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2651 June 4, 2005

As far as I'm concerned, the absolutely perfect size penis is 8 inches long X 6 1/2 inches around.

Any longer and ya can't always get it all in, and any bigger around isn't always easy enough to fit in her throat.

So all you 9 X 7s, you can keep it!!
2652 June 4, 2005

I don't get it...:
It's perfectly ok for a woman to have a "penis size preference", yet it's not ok, by a woman's standards, for men to have breast and butt size preferences?  I guess I don't understand where the fairness is in that.  It's frustrating, yet quite comical.  I prefer thin hourglass shaped women with DD cup breasts and bubblebutts, and apparently that's not ok.  Woman prefer big dicks, and apparently that's...perfectly normal.  WHAT THE FUCK????
2653 June 4, 2005

Can someone tell me where can i find sites of stories of men humillated for itīs tiny penises or of girls laughing at a pindick?
2654 June 4, 2005

What do you guys think about pussy? what is considered big or smal? i think my entrance is tight but the rest of it isnt it has space is that normal
2655 June 4, 2005

sweet girl:
about the comments on wanting diff sizes diff nights, i want the dick to be big all the time or im not as turned on. but on the nights i want it gentle, then i would prefer the sex slower. Slower sex for me feels much more intense.

Guys should also show that their turned on more, not screaming like a girl or noting just a few moans, breathing quicker/deeper all that cause girls are more horny the more horny the guy is.

 vary the motions also, dont just keep the same rythym put it in quick pull it out slow then put it in slow pull it out quick,  just put the tip in a few times then a deep thrust, a deep thrust then a pause before it comes out. when its all the way in push it again and move it around in there before taking it out

anyway thats how i like it cant say for all girls
2656 June 4, 2005

sweet girl:
one more thing if u cant make ur girl cum

lie on top of her with her facing dowm and play with her clit whith ur hand (or vibrator) while u inside, kiss her neck also... start of slow and as deep as u can manage, but be careful not to lose concentration on her clit

works every time
2657 June 5, 2005

I have a small penis and my wife has a big virgina. I don't think I please her but she says I do. The guy she was with before she said was like a 9 or 10 inch long and pretty think. I don't come close to that and we are still together but I do think size matters because she cheated on me before with her previous male friend.
2658 June 5, 2005

OK, I will agree with the fact that a big cock is a lot more pleasing to the eye, and too play with...but I mean come on guys...I woman can make herself cum with two fingers, or even one if she wants.  Just learn to be more creative then in out, in out.  Wiggle your hips, try going in from different angles, or teasing the clit like hell with your dick.  Once she is wet as fuck she won't give a damn!
2659 June 5, 2005

You are so right about cocks!  Unless they are 8 inches long I do not even feel anything at all inside.  And less than 2 inches thick, I cannot cum.  I CAN cum almost instantly and very strongly with large ejaculation with my current black lover, who is 9 inches long and almost 4 inches thick.  Now that I know a big cock white men and especially asian little weenies are just not worth having sex with!
2660 June 5, 2005

My penis is 6.5" by 1.75".  I have always gone down on women as soon as them indicate they are interested in sex and ready to engage.  I have been able to satisfy them up to their ability in that manner (one or multible times).  Then I use my average penis in the normal way and any other way that them may think is applicable during the rest of the night.

I guess I want to make sure they are satisfied no matter what they think of my attributes.  By the way, I recently been using the Eroscillator on my girl friends and quite frankly it works so good on them that they are certainly satisfied.
2661 June 5, 2005

I am a female.  I think men with long (>7") dicks are not fuckable.  However men with thick dicks are ok.  I have only had one with about a 2 1/4" penis. It did give me sensations that felt very good and different on the outstroke.  But!!!!!.  A man that sucks my clitoris and is aware of my feelings when I orgasm is a giant of a lover (whether he has a tiny, average, or thick dick). So my personal experiance is that size doesn't matter much at all!!!!!!!
2662 June 6, 2005

It's strange that 98% of the guys who post their size have penises greater 7.5 inches while, according to statistics, 98% of men have penises smaller than 7.5 inches.  Why?

A seldom mentioned benefit of longer penises is that they enable additional sexcual positions and make waterbed sex easier.

