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2351 April 1, 2005

My numbers were off on the ideal penis chart:
I posted that the Ideal Penis Size Chart should adjust the Asian numbers down 1" L x 1/2" G. Looking at the numbers from #2303 that I based them on I misfigured it. It looks likes the adjustment for Asians may should instead come down 1" L x 1/4" G.

I also posted adding 1 3/8" L x 5/8" G for blacks. It looks like I should instead be adding 1 1/8" L x 1/2" G.

Sorry to post about the chart again Ed. When I realised my mistakes I felt the need to post this correction. Still looking forward to what you think the adjustments should be.
2352 April 1, 2005

Are You Intimidated By Black Women Sexually?:
Anyone that has been around black women are aware they are the most open and unbashful about anything. You also see black women have bigger hips and asses, and overall bigger body features than other races,and naturally that includes vagina size.

Realising all this, do you find you feel intimdated to have sex with black women? to they seem like too much woman for you to handle in bed?

On BET (black Entertainment Television) the black women on stage says things like "I ain't got time to be bug fucked"; "If he's small my favorite position is with another man"; "Eight to ten inches at least"; "White men can't jump or pump"; etc.

If you don't believe me then watch that channel. Those that have watched it often enough know that what I'm saying is absolutely true about what is said. Even some of the black men on that channel carry on about white men's smaller dicks. One black guy said that when he was in showers with many other men, that white men have big balls. He said from the back the balls could be seen swinging. But that when the white men turned around their dicks looked like a short worm with a helmet on it. His words right there on tv. 99% of those saying black men aren't bigger are white men. Almost all white and black women, and most black men are saying black men are bigger. There are some black men that claim it isn't so---- they are probably not hung themselves and therefore choose not to believe the overwhelming evidence. 

If it's true black men are overall sexually bigger, which there is every reason to believe so, then it's only natural that black women are built to match. To the white guys, doesn't it bother you at all to know that after sex shec will be telling her friends you were ok but just not big enough. The black women I've been around are not shy about speaking their mind, and if she thought you felt small she is going to say so. If she likes you she won't tell you, but she will tell her friends. And if she gets mad at you she'll then tell you. Does it not bother you to see you are physically outmatched?
2353 April 1, 2005

To bob n debbie:
You sound like a fun couple with a very open relationship. Good for you, I think, because I do wonder however though bob, are you sure you will ok with it if she starts grunting and making sounds you've never heard before when the endowed black guy is on her? Having once worked at a motel, I know first hand the ectastic sounds women will make when a hung guy is riding them. This is why I know size matters no matter who denys it. I've heard the evidence. Have you read the poster who goes by the handle 'small' posts from a year ago and then posted again not long ago? It was fun at first for them, but cost him his marrage when she became completely dissatisfied with her husband's size after experiencing so many big black dicks.
2354 April 1, 2005

average joe:
im just over 5 inches and 4.5 round and i never had any complaints. im a good looking guy and i think that plays a part in it.ive been with lots of girls and some became fatel atractions i couldnt get away from them. if my cock size was a problem i dont think they would have been hunting me down for more. i think you must have good looks and a good personality and some comon nolage on how to make a girl feel good.for all you guys out there who are depresed about the size dont let it bother you if a girl dont except you for what you are then she is not a girl that can love you ,she only loves larg cocks,thats just a horney chick with problems,go for the one who loves you for you and everything else will be fine trust me.there is more to a relationship than cock size and if thats a  priority to her then she is just a loose chick and that spells trouble. thats the same king of girl who looks at the size of your bank book too, get the picture?
2355 April 2, 2005

Is penis size important?
  Answer: No.
  Reason: Women who highly valued penis size would have been weeded out by evolution.

Explanation: The traits women find attractive in a man are not random - they serve evolutionary functions. Most women find muscular men attractive because muscular men can fight off predators and other men. Most women find excessive muscles unattractive because excessively muscular men are not flexible enough to outrun predators. Women find attractive faces appealing because facial symmetry and bone structure are an indication of genetic health. Most women find caring and sensitivity attractive because it's an indication that the man will value and protect her wellbeing and that of her children. Most women find toughness attractive because it's an indication of the man's willingness to protect the woman and children against physical danger from animals or other men.
Women find each of these traits attractive because each trait is an indication either of the man's ability to pass on good genes to the couple's children, or of his ability or willingness to value and protect the wellbeing of the woman and the couple's children.
Penis size has no relationship to these things. Therefore, women who considered penis size in choosing a man would have been placing less importance on these other factors that DO help ensure her health and safety and the genetic strength of the offspring. Overall, women who valued penis size would have had less healthy children, and the women and children would have been more susceptible to violence from animals and other men. Over significant evolutionary time this would have killed off women who placed a high value on penis size.
As a reasonable person it's clear to me that this site is run for profit by people who want to sell penis enlargement. Don't buy the hype.
2356 April 2, 2005

your site defeated my soul , now knowing that girls are just black cock mungering sluts i think ill become rapist with my 4inch by 1 inchs of so called man hood
2357 April 2, 2005

You ever notice most of the women who talk about penis size are usually fat and ugly.  That's cuz they are trying to divert the attention away from them and give them leverage over men. 

