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2601 May 18, 2005

Triple J:
As far as size goes I'm 8" in length. Does size matter? I would have to say yes to some & no to others. I've been with my share of woman and I have satisfied each and every one. Some women get-off much easier than others! If you know what you are doing you can get a woman off without even inserting the penis. I normally get a women off so many times before insertion that she begs me for insertion. Their juices are flowing everywhere & insertion feels great. During foreplay I make it a point to get my female partner off before I insert. It just gets her going and makes it a little easier for me to get her off after insertion "because she's already revved!" Woman that are hard to get off take more time. You have to really tune into them, pick-up on what they do & do not like, she may like aggressiveness and the RIGHT AMOUNT of roughness, others may be very sensual and require alot of one-on-one attention in the bedroom, you have to be very focused on her by touching, kissing, and caressing her in all the right places & at the right times. In one instance I brought a woman to orgasm by only stroking her with about 2"-3" of my penise. Others have had to have full penetration to orgasm. Don't forget that I have been able to get-off each woman I've been with, with-out even insertion. I've had my share of women who had never experienced an orgasm, and each one of them had before the end of our relationship. Basically what I'm saying is that you don't have to have a huge penis to satisfy a woman, YOU JUST HAVE TO BE A GREAT LOVER! The key is to knowing what will push her over the top, to an orgasm. Think about, she wants to get hers just as bad as you want to get yours, and if she isn't she's not satisfied! (Unless she has never experienced an orgasm & even then she still isn't satisfied.) Just some thoughts on this whole issue.
2602 May 18, 2005

I don't think all women want huge penis. I think most of them can take any size there is out there but that is because the skin of the vagina stretches and even tears when a big one is put in there and becomes larger (This is why virgins can't accomodate much their first time).  But why would any women want to have a gaping, loose vagina that a thick penis would cause? Have you seen some of those porn women's hamburger meat pussies---they are disgusting.  An average or slightly above average penis seems to be the right thing to have. Anything bigger is just a fetish.
2603 May 18, 2005

Get it Right:
Note how the Kinsey Report was base on "self measurements" (IE men measured themselves and turned it in....Here are the facts---this site is bogus as far as numbers go

#  The Kinsey Reports found in 1948 an average length of 6.20 inches (15.25 cm) with a standard deviation of 0.77 inches (1.96 cm). (Self-measurement)
# An UCSF study by Wessells et.al. published in 1996 found an average of 5.1 inches (13.0 cm). (Measured by staff)
# A study by a Brazilian urologist found an average of 5.7 inches (14.5 cm). (Measured by staff)
# A German study in 1996 also reported an average of 5.7 inches (14.5 cm). (Measured by staff)
2604 May 19, 2005

Julio César Venegas:
I am of that thinks that the size of the penis yes is very important, at least yes for the man because it is demonstrated that a long penis increases the autoesteem of the one who takes it.

Thanks to God I am very well-endowed, my flaccid penis is 25 cm. Of length (9,9 inches long) like Jonah Falcon's penis and when I have my erect penis it is 36,8 cm. Of length (14,5 inches long).

I have had the opportunity to be able to see other men who have their penises much longer than mine: I know a 55-year-old master of age (he is from the Canary Isles - Spain) and this one gentleman has a penis of 32 cm. of length (12,6 inches long) of flaccid penis.

Logically, to have a long penis gives problems to penetrate the vagina of a woman, but even like that, I prefer having a very long penis.


Julio César Venegas.
2605 May 19, 2005

Hey, what a cool site - devoted to cock size! i have an inordinately large cock but never truly believed what the girls said until i took some pictures the other day with my camera phone, and saw things from another perspective... whoo! i only wish i could share it a lot more than i currently do. this however is not why i'm writing this message; what i want to know is what kind of internal damage would a girl suffer from full penetration by a horse? i saw this on video some time ago, and it has left me feeling sick and disturbed, yet oddly curious; what happened to the girl? was she ok? (not really by the sound of things...) why would she do this? do people who do this like it? ok, i realise this may not be the place for these questions, but i need to know, and my research led me here, so its worth a try. by the way, if anyone wants copies of the pictures of myself, email me. pisces96@mail.com. i am in sunshine coast, queensland, australia if any nice girls want to help me out with it...
2606 May 19, 2005

Let me say first i am in the 2% group,but some people like me are stupid when i read people saying men who are less should give up jump the bridge how stupid big headed.How come there are so many people married or have grilfriends.Look for a start sex is a very small amount of time spent toghter.My wife went out before me with a man who was so small she could feel nothing,but she still loved that man.And she would never never put him down over that.The people like me who are big have to thing they did nothing to get that size so dont thing your that good.You sounds like the type who thing there god's gift to women.My friend was the same he thought all women would love him becuse of his size anyway my wife wanted to try a 3some so i asked him anyway he never knew before this that i was bigger than him,anyway he saw i had small feet so being north amercian he thought he would make my wife realy like him.Anyway when he saw i was bigger and thicker and my wife told him this he was so shocked and i hope from now on that he shuts up about size its so silly.So anyone who is not bigger in the penise size  stop worrying about it its not a big deal.Yes its nice to be my size which lets just say i was bigger than my friends 7x5in it gave me more confedance thats it but i would never thing i am better or put some one smaller down.Plus i have sex with my wife at lest 5 times a week nice way to go to work.
2607 May 19, 2005

Totaly crazy.
I am a black women and I have dated both blacks and whites, and yes , from my opinion there are more black men with a big penis than white (or white with an small ..). BUT does it realy matter ? From my opinion I am more interested in how he looks, smells, act and perform sex. Long penises also have a tendency to hit cervix during sex which totaly ruine the orgasm. If its anything about the penis size witch makes me happy it must be the circumference and most men sucks when it comes to that, hence I still use my kong dildo to fill up from time to time. Anyway for a women who realy wants an eartshaking orgasm, forget the penis and fucus on G-Spot and clitoris. (http://www.the-clitoris.com/f_html/ejacula.htm)
2608 May 20, 2005