A seldom mentioned problem associated with large penises is that it can be physically difficult to fit into a tight vagina, particularly if you are not completely hard.  Additionally, it can sometimes be difficult to hold back your orgasm if the vagina is very tight against you.
2663 June 6, 2005

I have golf ball size testicals is that normal?
2664 June 6, 2005

well i have somthing to say to all the guys wiht large dicks liek me... im 9 and half inchs and ill tell u this u dont want any bigger then 7 and half. You may think its stupid but only a couple girls out there like big dicks but the truth is i have had sex wiht girls and 9 out of 10 made me stop cuz ''its to big i cant take it'' so i dont undertsand why u think its better cuz its not.. mine barly gets hard and takes me so long to get off its the truth you girls out there who want it i think are just to loose to take us avg for god knows reasons so for all you guys out there who are 5 to 7 be happy cuz i wish i could go back to that stage of life cuz my sex life is down hill cuz nobody can take me//
2665 June 7, 2005

Well i will be perfectly honest, dick size is definately a matter of preference to women i think.
I have slept with quite a number of women and i haven't had any complaints about my size but i have had complaints about ejaculating too early. I have a 7.25 x 5.25 size penis which is is far from small but nothing special. I think men should concerntrate more on there stamina. Women are very complicated creatures in my experience, understanding a women is always a good start. Not all women want masssive members, some do some don't. I would estimate that at least 75% of us men want a larger member, i sure do but you have what you have and that is it. LOVE is the main commodity in live, if you have no love you have nothing i can assure you. There is a big difference between sexual attraction and love, once love gets a hold of you there is nothing you can do you belong to its collosal powers, it will lift you up and make you feel amazing one minute then it will crush you like an ant. Learn to love one another rather ridicule each other. PEACE.
2666 June 7, 2005

I definitely think that girth matters, but for length, I guess it depends on the woman.  Some women hate it when you bottom out and some women hate that you can be too thick.  But i've never heard of a woman who enjoys a long pencil dick.  My girlfriend loves mine because it fills her perfect.  I'm 6.25 length and 5.75 around mid shaft.  And i've had girlfriends that wished that I was a tad bit longer, but no one has ever complained about the width.  What do you ladies think of this opinion?
2667 June 8, 2005

Apparently, women do prefer bigger dicks. Just as I prefer women with more common size who realize a man is not determined by the size of his penis, height, or at least things he can't control.  Last time I knew women are the victim of genetics too.  The claim that lager penises are more fertile. It only takes one sperm!!! Anal sex can get a girl pregnant if the semen leaked to her vagina. Any guy can make a baby. but takes a man to raise one. Come on, how desirable is a sperm who needs a head start anyways. Manhood it's by his actions and responsibilities. HIS CHARACTER!!!  

Seems like to me that quite a few females are concerned with social status.  They want to stand out. Therefore, a guy with a large penis is a novelty as well as possibly pleasing.  A girl knows she has a good thing going when her man is envy for whatever reason. money, car, power, etc.   Woman's eye would bulge out if man strutted around with a fatty wallet.  Heck, they compete for bragging rights.  I'm sure if society somehow valued a dude who could do massive dumps, then some girls be taking a looking the toilets.

 I do have my suspicions about some the validity of the site and majority of comments.
Hell... I wouldn't be surprised if 75% of what American society believes is conditioned by marketing. They are very sneaky and brutal. look at tobacco companies or like the higher end clothing brands. label the clothes small than they are to make girls feel slimmer. MTV There is tons of examples. Things we are exposed to influence as well reflect our culture.

The girls who really luck out are the ones who find the guys who see them more than their breast size or size of their pussy lips and are go out of their way for them. (They might have better things to do.)
2668 June 8, 2005

All over 9 inches hurts!!!!
2669 June 8, 2005

I very much prefer a man with a smaller penis. I love the feel of the entire lenght in my mouth. A smaller penis is also more comfortable for me during intercourse.
2670 June 8, 2005

Melissa X:
Hi, interesting site.  My husband told me about this, and said I should read it, and further suggested that I should leave a comment.  So here's my 2 cents worth.  Size does matter, somewhat, but it does in the same sense that a guy's fit body is sexy, and another guy's overweight body is not.  It's all part of the complete package of what makes a man sexually desirable to a woman.  Large is nice to look at, nice to touch, and large is nice for other purposes as well.  Likewise, muscular is nice, tanned is nice, and handsome is nice . . . it's just all part of the whole person.  I've been with 19 different guys in my life, and they run the range from small to large.  I've never measured(except for hubby, who is 5.5 long, 5.5 circumfrence) but I do prefer the larger.  The smallest guy that I have been with was probably about 4 inches long, and not very thick.  He was probably about as big around as the size of a quarter.  The largest guy was before I was married, in college, and he was not really that long, but very thick . . . so thick that my fingers did not touch when I wraped my hand around his penis shaft.  I found his large size attractive and stimulating, and I enjoyed the feeling of him inside me.  That's just my 2 cents.  Thank's for reading my post.
2671 June 9, 2005

thank god for girls that don't know the difference   i have a good girl friend the first she ever kissed and and im 6'5 and she thinks thats huge so i dont need a 15' penis to get fucking loss of blood to the brain in order to pleasure her   fuck you you probly wrote this site cuz your small 4'5 you fag get a fucking life and stop wishing you were a black man   who needs a large penis when you dont have a hot gf to go with it ugly girls dont have a choice
2672 June 9, 2005