Also, there are studies that show that the male brain is geared toward visual stimulation more so than the female--i think men care more about it then they do.  Women care to some degree about dick size but all in all they rank personality more.  How do i know? Just go to any college bar and look at all the hot sorority girls with ugly dorks for boyfriends.
2358 April 2, 2005

This site is half true at best.  I would like to comment on the theory that penis's "evolved" to be bigger because women like them better.  What a load of crock!  Have any of you ever had sex with a virgin? I have and let me tell you--they are so scared to have sex and penis size is the last thing on their mind--in fact most are scared too big will hurt.  So obviously biological hardwiring is not a factor when it comes to women desiring a type of penis.  It is obvious our culture swayed women to crave larger phalluses.  In fact, in some cultures, (IE the ancient greeks)believed a big penis was unattractive---hence the very small penis's on the statues. Its just like any cultural trend.  All this hip-hop culture has many girls attracted to black men and guys who dress and act "ghetto". 

Just to contribute some stats, my penis is 6.25 x 5.0 erect (although at the base its 5.75 in girth)
2359 April 2, 2005

Eon Blue Apocolypse:
Ok, I agree size matters to women but I would like to make a few comments since some ridiculous posts have been made.

1. So what if black men have bigger dicks? They also have bigger lips, noses and lower intelligence.  Look at the percentage of black men in prison compared to the outside world. 

2. Thats fine if women care about dick size but I notice the only ones who always bring it up are usually ugly, overweight sluts.  Hears an idea for you ladies...LOSE WEIGHT!
2360 April 2, 2005

I don't understand why men are getting upset to think that their g/f's or wives fantasize about big dicks.  You guys know damn well you fantasize about tight, young pussy.  So tell your wife with her stretch marks, spare tire and loose-as-a-goose pussy that she can have a hung stud as long as you can bring home a nice 18 year old coed.
2361 April 2, 2005

Difference in Bulges-100 Yard Dash Black Men and Bicycling White Men Bulges:
In the 100 yard dashes, where it's almost all black runners, they wear tight shorts and their bulges look impressive. It seems at least one runner out of the lineup always has a huge soft one. It's a bit embarrasing to see some of those snakes protruding so obviously in plain view on tv. The majority are huge, but still usually big. Even if some of these guys don't grow much when erect,they are going to be much bigger than 6 x 5. Some are already much bigger than that soft. 

On the other hand, it's a very different sight when watching white bicyclers with their tight speedos on. So many have bumps for bulges and the ones that have more are rarely anything big. At least they haven't let their little ones stop them from enjoying their sport, but good grief I wonder how they can not think about it showing for all the world to see.

It's really hard to imagine most of these little white soft bulges catching up with the the huge soft black bulges when erect. When erect, these white guys no doubt close the gap with erect black men, and therefore there won't be several inches difference erect between them and the black runners like there is when soft.  But there is no way they catch up that much ground.

Recently I went into a restroom that didn't have a divider between the 2 urinals. I walk up and pull my 5 x 4.5 soft dick out (I'm white and that's not a bad soft size for me) to urinate. In walks a black guy and pulls his out in the urinal next to me. He doesn't pay me any attention (not that I could tell anyway), but I couldn't help but glance toward his dick, and sure enough like I was expecting, he was very big.

I usually feel quite proud to have something fairly good soft size to hold on to to pee with. Not this time after seeing his. His was completely soft looking (in fact he was flopping it a bit)and it looked about 6 x 6 from what I could see. There was at least still a bit covered by his pants.

I went back to my table in the lounge and sat down with my gf. He went and sat back at a table on the other side of the room with the female he was with. A few times I looked over towards their table to see if he was showing any smugness toward me (in case he had indeed noticed my size), or if he was eyeing my gf with any look on his face as to how he thought he could handle her far better than me.

He wasn't paying us any attention, and so I stopped thinking about it for a moment. The female at the table with him was hanging all over him, while mine showed me attention but was looking around.

After a couple of drinks i wanted to see my gf's reaction, so I told her how long, but especially fat his dick had looked when I had used the restroom at the same time he did. She looked at him to see who I was talking about, but my gf didn't seem to become attracted toward him and didn't seem to become less attracted toward me.

I sat there and for a moment thought about how he was going to bang that female senseless later on that night with that fat dick. I got a bit jealous for a moment as I thought about how he could do the same thing to my gf. I wiped it out of my mind so I could enjoy the evening.
2362 April 2, 2005

My girlfriend and her best mate both had hysterics at the size of my manhood.We had come home from the pub one night and my girlfriend suggested a threesome.We all started kissing and touching one another.Then the girls got undressed and I thought I was in for the time of my life.But when I stripped off,the other girl took one look at me and just fell about laughing.This girl couldn't stop laughing and set my girlfriend off.Every time they looked at me then at one another they started again.I'd always understood it wasn't what you had so much as what you did with it that counted.Now Iknow the truth.
2363 April 2, 2005

Well-endowed men really turn me on but my current boyfriend is a bit of a disappointment at only 5ins.We have been together for 3 months and I really do like him.He thinks our sex life is fine but I am always left wanting more.My last 2 boyfriends were 7/8 inches long and on the thick side.We enjoy plenty of foreplay but his manhood is pretty small.I miss the feeling a bigger man gives.Are ther any positions which would give me satisfaction?
2364 April 2, 2005

It is a human need,if you are hungry you want a big meal and not a snack.Sex is the same why have a little one when you need something more filling.(Big=8inches Snack=6inches.)
2365 April 2, 2005

Vaginal nerves are not just first three inches--proof to naysayers:
Ever listened to the differences in the sounds a woman makes between being fucked with a short one or a long one?

