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1951 December 23, 2004

Is it this big!!!? I mean the pussy. I am 18 years old and i had an intercourse with an older and experienced woman for the first time a three week ago. I never knew their pussy was that big. I felt nothing inside her, my dick, 5.5 X 5.5, simply went flacid inside her, despite her efforts to keep it errect. No wonder people are praying for enormous penis.
1952 December 23, 2004

This site rules! I like to come by every once in awhile and check out these ridculous comments:

"Hi, i'm susan and I divorced my husband because his cock was only 8 inches long and now I'm fucking a black guy with an 11 inch shmeckel and, boy oh boy, I'm glad I'm not still married!"

"Hi, I'm peter and I'm a raging homosexual.  I like other guys to stick massive cocks into my ass!"

"Hi, I'm Joe Asian, my dick is 3 inches long, am I doomed?  I'm going to shoot myself now"

Come on, this is great fun!
1953 December 23, 2004

This whole site seems a bit ridiculous.  The author is a reverse motivational speaker.  Their goal is to convince  men with average penises to crawl under a rock and die.  In fact, if you have a tremendous amount of time on your hands i would suggest analyzing this report. All statements are opinions, lies, or facts with unreliable sources.  For instance, the author cites the Kinsey sex report but later in the text, states that it has inaccuracies.  Why is it 50 pages?  So, the average reader will read the text in bold and view the graphs and pictures.  The bold text is out of context and the graphs and pictures were either constructed for this article, from an unnamed source, or shameless plugs for porn sites.  What is this really?  A 50 page add for porn sites and a book.  My point is this, it could have been so much more.  I do believe that size matters, actually.  This is a very interesting subject to investigate and analyze.  But this is no analysis.  This is the product of a horny guy, a web browser, and a bad book desparate for advertisement.
1954 December 23, 2004

pathetic small penis man:
my dick is only 3 inches long hard! my wife just left me for some black guy who "fills her up". I am disgusted and want to kill myself. why shouldn't i? I am just a small penis man
1955 December 25, 2004

I have read all of the postings and it is amazing to me that so many men still struggle with whether or not women like big dicks or not....THEY DO!  I realize a few women disagree, but i believe they are th minority.   Perhaps they are smaller in stature or tighter than average...or perhaps their opinion is in defense of a small husband or boyfriend that they feel they are defending.....whatever the reason they are a minority.

I am 7", and i have been told I am exceptionally thick, I have not met a woman yet that has not taken every inch as deeply as I could reach and still wanted more.  How much more penetration they could take I don't know, but there was definitely room for more inches.

Like all men I would love to have a dick that would make a woman gasp at seeing it, but unfortunately i don't.

Good for the woman that knows what she wants.  If it takes a 10" dick to satisfy her, good for her.  I hpe she finds it and it is attached to a guy that she likes.

Good for us men that most women don't refuse to fuck guys smalller than their preference.  By the way I have never run into a woman that was rude about my size....I think the rude size queens are few and far between.  Most women are decent and caring about men's feelings...I think the ones that aren't probably were fucked over by some ass hole guy....probably an exceptionally small dicked woman hating man.
1956 December 26, 2004

i beleive cock size does matter.my cock streches out at a commanding 8.75.  6.50 girth.this site is very intersting.no offence,to the small guy but this site isnt for you.READ BETWEEN THE LINES LITTLE ONE.
1957 December 27, 2004

There is so much Bull Sh*t on this site, especially on page 49.  Big labia are sexier? WTF?  "Big labia minora and big labia majora are among the strong female characteristics that make a woman feminine...men will favor her above one with less pronounced features. She satisfies his instinct by confirming that he is dealing with a true woman."  BULLSH*T!  "Until recently, many men had no clue how the exterior female genitals really looked like. Many women were so hairy that the clitoris and lips were completely hidden, so when a man thought of a vagina, all he pictured was a hairy triangle."  BULLSH*T!  So all the men that came before the time women shaved their genital area instinctually desired something they could never see due to the fact that there was too much hair to see it?   WTF!  I do not find big labia sexier!!!  I have seen a lot of women naked and I know what i find sexually desirable.  The labia majora can be small and not protruding and i think that is very sexy.  The labia majora can be big and plump and that is also sexy. I like both very much but I do slightly prefer a smaller labia majora. Now, the labia minora is a whole different story.  I find a large labia minora...unattractive and somewhat disgusting. The pictures that go along with this B.S. page do illustrate exactly what i am talking about.  One of my last girlfriends had a large labia minora that protruded over an inch further that the majora.  I was honestly disgusted by it.  I never let her know how i felt and do not intend to offend any women with large minora, but to say that men prefer large labia is a lie. The only thing that matters to me concerning the labia is that the minora doesn't extend very far beyond the majora.  That is my preference.  My other sexual preferences:  Breast Size- I like A-cup and B-cup women and don't find anything over a C-cup attractive.  Ass- I prefer women with medium and larger butts(i like them on the plump side).  Body type-  I like smaller framed women with toned bodies and a height between 5' 6" and 5' 9" and weight between 115lbs.and 140lbs.  The physical only matters so far though.  Myself, nor this site, could ever judge what is better or truly average or more desirable.  Comparing yourself to other people is bullsh*t!  Love yourself for who you are.
1958 December 27, 2004

I am glad that somebody finally had the guts to tell the truth to people. Most women and a lot of men try to fool themselves or other people by saying wrong things. THis site not only makes claims but also backs them up with evidence. Good Job
1959 December 28, 2004

Nice Guy Not Taking The BS Anymore:
Before I begin with any comments about your web site I thought I would start off with a few things about myself.  For most of my life I have been belittled by females.  I grew up from school on up through the end of high school being degraded by females.  You see I was only born with one ear.  I have no right ear, and I am legally deaf on that side.  I finally got reconstructive surgery, but even then women still belittle me.  I have never had a girlfriend before in my life, and I am still a virgin.  Not only that, but I'm also a very sensitive guy.  You know the type women say don't exist. 

