscular- stronger = quicker and more hung. In this case they feel even more strongly about these attributes because of all many years of the past that white people put them down. Now it's payback time as by expressing how hung big and strong their men are and how pillsbury doughed, smaller dicked white men tend to naturally be, and how white women can't begin to compare to the black women naturally thick big bubble buns and thick strong thighs. Secondly, the bigger bodies and bigger pelvic regions of black women can handle more size than white and Asian women can. So in a world where black women are getting layed by both white and black men it becomes all too apparent to them that too many white men aren't fulfilling them completely during intercourse. It's ok to say size doesn't count because foreplay can make up for it but for most black women foreplay isn't an adequate substitute. There are many black women that don't even care much for oral sex and much prefer the intercourse part and like it put on them more forcefully than the frail weaker flat assed smaller vaginaed white women do. Black women have body size, vagina size and positioning, body strength and bun paddingand thick thighs  that are designed to take a big dick with strong force. Many black women crave that while many white women are afraid of it and would rather have touchy feely please be very gentle sex with a slightly above average size dick (size for the extra sensation in a gentle manner). So for you to have all three unusuals in your post------- 1)black woman with an Asian man------2)Asian man with 7"---------3) size doesn't count to you a black woman---------is extemely unusual indeed.
2702 June 17, 2005

 Ed, you've hit rock bottom with those dildo links. We know women can handle objects larger than most penises, seeing that a baby can pass through their vaginas, but the debate isn't about that, is it? I thought it was about whether penis size has any bearing on a woman's vaginal pleasure. Perhaps Tracy (posting 2576) is right, when she says of this site "Typical porn junkie mentality."
2703 June 18, 2005

Regular Poster:
I pop in to read the posts and have made several comments.

It just occurred to me - have any guys ever commented to a woman about the size and type of her vagina in comparison to previous women.  Can you imagine what would happen if the comparison wasn't too complimentary?

Women seem to need compliments more than guys - I wonder why they don't look for them where it really matters to us?  Any of the ladies out there wish to share men's comments to them bout their vaginas?

I agree with the Ed that its best to get the size issue into the open and I also think women would benefit from knowing how they too measure up.
2704 June 18, 2005

MiniMax:      to Angel and BarbaraC:
Thanks god there are some women out there whoo love small penises! Mine is 1 1/2 inches soft and 3 1/2 hard......I think you could love it!

2705 June 18, 2005

Backing up Mr. Whatever:
All hail "Whatever"(post#2691 & 2692).

You nailed it all.
2706 June 18, 2005

Here is a strange thought....how about sticking with the person you love and not worry whats on the otherside.  You know what curiosity did to the cat...Most people hate it when you cheat on them, and i noticed that most of the so called endowed guys here are male whores, thats right youre nothing but a whore (look it up in the dictionary, its not a flattering term for any decent person, but than again you know already know that youre aberration), not a gigolo (at least they advertise and get paid for their job), and truth is in the end no woman would seriously stay with you in the end because youre not reliable, and theyll always worry that youll cheat on them, a very sorry existence.  I personally love sharing my life with the woman in my life, everything is so much more fulfilling, and i know she would never cheat on me because she respects me and wouldnt want to lose the love of her life.  I think those poor guys who have written in about their cheating spouses, always had their suspicions, but were only fooling themselves and got hurt in the end, dont fool yourself men, these women are useless and nothing more than cheap strumpets that are embarrassments to all that really know them.  Any self respecting person wouldnt go out and specifically look to find a man/woman to sleep with,and than brag about with his/her friends.  Just cheapens the act and imagine what their family thinks of them, afterall if youre proud of cheating than you should tell all of your deeds.  Its not a moral judgment, its just the plain truth (look it up in the dictionary if you dont believe me) and afterall its the truth were searching for in this site right?  So before men or women brag about how many partners youve notched on your belt, realize there is a number of people who think youre nothing more than a whore by definition, so becareful what you write it can be incriminating. 

Ever noticed that the "big dick guys" that have written in here turn out to be that in real life.  Most cheat because they want to ruin other people's lives, and that includes the cheating women as well.  Truth is size matters to all because no "one penis is ideal to one given person", and to say it does makes you an idiot and liar.  To claim that one type of person is attractive to all and that one ideal size pleasures all is complete ignorance and egocentralism. Afterall, mother nature intended to have variety and thats what we have in sex as well.  If women didnt sleep around than of course she would be happy with her man and that goes for women, but its the "got to know syndrome" that wrecks it, and cheapens the whole act, it begins only carnal competition, no love making in the end.  But hey if thats what you want, by all means have at it, but dont expect to have your cake and eat it too. To those so called studs who proclaim they satisfy all their partners,  news flash!......youre insecure because no one person is perfect to every person, and chances are some were faking in order to get it over with, but patting yourself on the back only proves the point.