Okay, so you know your small if you obsess over this.  My ex has been sleeping with me and some other guy for the longest time.  We are both about 6 inches, and 5.5 around.  I can get her off, and he cant, because she loves me.  I know shes honest, because shes seen bigger, but never had it.  She is very sensitive in her pussy.  I dont believe that 6 is average.  Even if it is statistically, the guys in the 7-9 range will please women better than I ever can.  Guys, stop saying the girls are whores, etc.  I have slowly accepted the fact, but I still get plenty of chicks.  I try harder to work it, and not pretend like Im fucking a porn star with my HUGE COCK.  Get a break.  If you have never heard your partner get really loud, and uncontrolled, like I havent, it is small.  Even if 6 out of 10 guys are small like that, if you got a 6incher, and arent incredibly thick your screwed.  Then again, a really thick 7 will be preferred over a thin 8. And yet, really thin long ones DONT EXIST!!!!  Its just not structurally possible, they will always be thicker.  So what do we do knowing that we can never give a girl pleasure like that?  Move on, get over it, or at least try.  Theres nothing that can be done, we got screwed over.
However, for all the girls out there that have experienced incredible sex like I hear my roomate having every night with random hot sorority girls from the bar, theres a drawback.  Girls are sexually liberated, and are realizing that.  But guess what, the guy with the big cock that you crave, and the money, and the looks, and the personality, is going to be a bachelor/player/or cheat for life.  You will be forty something with your incredibly gifted husband if hes all of the above, and yet he will still be fucking hot young twenty-somethings way hotter than you.  Now guys can make good with being a bachelor, hanging with friends, hell even not raising kids.  But I think it is the big irony that one day this whole Britney generation of sluts that has experienced some really big ones, they will be in for a big shock when you realize they are unobtainable.  If you think you will actually find the catch, and he'll stay faithful, you are in more denial than the "average" (which means small in a girls mind who has had at least one lover bigger than you) guys are for thinking it doesnt matter.
So, for all you small guys out there that are still young, work on building up the rest of your "package", the shit that will get you somewhere someday, and raising a happy family.  The payback for the misery this current generation is suffering with the shame will be countered when all these ladies who are stuck either in misery attached to someone that they need, and yet cant give them what theyve had sexually, will end up old and single (Hint: sex in the city is fiction!), or they will get scooped up before theyve gotten too many big ones inside them.  Either way, when I bust my nut, it feels JUST as good as the last time, with only a little differences.  (performance in bed of course is a skill)  I just started fucking a virgin recently, and it was great watchin her cum over and over the first couple drunken nights (yeah, like most small guys, we bust quick too, so I need booze or coke to fuck like animal)  But its not like shes isolated.  Im sure all her friends ask how big it was, and she thinks its big, and then they tell her otherwise.  Or she sees them online.  Or she sees one of these 6ft8 motherfuckers whose middle fingers are almost as long and thick as my dick.  Or its just natural that a woman needs to be filled and drilled.  I think we should all take pleasure in the fact that the U.S is becoming a glutenous sexpool, and it feels good.  I even have a neighbor whos a nympho, and she comes over to fuck all the time because even though I make no pretenses, and neither does she, that Im this amazing lay, she loves to watch me cum and groan, knowing that she is in control of my pleasure, and I think shes amazing.  She tells me about some of the guys she fucks, and I think its great that she thinks enough of me to still come by.  The way she equates it, it still feels really good, just not as good as a truly filling multi-orgasmic experience does.  But she loves to let me drill her ass, since that is one place where girls experimenting with anal prefer smaller.  So pick your heads up, go get laid.  Walk with some confidence that you will show her a good time with a one night stand, a steady fuck, or find a fresh girl, but there is plenty of fun to be had.  Sure you may get dissed by some for having a smaller one, but I realize how jealous girls that turned me down in the past got once I matured and got really good looking.  At the bar I have someone trying to go home with me every night, and anybody can do likewise, cause there is always someone trying to fuck.
2609 May 20, 2005

Oh, and the ex-pro athlete in message 2449, yeah its easy to speak from your position, you have a big dick. And im sure youve been able to fuck like that, I cant.  Oh well, guess Ill go shoot myself.  Or not, Id rather just relish the fact that I fuck girls, and then either dick them over, or they dick me over.
2610 May 20, 2005

Home Wrecker:
I have always hard a large penis.  Much larger than that of the average man.  Because of this I have always considered myself superior to other men. 

By the time I was 7 years I was having sex with my babysitter who was twice my age.  The first time she bathed me she couldn't keep her eyes off of my cock and trembled when she washed me. I knew then and there that I had something other males did not have and I loved the power I had over her.

Since then, I have been an unstoppable sex crazed lunatic.  There is not a woman I have ever met that has not at least given me a blowjob. And everyone knows that I am packing.

Does size matter?  Yes it does.  Any woman who says not, has never been with a man like me.  Any man that says that having a big cock is a problem and that most women can't enjoy it, is lying.

No matter how small a woman is or what kind of cock she is used to, she want's to know how much of my cock she can take.  She wants to feel it in her hands.  She wants to kiss it. She wants to suck it.  And she will do anything to get it.  Married or not.

In fact I get the most pleasure from being with married women who have inadequate husbands. One sight of my cock and you would have thought the world had ended.  One of my favorite things to do is ask them how big their husband's cock is, and they will show me by pointing out the top portion of my cock.  Then, when I penetrate them, I only use that much of my cock.(Usually the first 5 inches or so)  I will tell them this is what they are used to and then I plunge deeeeeep into them and tell them that is what they have been missing. The moans and screams could crack a mirror.