When I graduated from high school and entered college I vowed to put the past behind me and start anew.  I vowed to let all the remarks and humiliation die out and better myself in the eyes of women.  Soon I discovered that no matter how hard I would try on bettering myself, I was still undesireable towards women.  Apparently I must look like a supermodel to get their attention.  Not only that, but I soon started to hear women around campus talk openly about their sexual encounters.  The two things I heard them complain about was the fact that virgin men are useless, and that black men are the best because they have big penises.

For years I have heard that it's not the size that counts but how you use it.  At first that helped give me a little bit more positive self esteem on the matter.  However, when I read through your website I discovered that size does matter.  I'm not going to lie to you, I literally cried after I read it all.  Seriously, it was a hard blow to me.  To think that all this time women say they didn't care about the size of a man's penis, but deep down really do.  I started to realize that all the women on campus who talk about it weren't lying.

I must tell you that right now, I'm really pissed at the ones who do lie.  I remember you put in that one of the reasons why women do lie is because it makes them look like a whore if they admit it.  Well to be honest it makes them look like an even bigger whore for not admitting it.  Lying so they don't hurt men's feelings?  Please, spare me the crap.  Women just look out for themselves not for their partner.  If you gave a woman the choice between a man with a great personality and good sexual technique or a man with a big penis and great sexual technique, but shallow personality, they would take the guy with the big penis in a heartbeat.  Not only that, but men with bigger penises are viewed as nothing more than sex objects for women.  So either way both sides of men are screwed. 

If women care so much about size then why do they keep guys like me around?  Security that's why.  If their affair with their well hung man goes awary, then they come back to guys like me who have money and sensitive emotions to fool around with until they find their next boy toy.  As far as I'm concerned women are whores when it comes to relationships.  In my opinion they are the scourge of evil when it comes to a serious relationship.  In all honesty they aren't worth the time or effort for me.

I swear I would rather stay a virgin for the rest of my life, than have a serious relationship with a woman.  I just will not put up with all the lies that they give.  Now that does not mean that I absolutely hate all women, far from it.  I have serveral friends who are women, and I treat them with respect as any friend should.  I treat women as equals anyway because they are human just like the rest of us.  However, I will never have a serious relationship with one.  They are seedy and deciteful towards men.  Whoever said love rules overall is full of crap.  Everyone knows sex does, and the men with the giant penises are the ones who get the attention.

In all honestly I appalude the creator of this site for showing the truth in the whole debate.  (No sarcasm is intended either.)  Women DO care about the size of a man's penis, more so than you think.  In short, it more or less dictates their taste more in men than men who have nice or have a decent personality.  It's all sexual baby, and that's all women care about.  The sheer fact that women lie that they don't have high ambitions for sex is even more disgusting.  In all honesty women can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned for relationships.

So now that I know the truth I'm not going to better myself for women anymore.  They're all liers anyway.  I'm going to live my life without them, and happily too without their need for attention or affection.  Thanks again (not sarcasm here) to the creator for showing me the truth.  I can now rest easier knowing that there is nothing I can do about my penis size since most men are doomed with small penises anyway.  I don't have to dwell on it anymore, and I feel like a weight has been lifted.  I now also realize that I don't need to better myself for women anymore either since they're all liers and prefer big penises over personality.  Thank you again, I finally feel I can be happy in my life without the need for selfish and concieded women.
1960 December 29, 2004

Well there are some very interesting conversations going on here.  However, women I want you to know that guys wilt big cocks (8" and up and 5"thick or better) still want a tight pussy to open up.  If you have been with several different guys with big cocks then you may be a little too stretched for a man to want to be with you permanently.  Men can have sex with any woman.  All we need to do is see the pussy.  Unfortunately we only want to marry those ones who have tight vaginas because we want to feel that glove feeling as we insert deep inside of her(deep being 6 inches for me).  So I guess the delimmna is that men want tight pussy and women want big cocks.  Can we compromise?
1961 December 30, 2004

4.75 x 5:
Even though I agree that size matters(there wouldn't be 2000 posts if it didn't), it doesn't matter nearly as much as the guy on this site makes it out to be.  And there is hard and clear proof that some of the stuff he says is just bullshit.  In his "85 facts about penis size" he makes these claims:

Men with small penises masturbate more often.

Over-masturbating causes your penis to shrink by eventually depleting your sexual energy.

Men with small penises are getting masturbated more often than getting laid.

