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2401 April 7, 2005

My wife is a petite woman who has had three kids and put on some weight. It has become impossible for me to satisfy her through intercourse. Her vagina has gotten larger and lost tone with age, and my penis is average, just under 6 L. and 5 C. The weight gain has made some positions, like side by side not workable. Rear entry is only 2 or 3 in..
After watching adult films I noticed that she would be aroused and wet. At first she denied being turned on by watching the big dicks. She didn't want to make me feel inadequate, but she admitted to fantasizing about what it would feel like to have a big cock inside her. We got some sex toys, dildos and extensions, and sure enough she had some good orgasms. But we both knew the real thing would be better.
It took awhile to work up the courage to post an ad on a swingers' site for a well- endowed man to join us. After screening some candidates, we found the ideal guy. He's 15 years younger than me and is turned on by satisfying older women. He's a big, powerful guy at 6' 4' and 230 lbs and in incredible shape. My wife describes him as "strong as a bull." I guess you could say he's also hung like a horse at 8.5L and 6C.  His nut sack is as big as a baseball.  The first time we got together, even after the foreplay, I thought my wife would have inhibitions, and would at the least need lots of lubricant. Instead, he was completely inside her in less than a minute. In another minute or so, she rode him to a mind- blowing orgasm. He fucked her for about 10 minutes, finishing in the missionary position. She had four very powerful orgasms during the session. I thought I'd be more involved, but it was quickly apparent that I wasn't contributing too much.
There's no question in my mind that size matters. My wife says that it feels so good to be "filled up" and she loves both the deep penetration and the friction from the thickness. I knew from the dildos that her vagina expands so that a dildo or cock will slide past her cervix and into the vaginal cul de sac. Her vaginal lips do a real dance as he slides in and out. That's from the thickness. The sounds of sex with him and her are something else. She moans and gasps like I never could make her. When he's driving to his orgasm on top of her, the bed makes quite a racket. It's obvious to me that I can't give her the kind of physical experience that she gets from a younger, stronger, well-hung guy. The last time he fucked her without a rubber. The wife said she could feel the blast of his cum deep inside her, which really excites her.
The only thing uncertain is how much of my wife's pleasure is from his cock and how much from his physicality. My wife associates it all together, but says that the cock is the best part. Just seeing him slip off his shorts is a turn-on for her. She associates the cock and also his big balls with virility. I guess the same way I associate round, full breasts and hips with femininity.
This guy has joined us now six times over the last 5 months. I have to say my wife and I are making better love than before. I can still get her off orally. The dildos work better and I even got her off wearing an extension. It's ok with me if she fantasies while I'm fucking her as long as we're both enjoying it.
I don't know how long this will last or where we're going with it, but so far so good.
2402 April 7, 2005

Television Evidence:
I've watched a couple of MTV's Real World seasons. The show takes a number of young adults and has them live together for several months.

One season had 2 white guys, 1 black guy, two black gals, and one white gal all in one house.

At some point the gals see the black guy coming out of the shower and he's huge. It's clear he did it on purpose. All three ladies are freaking out, and one says he needs to put that thing away, that she is too small framed for that size.

Guess what? Yep, this very female goes to his bed that night. They stay hooked up and live together after the months of the show are over. In the house on the show she can be heard making noises when they are doing it. They have their arguments during the shows because she gets jealous that the ladies hang all over him at the bar and he has sex with one of the bar gals in the hot tub.

On to another season and a different group. This time there is 4 guys, and 4 females. Two of the guys are gay and two are straight. The two straight guys are white and it seems that one must have been pretty good size, while the other one was either average or small.

One of the females is a nympho and loves sex and has had tons of hookups. She immediately attracted toward the cutest straight guy, and eventually he lays in her bed and holds her. They never did get undressed though and as he was sleeping with his groan area pushed against her ass you can bet she got a good idea of his size. She seemed to immediately lose interest in hooking up with him after that. In another episode he picks up a gal in a bar, but when having sex she can't be heard at all.

The other straight guy (he had made a comment to the house nympho in one episode that she would find him hard to handle) also picks up a gal in a bar and while they are doing it in the shower she can be heard belting out noises. He also hooks up with a black gal that is part of the group staying at the house. She later comments that he and her are very compatible physically in bed. She has a boyfriend back home, and so she has just cheated on him, and the next morning after having sex with the house stud she calls ger bf and tells him she doesn't know if she wants to continue their relationship. They indeed break up and she goes back to having sex with mr stud at times.

And guess what. Concerning the sex nympho that had lost interest in having sex with the cutest guy after he had been pressed against her sleeping, it's found out after the show's season is over that her and mr stud hooked up several times without the others knowing about it. Why did they hide this when nothing else going on in the house was being kept secret? I think it must have been so as to not hurt the cutest guy's feelings. For her to not have to come right out and admit that she was only truly sexually interested in the guy with the biggest dick.

Just some instances where size mattered when it came right down to it.

Some women state they don't know why guys are concerned about size. Well duh, the women around us give us every reason to be.
2403 April 7, 2005

To: A Girl's Opinion:
Lord, I would hate to be the guy you lost your virginity to and find out it took another guy to break your hymen. I would hate even more if my friends found that out.