So listen up fellas, If you think you don't measure up, you probably don't don't.  If you wonder if you are satisfying your wife, that probably means that you are't and someone like me is.  Someone like me is pounding your bride into submission.  Someone like me is making your lovely wife beg to suck his cock.  Someone like me is being told by your wife how much bigger his dick is than your 'little boy cock'.

It's almost sad, but I get off on ruining married women.  And I love to pull off their wedding ring right before I pound them.

This sort of thing happens every day all around the world.  Men get a bad rap for being cheating husbands, but more woman cheat on their spouse than men do.  And I love reaping the rewards.

Btw... I'm only ten and a half inches.  Ever thought about what a FOOTLONG would do to your wife?  Oh imagine the stories she will tell her friends!
2611 May 21, 2005

My husband and I have been together for ten years.   We communicate well and are supportive of each other and this has lead to great sex - always willing to put the other first...  Well, one day he asked me if I ever fantisized about a larger penis?  I told him a story about one of my past loves and we soon were on our way down the size matters debate.  Make a long story short:  We purchased a dildo online "Star Performers - 10 x 2.5" and all his questions and fears were answered.  Were still happily married, but "YES" "SIZE MATTERS" My large and thick rubber dick fucks so good and makes me cum like a volcano.  So, we still have great sex, but either he goes first or it's gonna be sloppy seconds.
2612 May 21, 2005

19 year old hung stud:
LOL! I've been reading this site on and off for about 2 years now and I can't help but feel sorry for some of you guys. To be honest I always thought I had a pretty good sized cock, but when I finally found out the average size was 6 inches I had to measure it. I was about 14 then and it was already just under 7 inches. Now I just turned 19 and it's been on a fuckin growth spurt for about 2 years! Right now it's a little over 9 inches long and 6.5 inches thick. Haha, sorry if I sound conceited but the ladies always check out my bulge. I mean it's not like it's easy to hide. I'm a good looking guy, 6'0 tall 170 lbs. If any ladies think they can handle this and are interested in seeing my pics and/or possibly getting together sometime, just email me. :) (mynameisalb@yahoo.com)
2613 May 23, 2005

Be Fair!:
There is evidence to suggest that a woman's vagina can slacken because of her sexual practices ( e.g. the insertion of large objects thereinto), and does slacken because of childbirth and as a result of the ageing process, which means as she grows older so grows her need for a larger penis. It is, therefore, wrong to expect men to fill the ever changing and widening gap. Women must realise that often it is they themselves and their own bodies that are working against them, and not always a case of men not measuring up.
2614 May 23, 2005

In nature, woman who have average vaginas are supposed either to be satisfied by males who have average penises or not to be satisfied at all. Whichever the case, if an average woman wants a larger than average penis that must make her a freak of nature.
2615 May 23, 2005

Comment on the author's statement::

"Women who enjoy big penises have a loose vagina.
This is one of the most heard lies you can come around and is made up by some smaller endowed guys to justify their incompetence in making women orgasm by penetration alone. Sure, a woman who has a very loose vagina will need a very big penis to be really satisfied, but it is not because some woman likes penetration by a big penis that she automatically has a loose vagina. Most vaginas can take a penis of eight inches circumference as long as the woman is able to let her vagina muscles relax."
First) perhaps the "smaller guys" often have a point, when some studies show that approximately one third of women have a problem with a loose or relaxed vagina due to the poor health thereof. Second), as the author has said, women don't think in terms of measurement, when they evaluate a penis, but gauge it by how it feels to them. Can a man not evaluate the tightness or looseness of a vagina in the same manner? Last) There is an erroneous assumption that it is the man's duty to make a woman orgasm. As far as I'm concerned, making a woman orgasm, or endeavouring to do so, is something a man would do because he respected or loved her. If he did not respect her, why care if she orgasms or not? After all, there are plenty of women out there, and many of them are so desperate for male attention, they often respond positively to being approached in the street, shops, bars, pubs, and clubs and on public transport.
2616 May 23, 2005

a real sexually fulfilled woman:
if you are a real woman who enjoys sex then the size doesn't matter!!! you can get a small cock hard as a rock and it will turn you on just as much. a real woman gets off with her mind as well as her pussy. actually if your mind is not into it then your body doesn't respond the same. cum ladies, i've been with a man that had a huge fat cock but was not my type, by type i mean something just didn't quite click with us. be it his personality, looks, hair, feet,nose, eyes, or smell, or even the way he fucked with that big ole thing. if its not right between you its just not right. i've had men with a smaller than average cock fuck the shit out of me,because we connected sexually. so in "my opinion" it really doesn't matter guys so don't give up on women just remember when fucking do her mind as well as her pussy!! confidence goes a long way
2617 May 23, 2005

Response to:Her Power over Average/Small:2313 :
If you are a man, how do you really know how different dicks feel to a woman and how all women react after an argument? If woman, how do you know what a man thinks? "No man wants to feel like he can't handle."
If you read some of the posts, some woman could be pounded with a cruise missile and not feel it, ruling out the power of an ordinary big dick. The vagina has no power of the penis because it is vagina which is losing out, while the man gets his thrill. So when he's lying there satisfied and she's not, how does that show him who is boss? He has done his manly duty, i.e. ejaculated. If she hasn't had a good time, then that's hard luck on her. Only an idiot would see power in the thing that loses i.e. the vagina.In fact, you'd have to be an idiot to see power in a penis.
2618 May 23, 2005

This is a friendly reminder for guys:  Hey, ever hear those certain women constantly whining about how men only want one thing and don't know what love is?  I'm sure you have, and here is where this site comes in handy.  Show them this site and show them some of the womens comments and remind them, they don't have a damn clue what love is either, and only want one thing.  Peace.
2619 May 24, 2005