If there are no nerves deep, then explain why some women say long ones hurt.

Explain why some women will grunt loudly "UGHGGGGG" everytime a long one reaches all the in.

If there are no nerve endings deep, then explain why there are some women that orgasm from having a long one all the way in.

Explain why I heard a woman tell another woman she had just met a very hung guy, and she told her that although it was uncomfortable it also felt good at the same time.

Telling guys that women only feel the first 3 inches is just a politically correct feel good answer. The evidence definitely speaks otherwise.
2366 April 3, 2005

i just wanted to say i was curious one night so i read your page. you did a GREAT job!!! i really think you should do one about labia. i was thinking about getting labioplasty and then i read your section about labia. it really opened my eyes. thank you.
2367 April 3, 2005

love BIG:
Size matters a whole lot to me & not just for one night stands, if im in a long relationship with someone then i need to be turned on by them. Sorry guys but small/average size dicks do not turn me on

I am a small petite white girl & it needs to be at least 8inch and thick, not much good having a long dick if there is no meat around it

So now i only sleep with black men.. BIgger dicks, more powerful bodies.. stronger.. & they kno how to fuck

but strangely enough the biggest guy i ever had was a white swedish guy.. I was in agony for days after
2368 April 3, 2005

  I have had very honest discussion with women on penis size, and they have said...it is who is on the other end that makes the difference.  All those women(67), said if they were having sex with someone they were madly in love with they orgasmed regardless of size.
  Now, if you are with a girl that means nothing to you, and vice versa...and she makes fun of your size...why give a damn.  She doesn't have a heart to care for your feelings, so don't give a damn about her satisfaction...feel fucking happy you are getting some pussy!!!  If you are with a girl you truly love...and who truly loves you...you will be fine.  If she is unsatisfied...this should point to a problem some place else in the marriage...that is trapping the tottal bondness of love during sex...that makes anyone orgasm.
2369 April 3, 2005

I've watched thousands of video clips of couples having sex, and I've seen many videos featuring "big dicked" guys.  In general, it's been my observation that men with long penises usually can't insert the entire length inside the woman. In many cases, men with really long penises never insert over half of their length inside the woman. All this makes one wonder:  What's the point of a 10 inch penis if the guy can only insert 7 inches of it? 

The flip side is that women can accomodate any width
of penis.  I've never seen a woman who couldn't handle a man's girth, even if he's very thick.  This suggests that a woman's vagina was built more for lateral stretching, rather than length-wise stretching.

Sure, there are women who can take a long penis, but in general it seems that the average woman can't handle more than 7 or 8 inches (and many even less).  Has anyone else observed this?
2370 April 3, 2005

Bulge Watchers Are Proof Size Matters in Sex:
Guys, that have big enough flaccid and the right pants on to show quite a good bulge, will know exactly what I'm about to say is true----- and that is that women look at big bulges. Of course, if the guy is ugly, then they might not get around to seeing his bulge.

Some women don't look, but many do at least glance, and some will continue to look for longer than a glance, and a few will even glare. I've even had women follow me around a store after seeing it, as they became suddenly very friendly after seeing my bulge in my pants. I've heard a woman tell another woman "I thought you said it didn't matter", after the woman had become mesmerized after seeing my bulge.
I've seen a woman outside a grocery store with a buggy full of groceries stop dead in her tracks to look at my bulge. I could go on and on and on with personal examples. These are all true experiences---not made up. I won't even get into telling about some of the jealous looks and nasty names I've heard a few guys mumble about me. I've even seen a couple leave upset after he got mad at her for looking.

Now to the main point of my telling about my bulge. I think this alone proves that size matters to women during intercourse. If not then women wouldn't be so inclined to look at big bulges. You can't tell me looking at big flaccid bulges in pants isn't connected to sex. Of course it is, as there is no other logical reason for women to be attracted to big bulges.

Proof beyond doubt.
2371 April 4, 2005

Mark, good post. However, I think your referring to sizesurvey for black penis size is likely an error.

Here's why I think that. First, there is a website called 'the penis website' that contradicts that, and it says black men average length is 6.25 - 8 inches.  There are even longer outside that average, and indeed shorter also. So the mid point of that average is 7 1/8", a good bit longer than what sizesurvey says. The penis website numbers on black men is  based on a report from a French surgeon that traveled.