I agree with you it's about the height of the race, but I think you're leaving something out. As the black men are in general taller, the black women are in general taller also. But it goes beyond that. Black women have very big bubble butts and very wide hips to go along with that added height. So there is an additional factor to look at to see why this is so. I believe it is as'the penis website' says, that black womens' genitals are positioned differently, to allow for more size, and I believe this is why black women have such impressive bottoms that have shaped around this change. What I'm getting at is this: black men are going to be even longer than their height would seem to indicate and black women are shaped to match it. This would also explain why the difference in penis size is more between black and white men, than between white and asian men----even though whites are likely more tall over asians than blacks are over whites. Something has to explain why then black men are even longer than should be by height and I think that website's mentioned surgeon shows how that can be. The reason dates back to tribal days naked in the heat with the mens' penises in plain view for competition and centuries caused this alteration, and that has been explained before.

Of course you're right that not all black men are big, and not all white men are average. This is all in general what I've said.
2404 April 7, 2005

You stupid idiots. What guy really believes all women want are huge penises. FUCKING CHRIST! I don't think so. I am not interested in size. if you have a dick biggen than 8 inches shove it up your ass cause your a fucking freak! I can get pleasure from a dick four inches in size. Bigger is not better. And women who think so shove shampoo bottles up their fucking twat!This site is deffinatly about society's view and how they perceieve pleasure. Once again the perfect body comes into effect. What women wears a size C bra and has a waist about 20 inches or less? NOT MANY. What guy has rock hard abs and a huge dick? If you're using steriods, you had better not brag, cause I'm pretty fucking sure, it's smaller than 6 inches. So fuck this site and the AMERICAN DREAM OF THE PERFECT PERSON!
2405 April 7, 2005

John   To CHERYl:
Cheryl, Im 20 and my penis is around 5.5 by 4.75. If we went on a date and we ended up going to one of our appartments,and If you pulled down my pants what would you do if you saw my penis?????
2406 April 8, 2005

Hey I just wanted to give a shout out to Matt for his awesome post. What he says is true. This author of this site could have done much better by providing more believable information about penis size. It's a bit silly to claim that only 10% of men can satisfy a woman. But, of course, I don't know for a fact that that is not true. I think that there is some merit to the idea that in certain circumstances, an enourmous penis can provide the kind of pleasure that nothing else can.

When a woman is in love, penis size is less of an issue. A woman can have very satisfying sex when she loves the man. But of course, if that man had a large penis, the sex would be better. But the sex is definitely in its own class with the love element.

But most people are not in love when they are having sex. Right now, there are people all over the world fucking. Most of them are not in love with their partner. Penis size will matter in some cases, especially when it's small. However, there are many other factors in the sexual experience. Personality and looks to name two of a vast number of factors, many of which we are not aware of. I can't explain all the reasons why some girls turn me on. I just don't know. In some cases, it's the tits, ass, or face, or some combination of those things. But when there are romantic feelings involved, penis size still matters some, but is a remote concern, unless there is a micro-penis involved.

I have a long (7.5) but skinny (4.5) penis and am not happy about it. It seems that girls enjoy it, but I know that women measure a man's penis by how thick it is, not how long it is. Of course, a short penis isn't very good. but girls don't run into them all that often. If it's a fat one, they certainly won't complain too much, if they are the type to complain.

The only real consolation for small dicked men is that if you are both in love, penis size isn't much of an issue. But the majority of people that are fucking right now are not in love. So that's why there is a size debate. For the majority of those people fucking right now that are in love, the penis size is fine. It's only the real small ones that present a problem when there is love in the relationship.

But most women (and men) would like to be in love. And when they are each in a good situation, penis size doens't matter so much.

I just wonder if penis size can ruin an otherwise good relationship from the outset. I personally know that my penis is long and relatively thin. I often wonder what this means. I know that women dig a thick penis, but is mine all that much worse? I don't know and never will. It depends on the girl, and I don't know what the average girl thinks fo it. It's possible that she is weighing other factors including penis size. The whole issue might be a crock of shit. I am not a woman, so I don't know what the difference is, or means. Maybe that's why it's difficult for men below average (and some average and above average from what I've read here) to understand how women feel about it. You won't know and can't know. Women will have many reasons to say that size matters or doesn't. It's hard to know what to believe.
2407 April 8, 2005

why bother putting yourself down:
I am a 5ft 10inc white man 174lbs 46years old.now my penis soft is only 3inc,and i have traviled around a lot,i have slept with about 50women all colours.I have been married now 14years.When my wife saw me first she saw i had small feet so she thought i would have a small penies.She had slept with a coloured man before so she said that when she saw my small feet and hands she was expecting me to have a small penies,well she was surprised my hard penies is 8inx6in,she said mine was the biggest penies she had had.were did women get the stupid idea that a man with smALL FEET AND HADS WILL HAVE A SMALL PENIES.But also do i once was with a gril i liked very much,but she said i was to big for her,and she was to scared to have sex with me.So you see being big is not always good.But this just shows dont always thing a man who has small hands and feet will have a small penies.plus not only do i have a 8x6in penies but i can go for at lest 2hrs,and a women can feel me cumming in her which they love
2408 April 8, 2005

Worry not fellas. I'm a vaginally-orgasmic woman and I've been with about a dozen guys. I have found that size does not equal better sex. I think for a guy's sexual performance, stamina and thrusting technique are way more important than size. There's nothing like sex with a guy who knows how to hit my G-spot and can last long enough to make me cum multiple times.
2409 April 8, 2005