I am a Black female, age 21. I am in a relationship with an Asian Male. His dick is 7' and I'd say he does a damn good job. Siz don't matter its chemistry.
2620 May 24, 2005

I believe that Big dick men cheat. I think they feel the need to share their "gifts" with the world and are "cocky" individuals. I say average men are the best lovers and they stay by their womans side.
2621 May 25, 2005

I think a guys penis size is important.If it's to big it may hurt,if it's to small can,t feel it!A big penis stimulates a womans mind it turns her on,makes her feel horny.A small penis on the other hand may make her giggle or turn her off completely.Women sexually need  to be satisfied by feeling over powered,filled ,stretched to the max by a guys penis.Between 7-8 inches long and 5-6inches girth is ideal.Under 6inches too small.Over 10 inches too big.
2622 May 25, 2005

Are people who hanker after the abnormal not usually considered abnormal themselves? If so, women who want abnormal sized penises (i.e. smaller or bigger than normal) must be abnormal. Should men respect these abnormal women? Well, would women who want larger than normal respect a man who had an abnormally small penis? I don't think so. I think they would laugh at him. If they would laugh at him, what is wrong with our laughing at and ridiculing them for their abnormality? If these women are disrespectful enough to say men who have small or average penises are not genuine men or should not rightly be called "men" (as they do by implication, when they say "a 'real man' has a large penis"), why should men or most women, whose partners the abnormal women are calling "inferior" (do normal women like to be told they attract inferior men?), respect them?

By the way, a real man is one who would place his life on the line, in order to protect his wife and children. In view of this, women who want only larger men stand even less chance of finding a real man than their superior sisters, who are happy with an average sized man.
2623 May 25, 2005

The real end to the debate  :
This site makes sense, but it isn't going to end the debate. I think the only way the debate would ever really mostly end is by visual and verbal proof. Proof would be having taped many women, without their being aware of it, during separate encounters with men of various sizes, and then presenting the evidence. Having that type of proof isn't going to happen, and therefore the debate will continue. If it did exist, I already know what it would consist of. It would show the gals louder during intercourse, and with that no doubt more expressioned, their bodies more responsive, their resulting orgasms more powerful, and in some cases their only orgasms would be with the bigger men.
I said 'mostly' end the debate because even then though there would some naysayers that would claim the tapes were faked, or that her ecstatic grunts and moans when filled were merely pain and not real pleasure. God try at this site ED, but as you can see in many of these posts, true nonbelievers aren't going to sawy. Instead, the only way some can respond is by calling you names, or by posting somrthing obviously made up============ for instance when they say something like they have spoken with twenty females and they all said size doesn't matter. Anybody living in the real world knows that is made up.
2624 May 26, 2005

Another Marc:
This site would be laughable if it wasn't so cruel. It is clearly engineered to sell penis enlargment products to insecure men. Don't buy into it. A great deal of the postings here are fake, and are written by the author himself or perhaps others who work with him. Hence the overabundance of comments from men with absurdly large penises and the women who crave them. These fake posts look credible because they are mixed in with real ones. It's funny how so many different people all happen to write in the same voice.

It's no surprise that the author's "research" shows that most women can only be satisfied by enormous penises. His goal is to sucker not only the "easy prey" (insecure, smaller-than-average men), but the 95% of all other men as well, whose penises measure less than 8 inches long. Think how much money he makes by convincing the vast majority of men that they aren't good enough.

I guess I'm only writing this message to the site author, because I doubt you will have the scientifically optimal ball size necessary to post it. So whoever you are, you are an enormous cock..and I only wish that I had thought of making a site like this first heheh.
2625 May 27, 2005

Let down but happy to see the signs:
Having suffered, and recovered, from a brief bout psychological impotence, which was occasioned by an accident and which resulted in my forcing a split with my girlfriend (an act I believed would benefit her in that it might free her to find another man with whom to have sexual congress.I could not share her), I thought I should look into female frigidity in case any future girlfriend should suffer from it and I would then know how best to deal with it. My investigations lead me to this statement: "You show me a frigid woman and in 9 out of 10 cases and I'll show you a small man." In consequence, I proceeded to discover what women considered small by searching the web ,and as a result ended up on the centre pages of this  website, whence I read to the start, where-too late- I encountered the introduction page, informing me for whom this site was intended, which was not me.

However, having read this site, including the comment pages, where I expected see women, whom once I generally held in high esteem, in their droves  arguing against, not agreeing with, the grotesque findings of the author, I think that most women are inherently evil and are scum. This belief is so intense in my mind that for a while  I was unable to speak even to my own mother in a civil voice  ,and I now  treat women with no respect, in so far as I use them  merely for my own ends. You may say that I am being judgemental about women's nature, which can and does destroy lives, but does anyone say we should respect psychopathic killer for his nature?

I am glad to see the caution signs by the link "New to this site", which if followed by future readers may prevent them reading this informative but sickening website and ending up pissed off.
2626 May 27, 2005

I agree, White boys have BIG cocks.  The biggest I haev ever deep throated is 11 3/4 x 7.   you dont have to be 11", but I wopuild like to hear from guys with 8 1/2" or bigger.   writre me:nj_mel@yahoo.com  or my yahoo messenger screen name is:i_can_deep_throat_11incher
2627 May 27, 2005

Any woman who thinks her position is society is raised by dating a well endowed man is misguided, because in the male world a man with a large penis is not necessarily a high status male. He might be the one who is constantly slapped on the head because he is bald or short. If he is unpleasant, he might be extremely unpopular and constantly beaten up.
Women who think they have bested their friends, and as a result feel more femine and more attractive, by virtue of being with a well endowed male forget that the male may be low status and that they may too become low status in the wider world.What is more, their status might be lowered to that of a dog, if their boyfriends are known to posses large penises.
2628 May 27, 2005

Dr Schlong:
When I first came across this forum, I was appalled by the puerile drivel that I read in 99% of the posts. My first thought was to leave the people who posted here to their own folly. But it occured to me that other people might stumble across this collection of bizarre nonsense and take it seriously. So I sort of felt I had to offer some observations in an attempt to create a sense of, er..., proportion.

