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2301 March 25, 2005

My manhood only measures 4in when erect.I play rugby and all my team mates are better endowed than I am and they know it.They call me "stumpy"I pretend it doesn't bother me but I feel inadequate and jealous.I've had 2 sexual partners in the past and both have said they would have preferred me 'larger'So for me size matters.
2302 March 25, 2005

i have just found this sight,very interesting. I am just over six inches. To me or any women I have slept with size wasn't an issue. What matters if you have pounded the shit out of her and hit all her spots. MAKE HER CUM B4 U
2303 March 25, 2005

Penis and Vagina Size by Race explained:
To those that think all races are exactly alike:
At 'the penis website', from a French surgeon that traveled around, he shows that the average penis sizes are---

Orientals: 4 to 5.5 inches in length and 1.25 inches diameter

whites: 5.5 to 6 inches in length and 1.5 inches diameter

blacks: 6.25 to 8 inches in length and 2 inches diameter.

So their stastistics tell me that the mid point in average for Orientals is 4.75 length x 1.25 across; whites 5.75 length x 1.5 across; and blacks 7 3/8 length x 2 across.

He also stated that the women are different between the races. That the placement of female genitals is:

Orientals---front and high
blacks---back and low
whites---inbetween the Oriental and black positioning

To me, looking at this there is a logical conclusion that can be reached. That penis size is determined by the size of a race.

However, it doesn't explain why there is just a 1" jump in average penis size length from Oriental men (4.75") to white men (5.75"), but almost an inch and a half jump in length from whites (5.75") to blacks (7 3/8").

Also definitely worth noting is there is only a 1/4 inch increase diameter from Oriental (1.25") to whites (1.50"), but there is 1/2 inch increase in diameter from whites (1.50") to blacks (2").

So besides race body size determining penis size, there must also be something else factoring in to explain the much bigger jumps in penis size from whites to blacks. The answer can be found in where the genitals are located of the women of the different races.

Notice that the the oriental women are located front and high, but the black women are located back and high. So not only do black women have bigger vaginas to accomodate the bigger penises, because they are a bigger race, but their vaginas are positioned to allow for even more length than that. Notice also that their hips are extra wide to allow for extra penis thickness.

Now a thinking person will wonder why black men are even bigger penis wise than their body size would indicate and why black women are positioned for even more length than their body size would indicate. This is easy as it can be traced back to the earlier centuries to men of the African tribes. Black men have longer bodies and penises because, due to the extreme heat, their bodies developed to allow heat to escape. Running around naked with their penises in plain view caused an even further increase in size as the women could see it. Penis size competition was in plain view, unlike today. Naturally the women's vaginas also developed to allow for the additional size. So the postioning of high and back is a very logical development created from their culture.

Black women's butts look extra bubble because of the way their pelvic region is shaped and this is to accomodate their genitals' positioning. In a society such as that, with sex a major part of life, their bodies developed accordingly to attract the opposite sex. So the bubble became also a natural part of their sexual attraction. Don't think this is an attractive sexual device? Just look at how many men go crazy looking at a bubble butt and are not turned on by a flat ass. Look at how much bigger a bubble black women usually have.

White men with an average size penis are going to feel smallish to a black woman. With good foreplay and a strong relationship it may not matter much, but the intercourse for her will not be as mind blowing as it could be because she is developed for a much bigger penis than the average white male has.

In summary, thousands of years of heat and nakedness caused this.
2304 March 25, 2005

So what you haven't had complaints...:
Many of these posts are by guys that say size doesn't matter because they haven't "had any complaints". That's not saying much is it? These same ladies that don't complain with you may do more than not complain to the big guys. They may be telling the big guys they fucked their brains out with a that big dick. No complaint can be a complaint unspoken. Even if she was pleased with your average size, she may have been blow away with big fucks.
2305 March 25, 2005

My husband's little white weeny does not satisfy me.  I love getting my tight little 24 year old white pussy stretched and filled to the max by big black cocks! Black men are are superior to whtboys in so many ways but it is the size of their cocks, the size of their nuts, and the huge amount of sperm they can shoot into my pussy and into my mouth for me to swallow that is just simply amazing!!!!  The black men I have fucked so far have much more stamina too. They can fuck my pussy and last through my blowjobs for an hour, sometimes longer, before cumming. And even after they cum they recover quickly to fuck me again and again...all night long.  My hubby, and all other whtboys I fucked before I went black, last 10 to 15 minutes total if they are lucky. And whtboys don't recover quickly...if at all in one night.  My point is, there is such a mass exodus of white women (wives and single women) to the dark side because black men are better and blk men are superior to whtboys.  And that "mass exodus" of white women to the "dark side" is a direct result of black mens bigger longer thicker cocks, bigger nuts, more volumous cumshots(I love huge black cumshots in my mouth and pussy...mmmmmm yummy), and staying power.  Whtboys and other little dick males are finally finding out what us women have known for a very very long time...that SIZE DOES MATTER!!!
2306 March 26, 2005

caribbean brother:
I'm a 19 year old black male, measuring in at 6 1/2 inches length, 5 7/8 inches girth. Is this too small for a black man? I would like to hear some feedback from you women...
2307 March 26, 2005

My wife and I tried a threesome with another bloke.After a few drinks,my wife suggested we go up stairs.I'd always fancied watching her with someone else.We stripped of and when my wife saw his manhood she seemed thrilled-it's nearly double the size of mine.Now we get together for a threesome once a week.It's like she's addicted to his cock.I love watching her groaning with pleasure as he pounds her with his big dick.We all agree it's a bit of fun but I sometimes wish my penis could do to her what this guy can do.
2308 March 26, 2005