To "Dont Black Women Intimidate You":
Dude, I think you are one of two kinds of people. Either you are a black guy, or you are a average to small white guy. Being white, and also possessing a very large penis (9 inches by 6 1/2 inches) I have put it on asian, white, and black women. The question isnt "dont all you white guys feel like shit because you are physically out matched" the question is "dont all you small pricked guys (white black or asian) feel like shit because you are physically outchmated" Even if you are a black guy, chances are Id make your girl cum more than you could ever imagine. I prefer black women because they do have larger vaginas and I can really go nutts ( no pun intended). Get with the program, dont buy into this load of crap that is suppose to make black men feel better about themselves.
2410 April 8, 2005

janice pelord:
i think that this issue is so mild and uninportant that males should be so caught up in how big their penis is,well i have one growing on my head but i dont complain.
2411 April 9, 2005

I am a 22 Year old black female and I am in Love with a Japanese male. I was very much offended by your comments on both of our races. You referred to the black female as though she were an animal, some untamed ape from the jungle, filled with so much lust and promiscuity she couldn't possibly be a dignified or respectful person. All because of the vagina. You can't relate a woman's pussy to how she and her people have evolved within society. And as far as Asian males and their penises, 6.5 inches can do a damned good job with this jungle monkey. I don't approve of any of your comments or view points on an individuals sex life, genitals, and race.
2412 April 9, 2005

My wife and I had a fantasy sbout me watching her make love to a well hung black man with a ten inch penis. She wanted me to watch from outside our bedroom window with the curtins open just enough to see it all. We played out this one night and it was the most erotic sight I have ever seen!!! I would advice any couple to try it at least one time. She had multiple orgasims but now wants to do it all the time.now she like to undress with the curtins open with the fantasy that someone is watching her.
2413 April 9, 2005

I am very average in size. The night we played out our fantasy really changed my mind about why women love a big penis. A few weeks after I watched her have sex with a black man with a ten inch penis, now she wants nothing but a large penis inside of her. But, it is erotic watching them when he has no clue that someone is looking from the outside window. Now, I meet men that I do not know and invite them to come over and watch from the outside bedroom window. They all tell me it is the most exciting event they have ever seen. By the way, my wife is very attractive and built extremly well. Knowing that she is being watched, she puts on quite a show. It really turns her on knowing that she is being watched and turning other men on.
2414 April 10, 2005

 Trust me I'm an expert on this!:
I guess my girlfiends and I were pretty slutty for a while. I've slept with plenty of men and can honestly say there is no way to predict what a guys cock size will be, or what the sex will be like. It seems more often than not I am surprised. Sometimes you have a huge guy with a tiny package and visa versa.

One of my girlfiends is definitely a size queen and she was on a black guy fetish for a while. She swears not many black guys are well hung and that theres not nearly as much difference as she expected. I agree.
Most guys I've had sex with(black,white,latino etc) were pretty average I suppose. The biggest penis I ever saw(maybe 10" or so), and the smallest penis (3 or 4"), both belonged to very average looking white guys. I slept with a black guy who was a pretty good size (8ish). I also slept with a very tall, muscular black guy who's penis was not only short, but very thin(bummer). I slept with a very short, thin black guy, with the face of a young boy, who had one of the biggest penises I ever saw(9ish and really fat-ouch!). I slept with a very tall, slender white guy and his penis was kind of short, but very fat. Some of my girlfriends have made similar observations that some of the smallest pasty white guys have the biggest cocks. One of my friends swears that, "dweebs & nerds are hung like buffalo". Other times you'd bet your tits on a monster and get the teeny weenie. Another one of my friends swears that good looking guys have the ugliest cocks, and ugly guys have gorgeous ones! I know this sounds crazy but I swear it is true.

As far as what I prefer? I guess it varies for me. Sometimes 7" is plenty. Sometimes 8". Sometimes an extra fat one is nice. Slow and gentle is best for that really big one! However you get what you get on any given encounter.
2415 April 10, 2005


We all agree that there are 3 dick sizes, right? Large, average, and small.

So why is it that in these discussions the "average" dicks get lumped in with the small instead of with the large? It's always "large" is better than "average/small", never "large/average" is better than "small".

That's weird, because as a girl i can tell you for sure - there's a "big" difference between a 6" dick and a 4" dick, a bigger difference (in terms of sex pleasure) than there is between 6" and 8".

The basic cutoff shouldn't be between "big" and everything else, it should be between "small" and everything else.

A 6" dick isn't *quite* as good as an 8" dick, but it's not a really important difference. Most girls can have mind-blowing orgasms with either.

But a 4" would be very difficult to get off with...
2416 April 10, 2005

JaneUK: Words of wisdom. After so many posts that are a waste of time - youre concise and wise post was refreshing.

I think the main factors are that you look to prove what you beleive. We live in a male patriarchal society where as men - size and power matter. So some women will even adopt these male psychological beleifs and prefer huge dicks and even (perhaps) get breast implants - risking their lives to conform to some dysfunctional societal idea of what good looking is.

I've had many women in my 20 year sex life (I'm 39) - and basically average sized in penis ( 7.5 x 5.3 girth). Several have told me they had larger penises - alot reported it was too painful, but some also said big but not too big was very good. I've made alot of women moan, and most orgasm via vaginal sex (all with oral).