Not using your penis by getting laid might cause it to shrink as well.
UMMM, 99% percent of the males I know masturbate very often, and I've never heard any one claim it was shrinking.  And I don't think that they all have tiny penises.  Even my friends who have girlfriends they fuck daily still masturbate.  How would masturbating cause it to shrink from "over depletion of sexual energy" but getting laid wouldn't?  I feel a lot more sexually exhausted when I get off with someone else than by myself, so wouldn't this mean getting laid would shrink your penis??  This obvious nonsense - I can't believe I even justified it with an argument instead of letting the absurdity speak for itself, really throws a lot of what this guy says into question.

personal story: from what you can see in my name, im very short, but unlike what this site claims, not thick but certainly not thin.  I hooked up with a girl one time I could tell was a little disappointed with my size.  still, after one our encounter she would call me all the time and ask for more sex.  i finally just told her i wasnt attracted to her, because i wasnt.  she then went around telling all my friends and her friends about how small i am, which i admit was embarrassing but i got over it by having a sense of humor.  the fact is even though she was bitchy enough to mock me, she still lusted for it.  now im not saying she wouldnt have lusted more for a huge one, but if even a cold heartless bitch liked the little guy enough for seconds, imagine what a nice girl who actually cared about the rest of the person would think.  women might want bigger, but they can be satisfied with anyone.  i really want lindsay lohan, but something tells me whoever i marry will not be lindsay lohan but will certainly satisfy me
1962 December 30, 2004

Hey real neat reading and I believe many of the details presented area correct.  THe problem is that men cnat do anythign about he size of their hard dicks.  Women need to be accomadating ahd help make the situation good.
 My dick is about averagea 6.5" long and 5.5" around, my wife has always been happy with it and can have one orgasm after another when playing.
1963 December 31, 2004

the hammer:
my cock is big as big as a niggers is its 11 inches long and 4 inches across occasianaly i suck my self off
also i love fucking black women in thier pussies making them submit to white huge cock
i want to imprgnate them with loads
1964 December 31, 2004

Thsi site is great and hold very important and interesting information. And best of all those seekign real asnwers can egt them her without any bullcrap your doctor migth feed you like you mentioned. I can say that this site presents it contents better then the school programs and truely asnwers the question young teens migth have. I think the school system should read this and reform their sexual education program based on this. And whats best is that you dotn just talk about penis size but also abord a variety of otehr subjects related to sexualaty. This is a shyning icon in the darkness.
1965 January 1, 2005

It does not matter:
Penis size does not matter. You see for years women have felt bad cause men were going on about penis size. Now this is there way to get back at men, and that's all it is. I have honestly even heard female porn stars say size really does not matter, so that tells you something cause they would know.

Most of the women on here say they have had 10 inch cocks and all this, but the fact is they have not. It's all talk.

Look at it this way. Maybe size does matter, breast size that is. If she has big natural breasts jumping around you will be more turned on, therefore fuck her like she has never been fucked before. Breasts can be as important as the penis when it comes to sex! I mean what is more sexy than a women with big natural well shaped breasts up on top of you with them jumping around... WOW! You fuck her like she has never been fucked before cause you are so turned on by the huge tits... so yes size matters girls, tit size that is!
1966 January 2, 2005

just another tall good lookin mike:
hey i think all men are bugged somewhat about the size of their penis or the way it looks or something no matter what. me i have been told i am big  and have been told i am small so? when im 6.2 220 lbs my penis soft is anywhere from 2 in to 5 in and above avg thick when soft and hard it gets about 5 .75 to sometimes 6.0 and very thick about 5.75x 6.0 i am circumcised and have a nice head! is what all the ladies say i admit i do wish i was longer    expecially when flaccid .i would like to hang about 5.5 and above avg thick soft and be about 7.0X6.0 hard but i have what i have  and most women seem to like it i have been told i am big but i think im avg    and maybe just a little above cause im maybe  3/4 in longer and thick 6.0 circumference and 6,25 on the head avg dick is 5 in long and 5 or so thick. viagra really helps! gives a quarter to half in length[dont take too much! lol try 25 mg with some niacin and grapefruit juice and maybe i mg of xanax holy fuck! horny time! and keep your hair shaved!  it will make u look larger.someday some one will come up with a peeny enlargement system that actually works and will get rich but for now your stuck with what u were born with.like i said i wish i had more length but im happy with my girth and so are the femmes they prefer thick over long they say shit..im 46  and  need viagra cause of nerve damage in my spine but i can run circles around 30 yr olds with the right gal.sometimes i can fuck for hours and not cum that s frustrating too worse than no erection really.its complicated.... if ya got 5 in or so hard and can get it up and get it off 90 percent of the time ya got it made this is a cool site. i confess i love sex and need it everyday 3-5 times   im a wanker so what..... michael
1967 January 2, 2005

TIM in London & New York:
Some observations and reflections of being a professional white male on the dating scene in London and New York over the last 10 years..
Remember: I am speaking about my experiences of seeing/talking to single woman and men in their 20s in these 2 big cities.  I can't comment on older people, married people, or those outside of metropolitan areas etc.


I've been going to many different gyms regularly now for 8 years, so I've seen a lot of guys in the changing rooms.  I've got to say that white guys under 6 feet tall appear to have really small dicks - just embarrassingly so!  Many have pubic hair as long as the dick itself, completely hiding it. COME ON GUYS - GET CLIPPERING!  My penis is 4 inches long when soft, but because I completely shave my balls, the shaft, and about an inch above it, I guarantee it APPEARS like one of the biggest in the locker room.  Keep the bulk of the pubes over an inch above it, and shave a horizontal line across the very top of the hair, and it looks really great, and the dick really noticeably hangs down between the legs.  All adds confidence.

Very tall guys always have big dicks, though I'm afraid just big hands or feet is definitely no gauge to penis length.  I know many who disprove this old chestnut.

100% of black guys at the gym APPEAR to have really big dicks hanging between their legs.  I don't think I've ever seen one less than about 4 - 5 inches flaccid.  Three points: a) think of the pubes again - blacks often have more of a hairy pubic "shadow" rather than long hair,  b) I think blacks tend to have larger un-erect penises from evolutionary factors (less cold climates originally) anyway and c) the black guys at city gyms are often really tall and well developed athletically - hence no surprise that they are packing big black dicks.