My wife and I have just finished reading this site.She's told me about her past lovers and it has left me feeling shocked.I always thought size didn't matter.She tells me that all her lovers had been bigger than me,( I'm only 5in when erect).My wife say's she's happy with me as a person but wishes my penis could be a couple of inches bigger.
2309 March 26, 2005

As a man with a 6 inch penis the best thing is my girl friend can swallow all my boy right down to my balls any fella longer than me will never have all his penis taken down.
2310 March 26, 2005

bob n debbie:
I never gave penis size too much thought since my wife most normally orgasmed when we made love. But one night I asked what she thought of a guy while watching an x-rated movie (he was huge)she surprized me by saying that she had fantacized about making love with a guy like that. But said she was satisfied with me just the way I am. If size is nt all that important, then why is it a top subject through history?

most men are not secure enough to her their wife's fantacies. I'm glad my guy is. Since that night, he has helped me live out as much of this fantacy as I dared to go, as we now regularly used sex toys in our romantic encounters. These toys have led to some of the most satisfying orgasms of our marriage.
I think most women do have fantacies of making love to a real hung stud, as many of my friends have jokingly made comments, but are just as satisfied with a guy she loves (mister average) who is concerned of "pleasing her".
2311 March 26, 2005

Thanks for the shit advice, but really its not all true. I am 18 and have what i believed to be a small penis, however my fiance and i have great sex and she believes and tells me that it isaverage and that she is satisfied. My penis is 5.2' fully erect and i'd love to batter the person who made this website with it. Becuase Ed, YOUR A COCK!!!!
2312 March 27, 2005

Women say Black Men are Bigger:
White men are the only ones saying black men aren't bigger. All women that have slept with several from both races say the myth is true.

There are, however, plenty of black men that aren't big. I was watching BET and this black female comedian wasn't holding back about anything. She said when a man asks her what her favorite position is, she tells him if his dick is small her favorite position is with another man.

Black women are much more vocal about their preferences than white women are.

black women's beautiful bodies are built for power fucking. It does make me wonder, when I see a white man with a black woman, how good their sex life is. I figure he must either be one of the small percentage of hung white men, or perhaps the other factors in their relationship make up for his average size enough so she doesn't mind. I would bet though that if they break up, in a heated argument she would say something about his feeling smallish to her if he is average size for a white man (6 x 5). Black women do not hold back at all when they are angry.

I'm probably going to get personally attack by the politically correct squad for saying these things in this post and another recent post of mine here about races. The way I feel about it is this: it's the year 2005 and it's time to stop sugar coating the truth. I haven't said anything that isn't so.

Those that want to believe everybody is built exactly the same will go on believing that. Even though the pc squad can see (even though I'm sure the pc squad would rather not see it, there's just no denying it when it is in plain view) that black women have the much bigger bubble butts, thighs, hips and lips. So why does the pc crowd think the vaginas and penises of black people aren't bigger often? It's rampant that tons of women (the ones that have been around enough to know) all saying black men are quite bigger.

To those that think size doesn't matter----- You won't want to watch BET (Black Entertainment Television), because the black women on there comstantly say loudly that it does matter.
2313 March 27, 2005

Her Power over Average/Small:
A problem not mentioned directly in these posts is that even if an average or small guy is able to make her react some during intercourse, if she is mad at him she will be able to just lay there.

So in reality her vagina has power over his size. She can show him who's the boss, who's really in control if she chooses to. He can't handle her if she wants to be in control.

Now let her try that with a big dick man. Let's say they had an argument earlier and she's still mad at bedtime, but they wind up having intercourse anyway though. She won't be able to just lay there. If he decides to put it deep with hard powerful pounds she will go to grunting even if she doesn't want to. So he is the one in control because of his big dick.

Now tell me size doesn't matter then. Of course it does. No man wants to feel like he can't handle her in bed, like she is too much woman for him. No man wants to see her able to take the best hard pounding of his manhood like it's a walk in the park for her.

How does the average size male feel then when the next night they have made up and she is back to moaning a bit(for those average sizes that are able to get some moans out of some women)? Does he not think about the previous night how she was able to just lay there as if he wasn't even in her? How she shows who really is the boss in bed if she chooses.

Does he not think about how she wouldn't be able to lay quietly with a big dick man pounding her. Indeed, does he not care she has been pounded before by a big dick man(men) and she has probably grunted and moaned much louder with the big one(s)than she ever has with him.

In summary, I think one of the reasons size matters is because of the power of the big dick in bed. It demands respect. On the other hand, an average or small dick will be overcome by the power of the vagina if she wants it to be so.
2314 March 27, 2005