I dated alot (15-20) of mixed black/latina women and alot of them had very tight or great feeling vaginas. So I dont buy that black women are set up for larger penises - mine was often too large even.

my current gf is also black/latin and has what I call a medium sized vagina. It feels very good but not great. (Great is when I can have multiple orgasms or ride a euphoric wave of near climax the entire time). So just as penis size matters so does vagina size to a degree.

I also wonder how most women here found this site - were they searching for a penis website? (doubtful)
2417 April 11, 2005

Stop saying the ladies don't know sizes or are lying---charts back them up:
There are posts talking about how big dick males "...only make up a small percentage", and these posts follow it up by saying "...therefore she will have to sleep with very many men" to meet one of these guys". Then the posts are followed up by saying therefore "...gals are lying about fucking big dick males as you can see the numbers don't add up".

First of all, these posts are only seeing what they want to see and therefore not considering everything involved in these numbers. Far easier to think all of these women are lying, or are blind.

Let's say only 7 out of every 100 white males may have 8" length. Fairly small percentage. Just looking at it this way would seem to indicate she needs to sleep with 14 guys to run into one of them.

However, lets not forget 7 out of 100 white males may have thick girth. Let's say 6" girth is thick (which it is). Fairly small percentage again, and odds are 1 in 14 white males having that.

But now by combining the length and girth charts it's reduced to one in 7 white guys she sleeps with will either be thick or long. However, some of these guys that are thick will also be long, so the number needs to go back up and the statement needs to be adjusted to perhaps something like 1 in 9 guys will either be long or thick or both. Still not all that big a percentage when combining the thick and length categories.

Still though, another adjustment needs to be made. That's the confidence factor in sleeping with women the big dick males tend to have more of (in general). In general,big dick men are going to sleep with 3 to 4 times as many women. There are several reasons why this happens. Not only because of sexual confidence, but also to show up other men. Men are very competitive by nature. He has this big advantage between his legs, and he's marking territory by sleeping with women. He knows most of the men that sleep with her after him will be smaller than he is. He knows many will be jealous of him if she mentions him, and he knows she will never forget his big dick.

So these 1 in 9 males seem more like 1 in 3 to women because they hit on women so often. All she has to do is sleep with a few guys and she will run into one of them. So as you can see these women are not lying afterall as men claim. Instead it's men that are lying to themselves by not examining all the varibles involved. Far easier to claim that these women don't know what their talking about (that they don't know small from average from big), or that they are lying. The chart numbers actually support these ladies' claims.

And the above wasn't even considering when ladies also sleep with black men who tend to be longer and thicker. If she sleeps with both white and black men then the numbers are going to be more like 1 in 2 males.
2418 April 11, 2005

Numbers continued:
And even if you think the 7% (1 in 14) white males for each category was too high, at least the post takes into consideration length, girth, and how often big dick males hookup with women, and womens' accounts as adding up enough to deserve merit, and white and black men sizes. Unlike other posts that only look at length and think only 1 in 1000 of all males are long and then conclude that all women are blind or lying. So even if you don't believe the above posts percentages, at least it shows women are meeting up with big dick males far more often than a chart may indicate it should be.
2419 April 11, 2005

i'm 24 years old indonesian and i got 5.2inch in length and 5inch in girth when errect.

it is small, yes i agree but it doesn't make me loose my self confident. all you got to do (men with my size) are :

1. confident but not over confident
2. keep up your stamina (i play football 3 times a  week and swim twice a week)
3. if you don't have a gf, use your self pleasured time (masturbation) as exercise, make it 20 to 30 min.
4. healthy meal and enough rest
5. we aren't build to be the alpha man, so love your woman everyday, and be loyal.
6. use your charm
2420 April 11, 2005


I still say that women are taking a big risk by taking on the giant cocks. Yes, I am talking about AIDS.
I only have 4 in. in length (and I am also small in thickness). I might not give all that much pleasure to the ladies, but I don't give them HIV either.
2421 April 11, 2005

To Chrissy:
But three small meals a day are better than one large one. And don't forget more calories activate more free radicals, which are said to hasten the aging process.Therefore, perhaps more isn't better
2422 April 11, 2005

Sucker's lie's why we do it:
What from around 14,somthing goes off in a mans head.That little pecie of skin takes on super inportance for the next 40years.Men will lie about it make exusess about itand everyone has a penise thats at lest 9in.Whats worse the ladies will relize the inportance of this little bit of our body,and they now have the power to crush the poor sod who has been telling everyone he has that 9inch penise,when infact he has onlyb5inchSo do you now see how stupid it is,get a life
2423 April 11, 2005

Queen Size:
 I agree size certainly matters to me. Maybe because I'm bigger at 217 pounds. My current boyfriend is on five inces long and very skinny. There is absolutley no resistence when he puts it in me so there really is no kind of pleasrue at all. Also we are limited in the amount of positions we can do. He is to small to come in from doggie style, and when I am on top I have to be careful not to hurt his penis. He lackes in performance as well he can only stay hard for maybe 10-15 mins before he ejaculates, sometimes less than that, so then when he starts to go soft I have to just grap his tiny nutsack, of the base on his penis and squeeze it to keep it erect. So thre are a lot of problems with a small penis.
2424 April 11, 2005

Bars tell it like it is:
Have you been to nightclubs? If so, unless you just don't pay attention, you see how often the gals there check out guys for bulges. In one night stands size matters even more because some important factors of a relationship are not involved.