I think the Political Correctness brigade need to wise up and acknowledge this last complex point.  This isn't stereotyping - rather Darwinistic evolution.  People of African descent in Europe and the USA, who originally came from the West Coast of Africa via the Caribean because of the slave trade, were subject to a very considerable degree of "un-natural selection" as a result.  A terrible toll of human life occurred, as many as 40% of the passengers of these slave trips died whilst traversing the Atlantic.  The fittest and strongest survived the journeys, and were the gene pool for the current African-American (USA) and Afro-Caribean (Europe) males.  Also, the racial "stereotyping" in aspirational employment (sports stars, music business, dancers etc) seems to subconsciously encourage black men to seek muscular / defined bodies at the gym, hence a preponderance of these in my observations.


My cock is 7" long by 6" around when hard, and I used to think that I was well hung.  My first girlfriend when I was 20 used to call me a "big-dicked bastard", and would brag to her friends about my cock, but in reality her only previous partner was really small at about 5 inches, and completely ineffectual with it.  My cock was actually too big for her (touched her cervix), but she maintained a love/hate fascination with it.  She used to treat me pretty badly outside the bedroom, so once in the sack, I'd pound her mercilessly even though it got painful for her.  I'd also make her shout "I love big fucking dicks" at the top of her voice constantly just to degrade her, even though she patently didn't.  Sick of me, but a true and honest confession.  It was an all around bad relationship.

All the girls that I've been with would say that my cock is "big" and "thick".  Several have said "Wow" - one just held it for ages asking "that must feel really heavy hanging down between your legs?".  I think the sentiment of all these was genuine, however women have learned to massage a man's ego.  Read on.

I had the genuine shock of my life when I was 25 when I'd been dating this really beautiful 6 foot tall brunette.  I knew that I was fantastic at bringing her off by giving oral sex and rubbing her off (make her orgasm 10/12 times in a weekend), but one day she just exclaimed "You are so good at making me cum.  My last boyfriend had an 11 inch dick, and couldn't make me cum once in 6 weeks of dating him".  It was, of course, a complement (to my non-penetration sex skills), but it changed the way I felt about my dick.  I knew I was a great lover, but I never again hinted that I was well endowed to a girl that I was keen to bed (which I can't deny I did up to that point).  We spoke about this guy, and he was 6 foot 7 tall, she could see the size of his erection through his trousers when they danced together at a nightclub - from that moment onwards she said that she was "in lust" and had to date him.  After we split up, we stayed friends and she advertised on an internet site !
 ideally for a guy with an 8 inch penis, after fucking my 7 inches for about a year.  Interesting.

Of course, in the real world, from experience I'd say that 10% of women can reach orgasm from ONLY penetration, whereas 100% can from eating pussy (the best technique only comes from eating a hell of a lot of pussies!  Some guys haven't got a clue). 


But it's wanting a big dick AS A CONCEPT that's so appealing to some women.
Hell, I've dated girls with A cup breasts, but when out looking, I'd aspire to the D cups first!  But they all perform the same role!  That's the lust at work, from earlier.

The modern professional City women that I know in their late 20s consider a normal "big" dick to be 7 to 8 inches long, and fairly thick.  By this age, they may have slept with 20 or 30 men, so they know the averages and the exceptions.

They've also probably been with one or two men bigger than that, and may have become a "Size Queen" as a result.  Given how groups of women talk in wine bars (think Sex in the City culture) that curiosity and fascination will be there for those girls that haven't had the "really big" one - and a voyage of discovery entails for them.

Given that I've just turned 30, along with many of my female friends, this is what I observe: Many professional women think that 30 is a good age to settle down.  I'd say that from this age on, 60% percent are just looking for a decent man who is a good shag - penis size irrelevant to them.  They may have fond/bad memories of a big guy slamming their cervix - that's the past and at least they've had that experience.  If they haven't done that - they'll play "catch up".  It's always a bottle of wine too many for some courage, then going off with a tall black guy hoping he'll be 10 inches long.  I've seen this happen so often to "nice" middle class girls!  You'll see the girl look really nervous and blushing when talking to the black guy, who is often from a non-professional background.  The following week all the women will be chatting and giggling on a night out, and they'll tell me that so-and-so has "scratched an itch" that was very necessary!  Now she can look for a poten!
 tial partner in earnest with no regrets.

I'd say that another 30% of women are consciously looking to settle down with a big-dicked guy, and they'll wait (forever if needs be) to find one that suits.  Again, this isn't particular sexual necessity - just because they like the idea / power / concept of a masculine well-hung guy - another item on his CV along with a powerful career and a nice apartment.  Once they've made the decision to settle down, the first investment banker or lawyer with over 7 inches will get snared!

Then I'd say that the final 10% of sexually experienced women are "black only" by the time they are 30.  These girls are just so up-front and confident.  I've got several stunning female friends who are models (all blondes - one appeared in Penthouse magazine) who only date black studs now.  They'd say that it is a combination of a) the interracial taboo (shock their mothers!), b) black guys being so visible in media, news, entertainment now - so mainstream for the first time, and c) loving the size of their black dicks.  It's a real obsession for them, once they find a pool of well hung black men that go to a certain night-club, to compete for their attention.  As my most stunning friend said, it's fashion.  She likes "to have a Prada handbag, a BMW X5 and a 12" black cock".  This shit is real - BELIEVE IT! 