All women have differt types of orgasms and if big dicks were the only requirement than most lesbians would turn back to heterosexualism (i can see many more replies from guys saying they can turn them straight, because their sexual ego gets the best of them, and the lesbian population will laugh because they know the truth).  Ever consider that some women dont even want a penis inside them and yet have very satisfying sexual relationships? BUT WAIT THATS IMPOSSIBLE ACCORDING TO ED AND ALL THE WOMEN HERE, RIGHT because we all know the only real orgasms, or strong orgasms come from the vagina.  And all average men emit small admissions of semen (another myth)and all endowed men are rock hard (never ever have semi hard erections from a large penis contrary to what we see in porn), and fantastic stamina, since all women loved to be fucked for hours on end because they have nothing to do and they never get sore, and all endowed men are the best lovers, plus they can all fit thei r enormous penises in their very one sized vaginas (again contrary to any porn, including those porn queens).  Seem ridiculous?  Well maybe not if youre that guy and of course every guy thinks he is that guy when in reality a lot are not.  You can be big but soft, large and no stamina, problem keeping it up, but its funny how all the men and the so called women have reported no such problems when you know that if professionals have these problems you can sure as bet so do the amateurs, but the truth is no one will admit it, because everyone thinks their ideal.  Yes, some are lesbians and others have their sexual prefences, yet ever so called numbskull with an overly endowed member thinks he can convert them, and yet prove my point once again.

I think its interesting to note that Ed has done a lot of work organizing this site, and i do believe some of his data is correct to some women, but the problem i have is, "Ed not all women respond the same way, just as not all men respond the exact same way."  Some interesting data was the chart on vagina sizing, notice that the x-small vaginas was less than 1% and small was 10%, yet the large penis was 20% and the extra large was 5%, interesting data.  How did you come by this information, Ed?  Just curious as no gynecologist would agree with this assesment, where did you get your data?  I dont necessarily disagree with your percentage of penis sizing, but find it hard to believe the vagina one, since it should line up with the penis chart.  I do think, despite your better intentions, that your slanted views here discouraging rather than encouraging.  Its much like telling a short man that deal with the fact youll never get a woman because youre less than a man, rather than telling him you might find it more challenging.  Interestingly enough i notice that short men find spouses or girlfriends despite being vertically challenged. What makes you think that only size satisfies a woman's appetit? It stereotypicalizes once again, and youre just going to look bad.  Why not give data and leave it at that.  How about a cross section from around the world not just NA, because of course youre going to get a bias opinion here, think about it?  Only a large data base covering different races, ages and sexual preferences is going to generate an accurate picture.  This one is more for the porn industry rather than the general population, and as you have already read from numerous comments, people exaggerate. Heck there's a couple of dozen guys here that actually think they're over 14 inches, seriously read the entries in here and youll see what i mean.  Heck the largest known porn star had a 12 inch dick, you might know him, John Holmes.  Plus im sure they think they can get it rock hard too, just to add more amusement to
the whole ridiculous notion. So unless your woman writes in about your actual sizing, we can all safely assume youre measurements are exaggerations.

I believe that the real underlining problem isnt so much the size disparity as much as fidelity.  Why would you want to compare, when youre already happy with what you have?  The problem is people ruin a good thing and than complain when it comes back and haunts them.  Thats why Opray, Maury and many other talk shows are big business.  Chances are in the end your temporary affair ends up in heartache and you never find true happiness since youll always be searching for meat rather than the person.  No pussy feels the exact same way and neither will any two penises, so in actuality size matters for both male and female.  Truth is most messages here support both sides, so we know the truth lies somewhere in between.  Despite what some may say, marriages RARELY ends in divorce because the size of their partners' penis, but rather more important issues like fidelity, finances, personality compatibility, in laws meddling, etc. are the main culprit. 

The vagina is a muscle, not a nerve.... guess which one is more sensitive.  Heck i pump iron and get "a high" similiar to an orgasm from stretching and ripping my muscles, and boy am i sore the next morning, but is the same as getting a pinched nerve in my back, hell no. The mind is the greatest muscle, and guess what it can accomplish.  So all those orgasms are achieved because of the mind, not your dick or vagina, and nymphos or whores whatever name you what to call them are interested in one thing...screwing anything bigger than the last, WHY?  because the last one wasnt good enough, ever notice theyre never satisfied, thats why theyre nymphos, nothing is good enough for them.  IF you were sexually satisfied than you wouldnt be looking in the bars for that next notch to register.  Gees women can orgasm from a sensual message, some from there mammaries (despite what you say, i know for a fact YOURE WRONG, some women have extremely sentive nipples and the slightest sets them off) some can only get off from their clit, others from only a combination, and still others from anal, so check your data, either you interviewed a very limited amount or youre asking the wrong people, because every woman is UNIQUE and doesnt respond the exact same way, thats why there's fetishes out there. 

My final comment hopefully will help all "NORMAL PEOPLE" answer this question including those men with very small, small, average size penises because IT IS THE REAL TRUTH, it takes different strokes for different folks.  So instead of saying whats ideal for all, lets just leave it that each person has their own individual needs, desires and satisfaction, and that may come in many different packages, both male and female. And that is the REAL TRUTH.
2707 June 18, 2005

lawd have mercy:
i think this site and this site alone has caused my decent into insanity to rapidly speed up.  i measure 6 inches long and 5 aroud and i am having ridiculous feelings of sexual inferiority right about now.  probably a lot has to do with the fact that it has been a year since i had sex.  now i find this site and i start thiking, i like black women, i usually date black women, i guess i have a preference.  so i guess i am ill equiped to give mind numbing sex, "power fucking" all that stuff.  im thinking im fine for the boyfriend, but the dick on the side gets all the freakier sex.

i want the freaky sex too damnit.

non of this would be a problem if i  had found a caring supportive women before i found this site.

im wondering if all my failed attempts to kindle a relationsip in the past months had anything to do with the lack of a bulge in my pants?  probably not

well being an optomist i refuse to beleive that i cant give black women and all women earth shattering nail biting sex. god gave me a lot more than my dick aftwr all, but i know for a fact that women really like the  coitus aspect of the loemaking. either way i think i just have to figure out optimal positions with a partner who doesnt care if our first encounters are not perfect


so all in all im gona stop by thundersplace.com and start jelqing a guess.