I'm not saying they don't check out guys' physiques and looks also, cause they do, but the bulge watching is definitely going on also.

These single gals will be letting the other gals know how you were in bed, and yes, size will be brought up. If you are big, then the interest in you will soar as word gets around. Picking up chicks there becomes easy then. Typical bar scene that proves size matters.
2425 April 11, 2005

Re:Difference in Bulges-100 Yard Dash:
I was interested in your post.  Can you fill in some of the gaps?  I guess you are white and your gf is white? What race was the girlfriend of the black guy you saw in the restroom?  Did they look like a new couple or do you think they had had sex before?  Did your gf show absolutely NO interest when you told her about his oversized cock, or did she seem to just try to not be interested? Do you think she would have enjoyed being fucked by a man with a dick like that?

Also, at sporting events - do you think that girls notice the differences in bulges between white men and black men? 

I am a physician and I will tell you about an experience I had in medical school.  The university hospital where I was doing rotations was connected to a prison system hospital.  To get to the patient wards, we had to walk down a long sterile hall with video cameras so that no prisoners would escape.

I was on a hematology/oncology rotation where we went around the hospital with the attending physician seeing consults.  There was this one consult in the prison hospital where the doctors had called us to see an inmate who they thought had penile edema (swelling).  They thought it might be due to sickle cell anemia.

I was on a team with a fellow who was probably 32 years old and philippino (female), and the attending doctor (also female and about 50 years old).  Also on our "team" was  PT student who was about 25 and really really cute and petite.

We went to see this patient, and the fellow pulled back the covers to reveal a really HUMONGOUS flaccid cock. She and the attending doc started pushing on it to see if it was edema fluid or not.  As they were pushing their fingers into it, I looked over at the PT student's face.  Her jaw had dropped open and her eyes were wide as pancakes.  She was basically agast at what she saw! 

After the encounter, the attending was writing a note about what she thought in the patient's chart.   She decided that it was just a genetically large, normal penis - not due to any disorder.  She joked about it with the fellow and the PT student.  The PT student just said she couldn't believe what she saw - and couldn't believe that was normal, but that she had never seen a black one before.

 I felt really strange, being the only male there - and just slightly inadequate knowing that all three of these women had seen a cock that would be bigger than anything else physically possible (to require a medical consult).  I especially thought of that PT student and wondered if that experience would change her future experiences with men.  Would she be disappointed with future boyfriends???

In summary, with a few medical experiences (including other patients I have seen), I believe that there are more outliers among black men, and that some black men do have really huge cocks apparently not due to any disorder.  Not sure how this affects the female population except to make them giggle a little bit like they did after seeing this patient.
2426 April 11, 2005

obnoxious stereo? brilliant!:
Most men are big fucking babies. This site sure makes it seem so. The problem here is that the author elaborates, generalizes, and over simplifies a bit too much. I doubt too many women would say that penis size doesn't "matter". Sure it "matters". But that doesn't "mean" a damn thing. When you try to make it mean something more, and make generalizations for all women, it becomes rediculous. The answer is obvious! Different strokes for different folks. Trying to make more of it, is a crock of shit! Sex is not a huge priority in the first place. But it certainly  does "matter" to most of us. So lets talk within the realm of sex...To most women, there are far more important things about sex than penis size, there are even more important things about a penis than its size. Everybody still paying attention?

A big penis is like a loud car stereo. Its nice to have and show off, but you don't buy a car based on the stereo's volume. Most women would prefer to have sound "quality" over maximum "volume" anyway! I would prefer to have safety, performance, reliability, AC/heat, etc, etc, etc,. If the stereo happens to be average, or better, Great! Are there people who would buy a car simply because it has a high wattage stereo? Certainly. And when it breaks down they can sit in the breakdown lane and enjoy the stereo!
2427 April 11, 2005

Well I personally think that to a point penis size does matter. I mean if its like 3 inches then yeah its going to suck. But if a guy knows what he is doing then 4 or 5 inches isn't too bad. And personally I wouldn't even want a guy bigger than 8 inches, that hurts! Anyways, guys don't worry about penis size, thats not what it is all about, there are a lot of other things that can still make you good in bed no matter what your size!
2428 April 11, 2005

I have a question for "Motel," who reported that when he worked at a motel he could hear women having sex with well endowed men enjoying it much more than women having sex with other men.