To summarise - no one I know thinks big dicks = great sex, but we are talking about human fascination and curiosity here, and some people get obsessed.  Just go out, be confident, and get what you can - both men and women.  
SCEPTICAL GUYS - befriend women and LEARN from them that really big dicks do exist on the singles scene in the USA and Europe!
1968 January 2, 2005

Football Guy:
This site is skewed by people who are very concerned with size. Sure, I imagine most women would go for a little bigger, but there are very few guys who are really enormous - in the 9+ range. I was in the infantry for 5 years, and  played D-1 College Football, and there wasn't a single guy in those 10 years in the locker room that was enormous.  Not one. Zero. Only 1 guy in high school would probably fall into the enormous category. The rest were at most probably 8" errect (lot of guess work here since I never saw any errect). Nobody ever bragged about what a big dick they had becase we all knew the truth. Sure a couple guys might have been a little bigger, but nothing outrageous like Lexi Steel.

Speaking of Brothers - there were a few more that may have been a bit longer, but there really isn't much truth to the myth of the big black guys. Some..but not much. A Majority of the Black Guys were normal sized.  Recently - I've been showering with lots of Asian Men after swimming - and there is shrinkage going on after getting out to the pool - but I would say most asians are small.   There is probably more truth to asians being small, than blacks being huge. 

I think there is a lot of miss measruing/ exaggeration going on.  I'm 6x6, but range from 5.75 to 6.50 depending on how I meassure. Most accurate would be 5.9. Women always over estimate. Even at 6" girth, almost all the women I've ever been with (11) commented on how thick I was. I am very skeptical of anyone who claims a 7"+ girth.  I've only seen 2-3 porn flicks where a guy was in that range, and Probably only 4-5 guys of thousands I've seen in the shower would be in that range.

Penis size is just a small componet that goes into sex.  I like big wobbly boobs - but the best sex I ever had was with a flat chested little asian girl.
I think this site is definitly trying to drum up business for enlargement sites.
1969 January 2, 2005

width is what ciunts if you have a big penis tell us th emeasure ment. I've had men small and big. The smallest I've had was 4". Yeah it didn't hurt and the person was shy about it. But is personalty was ok. But it didnt matter to. THe biggest I had was 8.9"! So if you's is bigger then brag, but be truthful, because if not you will pay for it when you go to heaven.
1970 January 3, 2005

I'm 5 inches long.Is it true that guys with small dicks masturbate more than the other guys?
1971 January 3, 2005

sick of everyone's BS:
If you got sick of trying to read them, like me, 80% of the posts on here fall into three retarded, dumbass categories:

1.  I have the biggest dick, it's at least 10 x 6 and girls crave my dick ALL THE TIME.  i am so awesome and very popular, i'll never be lonely and i have the best life ever.  hmmm, i won't leave a link with a picture of my dick next to a ruler as proof to back up my boastful claim, BUT i will leave my email address so that lonely, sad, internet perverts can cyber with me.  also, it's a good thing that the sluts and size queens (that are supposedly chasing me non-stop) are just after my dick make me feel better about myself.  after all, they won't leave me for another guy with a bigger dick;  they love me for who i am, not for what's between my legs.  wait.

2.  i am a slutty old chick and i have been with 6 billion dicks.  i'm really fucked up in the head, that's why i'm still chasing cock around like a dumb bitch and haven't moved on with my life since high school.  should i try to meet a nice guy, fall in love, and start a family?  go back to school and try to start a nice career, maybe?  awww fuck it, i'll just stick to my shitty bartender job and hook up with random guys, hoping to land that big 10-incher every night.  oh yeah! serving drinks and getting pounded by big dicks! that's the life for me.  std's are overrated, i mean, what's another one? 

3.  man, my dick is only 3 inches hard, and after reading this biased, unsubstantiated "debate" (or lack of...) i decided to talk to a guy i know at work who has a large penis into coming over to have sex with my wife.  at night i listen to my co-worker fuck her brains out as i cry myself to sleep. my wife moans as he gives her the kind of pleasure that i will never be able to give her.  i'm thinking about killing myself, actually, since i can't pound my wife with a huge dick.  a big penis is the only important thing in life.  god forbid i learn how to perform oral better.  later, i'm going to go take a bath with my toaster.


so there you go, i just saved you countless hours of reading meaningless, unfounded, moronic posts.  i wouldn't be the least surprised if these kinds of posts are propaganda to get men to buy bogus penis enlargement products.

there are a few insightful ones worth reading from people who aren't idiots, but have fun trying to weed them out of the enormous pile of shitty ones.

the example the author brings up about if you had an exact clone with a larger penis your mate would take the clone with the big dick over you.  but what if there was a third clone; one with the same dick as the original, but had a better body, more personality, more personable, kinder, more polite, more affectionate, etc.  then which clone would your partner take?  now the situation is more complicated.  what i'm trying to say is that every guy would like to improve his relationship with his partner (at least i hope so), and you can't really change the size of your penis.  but you can improve the shape of your body by working out, and how you spend your time with her.  improve what you can, accept what you must.  just my two cents.

think of this website as an amusing bit of entertainment, and don't take it too serioulsy.
1972 January 4, 2005

Christy McCormac:
 I'm absolutely fascinated by men's obsession with penis size! Like the vast majority of women, I have never had sex with a man whose penis was extremely big or extremely small. Yes, I will admit- with all other things being equal- a  thicker, lengthier penis does provide greater sensation in lovemaking. In real life, however, there is no such thing as "all things being equal," and the smaller man often puts forth more effort in the bedroom and is the more attentative lover. If men in general would stop calling the well-endowed among them "studs" just because they have big dicks, perhaps some of these "studs" would be forced to get on the ball as well!