Unfortunately i full just under the range in girth 5inch :( Ahwell, I take take care of women in other ways
2673 June 9, 2005

Read in paper that the british men last the longest when it comes to sex they last 7and a half minutes compared to the spanish 5min dutch 4min.And the yanks 5min.So why the big deal about the size of the mans penise for just max 7and a half minutes but only 4min if your dutch not worth it.I have to say i was shocked when i read that but just proves sex is over rated
2674 June 10, 2005

my dick is 7.5 hard and 4.5 soft, it also now has a bend in it firht below the head, I am obessed with my dick.
2675 June 10, 2005

get a life:
Lee you have summed it up it a truthful and simple way,enjoy our lives.If you happen to have a smaller cock so fucking what,theres way more to life,look around and enjoy it.Sex takes up the tinyest part of our life yet it seems to drive people insane because they fill inadiquate.If you are like me and just average,find other things in this world to do,be glad to wake up everyday and enjoy the fuck out of it,peaceout waynebo
2676 June 11, 2005

no guy likes large labia whats this site talking about

also the average penis is like 5-6"
2677 June 12, 2005

my penis is about 2 inches and its fine with me.  I mean, some girls think its cute and love to touch it.  I think my 2 inch penis got me popularity or some respect.  So i'd like to give thanks to my small ass penis.  THANK YOU SMALL ASS PENIS!!!!!
2678 June 12, 2005

Hands and mouth Only:

I'm a young white man and I was wondering if there are any women that could tell me techniques that I or my partners can use to actually perform intercourse. I have no idea what size I am in inches but in cms I am 37 long by 23 around..


P.S. can someone convert that for me?
2679 June 12, 2005

great pianist:
Reading all these comments are not only amusing, but disturbing as well.  First of all you have what you have and if youre sensual and creative you can please any normal woman.  What i find very amusing is how all of these women that love very well endowed men say they love the "deep penetration", just so all of you men know a normal woman's vaginal entrance to cervix is only about 6 inches, beyond that is intestinal tracts and stomach lining, no nerve endings.  So these so called "deep orgasms" could be misconstrued as bowel reaction, much like anal sex, its the same as women reaching orgasms from manipulating their breasts, few can, but reality is most cant.  Any woman will tell you that the strongest orgasm that a woman reaches is from her clit.  A woman's clit is 10 times more sensitive than the top of a man's penis. No normal woman will tell you her "internal" orgasms are more intense that her clitoral ones. That would be like a man saying the more sensitive part of his penis is the middle of it.  Yes its that ludicrous. 