but fellas, not that im doing a good job of this. but holla at the women regardles of what you think you are packing

i am quite convinced this site will cause many more men to slip into moderate depression.

i will say i hae never questioned myself as a man before now,, im actually analyzing aspects of my life beyond penis size and their correlation to masculinity.

this site i think can be damaging s what i am saying, but very interesting
2708 June 18, 2005

Well,labia size is a very important subject.I HATE large pussy lips.I strongly prefer a camel toe pussy. I find it just nasty to have things hanging down from a pussy.A small clit also looks so much prettier.All tucked in.It just looks and feels so nice.One more thing is please trim your pussy too.I hate a forest down there.A trimed, neat camel toe is heaven.
2709 June 19, 2005

somebody please answer this question i've been dying to ask. do men like small or big VAGINAS? i'm still a virgin and shouldnt be. but i'm embarassed about the size of my vagina. i don't want my boyfriend to be grossed out when he sees it. please help.
2710 June 19, 2005

It's funny how men focus sooo much on penis size. I am average... 6.5", and my wife has a big pussy... two kids and natural childbirth have a way of "stretching" things out a bit. I would love it if my wife had huge, gravity defying tits, and a super tight pussy... but I don't have that. She likes big cocks... I don't have that. So we compromise... we use big dildos and do a lot of dp with them. She gets off every time... multiple times... and so do I.

If a woman is so shallow to choose her mate by the size of his dick, then she isn't worth having... the opposite of that is true too.

So men quit whining about your little dicks, and women, try to focus on keeping your pussies odor free, and everyone just have fun.

The size of the cock\pussy doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful and mutually satisfying sex life.
2711 June 19, 2005

more than satisfied:
A few guys have written that a really huge butt that sticks away out, like on some black women, is always a guarantee of a large vagina. Well, I've got news for them. From what a lot of other guys have said, you can't tell the size of the vagina by the size of the girl. Anymore than you can tell the size of a guy's cock from his height and weight. Like my boyfriend. He has gigantic monster cock and he's just a little guy. He says that I'm only the second girl that he's had sex with. All the others (he said about 25 of them) turned him down as soon as they saw it or found that they could only wrap their hand about half way around it. As for oral, forget it. Anyway I'm an exception to the big butt theory. I'm built more like a boy, flat front and back. Average height and 115 lb. but I'm cursed with a vagina that was made for a cow. All my previous boyfriends had sex only one time with me then dropped me. Word got around, then no guys would ask me out. I moved away and got marr!
 ied but that didn't last. His cock was 8.5 in. and a bit thicker than average, but neither of us could feel much of anything. He was able to insert his hand, his wrist and about half his forearm. Those were the only times I felt satisfied. When my present boyfriend is inside me, he contacts the cervix at about the 9 or 10 in. mark. That's when I raise my hips as high as I can and he presses downward and in. We go very slowly. He is able to go under the cervix and in to the deepest part of my vagina. He says he's in between 13 and 14 in. It feels like it's on the way into my stomach. And this is a cock that's just over 10 in. around. I hate to think what my life would be like if I hadn't met him. A girl with a powerful sex drive like mine and a huge vagina is a terrible combination. I'm just lucky lucky lucky.
2712 June 20, 2005

Wow some angry people here. Fuck yes size matters my dick is 8.5 and 6.6 around. I referred this site to my wife and said look Im ideal she was supprized about that. thought 6.6 is too thin. fuck I`d hate to be any smaller. But I think because of my length it does look smaller. oh well.
2713 June 20, 2005

i am a black man with a 7 inch dick and white hoes see it coming and run 4 cover like its the biggest dick on earth come on they have all been taught  to appreciate a black dick.
2714 June 20, 2005

I am from India and I am back after February though I continued to read other messages very regularly since it helped my research which is connected with astrology and horoscopes of males and females.

A recent case with example of male organ size. One of our know girl married a short heighted guy since she was herself very short. I had guessed that maybe since he is short heigted(just 5 feet), he could be small but his horoscope showed he could be well endowed. We decided to wait and know the truth.
The girl has reported him being huge(length and girth). The horoscope might suggest something though I dont want to conclude so fast.
It still remains a mystery as to what do women call "huge". What is "huge" for women? Can women generalise as to what is huge for them?
I think it depends on person-to-person as to what to call huge.

More whenever I comeup with some good examples related to horoscopes. Sometime I may post a article with related to horoscopes just for information for all of you. Currently, I am in the research mode.

Would like to know if any internet site which describes standard length, circumference, depth of women's vagina. It would be great to know if I can connect some theory to the horoscopes of women, though some basic theories as per signs in horoscope in specific houses is getting formed.
The Kamasutra writings from India describe and make men and women classified broadly. I am trying with astrology here in India.