Uncaring about woman's size preference:
I just want to say that as very important that penis size is for a woman, it's even more unimportant to me that it matters to a woman.  In other words, I really don't care that they have size preference.  If they're sexually satisfied by my size, great!!  If they're not, great!!  As long as I get off, I could care less.  A woman has every right to crave a larger sized cock, and I have every right not to give a shit.  Sorry ladies, but you're size preference is insignificant to me.  If a woman doesn't want to continue having sex with me because I'm only 7 1/2 length X 6 girth, then I'll have three words for ya: "Sseeeee ya!! Next??!!!", and then I'll wave 'bye-bye'!!
2315 March 27, 2005

son of Bowie:
I am average sized, and I have been with close to 10 girls. I have never had complaints but I did feal small to a few girls(even thogh they enjoyed every minute and came back for more), but then other girls I was almost too big for them. I tend to go for pretty petit girls who usauly cant handle more than 5 inches anyway. You can keep your boring size queen whores that usauly have nothing to offer mentaly or physicaly. Sex is over rated anyway if i dont realy care about the girl. Most women cant orgazm with sex anyway, not because thier lovers are small, but because they havent figured out how mental it all is. You ever notice in porn how the realy big guys never get to go in all the way? Its because the average vagina is only 5-6 inches long when aroused.
2316 March 27, 2005

well these comments from the women are as stupis as they are themselves. they get fooked all around and then say we cant feel a thing in the pussy.well the thing is that is u have a baseball bat up ur ass a wack u off a dick wont even matter same applies to 120 year old bitches pretending to be 20. Dont worry about size guys if ur not banging a slut.and if u are they cant tell if it is a baseball bat or ur dick. i guggest if a girl complains about size u should put ur foot in her, that will teach the whore a lesson.and besides we guys always try to from where we came. so id prefer to put a smaller thing back in there. and one more thing, if the girls complain put it in the ass, it becomes too big for her in a flash, its always "take it out" "take it out" followed by "oh fuck its too big". so this size issue is nonsense.

love to ya all and ass banging for ya 120 yr old whores always complaining.
2317 March 27, 2005

some applores for "A real man" at least hes one stupid who speaks the truth. and oh whores im "16long 9round" send ur daughters to me theyll luv it when i pop their cherry.
2318 March 28, 2005

Use Your Best Attribute:
I've been thinking about this, and while I can't practice what I preach here, I think average/small guys should settle for realising intercourse is just not their best attribute and go on with life.

Just about everyone has something they are especially good at. Whatever that may be, direct your confidence through that.

If you're not the best in the world at fucking then so be it. Find your innner peace through other means and it won't weight you down so much that size does matter in the sex world.

Having a big dick can actually be a curse in life overall. The big guy can become so focused in life on fucking womens' brains out that other areas in his life are left unattended.

If you attend well to other areas in your life, then when it's showtime in bed and you're not able to put the hammer down like a super stud can, it won't matter much at all to her because you have her respect for the person you are. You just have to come to grips that you can still do well in sex but will never be the best. She will know this, but will accept it also. No one can be the best at everything. Average/small dick men shouldn't expect to be the best at sex. Someone 5' tall shouldn't expect to be the best at basketball.

Find your talent and go with it. So what you aren't  world class at fucking. You can be world class at something else. Big dick men that learn how to use their weapon extremely well have too much of an advantage in sex. So be it that he was born with the advantage in this one area in life. But what often happens is a big dick man will not know how to use it because he thinks having it is enough, or he will think about sex so much, because he loves and becomes addicted to the way the women praise and react to his unit, that he goes through life neglecting so many other things.

Small and average size men are less likely to let sex take over their lives. They don't get the crazed reactions from women in bed that the big dick guys get and therefore they don't become as consumed with thinking all the time about fucking womens' brains out, because they can't fuck their brains out with a 5.5 length x 4.75 girth dick.

There are exceptions to this though---- Some small/average dick men go through life cheating on their wives and fucking every woman they can. That's especially fucked up because these men don't seem to realise they weren't built to do this with their small/average dicks. Really, why go all over town acting like you're a fuck machine when you have a small or average dick? That should be left up to the big dick men that were built with the advantage in that department. Don't these small/average size guys realise that these women have also been fucked by big men and therefore she isn't not going to be wowed by 5 1/2 inches in bed.

For small/average dick men to be fucking all over town is sort of like someone that weighs 95 pounds playing blocker position on all the pro football teams. It just isn't going to work out in the 95 pound guys favor as he gets trammeled at the line by the big guys everytime.

There are always going to be some women that try to claim size doesn't matter. Women are caregivers by nature, and are not willing to tell men that it does matter at least a bit to her. She may even be in denial herself in some cases. Can there be any doubt though that if a big guy that knew how to work it got a hold of her she would go crazy with him grinding on it. It's too obvious that a big dick has too much power for women to resist when it's used well.
2319 March 28, 2005

I have been turned down by women for sex because they assume that a man of 50 yrs old with my build has a small penis.  I am 5'9 235lbs, I don't consider 5' small, it is average ladies who are we kidding!
2320 March 28, 2005

this is an interesting site. i like reading the posts because i find them pretty sexy but i have serious doubts about some of the recurring claims i see.
firstly that women like large penises because they like to feel strectched or full.  this might have some impact for women but think about it guys. when you masturbate how hard to you squeeze your dick? if you're anything like me you squeeze really hard because the pressure helps you cum faster. now think about any woman you've ever been with, i know that no pussy can ever squeeze me that tight and it doesn't matter one bit. it's being with someone i care about that does matter and if we are to trust the conventional wisdom that men are more suferficial then women then the issue is mute.
larger penises are more spectacular to look at, and some women may equate larger cocks with dominance but nowhere near the level men do.
i've been with many women but the last two are a good case in point. the first was very in tuned with her body, she had multiple orgasms and was definitely wild and great in bed.  she had a loose pussy, but she had no trouble cumming and went totally wild in bed every time. the second is tighter, to the point where we can't have sex without getting sore, though that doesn't stop us.  but she is much harder to please because she is less in tune with her body and not as open to her own emotions during sex.  these are the things that matter! sex is a head game way more than a physical one.  whether big, tight, loose or small everyone can have an orgasm and be perfectly satisfied with probably any demomination.  the important thing is that you trust your lover and care about him/her. people cheat but rarely ever for physical gratification.
the other thing is the assertion that woman can have vastly better orgasms if they are being fucked with a bigger dick.  i doubt how absolutely true this is.  men and women are 99.9999% genetically the same, and for guys increased stimulation does not mean better orgasms, it has more to do with timing, length since the last one and so on.  i know many of you will chastise this because men and women obviously have different anatomies.  but as far as orgasms go, i think we are in the same ballpark, or at the very least the fact that any orgasm is absolutely wonderful with a partner is true.  and women who are just looking to get off better are so not worth the time unless she just wants to get off better with you her lover.
hope that helps! enjoy love and life!
2321 March 28, 2005