Now for all the absurd comments about men and women concerned about this size thing.  Really are you in love with the organ or the person.  Any decent, yes i said decent person will be crazy for the person they love no matter what their size.  Some real nut cases here have expressed leaving there husband and children over an over sized penis.  Some psychiatric care is needed for these people after all most people fall in love with the person not the breasts, penis or pussy.  So lets get real here.  If all women loved oversized penises than every woman would look forward to child birth since the vaginal opening will dialate to 10 times the normal size to accomodate a baby, and   Ive never seen one woman gasping with pleasure from these experience.  However, with this in mind there are obvious disparities in penises and equally amount of vaginas that can only accomodate smaller penises without some permanent damage and others that require a larger member for a sense of feeling "filled" .   As a funny aside isnt it amusing that most woman get lots of satisfaction using their fingers inside them and playing with their clit at the same time, however only an extreme sized penis can provide satisfaction.  Just goes to show you how ridiculous these comments are.  Any person will tell you sex is great the most sensitive muscle in the body, "the mind" and no amount of straight pumping no matter what your size is going to be as great as a creative and sensual lover, and being in love only amplifies it.  Thats why there are a number of people that have sexual fetishes, although most are too shy to comment much in this column., it takes all types and they have sexual needs and desires and most will tell you its the creative path they love and orgasm from not the size of the sexual organ (male or female)  And if sized mattered as much as it did than  the overwhelming amount of men that fit in the 5.0 to 6.5 inch range would  need to be celebate for the rest of our lives since they are reduntant and only the freakish size will do (but some cruel women have expressed this point, sick little strumpets that they are, maybe we should do the same to underendowed women as well to prove a point, not serious folks because thats cruel and unfair punishment for something so stupid, plus i wouldnt be happy since i love small breasted women as well), reality is the vagina expands to accomodate the width of a pencil up to a full sized baby and a great lay and lover is one that "knows how to please a woman all over" including admiring her body and inside and out, lavishing and worshiping her beautiful curves and kissing and teasing her most private parts before parting her waters to orgasmic bliss and trust me orgasms come pouring out of her with screams of pleasure and possibly a knock on your door from the police telling you keep the noise down, :--).  Every biology book, and every sex show and every woman ive ever talked to say the most sensitive part is the clit and g spot ( the internal extensions of the clit, the penis part of a woman).  Sex was created to procreate and carry on the gene of that person you love, not the one with the biggest penis.  Sounds ridiculous when you thing about it.  Besides most of these women are interested in whoring around more than making love, so of course if you have no true feelings for a person than youre only in love with a penis, well after you stretch your vagina so long the only sensation you can feel is something bigger than life and only a small percentage of men will do, what a satisfying life, these are women that only get off from a strandling a beer can and shooting ping pong balls from their pussy.  Wouldnt it make more sense to try and have sex with someone you love?  Its funny but the women ive had in my life only see me in there life and love sex with me, none of this i wonder what it would be like with a extremely well endowed man, because afterall thats my sole purpose in life to have sex with only man with extremely large penises. Also, these nutty men who get off on seeing their women serviced by these overly endowed men leading to heart break and humiliation, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU.  First of all any man with any balls wouldnt tolerate any man with their woman, at least i wouldnt, i would kick that woman to the curb not worth my time or love, and i would hope the opposite would be the case for a woman.  These people are selfish whores that have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and why would you want to spend the rest of your life in misery.  Besides last time i checked most woman like the  sensation of having the penis inside them to feel closer to the person, not just for the penis, otherwise why not just get a giant dildo and have at it.  Saves money, time and getting hurt, right? Reality is there is a woman that sexually is perfect for every sized guy out there, and this nonsensical topic  is about as relevant as women with smaller or larger breasts.  Reality is its esthetics.  There are an equally numbered numbskull men who think less of a woman for having small breast.  So women before you go around and say size matters think about yourself first and the ridiculous amount of breast jobs performed every year and for what, feeling an insecure void that potentially could be damaging for you life later down the line. How many women are sensationalized from men belittling women and look at what women are doing to men, it seems to me there should be less critisizing and more loving with all shapes and sizes, with the person you love and care about and not the bulge in their shirt or pants.  Lets be real, average is great and either extreme can have problems, but for those men who worry about their size, women friends of mine (who are candid and truthful, besides theyre my friends not my lovers so i have no emotional ties invested in what they tell me) informed me (a couple, not all mind you) that sex with 2-3 inch penis was the best they had because it  could reach the elusive g spot and rub them into phenomenal orgasms that normal to extremely well endowed men couldnt since the tip couldnt reach that sensitive part.  Each of these friends of mine told me that its the vision of looking at the big penis that turned them on, (esthetics) but reality is any length of time and it hurts and just became uncomfortable and unpleasureable, so size does matter that way too. Besides what would be the point if you were extremely well endowed and ugly, good luck getting a serious girlfriend, the penis only goes so far and the rest is looking at that face that only a mom could love.  Not every woman wants a big penis, because fact is most vaginas want something close to normal thats the way human nature intended, otherwise, we would all be builty differently, with a trunk hanging between our legs, think about it.  So my point is some women need a small penis and others need a large one, but most want the average and thats why its called the norm.  Please why arent there more women out there responding about the clit orgasms?  Are there any woman that still feel that the orgasms are more intense because they cant wait to sex with the man they love or has that become old fashioned and out of date and youve become callous to only carnal taboos of today's societal ideologies.  I can only say that ive never ever had a problem with satisfying the women in my life, and despite being part of the average crowd in the lower region, never ever had a problem with "filling" up the lover in my life. But i can surely understand why so many of the poor guys that have written in here have had a complex, it seems the 5% of the population that are 8 inches or more have written in here to toot their horn about how all the women they have scream with love and pleasure, ever think those screams were in pain, funny thing but none of my friends as women every told me they enjoyed those 9 inches (only 2 of them who are openly candid about their sex life and theyve only seen one in the multiple partners theyve encountered)since they would say they cant even get most of it in, sounds like fun.  But its funny no one here seems to have that problem, it seems that all the normal women defy the odds and so do the men.  So all those truthful guys who have written in here about there smaller penises dont give up or get down on yourself, there are women that would be thrilled to  be with you, know the female body and then use your instrument to be best of your ability and i bet youll have no problems.  Final thought for you guys, if all the small penises was such a problem there wouldnt be a China, Japan and many other southeastern countries (sorry not to stereotypicalize to all, but the mean is definitely below average, any caucasian man who's been there and bought the local condoms there knows what im talking about), and it seems theyre doing just fine.
2680 June 13, 2005