1. If you're a woman, and you refuse to believe you can having satisfying sex with a man with a penis less than 8 inches long, then you either have a gynaecological problem that needs attention, or you should try harder to find a man that knows what he's doing. Of course, your search will be harder if you eliminate 95% of the population before you start.

2. If you're a man, then of course if all other things were equal, your woman might prefer you to have a extra inch or two between the legs. She might also prefer you to have two inches less around the belt, or two inches more around the bicep. But the point is that all other things are _not_ equal -- they never are. We can't pick and choose the bits we want when we're looking for a partner, whether it's for life or for one night. People come with good bits and bad bits, and you take the whole package or leave it. A woman's reasons for choosing a man, and how she responds in the sack, are far more complex than the author of this site suggests.

3. Despite what the author of this site suggests, when (in most cases) a woman first sees a man for the first time, she doesn't really spend much time looking at his genital area. We know this from research done by anthropologist Desmond Morris in the 70s. He used apparatus to measure eye movements of men and women when showing them pictures of other men and women. It turns out that, while women do look at men's genitals, they don't look there much more than they look at men's hands. What women _really_ look at is men's faces, shoulders, and buttocks. This is not speculation, this is a research finding.

4. While the various things that are sold with the claim that they will increase penis size may, or may not, work, there are cheaper and less invasive ways to increase your appeal to women. See (3) above.

5. If, as one contributor posted, your wife needs to keep having sex with her ex-husband, it's not because he's got a bigger cock than you, it's because you've got so little self respect that you're prepared to tolerate such shameful behaviour.

6. If your wife claims that she can't become pregnant because your penis is not long enough, get her to see a gynaecologist. Alternatively, if a woman lies on her back with her legs right up in the air for ten minutes or so after sex, this will have the same effect as an extra 2-3 inches. In most cases, when women can't conceive, and there is no medical reason, it's because they aren't having sex often enough. Size is irrelevant here.

7. If your woman tells you that she needs to have you put a ten-inch rubber cock up her as part of your sexual routine, ask her if it's OK for you to look at pictures of bikini models while you're giving it to her next time. Honestly, I'm appalled at how little self respect some men have.

8. The average penis sizes quoted on this site are almost certainly over-estimations. If they were obtained by men measuring themselves, rather than being measured by somebody else, they are _certainly_ overestimations. Why? Because we know from other research that men are absolutely incapable of reporting honestly _anything_ that concerns their sexuality, even in a confidential survey. This makes no sense at all, but it's true. We know that men tell lies, even in confidential surveys, about the frequency with which they have sex, and the age at which they had their first sexual experience. If men can't be honest about these things, what reason do you have for thinking they can be honest about the size of their whangers?

I feel very sorry for some of the people whose posts I have read, if they are serious, that is. There clearly are people posting here that have problems, but the problems are between their ears, not between their legs. Unless your penis is desparately small (less than, say, three inches), if you feel that all your problems with sex or relationships centre on the size of your manhood, you need counselling, not penis enlargment.

Right, that's all the time I can be bothered to waste on this. Even if you're inclined to respond, don't bother, as I won't be reading. I've got a life, and you should get one too.
2629 May 27, 2005

Honest Observer:
This is an amazing video: this chick is absolutely mesmerized by this guy's rather impressive member. In addition to the length and girth, check out the size of his crown jewels.


Although not shown in this vid, there is another where she is completely smothered - her face, hair, and chest - with his cum which he ejaculates in thick steady streams that last over several minutes. Incredible stuff!
2630 May 28, 2005

too much of a good thing:
A lot of people post here disagreeing with Ed.  Don't get me wrong, I think Ed's a tool.  Only a completely sadistic person would make a site like this.  That's why Ed is my kind of people.

Moving along, I believe Ed presents a lot of questionable information on this site.  In general, I agree with his position though.  I don't agree with how he gets there, though.  He doesn't ever really try to prove on this site that penis size matters.  I believe he made this site to try and help people get 'over' the size issue, rather than solve some 'debate'. 

If you think size doesn't matter, you're lying to yourself.  Proof enough by the fact that you are a) reading this site and/or b) surfing the site in general.  Size doesn't just matter to guys because of the sex thing either, to a large degree it is the competition factor.  Who doesn't like to be better than other people, when you get right down to it?  Society rewards the richer, the stronger, in many cases the samrter, the better looking and the more prosperous among us.

But if I haven't made a believer out of you, please consider the following facts: 

-Wars have been fought over this issue.  Missiles are shaped like what?  Like penises.

-This is America, size matters in every other aspect of our culture so why not sex?

-Women talk about big ones and small ones, if you're a woman you already know this.  Nobody likes anything smaller

-Women brag on their hung sons, as another poster mentioned. 

-Porn is proof of it as well.  How many guys with small dicks do you see in porn?  There is a reason for that, and franly it isn't hard to figure out.  Size matters.  Duh.  Would a guy with a limp, twisted, two-inch dick be able to satisfy any woman?  The simple anser is No.

-As mentioned before, you are reading this site.  This site exists, people post on it.  Therefore, to at least some people, size matters.

It has been a hot button issue for at least a few hundred years.  Nobody in their right mind (I hope) would try to argue that penis size DOESN'T matter to at LEAST almost all men.  If you believe it doesn't, then you're already beyond help.  That's 50% right there, right?  Not many people would argue with that.  If even 2% of women thought size mattered, then that'd be a majority of the human race. 