Patrick Star:
PE WORKS! Penis excercises work. I started out with about a 5.8" now its like 6.8"(both pushed against pubic bone, and thicker. That's right a freakin inch in about like 4 months. And I ain't selling nothing I found it for free, in a file-sharing program. Just look for jelquin, stretching and PC muscle excercises. Look for penis enlargement in kazaa or forums, whatever. It takes total devotion though. 5 days a week, weekend off. And you gotta make sure you're doin it right, or else you might have your skin peeling off your dick (i had that like 3 times, but skin regeneration is inexhaustible). I just used my hands, didn't spend a penny. Just jelqin, because my dick was unproportionally thin. Now it looks fine, maybe even above average. And you gotta eat right as well, just like a body-buliding diet. So don't whine about your dick cuz you can do somethin 'bout it, you just have to want it enough.
2322 March 28, 2005

Hi brizzle,

im a 35-year-old white guy, German. Im bi and did several comparisons of cock sizes with other guys. From that, i think that 6.25" is a good size (maybe even slightly above average). www.sizesurvey.com is a good place to have a look at. So i guess you have nothing to worry about.

Also the old myth that black guys are bigger than white guys seems not to hold (according this survey). Caucasian and Black penises seem to have approximately the same erect length. However its true that a certain percentage of Black guys have large penises (everybody knows some Black porn stars who indeed have huge tools).

I know one guy from North Africa, hes very tall - he has indeed a long penis (info from a female friend, btw shes now married to a white guy). I personally think it has more to do with his body height than with his race. I have seen several pics of Black guys who have a shorter penis than mine.

My own penis is 7.5" long (erect) and im content with that. My wife is able to reach a vaginal orgasm without manual clitoral stimulation (her orgasm is sometimes very quick, about 2 or 3 minutes after start of the thrusting phase; this sometimes leads to the situation that she is vaginally satisfied before i had an ejaculation). This applies to the position with her on top.

The other position (me on top) is also satisfying for her. In the past she had multiple orgasms in this position (nowadays the situation is a little different). Doggy style we do too - however in this case it sometimes happens that my penis gets too deep (with me on top this situation occurs rarely, with her on top never).

I have to say that my wife is a small person (im about 6 ft tall, she is more than a head-length shorter than i am). Its possible that for a taller woman the same degree of "deep stimulation" requires more than my 7.5" (maybe 8.0" or 8.5" - but these sizes are rare). Only about 10% of men have 8.0" or more (survey). (I personally think that there are less than 10% falling in this group)

Note: i think that "deep stimulation" is not a must for most women - its more like a "bonus" which makes her orgasms a little faster and a little more intense (if she has some sensitive areas beyond the 6" depth - which may not be the case for every woman). Also "too big" can be a problem too (hitting the cervix directly can be painful).

Also girth is a matter. A lot of women prefer girth to length. My theory: women who love G-spot-stimulation like a thick penis, women who love A-spot-stimulation ("deep" stimulation) like a long penis.
From my experience for most women 6" would be "good", 7"-8" "very good". An 8"+ guy has to take care not to cause too much pain, an 5"- guy has sometimes to take care for additional stimulation (manual, oral,...).

And: every woman is different, and the meaning of "big" can vary from woman to woman.


2323 March 29, 2005

well i told myself i wouldn't comment here again but i decided to because it might help someone else. First off #2247 who commented he would like to have his wife have sex with another man well endowed i have been that route you'll lose her is that what you want. Its exciting in the beginning but after a while jealousy will enter arguments will precede and sooner or later you will seperate and divorce. Second the man who has a slim but fairly long penis i think it was 2262 or named Avis. i was 4.5 in long and 4.2 in around then i gained weight and because of a fat pad went to 3.75 in. i have went through swinging with couples and threesomes with well endowed black men i don't believe all black men are well endowed but we hunted for well endowed ones. i ended up in divorce after 12 yrs. I remarried and this wife would not swing but she has let me try several things to help me build confidence and to maake our sexual life ok. We tried extensions they help but she says nothing beats the real thing and she finally told me yes sex would be better if i was larger but we will live with what i have. I went on penis enlargment site and looked up the ingriedents of their pills and went to my local health food store and find some sexual pills with same ingriedents but a with one third cost. i tried them and no gain i got penis enlargments excercises off internet tried for about two months no gain. I tried a vacum pump which did give me some gain in circumference temporarily. I think if youy get a good one from Dr. joel Kaplan it will help increase size in circumforence wich is the most important. But me being cheap i tried a thick rubber band around my penis wraped about twice it trapps the blood for a wile do not get ittoo tight and don't leave it on two long it increased my size by 3/4 in in circumference and length. It made a difference in how my wife enjoyed sex and she orgasmed much faster this is my prefereed method. I said i am tired of being small i started jelqing about six months ago and still using rubber band technique for sex. I take the pills from health food store with Yohimbe gingsing oat straw and different ones well i am now at five in with out rubber band with i still go about three quarters in bigger so its almost 6 in long but my girth has increased from 1.4 in in diameter and 4.2 in in circumforence to one and 5/8 in in diameter to 4.8 in in circumforence. My wife now has two orgasms lots of times sex is more enjoyable for her sometimes not for me because of the restriction of the rubber band but its worth it to see her enjoyment and my confidence level in bathrroms has in creased i fell i am almost as big as most. Size does make a difference but to small penisa men it really helps their self esteem. Yes black en made my first wife orgasm five or six times and yes large diodloes did same but it so much more better when you are having and increase caused by YOU. I will never have the stamina of the black men i seen in my first marriage bvut i guess thats their gift. Just to say we can do something about it if we want to try i am going to keep jelqing for years if it will get me too seven in we can help ourselves doent commit adultry to satisfy your wife or your own vain lusts you'll pay for it someone with experience. i am trying to live a Christian life but we are not prohibitted from helping ourselves to happiness. If we had a weak leg we would exercise it to strenghthen it so i am doing the same to my penis i will never go back to that sinful life style again because i had a small penis. This is true happiness
2324 March 29, 2005