small large, all depends on what the women wants.
mine is just over 11, and has a thick shaft
2681 June 13, 2005

Interesting site.  I would say I have had bfs who were fairly small in the past.  Now I have one that I think is huge although reading your site he's hardly above average.  He's about 7.25" long, assuming i measured correctly (i.e. on top, from his belly), and a tiny bit less than 6" around in the middle. Very large head, and circumcised.  The thing looks massive; I'm 5'-5" and 125 lbs.  Not at all sure I would be comfortable with a larger one, even that one feels 105% of the ideal size for me. 

Anyhow, it's good to be honest and you seem to call 'em as you see 'em, I respect that.  /christine
2682 June 13, 2005

My experiene has been somewhat varried, but I prefer someone slightly larger than the 6" average. My current guy is close to everthing I could ask for. 8 1/4" long and 5 1/2" around. Not that smaller (or larger) is not good for other women, but for me he's exactly what I want.
2683 June 13, 2005

Nice site!
Ed, you canīt change the numbers like that...
2684 June 14, 2005

well here's my theory...either most women are masochistic and love to be punished, so sex can only be pleasurable to them if it is exceedingly painful...(this would explain why even a woman with a 4 inch-deep pussy craves a 12 inch member)...or...physical pain is not a factor, and the man, the penis and the balls have to be BIG simply because all women are trying to replace their fathers in the sexual arena...so anything that dwarfs a woman and makes her feel small and cute and regressive is sexually attractive to them...that's why they like their tall hung men, there is such a fond love hate obsession connected with being a certain height as to be face to stomach with their fathers.. so they search for this in their male sexual partners...it's all a substitution game...sexual pleasure in women is derived from the pressure placed on the pelvic muscle and clitoris and g-spot...stretching the pussy beyond reason doesn't do anything really...it's all psychological...anyway, i think women are, on average, far more oedpial than men (in freudian theory) because...with men...the symbolism of power and status quo they wish to attain whilst in adolescent development by way of the sexual conquest of the mother is indubitably satiated once HE becomes an adult, and realizes that, as a male, he IS the status quo and has the phallus, the symbol of power, etc..., whereas women are constantly subjugated and opressed well into their adult-lifes so they are constantly searching for the father figure...the reason (and i'm paraphrasing):  according to freud, first the female desires the mother, but when the female realizes that she does not have a penis, she is first MAD with the mother, blaming mommy for her lack of a penis and sexually desires the father because she believes that by impregnating her, she will GROW a penis (trust me, i'm not misinterpreting)...so basically, women fuck men with huge dicks because they want to become them, and men fuck filthy skanks because they want to prove to their fathers that they are the status quo...what a sick little disturbed race of people we are... when it all boils down, women are far more likely to hook-up with a guy randomly BECAUSE he has an affable, patriarchal, masterful PERSONALITY than men...because men are aware that...if you're going to have casual sex, do it with a girl who's stupid enough to not have to be explained why you want to have sexual intercourse in a position that a pothead feminist critic with musky whiskers and a pantsuit living in France in the 1950s decided was misogynistic...men don't give a fuck about your personality, because we fuck for different reasons..we're only worried about the size of our penis because we know that YOU'RE worried about the size of OUR penis that you NEED to pretend is YOUR penis while i'm fucking you and creating that ying/yang androgyne out-of-body experience for you...during sex, you become me, because you're a part of me...that's the idea...right...and i know what you're gonna say, homosexuals...well read Hegel...it's all about the master and the slave, the perpetual exchange of submission...that's life...
2685 June 14, 2005

i am a 24 year old male and i love that women are finaly expressing there sexuality and divers beauty i love lage labias. that is the ecense of a real woman
2686 June 14, 2005

If a woman likes a big penis, it's likely because she has a big coot.  Think about it, what feels better?  A nice snug coot or a big, loose sloppy coot?
2687 June 14, 2005

Response to Jendon post 2553:
You think big dicks are not common. That means you'd rather think all the ladies are lying. Studs fuck more than their share of ladies.
2688 June 14, 2005

"Sorry but your web browser is either too old or not very sophisticated, ...otherwise you would see a scrolling list here."