  That's a pretty compelling story, but would you please explain one thing that seems very puzzling?  I have stayed at many motels and hotels over the years, including for some extended periods, and I have never encountered an employee who asked about my penis size or to whom I mentioned my penis size.  How in the world would you know the penis size of the men who stayed at your motel?
2429 April 12, 2005

first of all i think ur all buch of virgins because everybody having sex and feels the inside of a woman KNOWS that u need a thicker dick to give her satisfaction she needs to feel u or its if ur not even there come on be honest its not the length its the thickniss ok
2430 April 12, 2005

Response to Are You Intimidated By Black Women Sexually?::
If we white men are sexually outmatched by black women, they certainly compensate for their inadequacies in other ways: they run down to the shop for our favourite newspapers, have our meals on the table on time and add a lot more fun in the bedroom; for example, they ask us to throw them round and call them "niggers", whilst they call us "masters" and beg to be penetrated by white meat, which is proven to be better for one's heart and health in general than black pudding. So in answer to your question, no, we don't feel intimidated. In fact we want only black women -and many of them only us- and not white women, except for offspring, of coarse.
2431 April 12, 2005

I don't care much about size, as long as the guy isn't less than 5 inches. I'm no size queen, I'm a stamina queen. I like a guy who can fuck for like an hour and make me cum a bunch of times before he cums.
2432 April 12, 2005

My 5" penis totally satisfies the only person I really care about satifying - ME.
2433 April 12, 2005

I saw some program the other day about penis length in relation to race.  Some university lady had studied literally thousands of men of all ethnic backgrounds and she had concluded that blacks DID have the biggest dicks on average, followed by white/arab/indian men, followed by oriental men.

The average black penis was only slightly larger than the average white penis (by about 0.5 of an inch) and seems to simply be because blacks are, on average, slightly bigger physically than whites.  Likewise, whites tend to be better endowed than orientals as they are simply slighly larger overall.

One interesting result from the study was that black men don't tend to grow much ie their dicks are only slightly smaller when flaccid than they are when erect.  In contrast, many white and oriental men experience significant growth when going from soft to hard.  This may help explain where the 'blacks have big dicks' myth comes from.

From my own experience in life (doing and hearing), i'd like to add the following...

1. Women in general like big dicks but not too big.  I'd say 7-7.5 inches seems about perfect.  I'm 6.5 by they way, but never had any complaints.

2. The whole 'all black men have big dicks' thing is ugly from many perspectives.  Firstly because it's not true, secondly because it breeds hatred and resentment towards them from non-black males and thirdly because it's dehumanising and disrespectful to blacks.

3.  White women in general do NOT prefer black men.  In fact the vast majority don't.  If they did then people like Will Smith and Denzel Washington would win the 'sexiest male' polls that they have in magazines and papers, rather than Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp etc.  I recently saw some 'sexiest soccer players vote result in some woman's magazine of my sisters.  Now despite the fact that the league is about 30% black, all the players in the poll were white, including some i'd never even heard of!  I've met many white women who won't date black men and none who won't date white men. The white women i've met who have gone out with black guys ALL came from places where there were no blacks at all (Poland, North Wales and somewhere in Germany).  They all dated white men too.  People generally go for their own race.  That's just a fact.

But the bottom line is there is NOTHING wrong with dating outside of your race and i would do it without a second thought if i liked the girl and she liked me.
2434 April 12, 2005

to women who like big dicks:
Perhaps you are immature girls who are somehow stuck in the phallic stage of The Electra complex, during which the daughter becomes attached to her father and more hostile towards her mother.  This is due mostly to the idea that the girl is "envious" of her father's penis and wants to possess it so strongly that she dreams of bearing his children, thus the term "penis-envy". So freaks please don't blame your mothers for your castration or average men for your own perversions! 
2435 April 12, 2005

Some women as well as men preffer big dicks, it all depends what you have gotten used to.. If you got yourself a partner that is 8 and knows how to work it.. and then get urself another that is 5.5.. guess what.. ur not going to see the difference.. Nevertheless, if all you have seen in your life is a 4.. then u will be happy since you dont know any better...
2436 April 13, 2005

Hello.  I will not argue as to whether women prefer big penis's or how big is "big".  I will tell you this though---I am a 24/m who has had sex with multiple women and almost all of them came back for repeated sex. Ive even heard comments ranging from: "your huge, it hurts" to "your above average" or sometimes no comments at all. That said, I am "only" 6.25 X 5.  These women were not girl friends.  So obviously--penis size can't be THAT much of a deciding issue if they wanted to come back for more.
2437 April 13, 2005

The reason us men are so down on ourselves and in self pity is because of porno.  We are comparing ourselves to porn stars! Do you think the average porn star is a guy who has a small or average penis? NO! If you had a small penis would you have the balls (no pun intended) to be filmed? Sure, there are dudes with big ones out there---ive seen them but chances are, the women you pick up at bars or wherever have not seen too many of these.
2438 April 13, 2005

If a guy is hung his girlfriend will brag to her other girlfriends about it, causing jealousy and an urge to rival with this girl. The backlash is that secretly most of these girls will try to, or fantasize about, a sexual encounter with this hung boyfriend. Hence being hung and having a loud mouthed girlfriend will ensure the oppertunity for a larger amount of lovers. In a case of breakup in the relationship, its quite likely that one of the girlfriends will seize the chance to be with the guy.

The girl with the largest boyfriend will most often have the most power and respect in the circle of girlfriends. Her boyfriends size works as a respect-generating medallion which adds to her female power.

Usually there is always one of the girls in the circle of friends that pretend to be offended by the subject of penis size and never shares any information about her boyfriends size. Usually this is the girl with the smallest sized man, and all the girls seem to sense this instinctively. She will almost never be the girl with the most power and respect in the circle of girlfriends. She might even become prudish and leave when the other girls brags about an encounter with a hung male.