the two post i was trying help if posible from my experiences was 2247 and 2262 avis and cursed no your not cursed you are a son of God and you can help yourself.
2325 March 29, 2005

sandra u sound like a right idiot sayin this is no bullshit bigger penis's are better have u shaged every man with a big nob then it aint the penis size it is the motion in the ocean
2326 March 29, 2005

 Ijust love big penises. my pussy is tight and i like feeling the pain of the penis going in slowly
2327 March 29, 2005

A very interesting site.  My story (true) is as follows...I'm 5.0" and 4" in circumfrence...Clearly on the wrong side of the penis bell curve!  On the positive side, I'm considered a very good looking guy with an athletic build (6-0, 180), so I've always received lots of initial interest from attractive women.  Unfortunately, all too often I was able to get them excited & wet but unable to satisfy my GF's through intercourse.  An all too familiar pattern emerged during my dating years where after having sex with women they'd suddenly lose interest in furthering the relationship.  I probably had sex with 15+ women in my 20's and never brought a single one to orgasm through penetration.  I dated one inexperienced woman for 2 yrs and never got her off...although she still loved me, and had a couple others that wanted to get married despite the lack of sexual satisfaction.  So, for some women it wasn't a deal breaker, but for the more sexually experienced/confident women it was.  

I got married at age 30 to a fairly attractive, slim lady that I am able to satisfy through her being on top.  She has admitted that a previous boyfriend who was 7+ and thick rocked her world in bed.  She broke up with me to date him for a few months before marriage but came back after he had other issues (drugs,etc).  After 16 yrs of marriage, we've had some frank discussions about sexuality...she says I'm "big enough", and am great at oral sex, but she does admit "size matters."  We have been experimenting with limited swinging with a couple of well hung men in a threesome scenario.  One guy in particular is thickly endowed and the sounds she makes during sex with him is incredible...he can bring her to multiple orgasms in any position.

I don't think women necessarily like huge penises, but if you're below average, it's unlikely your partner will ever be completely fulfilled sexually.  I've come to terms with this and simply try to be the best life partner I can...and this includes allowing her to receive recreational sexual pleasure from selected guys.
2328 March 29, 2005

Of course size matters!

My dick is about 11 inches long and 7 inches around, and the girls LOVE IT!!!!

I've been with 20+ women, and every single one of them were able to take all of it in them, even the several Asian women I've had!  If you don't have AT LEAST 10 inches, you need to just give it up, and let your women come to us with their checkbooks and pussies!!!
2329 March 29, 2005

Size Queen (sophie):
Just been reading this site great stuff.I have to agree size definately does matter.I'm 25yrs old and have been with a few different guys and I have to say the bigger guy's gave me better satisfaction.Under 6ins just doesn't hit the spot.
2330 March 29, 2005

Job Well Done Ed:
This site is refreshing. Thanks Ed for telling the truth, in all it nakedness, in a politically correct world.
2331 March 29, 2005

Well what I have read here today, doest make sense because I have been shagging Girls for year with a 9.5 x 8  large cock ? and I have never heard one complain about the size of my cock yet . And I mean I have fuck some pigs when your pissed you know what I mean lads
Any way while all you little boys are there just hope you never have to follow ME ?

 Lucky man
2332 March 30, 2005

Hey  Folks----The Ideal Penis Size Chart Looks Accurate:
You guys are in such an uproar that this site says only huge is best---why don't you look at the chart and read what Ed is saying at this site?

Examples of what the chart shows:

any length x 7 1/2" girth is an E.
any length x 4 1/2" girth is an E.

How about that. It shows there is too thick and there is too thin. Looks like a fair assessment to me.

Also, it shows the ideal penis sizes are 7 1/4-8 1/4 length x 6 1/4-6 1/2 girth.

Once again looks like right on the money. Notice that longer or thicker are not ideal, and that shorter or thinner are not ideal.

Now what is so far fetched about that? Can't you polically correct people handle some real truth with both eyes open.

Sure, the site shows that huge ( bigger than ideal) gets the women's hearts throbbing harder and faster, when seeing it, than the small ones do? However, a huge one (bigger than ideal) inside her may be a bit more than she bargained for and not ideal for intercourse.