 My interest in this subject began two years aho while vacationing in France. I was on one of the French beaches where full male and female nudity is allowed, and it was there I was lucky enough to witness- soaking up the sun and no small amount of attention- a handsome young man who was hung quite literally to his knees! His flaccid penis must have been almost ten inches long and two and a half inches wide; it swung as he walked and slapped across his thighs around whenever he picked up any speed. Ever curious, I struck up a conversation with the young man; I discovered his name was Stefano and he was a student visiting from Italy. He was friendly, funny, and more than happy to entertain my questions (despite the obvious impatience his two friends who joined us halfway through our conversation.) He told me, despite their reputations as stallions  (and, from all I've seen, it's a deserved reputation) Italian men worry much more than American men about the size of their penis!
 es. And while he said he enjoys the attention from females and admiration from males his size gives him, he complained of the problems it presents in having sex, wearing condoms, and in finding clothes that fit comfortably (he likes the French beaches because he doesn't have to worry about falling out of swimwear.) On top of all of this, he doesn't even have the honor of being the biggest at his school!

 There you have it-- Italian men's reputations have become an insecurity, and a man as well-endowwed as Stefano isn't always top dog. Even for men who should be rejoicing, the obsession with penis size becomes a losing proposition. Later that afternoon, I made a point to talk with another man whose penis wasn't much larger than a thumb (though he had just come from the water.) It was perkily sticking straight out, as opposed to Stefano's which hanged down like a weight. Naturally, I didn't broach the subject of penis size with this man, but he seemed comfortable enough being nude around larger men, and he certainly wasn't uncomfortable with his wife being exposed to the sight of them. This is attitude all men should have-- they should be happy with what you've got, because there'll always be someone larger than you and smaller than them!
1973 January 4, 2005

Im a man of 56 with a normal penis 7.5 or something like it, I never measured it.
I have sex with really many women and I'll tell you this: You better worry about the skill of your tongue and middle finger than about how big your tool is.
1974 January 5, 2005

if it's any consolation to the average or smaller guys, big dicks are rare.  they're unusual, that's why they get the attention that they do, and that should be somewhat relieving. here's what i mean: say for example sarah hooked up with a guy last night with a huge dick and tells her friend katie about it.
sarah: "i hooked up with this guy last night and he was huge!"
katie: "really?? tell me about it!"

if a ton of guys had big dicks the situation would be like this
sarah: "i hooked up with this guy last night and he was huge!"
katie: "...so?"
sarah: "seriously! it was so big!"
katie "...right. i wonder what's on tv."

having a small dick in scenario 2 would be harder to deal with because now instead of being average you're in the minority.  i don't know where i'm going with this, i'll just stop.  you get my drift.
1975 January 5, 2005

Joe :
To the Author of this site.  What makes you think that you made some big discovery?  A moron knows that woman would love big cocks over smaller ones.  What's up with all the science?  Science is not needed.  You are a moron.  You have discovered nothing.
1976 January 5, 2005

It doesn't matter if women like large cocks, medium cocks or small cocks.  The facts are:  You have to be satisfied with who you are, your height, looks, smarts, and the size of your penis.  All the anger and frustration want change anything.  So find a lover that neads a good person in their life and fill that nead.  And when you two have sex, think of her, what can you do to please her, don't rush to an orgasim, take your time and make it fun and even funny.  Sex is not work, its pleasure, take that 22cal. penis and tickle her to an orgasim with it.
She may think about a 44 mag. penis from time to time but having fun withing a caring and loving person is also important.
1977 January 6, 2005

well mine is 6,0 and I am not satisfied

compared to my friends I have smallest dick

I would prefer to go to some surgery or some other way of penis extension
1978 January 6, 2005

Mad as Hell:
Thanks for this penis debate site, you have succeeded, in making me feel even worse than I did before about the size of my penis.
Fuck all you greedy whores, with your insatiable holes.
I hope all those big dicks you crave rip your fucking ovaries out.
I'd like to torch the lot of you with gasoline, after extensive torture.
I hope you all die of aids. (painfully) and slowly.
1979 January 7, 2005

My dick is around 6 inches long, and about 4 1/2 inches thick, I thought that this was good enough to do the job, but I was very wrong. A while back I had sex with a girl who was on the large side (about 220 pounds) We started off doggie style but my dick wasn't able to get past her butt cheeks, then we tried missonary style, and it was obvious to me that she wasn't feeling anything. So then I let her be on top, she started bouncing on my dick and I began to feel pain right away, I started to say something but my voice was muffled by her breasts hanging in and in front of my mouth, after I came my dick got a little softer and that's when I felt my dick pop, right after that I went completley limp, and my dick retracted from inside her, but she still kept bouncing! I finally was able to say stop and she did. I asked her why she didn't stop when I first went limp, and she said she didn't know that I did. Meaning that she couldn't feel anything! I asked her if she felt anying t!
 he at any part during sex and she said when she was on top she felt as if my dick was about an inch inside, but she said it was very thin so she really didn't notice when it went soft. We tried to  continue having sex but my dick would't get that hard and it began to curve a little after the popping sound. She asked me why I had problems performing and I told her that when she was bouncing on my dick I felt it pop. She seemed to feel bad at first, but then she said my dick must be pretty weak if she broke it that easily. I think with time my dick will get better, is there anyway I can satisfy a woman that size?
1980 January 8, 2005