2715 June 20, 2005

No Wobble Please:
Whatever (posting 2691) is correct in saying society, an extremely powerful entity, imbues men- and women- with the belief that big breasts are the most attractive .Therefore, especially when my friends would, if seeing a large busted woman, say "look at the knockers on her!", I always felt as though I was strange, perhaps even homosexual or something, because I did not feel in the least sexually stirred by the spectacle. Despite some of my friends still maintaining society's line (these friends often vote for the same political parties as their parents), I have over recent years managed to come out of the closet and declare "I don't like big breasts." In fact, I dislike big breasts in so far as they may even put me of a woman. I all so said to friend of mine that I didn't find vaginas particularly attractive: to my surprise he said nor did he. He all so agreed that most things about a woman were far more beautiful than her vagina. Incidentally, if I saw the type of vaginas the author of this site says men like, I think I would be sick.
2716 June 20, 2005

Survey replied to:
2632  May 29, 2005

Erect Penis size and Race:

                  A          B            B
LENGTH mm                                        
75-100...........3%..........0%...........0%..... 0%
100-125.........27%..........3%...........0%..... 4%
126-150.........51%.........27%...........5%..... 28%
151-175.........17%.........53%..........59%..... 47%
176-200..........2%.........15%..........20%..... 20%
101-112.........37%.........13%.......... 9%......5%
To whoever posted the chart--- This chart is correct, but there is one category left out. Australians were also included.

This chart can be varified by going to http://www.who.ch/ (World Health Organization's website)
At their webpage type malecondom into the 'search' space at the top of the page.
The search will bring up a few finds.
Click on malecondoms.cov
Scroll to page 65 (where the chart is located).

To convert this chart to inches, multiply mm shown by .03937.

On this chart Thailand men are the shortest lengths and black US men are the longest lengths. White US and Australian men inbetween.

Austrlian men have the thickest girths, black US men next, white US men third. Thailand men have the smallest girths.

Because of their thickness, in general Australians may feel even better to women than black men do.

1 out of 4 black men at least 7" or longer.
1 out of 5 Australian men at least 7" or longer.
1 out of 6 white US men at least 7" or longer.
1 out of 50 Thailand men 7" to 8" (no 8+ inches)

1 out of 2 Thailand men 5" to 6" length.
1 out of 4 white US men 5" to 6" length.
1 out of 4 Austrlian men 5" to 6" length.
1 out of 7 black US men 5" to 6" length.

1 out of 6 Thailand men 5" to 6" girth.
1 out of 4 black US men 5" to 6" girth.
1 out of 4 white US men 5" to 6" girth.
1 out of 2 Australian men 5" to 6" girth.

0 thailand men 6+" girth.
1 out of 20 white US men 6+" girth.
1 out of 10 black US men 6+" girth.
1 out of 7 Australian men 6+" girth.

0 Thailand men 8+" length.
1 out of 100 Austrlian men 8+" length.
1 out of 50 white US men 8+" length.
1 out of 20 black US men 8+" length.
2717 June 20, 2005

WHO  continued-numerical averages:
World Health Organization overall average-

Black 7"
White 6.25"
Australia 6.25"
Thailand 5.25"

Australia 5.25"
Black 5"
White 4.75"
Thailand 4.25"

Concerning the size compatibilty between races, at 6.25 l x 4.75 g White men show an inbetween size that is universally compatible for Australian, black, and Thailand women. Average white men not too big for average Thailand women whose men average 1" shorter in length and .5" less in girth, and average white men not too small for average black women whose men average .75" longer and .25" thicker, although average white men are much less than optimum for black women. Possible problem arises with black women and Thailand men hookup. Average Thailand men are giving up 1.75" in length and .75" in girth to black men that the average black women are built for. The average size black men, while just feeling average to black women, and above average to white women, will feel big to the average Thailand women.
2718 June 20, 2005

i'm 9.5 by 6.5.  The fact that i have a big dick and some girls can't fit all of me turns me on.
2719 June 21, 2005

Here is the deal. Now is the time for men to start saying how much they prefer a women who has a nice tight vagina. All men want it and don't really say it. We don't want to hurt women and their new found empowered egos. After all, we are the ones who beg and woo women into bed so we shouldn't speak negatively about any female traits right?
The Bottom line is that a tight vagina creates great, satisfying, high friction intercourse for men. Men should speak out more about this just as women do about our penis size.
I have grown so tired of this double standard in which males bear the brunt. Now that women are impowered, and have become outspoken in our new sexually expressive society, it is time we guys start ranking women for tightness and how much we desire this trait in a woman.
Women don't even have to perform during sex. It's just a pleasant option. They are just the critical reviewers.
Women are using this new found sexist liberation to attack men. I think that it stems from sexual repression and this is a chance to hit men where it hurts. But maybe this is just me. Its time women are held accountable for physical traits with which they have no control! Not as revenge but as enlightenment for the FAIRER sex.

PS I think women are beautiful and wonderful. Its just important to see sex from both points of view and not doom one gender right off the bat (no pun).
2720 June 21, 2005

I am very clad to find out that I am not the only man who is excited by a big pussy with large pertruding lips. As you said its the most beautiful site to see. I met a lady about five years ago who have a nice body and a big beautiful pussy with a large clit and pertruding lips that hang down. I was never more happier. She how ever was some what ashame and only wanted to fuck at night with the lights off and would always hide herself when ever she can. Although she would have several orgasms each time she would never believe me. It was hard trying to convince her but now she just lets me have it when ever I want to and where ever I want it. I love to eat pussy and the bigger the clit and the bigger and longer the lips the better. Even after a bad day at work after a shower just to have her sit on my face and let me enjoy that pussy washes all the stress and worries of the day away. I always would tell her how much I love the looks of her pussie and she would always say. "thats because you are fucking it" when I showed her your article she them believe that I was telling her the truth and then proseed to give me the fuck of my life. It even felt and tasted better.
2721 June 21, 2005

Personally I don't like huge cocks, but slightly bigger than average is very nice. People who claim size doesn't matter are just speaking for themselves. To each her own.