Sorry but your web page is either too old or not very sophisticated. I use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox so obviously your web site was designed for that antiquated pice of unsecure crap also known as Internet Explorer
2689 June 15, 2005

Big is beautiful

my wife goes WOW every time and orgasms too!


8.50-9.0 inch length

6.50 inch girth

2690 June 15, 2005

I've been married for almost 20 years and our sex is good. At least I think it is. I have a 5" erect cock. I have a bodybuilder shape and my wife loves it when I go down on her. She hardly ever cums when I fuck her. Last week, I bought an 8" vibrator and broke it out(while eating her out). Of course, she didn't mind. She had at least three orgasms and they were BIG ones. I've never seen her cum like that. Afterwards, she told me the vibrator was too big. I told her that she had cum like never before. She blushed and said she was trying not to hurt my feelings.
2691 June 16, 2005

This website is the biggest load of bullshit ever. And the evidence? The "tests"? Here's one for you (I actually used this as a joke to prove to men that women have a conspiracy going on against guys, but it will be used very differently in this case as you'll find out in a second). Ask 35 different RANDOM women rather or not size matters (note: they have no reason to lie if their random). You will get 35 different answers. The reason for this? Diversity! Cocks come in many different shapes and sizes. Women come with many different opinions/sexual attractions. No, women are not unconsciously wanting bigger dicks. Because NO person is attracted to the exact same thing. Take 35 different guys now. Ask them how big they prefer their boobs. Once again, 35 different answers. Oh shit! Now we're the liars! My girlfriend is actually a B cup, but I enjoy everything about her tits. EVEN they way they look.

Some women prefer large dicks. No joke there. And thanks to society, women believe their supposed to like the larger dick. This is also shown in men who believe they are supposed to like the larger tits. I never was attracted to Double D cups. But everytime I sat around with the guys... you know their like "I LOVE HUGE TITS!" and than to fit in you have to be like "YEAH ME TOO!". But lately men have been drifting towards the "not too big not too small category"... and you'll notice a lot more men saying this is what they like because... well, society is drifting that way.

A LOT of women like small dicks. A LOT of women like medium dicks. A LOT of women like big dicks. And the ones that like small dicks? It has nothing to do with not thinking about sex. It has to do with preference. Maybe it feels better? Maybe they somehow do stimulate her eyes? Just look at what the common fetishes are. (just like there are a lot more guys with a small tit fetish and it stimulates THEIR eyes. But its called a fetish for a reason... people don't want to admit it).  My friend Dan has a FAT CHICK fetish. Which completely goes against everything this site said about what men like. And there are a lot more guys out there with fat chick fetish than you'd think.

Well the same goes for women. We all have one or more fetishes. We all have different attractions. We all like DIFFERENT things.

I'm also going to point out that any guy on here that has called their 7 inch cock average after reading this site... you are totally wrong. In EVERY study that I have read up on... 7 is either the last number in average or up there in above average. above average = big no matter what this site says. ask a RANDOM woman if thats big... she'll tell you it is. This site says 7 inches is only average. in fact, so is 8 on this site.  and 8 ... 8 is huge. 8 is the size right before it gets TOO big for most women. SO ANOTHER THING if theres really FIVE sizes... and 8 is huge? and your 6? consider yourself big.

Now to discredit this site a little more... Although my grammar and shit really sucks right now because im actually a little upset by this site (which somehow is able to make an 8 inch guy feel that he is too small) so i dont come off as very creditable... but just trust me. Go research it all yourself if you dont believe me. Anyway, most of the images on this site are diagrammed wrongly. The images show a womans vagina as caving in atleast 6-8 inches. The average womans vagina only caves in at around 3-4. Also this site says that a woman can get pleasure beyond that 3-4 inches. However, ALL scientific evidence that I have EVER read (compared to this one guys source) says that there is only one place inside of the womans vagina where they feel pleasure. and that is right at the end of the 3-4 inches. Which is why girth is more important and thats why you hear women saying "I have been pleased by a 4 inch guy!". Because in all actuality, a 4 incher is capable of hitting the G Spot.