Let me tell you, it is more than 2%.  A lot more.  Not all women, not even as many women as men.  Maybe not even a majority, although I doubt that.  Women might not even realize it consciously, they might not even admit it to themselves but to most people it matters.  I'd agree with the sentiment there are far more important things in life, and that something this sad is a bad reflection on the condition of our society, but the overarching fact remains that penis size does matter, is a big issue in society (no pun intended) and that it screws a lot of people over.

Just my thoughts.
2631 May 29, 2005

super hero:
OK, I won't wait to tell you that I'm simply huger than huge. 12" around and a mind-blowing 14 and a half long...

Talk about lots of meat. Only problem, is that I really cannot do anal penetration, impossible, out of question. Whit lots of lube, I can stretch a cunt and for sure it hurts (for me at least) but it hurts good. For my 10,000+ different partners (I'm a professional male entertainer) that were almost all able to fit somewhat a part of my wonder-cock, none of them walked before like at least a week or so after the fact, so I believe I pleased them enough so they don't ask again!

Anyway, there is no problem if a woman have a very loose anal cavity, maybe it would be possible to enjoy anal sex for the first time for me and write our name in the guiness book of records!

2632 May 29, 2005

Erect Penis size and Race:

                  A          B            B
101-112.........37%.........13%.......... 9%.........
2633 May 29, 2005

My gilfriend told me my dick is to small for her (5" long when erect) and that she's been having sex sex with a very well hung black guy for the last 3 years.She say's it not only feels better when he is fucking her but she loves the feel of his big black cock in her mouth. She told me he is moving in to our home so now and i must sleep in the small bedroom .I hear him fucking her so hard she screams out for his big black cock .She said he is 9" long and very thick. The only use she's got for me is my money.... Im a broken man....
2634 May 29, 2005

I am a woman who likes small penises. I like them a lot. I am in fact married to a man with a large penis, and I cheat on him with men who have smaller penises. My husband's large penis hurts. He brusies my cervix. My doctor has noticed it. It didn't always hurt, maybe something shifted in me, I don't know. I also very much enjoy oral sex, and a small penis is much more fun to suck on than a big one. With a smaller penis I can suck on a man for hours and hours, which is what I like to do. However, with larger men, my jaw gets numb quickly and the gag reflex is hard to squelch.
I found this site because I was looking for pics of adorable small penises to dream about.
2635 May 30, 2005

MTV continued:
 April 7, 2005

Television Evidence:
I've watched a couple of MTV's Real World seasons. The show takes a number of young adults and has them live together for several months.

One season had 2 white guys, 1 black guy, two black gals, and one white gal all in one house.

At some point the gals see the black guy coming out of the shower and he's huge. It's clear he did it on purpose. All three ladies are freaking out, and one says he needs to put that thing away, that she is too small framed for that size.

Guess what? Yep, this very female goes to his bed that night. They stay hooked up and live together after the months of the show are over. In the house on the show she can be heard making noises when they are doing it. They have their arguments during the shows because she gets jealous that the ladies hang all over him at the bar and he has sex with one of the bar gals in the hot tub.

On to another season and a different group. This time there is 4 guys, and 4 females. Two of the guys are gay and two are straight. The two straight guys are white and it seems that one must have been pretty good size, while the other one was either average or small.

One of the females is a nympho and loves sex and has had tons of hookups. She immediately attracted toward the cutest straight guy, and eventually he lays in her bed and holds her. They never did get undressed though and as he was sleeping with his groan area pushed against her ass you can bet she got a good idea of his size. She seemed to immediately lose interest in hooking up with him after that. In another episode he picks up a gal in a bar, but when having sex she can't be heard at all.

The other straight guy (he had made a comment to the house nympho in one episode that she would find him hard to handle) also picks up a gal in a bar and while they are doing it in the shower she can be heard belting out noises. He also hooks up with a black gal that is part of the group staying at the house. She later comments that he and her are very compatible physically in bed. She has a boyfriend back home, and so she has just cheated on him, and the next morning after having sex with the house stud she calls ger bf and tells him she doesn't know if she wants to continue their relationship. They indeed break up and she goes back to having sex with mr stud at times.

And guess what. Concerning the sex nympho that had lost interest in having sex with the cutest guy after he had been pressed against her sleeping, it's found out after the show's season is over that her and mr stud hooked up several times without the others knowing about it. Why did they hide this when nothing else going on in the house was being kept secret? I think it must have been so as to not hurt the cutest guy's feelings. For her to not have to come right out and admit that she was only truly sexually interested in the guy with the biggest dick.

Just some instances where size mattered when it came right down to it.

Some women state they don't know why guys are concerned about size. Well duh, the women around us give us every reason to be.

>>>>>Followup to my previous post shown above<<<<<
They recently showed some extra to the episodes of this last season I was describing. The two white guys (mr cute and mr stud) and one of the white gals(ms nmpho who was secretly having sex with mr stud and just so happen to lose interest in having sex with mr cute after having felt he didn't have much bulge when they fell asleep in bed together; and the black gal (who was openly having sex with mr stud and she had commented he and her were sexually compatible and she also broke up with her bf after having sex with mr stud)were on the beach. Well, mr stud takes his swimwear off and lays on the sand on his stomach. The black gals rubs tanning lotion on mr stud's back and ass. She looks over at mr cute and says "I'll rub lotion on you too". She said it more so in question form, seeing if he wanted her to. mr cute is laying on his stomach, with his swim trunks on, and looks at her with sort of an envious embarrased look, like he wants to, but knows his dick won't look as big, a!
 nd so he doesn't respond. These are real life MTV episodes, nothing made up and just more proof size counts.
It's like this-----------in an ideal world size doesn't matter, but in the real world, size does matter. When women and men say size doesn't count because love conquers all, these are idealists. They believe the way things should be is the way it is. Nice thought, but in reality, in the real world, gals have stronger reactions to bigger dicks.Even the gals that say size doesn't matter will respond more so when more meat is in them. They are simply in denial or just not wanting to tarnish their idealism by realising they heave more when meated more.
2636 May 30, 2005