Oh, I was surfing blogspot and found this hot site:

2722 June 21, 2005

To Home wrecker:
The only big dick you have is on your shoulders, you nauseating faggot!
2723 June 21, 2005

Response to: 2687  "Response to Jendon post 2553"::
Woman who say they like big dicks are not ladies, but low grade humanish females. Ladies would not mention big dicks, because it's bad form so to do.
2724 June 21, 2005

Thanks to science and the Quiet Observer, who pointed us in the right direction, we now know that women who want big dicks are thinking like fish, which have such big brains and are so very bright. Don't worry girls! It will take a good few million years, before your descendents shall have fully degenerated to fish.
2725 June 22, 2005

Sara Bacigalupo:
I love big dicks. Seven inches or longer for me is fantastic. The way a thick cock fills every portion of my vagina feels so good. To me size does matter. I am sure some women prefer or enjoy smaller men equally.

However, I love going to nude beaches and resorts with my boyfriend and trotting him around like a trophy. I look around at a sea of small dicks and feel proud of my man. His limp 6 1/2 inches can can turn into 8 3/4 inches and fulfill my sexual fantasies.
2726 June 22, 2005

Little Richard:
Are postings 2561 and 2568 really black men on the defensive, because slagbag Kelly (2479) has told us that the black men she and her friends had encountered packed nothing special? Are they blacks who don't like being told "What is undeniably true is that black men prefer white women." and "If black men (and others) didnt lie to me and tell me that they have big cocks, why would I want one of them?"?
2727 June 22, 2005

I read several of the stories/comments and got turned on by them  I am a 42 yr old house wife that has only had sex with two men, both of whoj were five inches or less.  I would dearly love to feel myself being stretched and opened up very deeply.  My hubby have talked about me doing so and his comment is that I should go for ne twice as big as  his.  I am looking for that man and when I fine him I am going to let him screw me with his big long penis.  Hubby also says that he would like to watch me being screwed by someone else but if he can't watch he would like for me to fall him on the phone from wherever I am letting another man screw me so he can hear my moans, groans and screams as I orgasm several times.  I know this sounds kinky but I think I would like being screwed while hubby watches or listen by phone to me having sexual pleasure with another man.
It probably isn't possible but I would like to hear from one or two women who have experienced such an event.
2728 June 22, 2005

iowa guy:
i have a question for all ladies out there. i am 8.5 x 5.75 thick. the last woman i was with said i was just average and was wondering if she was telling the truth or just messing with me. also, if i could enlarge it more should i, or should i be happy with the present size.

your feedback would be greatly appreciated
2729 June 23, 2005

I came across this site a couple of years ago. Admittedly it's a stretch, but it's funny and also fits in with my thinking.

At 5 1/2 inches long and 5 inches around I consider myself small. I always have. ALL of the women I've dated/been in a relationship with have insisted I'm not. Even when I admit that I like being teased/humiliated/whatever about my shortcomings, they still insist it's not small. It usually take a number of months to get any sort of teasing response from them. Now is this because they truly believe I'm small but don't want to hurt my feelings, or are just being sexually accomodating? In my case I'd certainly prefer the former, but it just doesn't seem likely.

Now if I could only get the cuckold fantasy to be indulged.....
2730 June 24, 2005

This website is crazy! I'm sorry but this is the home of budding new sex offenders, rapist, womanziers, and pedifiles. Unfortunatly our society has made this all possible. Why? Because we now have the "option" of being someone else, someone different than the person we were born to be. Plastic surgery and the fact that you can have just about anything changed on your body is making us all so superficial. I am a 30 year old female in a relationship for 8 years with the same man 2 kids and no extramarital affairs ever. I have what I always wanted a loving, caring, affectionate, supportive partner who is a loving father and also my best friend in the world. The passion we have for each other we have to constantly be touching, hugging, kissing, etc. we can never get enough. His size you ask? It does'nt matter and never did. He's stayed with me through my hospitalization and near death, me losing my job, my going back to school, my weight gain and loss and gain again and he's the best daddy in the whole world to our kids. I agree that there are ALOT of superficial people in this world BOTH male and female and you can't live your life by them. Being a good person someone that attracts another good human being and being true to yourself thats what SHOULD matter. Figure out what matters to you then try to find someone who fits into that picture without changing them. Love yourself first before you try to love another. Or hate as you please but your life will be worth nothing especially to yourself.
2731 June 24, 2005

again with some help:

there you go for all you non believer and worry ers here are some sexual kung fu secrets.
2732 June 24, 2005

Help for the Home Wrecker:
We have analysed your comments and believe that 1) you have a micro penis, which you, probably, insert into the anus of a small furry male mammal, perhaps a Guinea pig.2) you suffer from erectile dysfunction, when around women, unless, of course, they are the type of women who have penises.3) because your penis is so small, you have no friends and you think and hope that, by saying you have a large one, men who like men will like you.4) you have a tendency to daydream.
I hope this helps!
2733 June 24, 2005

Some say "there're 16 types  of personality":
Women who say "size doesn't matter" are probably thinking about its overall importance in a good relationship, or perhaps  believe  the converse statement to be a subtle way of saying "We like it big", but don't want or like big, and women who say "it does matter" are thinking purely in terms of sex. Therefore, if women are approaching, or are interpreting, the question in different ways (after all women have personalities, and hence don't think the same), men are never going to get a satisfactory answer.
2734 June 25, 2005