One big infomertial.
1981 January 8, 2005

Yes I wish my dick we're bigger sometimes, you know it's not as big I would wish. Does it make me any lesser a man? No, of course not. So, how big is my dick? An average 6 inches, big deal!When I find a women attractive at first sight, I don't think about how big her tits are, in fact when I play her image back in my mind and ask myself that question, I can't remember, I never took any notice at the time, in the same way men should not get hung up about there penis size, because if a women likes you she's not thinking about the size of your dick.Are men shallow to think that a bigger penis will make them more of a man?  Be able to face there fellow men in the shower with confidence and all that crap, so that it swings when they walk and undermine other men that have smaller dicks? Bullshit!It's what you're born with, get used to it. Do these guys think that if they produced an 10" penis in front of a women that she will go wild with excitment, hell no, she'd be thinking no way is that thing going inside of me!I know because I've women tell me that, the bigger the dick the more scared they are.
I haven't come to terms with my size,just accepted that that is the way I am, if a women ain't happy with it or wants a man hung like a horse then she can fuckoff for all I care, or she can go fuck a horse.
1982 January 9, 2005

from my experience, i KNOW that women love a huge dick...heck, even if they can't take it, they get even more satisfaction from just looking at it, licking it, adoring it. basically women worship huge penises
I'm in college, and have a huge dick. HUGE. sincerely, around the ten inch range. and I can let you know, any nonchurch girls would gladly play with it, even if they don't know you...you can parade a dick like that, and you are GARUNTEED a chick to play with it. I have personally walked into a very sexy woman's room that i knew and liked, dropped my pants, and within seconds that girl said nothing but "oh my god" then was on her knees sucking on my penis.

so, if any girl says a big dick don't matter, she's probably lyin...they love it!
1983 January 9, 2005

life is cruel:
to Susan,post 1889.You may be telling the truth-but get ready:next life you'll likely come back a short-dicked man. To ED-you're reaping some nasty karma dude(or Edwina) whomever you are. Satan possibly? For women who cheat-why don't you get a spine and divorce your man,you selfish CUNTS!!! Now if excuse me,I've got some suicidal thoughts that need attention.
P.S.:Fat women are just as disadvantaged.
1984 January 9, 2005

I wonder:
how do we know these women's comments are actually genuine and not some big dicked male teasing the rest of us? Think about it.
1985 January 9, 2005

Need Help.:
Hi, I have what i consider a small penis, it is 5.5 inches long when erect.  I have slept with 25 + women and have had a few bad experiances due to my lack of size.

I have recently met my dream partner and although we are freinds at the moment we are geeting on so well and it is clear that we both feel the same about each other.

The problem that i have got is that she recently said to me that she would never go out with anyone under 6 inches, which im sure you can understand was a real pain for me to hear that.  I find this really hard to deal with because it is something that im born with and can do nothing about it.

This leaves me with the conclusion that she isnt the girl for me, if she is unwilling to negotiate over half an inch then she obvioulsy isnt the person i hoped she is.

However i have never had much trouble pleasuring a women and have never had anything other than compliments about my performance it is really hard to swallow wen a women mocks the smaller cocks in the world as it isnt anything that i can help or change.

The older i get the more my confidence drops due to the size of my penise, todays society is getting more and more shallow and all i can do is sink further and further into my life unconfidence unhappiness.
1986 January 10, 2005

Ed's ruler:
Great site Ed!  I was very surprised to see that someone did a fully quantitative, apples to apples, study on penis size, that doesn't beat around the bush or pull any punches, so to speak.  For all of the 'average men' visiting this site, I sincerely hope you take away from this site that average is NOT equal to bad/inferior.  Ed is looking at this topic at mere primal level, which I would like to believe most women/men do not operate at.  Obviously, there are women that ONLY sleep a with a man who has a large (9"+) penis, but that would fall in the relm of 'fetish'.  Just like a person who has an intense foot fetish could only get aroused by someone who he felt satisfied this fetish.  I have a slightly above-average size (7x6), and have been told repeatedly that my penis size is 'perfect: not too big, but just right'.  I never gave it much thought, but after looking at Ed's chart, it seems that is pretty close to true (I'm happy with my B grade penis :)  Just try to be happy with what you've got, because from what I've found, confidence is the No. 1 trait women look for in a man... insecurities about your manhood/looks/personality will only decrease your chances of getting that woman you want.

Take care and thanks again Ed!
1987 January 11, 2005

I was looking at the chart of penis preferences with the letters, and noticed that there was nothing to represent pain or discomfort. Sure, a small dick won't make her feel much at all, but an excptionally large dick would cause pain. I mean, I don't think it'd be possible for a penis to be so big it doesn't cause any sensation. I would have thought it would go from feeling to feel something to enjoying it a lot and then to pain, seeing as the pleasure is cause by pressure and so would pain be.
1988 January 12, 2005