Ok, it's reasonable to say that the one you quoted could be right, and the one I quoted could be wrong. Yet, a further look into shows there is better reason to choose the one I quoted. Why? Because my quote is based on what a surgeon said, and yours is based on self measurements sent in. The number of black men that participated in sizesurvey is very small, and that site states so. A good question would now be how many black men were involved in the website I quoted. I don't know. If it wasn't all that many either, then it still may matter more the small number of black men involved in your survey quoted. This is because in a self measured survey with a small number involved there is a higher chance of the numbers getting skewed by just a few erroneous mesurements (like measuring non bone pressed instead of bone pressed as the survey wanted). Not to mention the chance that someone(s), jealous that the "myth" might be so, could pretend to be black and send in numbers to pull the averages down--- not impossible to believe at all.

In case my points haven't been convincing to you, though I think I've been logical enough, there is a good tiebreaker. That's women that have been with both races. If you're listened and read around then you know that women that have been with different races almost always say that black men are usually the biggest by quite a margin.
2372 April 4, 2005

I totally disagree with marc about asian woman being tighter thats just stupid i have heard from asian men(filipino)that the asian woman they have dated were looser than the white woman he has been with...and from personal experience ive seen plenty of asian genitals in porns and alot of them were not that tight looking not to mention hairy as hell. I dont think it matters of the race, but each woman is different. I dont know what it is these days but white guys have a thing for asian woman i think there just interested because its something different, one day when its not all that strange anymore it wont be such a big deal. I am caucasion and was raised in the philippines and i have had filpino guys after me for years and am now married to one. In the filipino culture beauty to them is usually tall, fair skinned, pointed nose and w/e else. I personally dont find anything attractive about chinese, not to be rude but china is a dirty country and the most of the woman are boney and bull-legged...i cant stand the white guys that r like i love asian woman most of them are to ugly to problebly get a good looking white girl and dont deserve them anyway !!
2373 April 4, 2005

this web site was educational, i spent about three hours reading it. i personally am unsure of the precentage rates listed here however. but regardless would like to state that in my own experience all the ladies wanted to have sex with me and claimed to have had bigger and stated it was by no means better. i find this justifying due to the number of females which made these statements and the fact that they were in no way connected. in fact, i had one partner claiming she was hurt by a bigger penis and was grossed out by its looks. another saw my avarage penis (in case you are wondering its under 8 inches maybe even 7 dont really care) and addmitted to liking its size first hand and shes been around the block many times. another case where a lady of mine couldnt with stand its length which still bothers me because she is my girl now. another case where a girl had three guys to pic from whom she had slept with but insisted on spending all her time with me, only when i ended our friendship did she return to them. so i really dont know, but by no means do i think this web site is wrong or offensive. just know everyone is differnt and has differnt preffrnces. for example this other girl i had in the back of my jeep was all out pornstar qulity, everything i THOUGHT i wanted but in the end it turned me of, by only alot. in fact i lost my erection and kicked her out because it was at that point i relized that women are unlikly to be genuine at 18 and this chicks reaction scared me to the point where i had to get my shit checked out for stds. so in conclusion and on the bright side my not so well of brothers, the only reason you want something is because you cant get it.
2374 April 4, 2005

This is the funniest site. Of course women want a large penis - but some women will give that up for a nice guy. The largest I have had was around 11 inches, and very thick. Yes, I would let him fuck me again any time he wants.
2375 April 4, 2005

The man that wrote in saying he only had an 4inch penies when erect.He said he played rugby and at the end of the game he hated getting a shower becuse of the names he was called.Look when non erect my dick is 3inch,i have had people laugh.But when i am erect i am just under 9inx6in,you should see the look on the faces
2376 April 4, 2005

Oh MY:
I have always been curios about this. I ran into a stripper by accident. We started talking about this. She then blurted out that her boy friend was black and had a very thick penis. She loved it she said. She is a cute red head .  She does some escorting and offered to let me watch for a price of course . She said it turns her on when she looks in between her legs when he is sliding it into her
2377 April 4, 2005