Here is a simple experiment you men can try, that will disprove a lot of what is on this site.  Find a chatroom on the net that has a lot of sexual chat going on.  Go in under a female name, posing as a female.  Tell women you are bi, so you can talk to women as one, but also about men.  Now start talking about sexual shit to them as if you are a woman, and onto the topic of penis size.  Now, say that you've had boyfriends of big and small, and say that some of the most pleasure you have gotten has been from smaller guys...and you know what...95% OF THE TIME THE WOMEN ON THERE WILL AGREE!!!!!  Now log out, and go into another chatroom or the same one as yourself(a guy) and start talking to a woman about sexual stuff.  When you mention what you look like, and you mention your size, say something like 4.5 inches or 5 or something relatively not large.  Most women will either, stop talking to you, laugh, make weird or rude comments, seem overall less interested, or they will plain come out and say you are too small.  OKay, so what is the deal here, women say to women size doesn't matter, and even admit they have recieved a lot of pleasure from smaller guyz, yet put down smaller guys????  SIMPLE:  WOMEN ARE FAMOUS FOR SAYING ONE THING AND DOING ANOTHER!!!!  LOOK UP DAVID DEANGELO ON THE INTERNET AND GET HIS NEWSLETTER ON FEMALE ATTRACTION, IT WILL OPEN YOUR EYES!!!  AND HE DOESN'T TALK ABOUT SIZE, BUT WHEN YOU START LOOKING AT THE WHOLE PICTURE AND HOW WOMEN TICK, YOU CAN SEE QUITE CLEARLY THEY SAY ONE THING THEN DO ANOTHER!!!!  WOMEN ALSO TALK IN CODES, WHEN THEY SAY SOMETHING IT USUALLY HAS A MUCH DEEPER MEANING THAN JUST SURFACE VALUE!!!  SO IF YOU ARE SMALL, TAKE CONFIDENCE THERE ARE TONS OF WOMEN OUT THERE THAT WOULD RATHER HAVE YOUR SMALL ONE THEN A FUCKING HUGE ONE!!!  I GUARINTEE IT!
2735 June 25, 2005

I am almost 60 and have probably done a couple of hundred women in my time. Possibly 1/2 were working girls and the other 1/2 were my wives, dates or gf's. I'm 6"x5.5" and have no problem making them scream, moan & hoot. I have always been happy with my gun & it's served me happily over the years. I have had some women that couldn't take the whole length.
I think this site & it's stupid size chart are bullshit. Sure, a big cock is impressive to see and maybe does give the girl a stretch but I don't think it's all that in the scope of life.
The best sex I have ever had is when I love the woman. Sex with prostitutes is better than no sex but poor at best. Your whole perspective on sex seems to be limited to that of a bull. I think you are tweaked and fixated on dick size. That being said, I think your size figures are quite off on what MOST women like or need.
All you guys out there that were shocked by the size chart....it's bogus!
2736 June 25, 2005

This is a pretty rediculous fetish site. I'll bet most people who post here are in 4 categories:
1.Men posing as women.
2.Men who get off on humiliation.
3.Men who think claiming to have a 14 inch dick makes them big studs.
4.Women who have a lot of anger and get off on putting guys down.
Let's cut the crap. Guys - sex is 90% mental, ESPECIALLY for women. Be a good guy, be able to communicate, and have a genuine desire to please your woman. Do these things and you can make her cum her brains out, big dick or not.
2737 June 25, 2005

well...my boyfriend has a 8.2 inch penis and it is amazing. his penis is my best friend. although his cum may taste a little nasty sometimes, i still love him. =]
2738 June 25, 2005


I think some people here take this stuff a little too seriously. Get this. I happen to think a large penis feels a little better. There, I said it. But you know what? I also like guys with red hair, I don't like earrings, I like guys built like Brad Pitt, with deep sexy voices, and who never get tired of rubbing my feet. But none of that means anything, because like most women what I really want is a man who's kind, generous, and fun to be with. And I'd take him with a 5-inch cock of a Brad Pitt lookalike with an 8-incher any day.
2739 June 25, 2005

For me it's girth not length

I just stumbled on this site and let me just say there are some "interesting" people who write here. But as for the issue, everyone likes to talk about length but for me length isn't nearly as important as width. Maybe I'm abnormal or something but the ONLY way I can cum during sex is if the guy has a thick penis. I know that sounds weird but let me explain. I have a hypersensitive clit and it's actually so sensitive I don't like oral because it's too much stimulation. A thick penis is very important to me because it tugs on my labia which is attached to the hood of my clit. My boyfriend has a very thick penis and all he has to do is thrust in and out and the friction is enough to make me cum. If he can stay hard I can usually have multiple orgasms too. I've been with thinner guys and I couldn't cum at all. Maybe I have weak PC muscles or something, but for now I seriously don't think I could have a relationship with a guy who didn't have good girth. It's sounds bad but that's the ONLY way I can cum!
2740 June 26, 2005

cute penis:
my  dr. who is female gave me my  yearly physical, when she told me to undress for the exam ,she left the room when she came back in the room and I was nude she smiled and said thats the biggest one ive seen , my penis was erect at a full 11 inches 4 around, is what she measured it at with my permission
2741 June 26, 2005

my new lover was impressed with the fact that i was hung 9 1/2 inches she asked me to have a size contest with her co worker who is black .we met at our place after a few drinks and some sexy videos we started to undress,the bulge in his underware dwarfted mine he put his hands on his hips and his half hard dick crushed mine in front of my girl.i was humiliated and out sized by this superman my girl got so exicted to see one giant being crushed by even a bigger giant she asked me to pay homage to to this man in front of her ,out of respect for it'sheer size i did on my knees for 20 min.and no i have never had sex with a male prior to this. so ladies is it exicting to see two hung guy's compare size?
2742 June 27, 2005