I must tell you that big cocks do exist, and white boys haev big cocks as well.  Of 60 white boys, I have seen, sucked and deep thrated the following:
12"--one,11-11 1/2"--five,10-10 1/2"--five,
9-9 1/2"--six,8-8 1/2"--six.  The rest were
7-7 1/2".Big cocks are out there and they do exist. The numbers are correct, I have kept a record of all the dicks I have sucked and the above stats are true.  If you haev 9" or bigger, write me:nj_mel@yahoo.com
2637 May 30, 2005

My wife says when she is aroused she cannot feel my dick inside her it is 1 inch when limp and 4 1/2 inch when erect
2638 May 31, 2005

Pissing it:
I heard that a disproportionate amount of gay men had big dicks.So, if true, a woman's ideal man is poof.That quite funny.
2639 May 31, 2005

I have a very large penis. I guess my issue is not so much the size of it, but the stares I receive when out in public. I can hide it somewhat, but that means wearing baggy clothing all the time. My penis fully erect is 15 inches long, 7 inches in girth,  and when flaccid is 9 inches. It is very difficult to hide under my jeans. It is funny how one part of your anatomy can change your life. Never played sports in school, dont use public swimming pools. Sometimes it feels like a curse. Any other guys feel the same?
2640 June 1, 2005

hey guys, i'm 8" by 6.5".  To tell you the truth, i love it.  but, some of the girls that i've been with actually complained that it was too big.  so, to all of you average guys out there, don't worry, you'll do fine in bed.  just be confident and if a girl says you're too small, then tell them to shut up and give you a chance.  i'm telling you, confidence wins them over in the long run.
2641 June 1, 2005

Nightclub facts:
It's safe to assume many reading this post have been to nightclubs at some point in their life------right?
So you should recognise this as truth-------The good looking guys get the most attention when they walk into a nightclub and these guys can easily enough pick up a chick for sex that night if he chooses to.
Yet have you noticed that if a guy in the nightclub has a big softy and shows it by wearing it to the side in his pants, he also has his pick of chicks, provided he isn't very ugly. Attractive looking guys will outnumber the big dick can be seen in the pants guys. Here's something you can take to the bank--------the good looking guy can pick up the same women the big dick guy can, and visa versa, but the big dick guy will be the one she brags about to her gfs concerning the sex. She may very well brag about the good time she had being with the good looking guy, but it will be more about his looks, his kissing, his car, etc. If the stud wasn't good looking, she may not have much to say about him overall, but when it comes to sex he will get much stronger mention to her gfs than the good looking guy will.
What does all this mean? It shows that if one wants to consider all, then being a stud isn't everything, but it does count in the bedroom. Those that say gals don't just judge a guy by the size of his penis are right, because most gals don't in everyday life, except in bed they do judge. Even in bed penis size alone isn't everything, but it is a part of the bedroom factors, is it not?
Something else worthy of note is that in nightclubs gals will checking out guy's crotches to see if he looks like he's got extra size down there. They look, period, as there is no denying it if you've ever been do a bar. She may not be interested in a relationship, just looking for some good sex that night. Gals know that the majority of the guys in the club are going to be average size. So when they get a clue that a guy may have a big penis, their interest in him jumps upward. Afterall, if she wants average size sex that night she go with just about any of the other guys. Provided the stud isn't ugly, or drunk, he can very likely have his chose that night if the ladies can tell he's hung. Penis size isn't usually an important factor in a good relationship, but it's importance is stronger in the single life.
Once having partied in the single life, it becomes difficult to accept that once in a good relationship most ladies aren't going to be thinking about how sex would be better if her SO was bigger. Their focus is not on that. Many other relationship factorsare in play now, and her feelings for him carry over into the bedroom. It becomes a sort of mind over matter process. If she loves him, and their overall relationship is good, then she can likely enjoy herself greatly in bed with him no matter what. Yet this still doesn't change something------if he was two inches longer and an inch thicker she would be having even stronger physical reactions to him during intercourse. Emotionally (her feelings of enjoying herself) her reactions might not be much stronger, because afterall she's in love either way, but the physical with would be more intense and it would make for even better physical sexual pleasure for her. This is where the disagreements between those that say size doesn't matter, and those that say it does, arise from. It's not a clear distinction once a relationship is involved, and becomes blurred. Overall there really can be no denying bigger means more physical pleasure, but the mind ie powerful and love is powerful and size can indeed become very minor in importance in such cases. In the singles life size plays a clearer, more important role.
2642 June 1, 2005

That's strange:
I have noticed on websites where penis size and vagina size are discussed the women tend to be a little less mouthy than some of the women on this website. I wonder why.
2643 June 1, 2005

Italian Stallion :

Trust me that is the truth! Is a long while that I
'm living in a "black" Country and I'm lucky to be a 7.5 inches size ....otherwise here was a big problem , here women wants big cocks ,if you are small ....better leave ,no pussy available !!!
Is a matter of vagina depht ,black girls normally are very deep .....so they want something long enough to fill them , end of story !

Ciao , have a nice fuck !
2644 June 2, 2005

I prefer a man that is at least 12 to 14 inches its just more exciting. Still tho, he needs to know what he's doing, or he's just a guy with a big thang!
2645 June 2, 2005

I actually took the time to read through this the entire site contents.  Turns out you owe me for lost time from my life that I will never get back.