By the way, most women I know actually say penises are ugly. So much for attraction to the penis. And of course they arent saying that to defend themselves cause they know it makes us feel like shit when they say a part as important as our penis is ugly. and hell a lot of guys actually think vaginas are ugly. theres no attraction to the vagina, its just a part used during sex. 

Yes women look at the buldge in our pants. but all it takes is wearing your pants loosely to have one. and women know that too.

heres the most important thing i wanted to say: Women are by nature sluts. right? once a bigger cock comes along... bye, bye to mr. 4 inch. ok well my best friend is around 9-10 inches. She was with him for awhile. Then her and I met... I'm only 6. And I told her my size before we started dating. She ended up leaving him for me. SHE LEFT A BIG COCK for a small one. She tells all her friends about how amazing our sex is. she has slutty friends (sluts tend to go for bigger)... they also know my size (girls talk) and they come up to me and ask how i do it. well, its not really about size. is it? if it were, she would have stayed with my best friend. if it were about size... the sex wouldn't be amazing. for both of us. im confident in my size and i really think that confidence plays the lead role in sex too (amazing how far confidence goes).

OK now onto another friend of mine. He's only 4 inches... But he and his girlfriend have been together for 2 years and she's stayed faithful to him. and she says that he has indeed given her an orgasm.

Not to mention... oral plays a big role. not many guys go down on women anymore (they dont like the taste). guys you really wanna please your woman? go down on her. its amazing what a tounge twister can do for her.

Oh: "bigger cocks have less chance of slipping out" ... yeah that's not exactly true. When a woman is really wet... it doesnt matter what your size is. you have the same chance of slipping out as the next guy.

To a comment below. Yeah, bigger men do like to mark their territory. But women really don't remember men for their big cocks. women remember every man theyve been with period. a woman can also tell you every small cock shes been with.

my god, i could go on for hours. all of this stuff is so false and im starting to wonder if this isn't just some kinda scam to sell enlargement products. lets be honest... this site is supposedly built to help men with small cocks feel better. how the fuck are you making them feel better when for 36 pages you rant about how women want a black guys 20 inch cock over a "normal" 7 inch cock? and than finally on the last page you say "well heres how you feel better" (and its common sense stupid... that aint gonna help anyone... we get told to do that anyway rather we're small or not) followed by "and if that doesnt work theres always penis enlargements". which his favorite leads to what im guessing is his friends forum.

With all that aside... this site is the biggest crock of shit ive ever read. ive shown it to all my friends, girls especially (and even gay men who supposedly have no need to lie) and they've said the same thing. this site is bullshit. if anything... its fun to joke around about.

And another thing: Why men are really jealous of big cocks. Society tells us thats what people want. competition adds to it.

I also think its funny how the author discredited people of high position such as sex therapists. you know, people who spent their whole life researching this.

Just... bring this shit back to the trash bin where it came from. thats all it is... trash. bullshit. something written to make small men feel bad about themselves and buy a product, while the author glorifies his dick as if he has something special.
2692 June 16, 2005

Supposedly small again:
Oh, and another thing. There are A LOT of slutty women that have been commenting recently. look back to earlier posts and women say that bigger isn't better. and size is actually questioned. The women posting lately... sluts. Especially this one: "We all took him in the back and gave him a blowjob. all four of us. and i didnt feel bad about cheating on my boyfriend" << And I hope you all got HIV too. Sluts. You can share that too.

Seriously, if you ARE a slut... Don't put your nose in this. Society still hates sluts. This isn't an open invitation for the sluts to come out and say I LOVE BIG COCK AND I'M PROUD! Now shut up and let us men talk. Cause just like you women, we look out for each other. With a few exceptions.

A little advice to the men who are offended by their comments: DO NOT listen to sluts. Do we need sluts? Fuck no. Chances are these women will grow up and become prostitutes anyway. They have no respect for themselves. Size doesn't fucking matter. And we all fucking know that. These guys may have big cocks but can they fuck as well as you? Can they treat a woman right? Women want to be sluts? Fine with me. I have more to do with my life than waist my time with that bullshit. They'll be coming to me when i have all the money anyway... and ill just kick them in the face. In fact if I ever found out that my girlfriend cheated on me for the simple reason of that... id kick her in the face.

men. start respecting yourselves. your penis isn't the only thing that matters. These women probably saw this site and were like "haha, lets go make these guys feel worse" its all in fun. maybe its even guys posting as girls. you dont know. but either way... Your penis isn't the only thing that matters and if a bitch wants to leave you for a bigger cock... then she isn't worth 2 pennies. tell her theres a corner waiting for her.
2693 June 16, 2005