I'm bacck.  About two weeks ago I commented on size and my desire to experience sex with a man who was well endoewed.  Well, fri night I got the experience I have been dreeaming about doing this  for several weeks.  The dream starrted when hubby, a construction worker, took a job out of state halfway across the country frfom where we live.  As I said earlier he told me to have fun and get lots of experience with well endowed men while he is gone. I met this guy on the internet right afrer I wrote my comments to this site.  I spent last fri night with him in a motel.  I did some pretty loud screaming when he first entered me because I have only had two other men in my life and they were both under five inches.  This guy was a little over eleven inhces and almost seven inches around. At first I thought maybe I had made a mistake but aftrer several minutes of screaming in pain I startred groaning and moanig in pure pleasure.  For over twenty years I just accepted my fate of having a man with a very small penis.  Now I know I will have to have  a larfge cock in me at least once a month.  I called hubby sat and told him what I had done.  He sounded happy that I had finally gotten laid by a man with a huge cock.  I don't understand him but he sounded very pleased when I told him I had been screwed five times with that eleven ich dick and had taken five big loads from the guy.  He really sounded happy when I told him that the guy with his monster dick had made me cum 14 times frin night and sat morning.  Other women can say what they like about size doesn't matter but for me I know I will be seeing this guy again soon.  He was really excited seeing my naked 36c b reast, 28 waist, 37 hips and the feel of his huge shaft sliding into my very tight vagina.  I  have already met another man on the internet who has sent me a picture of how well endowed he is.  I expect to spend next fri night with this new guy.  Hubby has been informed of my plans and can't wait to hear about my night with this guy.  For the first time in my life I was completely satisfied sexually by my new lover fri night. I am sore as hell today but know I will be ready by fri night.  Three cheers for guys with big dicks.  I loved the feel of the huge dick I took fri night.
2743 June 27, 2005

nick name :
If women want large penises, then nature has played a cruel trick on them: she deprives most women of what they want. What's more, her cruel little joke turns some women into sorry fools (e.g. Addicted Girl, 2600 .How ridiculous!) and therefore they may risk all to experience or experience again a large one. Women are not fools, except where large penises are concerned -or so this website and many of the female postings would lead one to believe.
2744 June 28, 2005

havnt checkd you guys out for awhile
this is a really great site and has taken me from being shy type of guy to putting my penis out there it has made a great change in my life that is for sure
to bring you up to date my cleaning lady now has a big
belly and the baby is mine and a woman that I had dated for quite some time and then married her rich exboy friend and wanted to come by for sex is now addicted to my penis we see each other about 2 or 3 times a week she bring me underwear and wants me to pose for her and then wants me to take it out of what ever I have on she gets hot and out of control when I put my hands inside of the unerwear and if I dont bring it out right away she starts rubbing my crouch and begging me to take it out for her and then start rubbing herself until her pants are soaking wet then she lays down and spreads her legs and waits for me to show it to her and when I do she starts moving her but around like a dog in heat and begs me to fuck her in a way this is not good for me to have that much control over her it makes me to dominating and I just want to have hard sex with her sometimes I just jack off on her and wont go inside of her I am not quite sure what to do about it any suggestions
2745 June 28, 2005

Response to laurie (2568 ):
First, if you attended a college where there were many men of color, then it must have been a second or even a third rate establishment, which shows that you are a person of a low intellect, as do your spellings of 'sophomore', 'roommate' and the possessive adjective 'their', your failure to place oratio recta within inverted commas and even to capitalise the initial letter of any proper noun. Next, according to the survey carried out by the author of this site, only 36% of Caucasian women who have engaged in sexual activities with a Negro male actually think that he possessed the largest penis. In addition, if the table (posting 2632) is to be believed, it shows that the majority of Negro and Caucasian men possess similar sized penes, and that finding a man, whatever his race, with a 10" penis would be a notable achievement .Last, Negro men are so exceptional at using their penes that a mere 17% of Caucasian women surveyed believed that their black partners had spoiled them. In conclusion, you are certainly stultitious and probably mendaciloquent.
2746 June 28, 2005