A Girl's Opinion:
I just wanted to say that I read the comments about Black men, and because I've been with and seen Black, White, Latino, and other men's erect penises. I'd like to offer men reassurance that more often than not Black men's penis sizes are not bigger than anybody elses.  Do you get your speculation from pornos?  Just as any other man with a smaller penis, black men won't show off their smaller members!!! I'm a Black woman and I would not go by a white girl that's had a one night stand with one black man.  The only reason I could think that Black men are more well endowed, is that many of them are taller men.  Our men and women are just larger and taller than other races. I think as someone who has seen enough erect penises through my college years, the bigger penises belong to very tall men over 6'3", regardless of race.  If you see a short man with a big penis, that's a freak of nature, because shorter stature men, definitely have smaller dicks. People think it's always about shoe size, but it's actually the distance b/t a man's thumb and index finger that I judge (if you stretch their thumb and index finger, you get a good measure of the penis without having to actually see it).  I guess I check this out to see what I'm in for.  Little stubby fingers are a sign even in palm reading for stinginess and selfishness.  Honestly, I think that very small penises (thumb size) are definitely disapointing, especially if they are "selfish" in bed.   The key is to definitely eat that woman out and get her to come first.  She will care less about the penis, if she's already had an orgasm. Trust. Size is secondary to the orgasm. I personally don't get much sensation from penetration, regardless of the size.  IT's the foreplay that matters.  As for large penises, they do feel different.  I had lost my virginity to one man, but the second one who had a large penis, actually broke my hymen and I bled.  It was quite unpleasant!  The area didn't heal for a couple weeks.  It's a filling feeling, but I don't like being stretched out. I actually left a guy because it was too much all the time and I didn't want to have a loose coochie. If I want to be with somebody on a regular basis, I prefer a 5-6" penis, because it isn't a need to be warmed-up every time to get stretched out enough for intercourse.  My best lover was normal sized, because he knew his way around my body, and he always made me come with his tongue.  I definitely have had a few large penises, but trust me race is not a factor.  White men are well-endowed too, but the thing is, they have to have stature.  Black men are just more likey to be tall, so they get the label as all of them being well endowed. NOT!!! I've seen very small penises on black men.  A largely endowed Black man discount themselves, because they are not good at satisfying women.  Many do not like to give women oral or try to "make love" to a woman.  They pride themselves with their thrusting, which is definitely not enough if you want the woman to reach orgasm.   White men have been more demonstrative during sex, and it's very enjoyable.  If you want to know about the size of Latinos and other mixed race people, well definitely go by stature and that thumb/index thing.  Like I said, size is not to do with race but genetics.

Personally, I don't LIKE that last paragraph that suggest a man with a small penis be "selfish."  Maybe some stupid bitch just told him he had a small penis, and now he's going to take this stupid advice and not have good sex.  If you THINK you're going to make a good impression, LOL, then go right ahead.  Big or small dick, if a man can't have good sex, I'm going to let him know HE SUCKS and let his friends know.  If he also have a little dick, I will let them know that too--only if he sucks. 

Also, for a woman's vagina, the tightness changes, depending on the mood, time since last penetration, or wetness.  I've had sex with a certain guy, when one time it felt big, one time it felt average, another small, then back to big.  The good ol' writer didn't tell you that boys, that the vagina definitely changes in sensation, shape, and size depending on the time of the month.  So go ahead in try that "selfish" thing and how that works out.
2378 April 4, 2005

Are there any married female SWINGERS out there who were sure that size didn't matter much, and one day wound up at a swinging party that would change their life / view ?


2379 April 4, 2005

Hello. I think this site makes legitimate points, and I agree that (all other things being equal) size does matter to women. However, I do think some of the information shown here is misleading, at best. Here are some statistics for those of you who, after reading this site, may feel under-endowed:

% of men with an "ideal" penis: <1%
% of men with a "very satisfying" penis: 1-2%
% of men with a "satisfying" penis: 7-8%

So, according to this site, less than 10% of men will be able to satisfy their partner and I was being very generous in those estimates; they are likely much smaller. I am not going to argue that less than 10% of men can please their women - perhaps it is true. It is simply not for me to say. However, if you are in the other 90% of men with apparently inadequate dicks, just know that you are not alone.

Also, the average size estimates that are included from the Kinsey research are overestimated, since most men do not measure themselves properly. Incorrect measuring methods include (but are not limited to) jamming the ruler into the midsection, measuring the penis at unusual angles, or even measuring from the balls.

I think this is the primary reason nearly ever other commenter on here has an 8-9 inch cock. This means that half of the people reading this site are in the 99th percentile in penis size, or a lot of people are measuring incorrectly.

Also, to all the women commenting saying "Well, I slept with a guy with a 10-inch cock and it was great" I don't believe you. Period. I just don't believe you. That's not to say that you didn't enjoy sex with a very large cock, I'm sure it was great, but chances are it was at best 8-8.5 inches. Unless you have slept with 50 men you have probably not seen a 9 inch cock. No matter how many men you've slept with, you probably haven't seen a 10 inch cock.

Now, don't get me wrong these huge cocks DO exist, there's just not that many of them.

In closing, I hope the information I've given you helps to assuage many of your thoughts on what you may deem an inadequate penis.

Thank You
2380 April 4, 2005

I'm a 37 yo male and here's my 2.5 cents worth - I realized pretty early on that I was smaller than average and that I needed to do something to make up for it.  This was made very clear to me by the first couple of women I was with, who were generally older and didn't beat around the bush about these things (For example, one was 27 when I was 17).

So I got really really good at oral sex - as in so good that I have never failed to make up for my shortcomings (so to speak) in penis size.  I have literally never lost a girl due to penis size if...and this is a big if...I could get them on their backs with their legs spread and get down there with my tongue and fingers.

I HAVE lost a few that judged me on size before we got to that point.  For example, some women just aren't comfortable with letting a guy go down on them the first time they're with him - they may want to get right down to screwing or might want to just give a blowjob.  Thinking about it, if I wasn't able to work my mojo with my tongue and fingers, it always turned into a 1 nighter with no followup.

I've never been shy about getting these things out in the open, and every girlfriend I've had has said that they'd prefer a guy with a larger penis, but that I made up for it in other ways.  And this was without me suggesting it to them - just asking.