Just thought I would give my opion on penis size.7-8 INCHES is a  perfect length.5-6inches is a perfect girth.Smaller than 6ins don't go there.Bigger than 9ins no ways.To women who say size does not matter have you ever tried a cock less than 6ins or bigger than 9ins?
2694 June 17, 2005

Respond to post number 2585:
You say the vagina can't take long ones because it isn't deep enough. Newsflash-----the vagina is very elastic.
2695 June 17, 2005

Reponse to Tony post 2608:
Very true. Almost every word you said is right on the money. The only part I would disagree with is when you said long ones cannot be thin.
2696 June 17, 2005

Reply to 'Whatever' post 2691:
You are so off base on much of what you wrote. It would take too much time to go through your long post pointing all your stupid inaccuracies out and amateurish reasoning. I will bother to point out one---------------You said that based on "all the scientific studies you've read" that the vagina can only feel the first 3 to 4 inches. The only study that has said that was Masters and Johnson back in the 1950s. Guess what, they were husband and wife. So the only study that has said this is tainted by the possibility he had a small or average size penis with the possibilty she wasn't about to tell him bigger is better. There is the chance she didn't think bigger was better, but with her husband by her side in this "study" surely there is cause for concern on just how reliable what they said was. In case you think they were very professional about it consider this----------the penis size study Masters and Johnson (husband and wife) did was self measured by volunteers. Yep, this husband and wife team didn't do the measuring themselves nor did they have a staff measure the men. Men measured themselves at home and reported the results. How scientific is that? Not! Master and Johnson's statement about the vagina only feeling the first 3 inches is clearly wrong. Women say various things from their experiences about long ones. Some say long ones "hurt". Other say helps give them a "filled" feeling that they desire. Others say they have vaginal orgasms from having their vagina bottoms contacted (not to be confused with the cervix which is located between the opening and the bottom. Many posts here don't know what they are talking about when they say long ones hit the cervix. The cervix can be reached by modest lengths). A long one will stretch her bottom and create sensation. Some women get off on it and some don't. Either way it is proven by female testimony that there is feeling deep inside. A 5 incher isn't going to make her grunt with his deepest stroke. A 9 incher will pump a grunt out of her each time he goes deep. If she can't feel anything then what's those grunts about? A few of the things you wrote were basically correct, many inaccurate, and several just plain wrong.
2697 June 17, 2005

To Nurse Betty, :
I have a six incher and I love women around a C cup, which are to me are soooooo sexy and satisfying , but  usually  the women who posses these beauties are the ones who often  want a larger than average penis, which is a shame.
It's only an idea, but perhaps you should convert vagina size to geographical features. For example, a vagina that could comfortably accommodate a penis over eight inches might be the Grand Canyon.
2698 June 17, 2005

so shocked:
im 37 years old and very sexual. ive done or tried many things. 4 months ago my girlfriend and i shared a man. it was my 3 rd threesome. when he removed his pants i almost fainted. his penis was the biggest one i ever saw. my friend measured it to my amazement. it was 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. after 3 hours i was very sore. the guy and i have gotten together 6 times since and had sex. everytime im sore for days. how can i get over the soreness. i dont want to give him up. please advise me.
2699 June 17, 2005

to kind:
2 weeks ago my boyfriend, my sister and i went out dacing. we got pretty drunk. somehow the three of us wound up passing out in the bed together. in the morning i woke up to see my sister touching my boyfriend. i pretended not to notice. i went to the bathroom and came back to bed and saw my sister stroking my boyfriends penis. i yelled at her to stop. she did. a few hours later as my boyfriend was showering my sister walked in on him as he was getting out.he called to me, my sister just said whats the big deal i just wanted a look. the two of us got into a fight. after lunch i was in the hot tub with my sister. she said she was sorry. we made up. i asked her if she got a good look. she laughed and said yes. well long story short with my permission and some pleading with luke i let my sister have sex with him. stupid i know.but she doesnt get many men. anyway now she wants to sleep with luke alot. it hasnt happened again but she is always flirting with him, and making comments. ive told her that she could spend the weekend with us and i will let her sleep with luke but never after that. she agreed and hasnt brought it up again but she still asks. luke doesnt want to be with anyone but me. so she got mad and we havent talked in 3 months.
2700 June 17, 2005

it matters:
any woman who says size doesnt matters is a liar or has never had a big one. i wont even sleep with a man thats under 7 inches. i measure everyone ive had.

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