I draw no conclusions here, but I will tell my story for postarity.  I am 22 and as a kid had very little experience with penis size, sex, and other related topics.  Going through middle school I did have apprehentions about my size, but this did not matter because my public schools never require there kids to take showers even for gym class, so my anxioties were never relized.  Though my schooling did not provide and avenue for comparison my scouting experience later did.  When I was a younger scout I would go to great lengths (pun intended) to avoid communal showering situatations.  I succeded in this to the point where dispite spending weeks at a time camping with no privat phasilites nobody had ever seen my penis.  In my mind I told myself that in all likelyhood my penis was normal in size.  My imaginary image of others was a relative comparison to myself.  I think that this is a resonable assumption for anyone to make, since in all likelyhood you are normal and hence will be able to live life as most all men do.  After middle school during the summer i attended a hiking camp in New Mexico.  This camp was fairly rigorous and as you might expect privacy in hygene were not compatable.  This was the same with many other camps I had been to, however this time it was over a much longer time and the conditions were much hotter.  Showering was a luxery rarely afforded, so when it was made available communal or not I had to do it.  The first coupld of guys I saw naked were from Texas (I am from Michigan) and they all appered very small, after the camp i realized that everyone I had seen had had a small penis.  Later that same summer my shower fobia in check I showered at summer camp with my long time friends for the first time.  Their jaws dropped at the sight of my penis which accoding to them was very huge.  At the time I was 15 and it measured about 6.5 limp (the only way they have ever seen it).  It was then that i relized that my original assumption that I was normally endowed however reasonable had been incorect.  The peopel who i though were small were in fact pretty normal.  After this I became curious as to just how not normal i was and spent the remaining years of high school attempting to determing what my odds were if I ever had to bet someone one it.  Though the most reliable way to discover this would have been to systematically measure everyone in the high school, this was of cours out of the question and I had to settle for bulge contests and talking to people.  I talked to my friends on the football and wrestiling teams because they both showered regually and had a realatively large population, perhaps 25% of the males or more between them.  According to my friends there was a lot of diversity withing these groups with some individualls clearly standing out on both ends.  One of my frends was considered the largest on the wrestiling team (according to himself and other comments I did not solicit but overheard others say) but he was cleary not my match by both his mine, and other comparison.  My football friends were very adamant that there largest guys, though standing out were not in my league.  Though i never have seen or heard of a bigger penis in my high school i thing that in a population of about 350 males there were probably 4 who were very close if not bigger than, me though that meet didnt belong to any athelete.  Later in in high school I did meet a younger scout in our troop who was comprably if not as big as me.  He was 3 years younger and having talked to him since he has indicated that other than me he had never had competition, but that he lady partners were usually very suprised and pleased.  Knowing that by braggin myself others would simple believe i was exaggerating I allowed my friends to do the bragging for me.  This has lead to many more people hearing about my penis size that i realy want to know.  Now three years out of high school peopler i have never met and do not know still come up and ask if it is true.  However it is not the chick magnet that i might have hoped.  Though my lockeroom ethose and the unusually respect that many guys have given me, the ladies aren't bitting this massive worm.  I was recently told by one of my friends love interest that she was detaling my size to may girls with the intention of driving them to me (I was flattered by the kindness) but for whatever reason no such curtisy resulted in pussy for me.  I was never offered or in my view even close to getting any sex of anykind.  To this day even after years at a loose university where my reputation has followed me to some degree I am a total exceptionless virgin.  I get the feeling that my endowment is great gossip fodder, but not much beyond that.  Though the women of my friends all seem impressed and interested (I was not allowed to a friend of mins wedding because he had told his wife to be about me and feared what might occur) they dont leave there love interests even the ones who i know are pathetically endowed.  At this point I have decieded to wait on sex until aftert marrige, but for a number of years this was not the case and my penis though not a complete mistery never got anything for me, some of my friends have advised me to simply walk around with my pants off, but this extreme and silly measure is way past what i would be willing to do.  So there you go nothing difinative as to who big they are or what that means to you, just one more story all be it unfinished to add to the multitude before.
2747 June 29, 2005

Nicole You are soo right! Size totaly matters. You are not a bitch . You are honest. My 4 inch pale "penis
"has caused many young women to joke to me or to their girlfriends in front of me, that "he needs more meat!"Several have left me for Black males and told me to my face that my penis is just not good for intercourse. I asked with hurt feelings what it was good for  and they said masturbating as I picture them with real men with real cocks. So now I've become more submissive to females and that's my role. I buy them things and give them emotional support(loving back massages and foot rubs.) They still cheat with big strong cocks but they let me hang around spend time with them, etc. They're reluctant to give me intercourse so I really do get off seeing these pretty ladies ignore my thing and go after real men with manly cocks. My current friend likes to be bossed around by her hung Black man- get me a beer etc. I tried to defend her once and she cursed me out bad for getting in her business. She told me when they're in bed he really dominates her! I apoligized to her and him for being disrespectful. She said "that's so sweet" and promised to let me kiss her on the cheek the next day. Of course first she wanted me to pay for a hotel room for them that night,which I did. I know like Nicole knows that his large strong Black cock is simply better than mine and I should know my place.
2748 June 29, 2005

Mr. Hung:
I'm a well hung 8 X 6.25, every women I ever been with love my penis in fact wet themselves when they think of me (they told me).

One time while having sex one women urinated while having sex, she said she loss control. Forget about anal sex women run from me.

Not one women can take my penis in doggie style while I'm in control..not one..
2749 June 29, 2005

Women, who, by so judging, demonstrate their ignorance of men and history (perhaps women-and men who judge likewise- should read more about comradeship in the trenches of WWI), can afford to judge a man solely by his penis size, because rarely are they ever in a situation where a real man is required, e.g. a war -wars are where men are often made, and sometimes, sadly, destroyed. It seems incredulous that  women would think an  average or small sized man who single-handedly took an enemy machine-gun post is less manly than a well-endowed mugger of old women.
2750 June 30, 2005

Hung like a cashew:
well its true most guys feel undersized, my cock is  small when flacid yetit grows to and acceptable lenght and girth for action. why the fuck do women complain about size when we all know they have a cunt that we know could fit a fetus out of. the biggest issue at stake is the lack of women with the sex drive of a man, and just for the record , all men will cheat on wives, given the chance, so forget worrying about size girls and work out a way to keep you man from checking out EVERY women worth a glance and undressing her mentally hahahahahaha


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