I think the bottom line is that it isn't really debatable that women prefer larger penises.  Maybe a small percentage don't but most do, and any guy that is smaller than average is going to have to work to make up for it.  If you're on the small side, you can't just do the minimum and expect good results. 

Here's an example - a girl I went out with for a year or so said that she loved having sex with me - and she did - she was a total perv.  She said that when she was still with her old boyfriend, they had sex all the time too, but with him it was because he was so thick, and that alone could make her come again and again.  With me, it was because I could make her come again and again orally.  So I developed a routine where every 15 minutes or so while we were screwing, I would pull out and go down on her and make her some, screw for another 15 minutes, repeat, etc.  It worked fine.

Another example is a girlfriend I had before that.  Apparently, her last boyfriend had a really big dick and she missed that BUT she also really really loved anal, and with me she could do that as much as she wanted.  She never could have even fit her last boyfriend's dick into her ass at all, so again it was a matter of us focusing on something else that she enjoyed.

Overall, I think that I had relationships that started up and then tanked because of my penis size maybe...5 times.  Did it suck when I realized that penis size was the issue and there was nothing I could do about it?  Yeah, certainly.  A couple of them were really hot too.  A couple others were no big loss.  You just say, "Next!" and find one that you can keep happy another way.

Again, if you've got a small dick and you bring nothing else to the table, you're gonna lose.  If you have a BIG dick and you bring nothing else to the table, you could very well get a hot girlfriend just for that alone.  But there are plenty of women who are willing to trade a shortcoming in dick size for something else - its just a matter of finding them and not getting wrapt up in the ones that reject you along the way.

As far as this odd fetish of guys who have a small dick getting off on being humiliated, I can kind of see that.  It's one of those "it feels so bad that I'm gonna turn it into something that gets me off" mind games you can play with yourself - kind of a defense against getting depressed about it.  I can kind of get into that occasionally, but only to the point of jerking off thinking about the couple times girls told me I was too small or watching porn of really hung black guys screw hot little blondes that I fantasize are my girlfriend.  But its not like I'm going to look for any of that in the real world.  That's the line that when you cross...it's too weird.

As far as the oral issue goes, women have told me that most guys SUCK at it, so if you can stand out in that area, you can make up for a lot.

By the way, I rate an E on the chart with a 5 inch length and 5.25 inch girth when erect.  But it hasn't stopped me from having a great time with a LOT of women.
2381 April 5, 2005

Hal S:
This coment goes out to Alexandra(post 2363)
                        Chrissy(post 2364)
                        &love BIG(post 2367)

Its clear you ladies like the bigger things in life.  I measure 8"x6"-6.25".  I'm also a virgin.  If you want a pic just post a followup.
2382 April 5, 2005

all this stuff about the size of a man's penis is relative to the size of the vagina it is going into, some women have larger vagina's than others.  So honestly I think that a man with a large or small penis can do just as well with the right vagina.
2383 April 5, 2005

This site claims that "the average woman can  handle penises 9 inches long and 2 inches wide (8 inches  around)".  I am 8.5" long and 6.25" around (2" wide), yet I have never been in a vagina that could contain me fully.  Based on how much of my length women can typically accommodate comfortably,  I'd estimate that vaginas can stretch to around 7" in depth, not 9". According to the Preference Chart, my penis is only a little too long for the perfect zone, but experience tells me that it's actually about 1.5" too much; the real ideal is probably no more than 7" for most women.  I imagine there could also be some exaggeration of the girth women can handle, but I'm not thick enough to have encountered that limit; my 6.25" can fit into women without difficulty.
2384 April 5, 2005

Hi, I have read every comment on this post and I must say that EH or the last comment posted before this one is probably the most logical and sain comment I have heard yet.  I think he represents the guy who is average or like most of us slightly below average in the penis area.  Thank you for your comments EH.  Even though I am a bit above average on the penis size I totally can see where you are coming from and I appreciate it.  Guys should work on other skills because there are too many guys in the world that only think about penis size when although it is important, it is not the only thing that matters.  The world needs more people that can see things in different ways and not be so one track minded.  So guys look to expand your sexual skills in many ways if you don't have a big dick and don't worry about not having a big one.  Think differently
2385 April 5, 2005

to the black woman who talked about height and penis size:

(first, I want to say that I dont have english as my first language, if some sentences sounds funny..)

Im a very short white guy at 5'5, my dick is 7 inches, which is little above average for whites.. I dont like that women may think I have a small dick just because im short.
I know most women dont like short guys (im talking about body height now) so its just to accept that, but I dont like to hear things like you said.
Yes, I think there is a little difference in average penis size between 6feet males and 5'5 males, but its not very unusual with short guys and big dicks.
There is many short male pornstars who have big dicks, or at least above average.. Ron Jeremy is 5'6, Brandon Iron 5'6, Bobby Vitale 5'8 just to name a few..
So when you are walking down the street and see a short guy, please dont think that he has a small dick automatically...
2386 April 5, 2005