For intercourse, the chart shows ideal is simply a nice big juicy size. Why does anyone really doubt that?

All you guys with 6" length x 5" girth that keep posting that you never got any complaints aren't getting the picture. You're not IDEAL for MAXIMUM PLEASURE. In other words, for those that don't seem to get it, if you were 8" length x 6 1/4" girth you would be rocking their worlds way more powerfully during intercourse.

What's so hilarious is the women that deny that 8 x 6 1/4 using it well will rock her much more than 6 x 5. Men that are into swapping partners(swingers) say it is all too obvious it matters. In swinger clubs, huge gets the attention more from the women, and big has the women groaning far more than average size does. Huge has them grunting like hell too, but the pain can be a bit too high and therefore not ideal.

Even though huge is an E on the chart, I would still choose to be that over being an E from lack of size. At least a huge intercourse E gets an A on the visual satisfaction, and at least a huge E will have the women groaning loudly during intercourse. That's far better than watching her just lay there because there's isn't enough meat in her. Even if you can get her to moan a bit with average, why does that make you feel like you were her best size? You might have to wear ear plugs with her during intercourse if you were ideal size, because otherwise her loud grunts might injure your eardrum.

Now stand back while some more 6 x 5 guys post this site is bullshit and that they "haven't had any complaints" (other then the quietness from her when they're in her). Just don't join a swingers club with your 6 x 5 and loan her to an 8 x 6 1/4, because you'll be in for a shock. Not to mention the shock going through her when big is grinding on her.
2333 March 30, 2005

Ed ---Penis Size Charts needed for race adjustments:
To site owner Ed,

I forgot to add, that while I agree with the chart for intercourse, I think it only applies to white women.

For Asian women I think 1" in length and 1/2" in girth needs to be subtracted from the ideals, and the overall chart adjusted.

For black women I think 1 1/4" in length and 5/8" in girth needs to be added to the ideals, and the overall chart adjusted.


Have you considered having three charts, one for each race? Asian and black people are probably not going to stop and think about this chart not really being accurate for them.

From Ed:
Thanks for the good idea. I'm not sure if it is necessary to have three different charts. Maybe it would be sufficient to add a comment. Something that says to add or subtract a certain number from your penis size, depending on the race of the woman. I will think about it.

2334 March 30, 2005

To Mia: her post #1841:
That was well said and true. However, your post was based on what can happen in a fantastic relationship. What about when it's just a one night stand? What happens when the relationship isn't perfect?

See, the problem is your SO felt that he could be better to you during sex if he was bigger. Period.

You don't mention your previous lovers. Apparently you've had big and since you avoided mentioning that part I think we can safely assume the raw sex part was great with big. Don't get me wrong, I understand size matters very little to you, that all these other things matter more to you. However, you never did come right out and say bigger isn't better. You dressed the issue up with a lot of frosting.
Too much frosting can taste a bit too sweet when the pound cake isn't thick.
2335 March 30, 2005


Some interesting comments on this site, which resulted in me measuring my penis tonight.

I was quite shocked to find I almost made 6inches which is a total shock as I always thought I was alot smaller. What was a bigger shock was the girth. I've always known I have a big bell end but it came in at about 4.5inches. Is it normal to measure this at the bell end?

I must admit my biggest problem is not penis size but the amount of times I've had sex. I'm getting on a little now 24 but have really only ever had brif sexual experiences with women, I've either been too pissed to get it up or have cum way to quickly although the latter has only happened on one occasion. I also always seem to be without protection at the wrong moment so end up just licking pussy which I admit is great and I've had so manyblow jobs I can't remember.

So I'm pretty much a virgin at the age of 24, but I'm not bothered. If I worried about penis size too I think I'd be a nervous wreak. Just remember there's alot more to life than sex anyway.
2336 March 30, 2005

bob n debbie:
Yes, size does matter. debbie and I have a very good sex life and we are very open about our fantacies. Yes, she becomes so aroused when we watch an x rated movie that features very large men ( especially black men)that she literally drips! on several occasions I teasingly told her that some night I was going to blind fold her and then bring a black guy into the room. the last time I whispered this into her ear, she said she wanted to, but only if I was ok with it. This is yet to happen and that will be another story
2337 March 30, 2005

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But...well you know:
  Without sounding like I know it all, or boasting how many girls I've been with, it all comes down to who your woman is.
     Thousands of men spend thousands of dollars on pills and whatnot for size, but what you don't see is that size is only important to a one-night-stand. 
   You think women are perfect? Any chick that says size matters can go to hell, because they act like they always got the goods, and they sometimes don't.  Not to mention it's wild girls like on those "Girls Gone Wild" crap that spread the rumors that they want the biggest, that's all materialistic-"I've got the bigger stuff" mentality.
    Some men are small, but make up for the fact that they penetrate the clit more, same goes for the big, some women like getting their g-spot stimulated that big guys don't seem to have a problem with.
   I know what you're thinking too: "He's only hating because he's got a small dick".  No, I don't really care, because anyone that thinks like that, I figure I don't really need to be around anyway because those women will never see what is beyond their own sight.  I actually feel sorry for them.
    Like some other guy said: "It is different with every woman".
    I like to think of it as puzzle peices, some fit sort of, others don't fit at all, but once you find that someone it doesn't matter that the peices fit, but that the picture has become clear, and that's all that really matters.
2338 March 31, 2005