It is a true occurence that when girls are together on a social event without any males present talk will fall on penis size. On event like this encounters with small sized guys will be mockingly told, generate loud laughs and serve as a subconscious warning to the other girls. This guys chances will be ruined for good  within this friend circle and beyond. Girls are also known to spread this information to their 'sisters' - an example could be; if he is spotted flirting with a girl in a bar, a girl with inside information about his small penis size, might secretly approach this new girl and warn her about him. Often this message is transmitted in the girls bathroom while putting makeup on and the result will be a perplexed guy when the girl 'suddenly' decides to abandon him. These warnings are considered friendly and sisterly amongst most girls and will often be highly appreciated. The makeup mirror in the girls bathroom in bars is often also used to convey information about hung males present.

The combination of the penis size rave inbetween the girls and the confidence that comes with being hung, secures the male with an seemingly unlimited supply of female sexual partners. You dont often find this guy being single or lonely.
2439 April 13, 2005

I was on a cruise last year and i brought this girl to my room i was 18. I normally have around a 5 1/2 long by 4 3/4 around dick errect, but that night i was pretty wasted, and had some serious whisky dick. My dick was pretty soft couldnt of even been close to 5 inches long. When she saw it she was smiling.......... was this because she was laupghing in her mind at how small it was??????????????????????????????????
2440 April 14, 2005

The best way to find out if penis size matters to your girlfriend is to ask her, if it would matter to her, if her son was born with a very small one.
2441 April 14, 2005

The only part of size that matters is girth...and there's lots of easy ways to beef it up!!  Length only matters if it's less than 4.5!!  If you only have 4, 5, or 6 inches, if you are good and thick...you are fine!!
2442 April 14, 2005

I have gotten a few female friends over here, and they have posted, Ashley and Lisa.  These are just a few of the many women who say size isn't that important...and they have had big!!  Peace
2443 April 14, 2005

small [now getting near average]:
I thought i would awnser post # 2353 and inform him about my posts. Yes we did have sex with well endowed black men whom through other swingers we were directed to. We also had sex with some forty or more couples/ Yes she divorced me but she didn't leave me for a black man she left me for a well endowed white man. See once you start sharing your wife you start to break down that bond of trust and love for each other this took over seven years to happen we ruined the lives or certainly upset the lives of three children. You can't keep somethings secret they know about your large black friend that comes over even if they don't see you in bed with him then when mom starts to stray they know about that too. But it was me that started it i wanted to watch her in extacy and i thought she won't leave me for a black man and she didn't she left me for a white man. I would be a liar if i said that the black men sexually were noy far superior to me, first they were 2.5 times the size of me both in length and in circumforence but i guarantee you not all black men are built like that most are just average. We hunted for the ones built like that, i bet the number is about the same as the chart describes in this and many other sites less than 1 percent. Don't get confused between large and huge there is a lot more men with seven in which is large not average most men are between 5 and a little over 6 in. The men we encountered in our swing world also possesed something i will never have is endurability or stamina and the ability to orgasm more than once in a period of time white or black. But black wellendowed men seem to have this factor more than the white men and my first wife said they stay more erect. See its just not size but you condition your wife to size and this stamina and therefore she no longer can be satisfied with you so the nest step is you loose your love for each other because of loss of trust. I am so happy my now wife doesn't require the sexual demands of my first wife which i through my selfishness created a monster for her. Then i discovered the Lord and i also through my many web search discovered on a small penis site someone posting all the penis enlargement exercises and searching all the penis enlargement sites the different ingrdeients of their pills which was easy to find in a health food store under male performance pills at one third the cost and twice the amount of pills. I am now over 5 in and 4.7 in around after seven months of taking pills and doing exercises and using a rubberband to capture blood in my penis. This helps enlarge me another 3/4 in which makes me 1.5 in longer and takes me over 5in in circumforence while having sexual relations with my wife these gains by rubber band use loose after you take it off but the other gains are there permanently than when i started doing my exercises and taking pills together. My confidence is returning sexualy but nothing can repair the damage i did to myself in my first marriage i degraded my wife and myself so i determined to do something about it. I am a Son of God and no longer will permit myself these indulgences i know the only true happiness is to never stray and don't just stand by and do nothing if you had a weak keg you would exercise it i am glad i found a method to help this part of my weak body. I would never recomend anyone to go my route i will never be their size or have their stamina but thank goodnees my wife doesn't require that and nothing can replace true love between man woman and their God. I am so sorry i offended him and hope his redeeming blood will cleanse me. Small or used to be a sexual addict trying to recover.
2444 April 14, 2005

Bigger equals better genes?:
A big penis is not always better: it is sometimes a product of a repeating gene disorder. If the man has a genetic disorder, how can his genes be superior?
2445 April 14, 2005

Response to Alexandra:
Perhaps stop focusing upon the man's gentiles (which only ignorant women do) and try to tighten your vagina with some exercises, which may result in your feeling fuller. And remember he might be saying to his friends something like:
"Tighter women really turn me on but my current girlfriend is a bit of a disappointment with slightly slack vagina.We have been together for 3 months and I really do like her. She thinks our sex life is fine but I am always left wanting a tighter vagina, which are much more pleasurble.My last 2 were on the tight side. We enjoy plenty of foreplay but her vagina is pretty slack. I miss the feeling a tighter woman gives. Are there any positions which would give me satisfaction?" 
p.s. I do admire you, as should many people, for trying to overcome your genital incompatibility rather than sleeping with other men, as a whore would do.
Good luck!
2446 April 14, 2005

What is the truth?  I think everyone has a different defintion.  No woman I have ever been with has easily handled my thickness.  You should of seen some of them wince and agonize in pain over it and the more they do the more I want to give it to them.