Interesting site. I am convinced that bigger is better but unfortunately I don't fall into that category. My penis has always been the smallest one in the locker room, measuring 1" soft by 3 1/2 hard.
 This is hardly a penis at all, but I have managed to survive nicely with it . Of course, nimble fingers and a good tongue help a lot. I have often wondered how genetics work. All the males in my family except me are very normal in dimensions, some of them moreso. And I wonder if being circumcised at three years old hd something to do with my cock not growing.
2387 April 5, 2005

I'm a black woman who has no interest in huge cocks. You can only fit so much in your mouth at one time. I prefer a white penis over any other. I get very horny just thinking about white cocks.
2388 April 5, 2005

i wanted to make a correction in my previous post with pills and my rubber band has got me a increase to 5 in in length without the rubber band on. I also take viagra to help get more blood flow. I measure from where i would be if i didn't have a fat pad. Guys being overweight can really shorten you. hen i now put my rubber band on it causes me to go to 5.3/4 in in length and 4.8 in in circuforence but when i take it off i fall back to five in lgth and 4.6 cir. but it still really helps i have gained about 1/2 in length and .4 in in circuforence scince doing jelqing exercises and taking my pills i get at the health food store in the last six months. I hope to get to 6 in in another year and 5 in in circ. so count your blessings if your born that size. I just want to add yes our wives will tell us size don't matter if they love you but you know better you see the results when size is increased. They married us with our pakage and we married them with theirs so when we love each other we don't want to hurt each other. If your tired of being small try something to help yourself but don't go outside marriage it will cost you. Don't expect large gains in a hurry if i gain 1.5 in in two years i will be happy to be six long and average size yeah yeah yeah.
2389 April 5, 2005

forgot to mention my wife and I measure every once in a while when we are playing. she is 5 1/2 to the back wall but can accomodate a 2" wide penis. Mine is about an inch and 3/4, so close enough. As to the locker room I don't try to hide my smallnes, and I have never had comments about it. Usually other men, some of whom only the glans is visible are happy to see somone else in the same shape. Again, I wonder why our gene pool does this to us. Any ideas?
2390 April 5, 2005

Ok here is the deal, i am a virgin but caught up about my ability to please my partner when we are planning to have sex. Currently my ideal penis length and girth would be 7.25' long, 6' around. My actual measurements are 6.5' long and 5.75' around. My dilema is that i fear my partner might be dissatisfied because my flaccid penis is less than 4 inches long and can be very small. My testicles have not grown from the time i was 11 as far as i could remember. SO my QUESTION to the women (mainly) is does it matter the size of a man's flaccid penis as compared to an erect one? and what role does a huge flaccid penis play in stimulation for sex.
2391 April 6, 2005

Same Black Girl As Before...:
I just love this site...LOL, its adorable.  I just wanted to say that I actually read the comments posted before mine, and I'm incredibly amused, but also offended by the false speculation of the sexuality b/t Black men and women.  LOL with the comments about being intimidated by Black women!!! That's so adorable.  A Black woman's bark is always bigger then her bite.  And yes, most, not mine, of our bodies have better curves than most other women.  Most of the Black women I know are like me--We are college educated, physically fit, beautiful, classy BLACK WOMEN, that don't have time to be loud-mouthing people like some BET comedienne.  But as a Black woman with a vagina...the comment about our vaginas being bigger is hilarious.  Let me set the record straight--Black women's vaginas ARE not bigger.  That's hilarious!!!  What do you think, if I spread my legs, you're going to be sucked in???  Of the past lovers I've had, 14 guys,(Black, White, Latino) have to loosen my pussy for intercourse with their fingers, regardless of their size.  NO one has ever fell in, but the opposite has occured.  It's too tight.  LOL Anyway, women have muscles in their vagina that are very tight. Those muscles hold tampons in place!!!  They can hold any penis too.  That IS why the same penis feels different in size each time and in different sex positions because of the changing size and tension of the inner muscles.  To reiterate...Black men's penises are not bigger.  As someone who's boyfriend is a caucasian (6'3"), and someone who dated a 5-foot-nine Black man...guess who is much larger?  My White boyfriend.  He's not huge, but my Black ex was much smaller.  Many Black men are NOT well endowed. The sizes are not different. If they have small dicks, they will not advertise it, like most any other man.  In fact the smallest penis I ever saw was about 2 or 3 inches and was a Black man's. Stop with all those stupid RACIST comments, and work on being the best lover you!
  can be, regardless of ethnicity.
2392 April 6, 2005

It's a good size:
Good god people, I can hardly believe anyone on this site is asking if their 6 or 7 inch schlongs are long enough! I can barely imagine walking around with a 4 or 5 inch long flaccid member hanging down my leg getting in the way of things. Women care less about your dick size than they do about what you do for them, and how you treat them. Given, they would *prefer* a larger dick size, but this doesn't mean at all that they're not happy with yours.

I've always considered myself average, yet I pan out at 5". It's a little bit thicker around for it's length, but I've never had any problems with it. I feel bad until I read some of these posts from people with these giant members wondering if they're too small. Just like men's attitudes toward breasts, women would like to see bigger, but all it really comes down to is whether you've got one or not. And while you're sitting there wondering if she likes it, she's sitting there wondering why you're holding back, or working so hard, or not enjoying yourself. The more you enjoy yourself, the more she will enjoy herself, and the more she will enjoy you. Sex is mutual, not one-sided, and if all you can think about is how inadequate you are, the more she'll wonder if you think you're inadequate, and the more she'll be turned off to the whole thing.