I have a small one. I never really knew until my ex girlfriend told me. She made me measure it, Its 4.5 inches when its hard. Sasha and I worked together in a resturant. The first time she saw it, she just kinda looked away and covered her mouth, she looked very embarassed for some reason and I didnt know why. I asked her what was wrong and she said, 'nothing' she then told me that my penis was very 'cute' She refused to give me oral pleasure of any kind and I was rather upset about that. SHe just said, 'I dont do that kind of thing with guys like you.' I didnt really know what she meant by that, I didnt think much of it. She did however, let me inside her. Because i was a virgin, I was overexcited and I ejaculated after three thrusts. I could tell she was very dissapointed. she became quiet and didnt talk much. As the weeks went on I noticed that she was avioding me and saying nasty things about me behind my back. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I feel that, at work, the girls mock me behind my back. None of the girls can look at me in the face and i often hear snickering and giggling as I walk on by. Its very humiliating and I know, in the pit of my stomach they are talking about my 'little man'
2339 March 31, 2005

It must be a sick joke by God to make all the girls crave 10"x6" cocks and then make most men 6"x5". I am considered average (nearly 6" with 5" girth), but I had been humiliated and rejected in High School by one girl who craved big cocks, and even spread my "pencil dick shortcomings" around school by her and the guy she dumped me for. That was probably the most painful time of my life and I still feel a sense of humiliation.

Today, my wife has never orgasmed with me and apparently she had a really really large guy before me that would bring her to orgasm a lot. We went through many years of no sex.

The only thing reasuring is that "large" replacements for us "average" guys are not that easy to find. Odds are they would just be dumping us for another average guy.
2340 March 31, 2005

   i love the site. as a former adult entertainer i know alot about this very interesting subject. i stripped, danced, modeled and escorted for thousands of ladies, men and couples over the years. My size was almost always a factor in getting hired and 9 times out of ten it helped to bring me back. The constant comment I always recieved from ladies is, "You have the perfect cock," They always estimated it at between 9 and 10.5 inhes but truthfully it is an honest 8 and thick 6.0 at the base and 5.75 mid-shaft 5.5 at the head. Many married women with small to asverage husbands enjoyed my cock ,oftentimes with the husband watching. Now that is a turn on! A word of caution though; just cause you are packing does not ensure success. You really got to be gentle and know what you are doing and be good at other sexual techniques, plus, being cute helped me out alot. Also, the rest of my body is hard, smooth and nice so I had the total package. For you info I am 38, 5foot10 inches tall 167 pounds with blue eyes and short, full, thick light brown hair. I welcome all questions, comments and responses.......
2341 March 31, 2005

Wayne, I've seen these sights like "Loverboys", "4CFM", etc. where guys hung like you are stripping for these bachelorette parties, strip clubs, etc.. These girls (most have wedding rings mind you) are so wild about these big schlongs that they are stroking the strippers, sucking them, and in some cases even more.

Did this stuff happen to you? Do the women go that crazy at the site and close proximity to humongous dicks? To me it just proved that when away from the hubbies (and out with the girls) they ALL become uninhibited cock crazy "size queens".

Do the guys who watch you fuck their wives get jealous or look disturbed at all? Do the women start screaming in ecstacy while their husbands watch? Do they let you do her however you'd like and for however long you'd like, or does the husband lay down the rules?
2342 March 31, 2005

Ed-Penis Size Charts:
Thanks for considering the additional charts or adjustments. I'll be looking forward to seeing how much the adjustments will be. I'm really curious as to how much you will put the adjustments at. I based my suggestive amounts on the website I mentioned (in my post #2303) showing penis size by race averages I stated from there.
2343 March 31, 2005

Hey jimbo:
You say size doesn't matter, and then go on to say pound her and hit all the spots. Have you looked at the clear diagrams here? It shows the difference of a small penis and a large penis for "hitting all the spots". How does pounding a way with a penis that is smaller than the vagina going to hit all the spots?
2344 March 31, 2005

Hals S.:
Im 21 and I always felt my penis was average until I ah sex for the first time last month.  At 8"x6.5" she said it was big and that it hurt her.  That was a great boost for my confidence

I know she was with a couple different guys because we went to high school together, but she said I was the best because I was bigger than the other guys she was with, even a black guy we know(I'm still friends with him).  She also said it was the thickness that hurt not the length so much.

I  don't know if this is true of all girls.  I'm sure there is those out there who wouldn't go for anything under 10".
2345 March 31, 2005

oh boy
to all the "not so gifted"
there are more important things in life than penis size
2346 March 31, 2005

To lisa "My husband's little white weeny's.." :
How do you explain the ever increasing number of black women going with white men? In some White countries between 30 and 40 per cent of black women born there have white husbands or boyfriends.Furthermore, many of these black woman say, having dated a black man, they would never date one again. However, their white boyfriends often confirm that "once you've gone black you never go back", in contrast to the paltry 17% of surveyed white women who claim likewise. Perhaps you should talk to more black women to discover why, but don't be surprised if some, if not many, look down on you:
 many black women are definitely superior to white women of your sort-if, indeed, you are white and a woman.
p.s black women smell different from and sometimes nicer than white women, particularly those whites who crawl around gutter looking for the sort of thing you look for.
2347 April 1, 2005

quote 'manno:
I dont get it I'm 7 by 6 and have had many women complain I go to deep. Even after they are worked up and wet as hell.'