The point is NOT one SINGLE woman and I have had hundreds has ever taken it without some discomfort.  Most tell me they are sore the next day

Some have flat out refused after 5 minutes of trying and wanted to get me off with their hands and by licking me.

Some women it takes me a good 10 minutes to work it in.  I NEVER had a woman say they have had a thicker dick.  Longer yes (just a few and they said "slightly" longer), but mine is so long it doesn't matter mine still feels bigger because it's so big around.  I have tried Trojan XL magnums and one girl tried putting it on me and she said it looked painful.  It was it was cutting in to me at the base and really hurt.

My dick is too big around for them. 
She said it looked like a rubber band wrapped tight around her wrist.

Again my thickness is a result of phalloplasty and you can't tell.  it looks the same as before except it went from a bit over 6 inches around to nearly 8 inches and length increased 1.5 inches.

I have what I think is the perfect cock in my ego's view point, but 99% of the woman I have been with have said it's just a bit too big for comfortable sex.

My one girlfriend has a 7 by 6 inch dildo and she says it's the PERFECT size.  She loves having sex with me, but even after one year she sometimes gets intimidated by what she knows she will initially go through but she said she has never orgasmed like she does with me, but then again I give it to her for long periods of time until i finally explode.

I even make her call her friends and brag while I listen as a condition to her getting laid again.

Life is good
2447 April 15, 2005

I don't get these so-called women who say they like 9 inch dicks. I have a feeling they get off on the psychological aspect. I was once with a guy who was almost that big, and after like 10 minutes of penetration I was sore. Personally I think the perfect cock is 6 or 7 inches and thick. My boyfriend now is 7 inches which is perfect. He can give me deep penetration without it hurting.
2448 April 15, 2005

Every woman has her own preference. I'm a girth queen. Length is not that important but thick ones are my fav for orgasms. It's just that I don't care how long it is but a thin cock will probably miss my spot. Sure fingers are great but during penetration that gets complicated. If a guy is thick enough though his cock will press on my G-spot, and if he can last long enough he'll make me cum just by thrusting, which really turns me on. But I only seem to be able to cum that way in missionary position, so I also like a guy who has lasting power even if he's doing most of the work.
2449 April 15, 2005

Does it matter:
I think this site is here to promote some sort of penis enlargment product.

I am 47 years old ex pro athlete and still have a nice body. I have been with over 75 women, my penis size is 7.75 x 6.

I have had 3 women who told me I was small, one pussy was so big I felt lost inside her and really couldn't feel anything, she told me her last boyfriend was 10.5 X 7, and had dated him for over 5 years (I think she was use to big boys). I was able to give her multiple orgasms all the time. The second person started dating a guy wit a 12 x 7.5 penis so she dumped me for him she eventually dumped him and tried to get back with me because she could never get use to his size (Before we split up we had great sex, she was a squirter). The third woman commented to me the first time we had sex that she has had a larger penis than mine, although she made the comment she told me I was her best lover.

I have never had women tell me I was big but with the exception of those three women all have said I was a good lover, because I took my time with them and made each one feel special.

I love foreplay and have found that while every woman is different getting them in the mood and finding what they like before having intercourse will make any guy a better lover.

I don't have any problems with my size and enjoy pleasing my partner first. I like my size because I can go harder or deep without the fear of hurting my partner.

I have had women scream my name during sex, hold me tight, pass out, multiple orgasms, and flat out fuck my brains out. One woman told me I was addicting.

I started having early like around 10 years old with a 14 year old girl by the time I was in high school I was having an affair with my best friend mom and she taught me how make love to a woman. She must have been a good teacher because my high school girlfriend must have told her friends and the next thing I knew it each one came to my house looking for a good time.

I have been married for 17 years now, my wife is the sexiest woman alive we have the best sex I've ever had. The best thing about having a regular partner is you get to know each other and are able to please each other better.

My wife taught me how to last longer now we can have sex for hours (I use to be a 30-minute-man).

Size might matter to some women and if you encounter one just keep going because most woman aren't too concern with the size of you penis, most are looking for someone who is fun to FUCK....

One more thing for the guys take your time and show her you care, communicate with your partner find out what she likes (unlike guys no two woman are alike in bed). If you take time to please her you will make her a very happy and satified woman who could care less about the size of your penis.....

2450 April 15, 2005

Big penis guys? I beat them on a daily basis. I like to see the faces of their girlfriends seeing what happens to their big-dicked boyfriend. Most of them split shortly after, as the girl realizes that her mate can't do the real thing that man is made to do - to fight. I've even had some cases where his girl comes to me. Everyone who has read some books about human evolution will see that the man is a fighter. The man have to be strong and to be able to hunt for the food, to defend the family. That's what the man is realy for. And I show this stuppid long-dicked buddys what's all about.
PS: Don't get me wrong. I don't fight with this guys only for the fact that they have big penises. I fight with many men who stand in the way of achieving my goals. I just like beating the hunged more because they think and speek that they are big. And I like to show them what the real man is all about.

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