You have a way of going about the subject matter with so many generalizations (just like the way you conveniently make it sound like the ones who make negative comments about your site as not having read the whole thing) and selected quotes from the scientific community and so-called polls to justify this position.  For all of your obsessing, you seem to miss an important fact.  That not everyone has the same way of thinking as you.  As a matter of fact, you seem to take great pains to generalize all of us females as subconsciously feelings that larger is better.  Well that is a bunch of bologny.

Another thing is not everyone has the same genetics.  Eg. you seemed to conveniently leave out important facts that the anatomy of both males and females of particular races are sized to match each other.  Therefore, in some cases with interracial relationships, there is truth that being too large can be uncomfortable.

Another thing is that while you make plenty of effort to somehow twist things to make it seem like every undersized male has insecurities, your own entire obsession with justifying this "penis size does matter" approach reveals that you yourself have some other forms of insecurity which goes beyond your penis.  I am just glad I do not have a significant other like you who thinks the way you do.
2646 June 2, 2005

> Please be patient, sometimes it takes a day or more
> before it is added to the comment page (it's
> not automated.)

Oh lord.  This is rich!  Nice way to be able to filter out comments that might not be too your liking.  More so does this make you look like a tool.
2647 June 2, 2005

Average Guy:
All women who want huge dicks are whores....  Sorry ladies, but that has to be said... I have a 5 1/2 dick... I have been with a lot of girls and all have called me back... Do I really have to make the list of things that are more important to a girl... Stop thinking so much and get the girl off with what you have and who you are... It's no wonder why over 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce when these whores are marrying "dicks" and not the actual guy.... then after awhile u realized u have a piece of shit guy and you thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with his dick... real smart whores....
2648 June 3, 2005

I am a small woman and my boyfriend is not much taller than me. I like sex better with men who are closer to my size and not too tall. But one thing that's not very small about my guy is his cock. He is huge! about 9 inches and very thick. So anyone who thinks that small guys all have small penises, they are wrong.

We have a friend who likes to do erotic photography and she's taken some pictures of us. He is one of her favorite models because of his big cock. She said it's easy to capture the sexuality and erotic power of a woman in photographs, but it's more difficult to capture the sexual power of a man unless he is well endowed. It makes me proud when women look at the photos of him and exclaim, "Wow, his dick looks TOO BIG for his body!" So yes, I think size matters a lot. I love my man with his "oversized" cock!
2649 June 3, 2005

So, the topic it penises.  The question is Do Black's have larger penises.  Yes and no.
Let's first look at this race idea and let's tell the truth.  There are absolutely no biological grounds on which to base the concept of race.  The concept of race is a social construct.  There is only one species of human in the world today.  And though there is a great deal of phenotypical variety(including penis size) to be found amidst the global population, we really are all remarkably the same.  Mean male human erection size (5.5"-6.3") speaks to the fact that in our evolutionary history human women have selected mates on criteria including larger penises.  After all, human males are far better endowed than any of the the other primates.  However, whether this larger penis is meant to unsettle other males or sexually stimulate/attract females is not clear.  Many evolutionary scientists are beginning to lean toward the former cause(Something I'd bet quantifiable data would confirm.)
Now, regarding empirical evidence about penis size variation in given populations.  The writings of a number of 19th century French anatomists testify to the Senegambian negro(West African)displaying mankinds most developed phallus.  Other European scientists such as taxonomist Carolus Linnaeus made similar observations about Sudanese Arabs(semetic mulattos) and Nuba/Nuer tribesmen(tall slender africoids).  Interestingly, all of the so-called "definitive" survey data available on this subject is drawn from far too limited a sample group(23 black participants and 57 Hispanic compared to 315 white on one well known sites survey.)
Again, it must be noted that a great deal of data compiled via anthropological surveys suggests greater endowment amongst populations of West African descent.  The closest objective answer to this most politically incorrect of questions seems to be that very big penises are rare world wide.  Yet, they evidently do pop up (no pun intended). And, the bulk of evidence we have tells us that they are found most frequently amidst populations of recent West African or, Sudanese/Nilotic heritage.   

Hope that some truth is welcome
2650 June 3, 2005

I have a smallish sort of penis (rated E on your chart) but generally thought it was not small enough to cause disappointment for women. Then I remembered something: on two occasions when I was in college, my girlfriend and I had a threesome with one of my best friends. Now I'm kind of small but he is *really* small. I'm 5" long and 4.5" around when erect, and comparing him to me I'd guess he's 4.5" long and 4" around if not less. My girlfriend commented disparagingly afterwards on my friend's size--not in a mean and nasty way, simply being honest.

Now it seemed obvious to me that she would feel that way. From my point of view of being bigger than him, I could readily believe it was more pleasurable for my girlfriend to have me pumping in and out of her than his smaller model. When he had finished making love to her and I took over, I felt proud (although obviously I didn't say anything about it) to enter her with my larger dick, and confident that it was more fun for her.

And then, recently, I thought... wait a minute... why wouldn't the same be true for a bigger man compared to me? What if the threesome had been with a guy with a larger penis than me? He would feel the same: confident that his bigger equipment would give the girl more pleasure than mine. And just as I was right (and my girlfriend's testimony proved that I was), he would no doubt be right, too.

I'm sure there's a limit after which a penis is big enough to be uncomfortable for many women, but I've come to the conclusion that you're right: among men who aren't freakishly, monstrously huge, the bigger the better as far as the woman is concerned.

Some women are small and have less "bandwidth," it is true. I think a rule of thumb is that the closer a woman is to having her maximum volume filled, the more she'll enjoy it. That maximum volume will differ, so for each woman there will be a different ideal size. But for each that ideal follows the principle that--within her own anatomical limits--the bigger the better.

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