LoL...the info is allmost wright except for the fact that the women used in that test have quite a mileage (profesional)I mean...so all the data is a bit on the high mileage...
Now I have just 21 years old and with 7.125"(18cm) ann 5.3 girth i almost bottomed out in all girls..
2348 April 1, 2005

The baseline is that this site show's the thruth based on a incomplete\unconcluded research on a few females ...Great job...
Now you should admit that the purpose of this site except from the obvious is to promote PE(it's a mistake to present enlargement methods and to have an opinion about them actually presenting it like the best thing that is worth the trouble and recomending a PE site), PE   actually work out very well (i'm living prooof)...
But all PE programs on the net are incomplete and quite risky,for an unconditionated penis,and can lead to impotence...and injuries
2349 April 1, 2005

Short Dick Man:
My wife always told me that size didn't matter.  I have a 4 inch cock.  I bought a 4" x-tra thick extender (I don't know if I can mention the brand - I don't want to advertise bUT I think this will help some guys).  My wife did not want to use it.  Finally I convinced her.  SHE NEVER MOANED, or panted like a FREAKING dog before.  She came so hard with my new 8" penis.  Afterwards she was embarassed.  She said she still loved my cock the best.  Why do you freaking women lie?  YOU ALL LIE!!!

I did learn a lot from this site, especially page 18.  You can't just shove an 8" cock right into a woman.  I had to go downtown on her and pre-heat that oven.
2350 April 1, 2005

Come on, let's face it: The people who want to believe size matters will just continue to do so no matter what.

But the arguments against a big penis being 'better' are fairly persuasive. The obvious one is that the average size we have today has clearly been selected for by evolution and is consequently 'just right' for the vast majority of the female population. After all, why would nature deprive the majority of men of something they need? Out of spite, to make life harder? Sure, some people get a raw deal at the fringes, but the majority are OK. Get real, folks... An average penis size or thereabouts is what has proven to 'work' for many thousands of years, in physiological terms at least, and anything else you believe is just fantasy on this subject. As it happens, the human penis (even a smallish one) is large in relation to other primates.  So, yes, maybe female selection did influence that fact - but the average is the average for a reason. If, on the whole, women had wanted more than that, then, believe me, the average would be greater than it is. If there is any residual sense of penis size being important in the minds of men, it probably has more to do with what other men think than the views of women - but that's not worth going into here.

Secondly, something rather important is being missed here - which has to do with the question itself, 'does size matter?'.  To start with, it's a very male and problem-oriented question and this alone is going to mean a unsatisfactory answer (from the male perspective) given by the majority of women asked it. Without going into why the male and female mind differ (all the left/right brain stuff), it's basically fair to say that men are focused on the mechanics of a given system and are more willing or able to isolate or break it down in order to 'understand' it. In science, this is basically known as reductionism, and is questionable at best. The question 'does penis size matter' is a loaded, reductionist question which implies that it is possible to actually separate the penis from the person who owns it and evalutate it in the first place. Women tend to see the whole of a given system and are reluctant to reduce it to its parts in an attempt to understand it. They tend to believe the 'whole is greater than the sum of its parts'. This is why women are generally better then men at creating social cohesion, communicating and working with people, whereas men tend to be more interested in science, machines and so on (basically 'things' and 'what they do'). The big problem here then, is that the question asked is one originating from the minds of men in particular and is possibly flawed in the sense that it can only be answered in a male way. This could explain why so many of you try to 'catch out' women by getting them to admit penis size matters by accident, backing up a belief women are 'hiding' the truth.  What you are failing to see is that, yes, of course you can get women to focus on the penis and evaluate it in the way you want them to if you really, really try hard - but you are basically forcing most women into territory they'd really rather not enter.  In this sense, your truth is where you look for it.

Let's put it another way. If you ask most women what they like about their cars, what will they tell you? Do you really think many will give you the engine specs? Sure, if she's an engineer or has a fairly 'male' brain, she might talk about cars more like a man. But the overwhelming majority of women are going to say they like the car because it drives well, it looks nice, it's fun, it works, it goes from A to B, etc.  Same goes for PCs or anything else. Ask most men about computers, and they'll reel off specs with ease, comparing speeds, etc. - whereas most women care less about these things.  How else do you explain that a lot of women like Apple Macs, even though it's well-known that many less expensive PCs offer more 'raw power'.  Clearly, a lot of men would think the bigger PC is 'better' - but it's a male perspective on the problem. 

If women just wanted bigger, they'd all be dating WWF wrestlers simply because they're 'better' or stronger than other males. But, no, most women don't go for extremes like that - and for very sound reasons.

The question 'does size matter' is unanswerable in any general sense. Men, you'll never get to the absolute truth, because the truth is flexible for women - that's what you have to accept. This doesn't mean women are 'wrong', it just means their way of thinking is not like yours. You're not being as clever as you think you are when you get all analytical and try to get at the truth with interrogation, and you're simply demonstrating a lack of imagination in the process. You're treating penis size as a science, when human relationships are not only the domain of science. That's why your clever little tricks, trying to get women to be ultra-rational or logical about this issue will never really get you what you want. You need to step out of your shoes and see things from a woman's perspective for a change, and then ask yourself - would the question even matter in the first place if you were a woman? You might find that you can render the question irrelevant if you change your perspective.  If you seek answers only on your own terms, you'll simply enforce what you already believe and/or get unsatisfactory answers. Real scientists know this. None of the BS on this site is real science, and I want to assure you all of this (as a scientist). 

I challenge any male here to deny that, when he asks a woman 'does size matter', he is really seeking an answer. I believe he's basically trying to get her to admit to him what he already believes.

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