Maybe she prefers a bigger dick. If that's so, let her have her fun. Hopefully it won't take her too long to realize that the member at the other end of the member may just turn out to be a big dick. Unfortunately character cannot be judged by dick size, which is probably one reason why we don't walk around with our pants down.

Gladly, most women are not like this. So stop worrying about your member size. The more you're worried about it, the less she's likely to tell you how she really feels. Some people just like bigger things. Bigger cars, bigger boats, bigger checkbooks; and some people like things that fit *just right*.
2393 April 6, 2005

From my own experience I know that the extent to which penis size matters varries from girl to girl and also from mood to mood . My 6.5 has been to long to ram one girl but I could fist fuck another 3 inches short of my elbow . The girl that I am with now likes the fact I can last for 30 to 45 miniuts and always ask her if she needs some more when I am done , that is when we break out the toys . Sometimes 30 miniuts of me is enough but other times (3 to 4 days before her period) 45 miniuts of me folowed by 45 miniuts of our toy collection followed by one last orgasm with our huge toy (12 inches long and 2.5 inches thick) is what is required to saticfy her .
2394 April 6, 2005

The whole black men are bigger issue is a crock of shit!!!  I've heard plenty of white and black girls say the same.
2395 April 6, 2005

It is how it is used, and who is using it.  Plus, some of you guys on here don't sound very manly...and what I mean is...stop whining about your size and dominate her world.  If you take control of the situation(don't ask her where she wants to go out for dinner or fun, you choose, don't call her 4 times a day ect) she will be into you a lot more.  And by the time you hit the sheets, she won't really care what you have...cause you have already demonstrated you are man.  However, if you are a needy, clingy guy who seems so concerned over every little thing, that is a big turn off. See, you need to dominate our minds.  We love to be seduced, and dominated.  So be the man, don't give a damn.  Don't hurt us, or be abusive...but just be confident and incharge.  Once you have showed a woman's mind you are the man, even if you are small she will already have that manly image of you burned into her brain, and size will mean nothing...unless you are less than 3 inches.  And if you keep this manly image up, and don't start calling her 3 times a day even when you are officially together...we will fall in love...and love is what makes a woman orgasm.  Women that are married, and don't are missing a link some place...a link of love.  Because once you feel 100% connected to that person, without any contact...when you begin to even have the least little bit, that will drive you wild.  A penis and vagina just make the final connection and the highest level.  Good luck guys.
2396 April 6, 2005

To Nathaniel: Good points but...:
What you said made sense, but you only asked the question of whether penis size is Important and you answered that with a no. You didn't mention that it still has a place in factors involving selection.

So the answer is really: Not important to most women, important to some (size queens that there can be no denying exist as they state penis size matters greatly to them), and Matters to at least to a small degree to most women.

You didn't mention the evolutionary parts about how a longer penis represents the sperm being delivered further down the vagina so they don't have to travel as far, or how a thicker penis represents more stimulation for orgasm and as a result therefore better chance of impregnation.

You apparently only chose to mention the parts that support your 'size doesn't matter' reason for posting. Since that is your field, I'm a bit disappointed at you for obviously leaving out what contradicts you.
2397 April 6, 2005

Sexy Slut:
I perfer cute small penisews!!! ANY GIRLS WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!
2398 April 6, 2005

hello everybody my name is chuck and i am 21 years old. If any ladies are reading this please please tell me the truth, is bigger better, i have a 6 inch penis and its about 5 inches in girth, i hook up with girls and some seem to say that i have a big penis and some say its not big or to small its just perfect, but yet they keep calling me back for sex and no im not good looking and i am a little over weight, Please help me out should i buy some thing to enlarge my penis yes or no help
2399 April 6, 2005

Gals Talk His Size -----Make No Mistake About It Gals Care:
What has always annoyed me is knowing that women talk about how we men are in bed behind our backs, and that their conversation is a giveaway that size matters.

For instance,if she answers her by saying that he was "small" or "average", then a brief statement/question about how good or bad was he at foreplay will follow.

But if she answers that he was hung, then the eyes of the woman/women asking will get wide and she'll want to know how big. They may or may not get around to talking about foreplay. Mainly his size and whether she orgasmed from it and whether she can walk ok today will be the conversation. He'll be the talk as word gets around he's a stud.

Now if the average or small guy is especially good at foreplay then he can get some talk for him that way.

Now tell me ladies, why does this stuff happen if size doesn't matter?
2400 April 7, 2005

Not Slim:
This site is a crackup. All of this talk about dick size. It's all in how it's used. I stumbled across this site by accident because a recent partner of mine told me I had a big dick. Out of curiosity I googled some terms and this site came up. I never thought of myself as big because in the locker room I seemed average. However, my erect size must be large based on what I've read here. I'm a relatively short 6.5" but my girth is a little over 7". I really don't care though because it's all in the motion.

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