Micheal Atwater:
This website is erroneous. Penis size is not a matter of racial genetics but rather based on height and diet. The only genetic difference between racial penis sizes is when the penis is flaccid; asian men tend to have a smaller penis then whites and blacks due to their development in colder climates. Ever been in a cold shower and notice how your penis shrinks? Cold climate also explains why they have almond shaped eyes. Blacks tend to have larger flaccid penises due to their development in warmer climates, but when fully erect there is really not that much difference between any races. However, asian men do have smaller penises, ONLY because of their cultural diets, which does not consist of enormous amounts of animal and whey proteins. This also explains why asians are generally shorter, but their penis size is not determined by racial genetics (except for the flaccid state, which will probably change in several generations). With Western diets becoming more of the norm in asian countries, asian penis sizes should be pretty much the same as whites and blacks (there are isolated villages in Korea, China, and Japan where the men have larger penises due to diets similar to westerners). It is also a recorded fact that asian american men have penises just as large as american blacks in the state of flaccidity and erection. Statistically speaking, white men have the largest penises due to their being taller on average, thus debunking the large black penis myth. There is also a sense of illusion when it comes to size because the darker the penis, the larger it seems. Even with an asian diet, the size difference between asians and westerners is practically indistinguishable due to genetic variation. Where did the myth of blacks having larger penises come from? During the 19th century, missionaries recorded african tribal men as having ten inch penises or longer due to ritual manipulation, (hanging weights, not genetic). Also, it could have come from the fact that black men have large flaccid penises and in the shower room; people equate that to having a large penis overall. Penis size is determined only by height and diet, not racial genetics. In fact, race does not even exist, i.e. if a white couple moved to africa and lived a natural state like our primitive ancestors (no modern medicine or nutrition etc.), they would eventually look just like africans after hundreds of generations due to natural selection. How do I know all this? I majored in sexual behavior and for my senior thesis, I wrote a report on America's obsession with the dong. So, get your kids to eat beef and wheaties.

P.S. To the contrary of the argument of this website, no large surveys of prostitutes and gay men have ever been conducted. I think he/she made it up and there does seem to be a racist tone to this website. Cheers.
1989 January 13, 2005

I am 28 years old and I have had small to large penises and I married a man with about 5 inches. I use to think it was the motion of the ocean and not the size that counts. but I had a affair with a man for 2years he had 10 inch penis and I am spoiled. I am back with my husband now and we have no sex life.. or i should say I have no sex life and I fantasize several times a day about my affair and the wonderful sex life we had. My husband has no complaints I just dont feel attracted to him anymore sexually and I only have sex with him about 4 times a month.. I am starving for great sex again.  I am scared this problem is going to lead to another affair just to satisfy my sexual needs..help!!!
1990 January 14, 2005

Reply to ALittleDilemma - 1931:
First off, I'm being serious and not trying to be a racist ass or anything.  This is my opinion.

I'm white, attractive, and 7".  I love Asian women in general.  You wondered if they are tight in general.  In my experience yes.  But I think that may be due to being with mostly Asian men, and I'm not being sarcastic.  You said you are 5".  Based on these women's confessions to me and their comparisons, you are large for an Asian male.  Of course, there are always exceptions of them being huge ones.  To these women, I was their biggest, but I know there is always bigger out there.

I'd say no matter if they are white or Asian, if they are small framed, they will be tight until worn out some. 

This Vietnamese co-worker I loved and adored.  I was her first white man.  She was very tight.  She'd even had a baby at one time with her ex-husband, also Vietnamese and even with that fact I could not hardly get in her without hurting her.  It was not a lubrication problem.  She ended it and was ashamed, no matter how hard I tried to get her to open up and talk about things.  I am not sure if it was a culture thing or emotional or what?

You sound like you are having to decide whether to "settle" for petite Asian women.  To me, they are the cream of the crop.  White women, particularly white American women, are in general, gold digging bitches with attitudes.  I make good money and am easy going, so I can handle the attitude...my disgust with them comes from their extremely self-absorbed view of themselves...in general of course.  It is a myth that Asian women are soft and weak.  They are strong in their own way.  I am currently trying to sort things out with a Filipina.  She seems tall to me for an Asian lady.  As for how tight, she is feels good, but she has had sex with only one Filipino, the rest were white.  She is a great lady.
1991 January 14, 2005

Hey people.Just to let ya's know...the average size of a guy cocks hard is about 6inches..so most guys have nothing to worry about. Mean i dont see the big deal about worrying about how big your cock is..aslong as you can use it right on your girl. Me, myself...im 5inches when soft and 9 inches when hard.round about 3inches round when soft and about 5inches round when hard. But its not about how big iam, ive learned in past experiences, if you just concentrate on your girl and not your cock. Youll be more satisfied.
1992 January 14, 2005

To Small: ref #1855 - Did you ever get the Kong sr3 dildo?  I noticed that it's 2.5 inches in diameter, or about 7.85 inches in circumference.  Can your poor wife handle such a monster?
1993 January 14, 2005

Why is it that the guys that are skinny have suck huge cocks. My boyfriend that i am with now is very fragile but his cock in 7 1/2 inches...is it mad science or something.......i enjoy his cock but i need to know what postions i could be put in so that the penetration wouldnt be much painful.
1994 January 14, 2005

I've been a male nurse for about 23 years. I get to talk to a lot of women. If a woman loves you, your size doesn't matter. However when a group of women get together they talk as if it does. Much the same as guys will in a locker room about different topics. You can have a little woman talking about wanting an 8 inch dick that couldn't handle 8 inches if she got it, Just to fit in with the girls. Vagina size differs just like mens penis sizes.  A womens vagina is a muscle that stretches or shrinks to accommadate the man she is with in about 6 weeks. If a women is still too loose she can Keigal and enlarge her vaginal muscles to make herself snugger for her man. I have heard of women being extremely tight the same as I have heard of men having penises the size of an infants. These are rarities. And you have to do the best with what you have. If you ask any professional, if you're in the neighborhood of 5 inches you'll do. If not practice on other techniques. There are many lesbians that don't even have a penis. But they seem to please the woman they are with just fine. Thankyou
1995 January 14, 2005

Normal Guy:
Im sorry to report that after much study, though and overall examination of this site that I can openly say this site is generated by either a man or men (women?) trying to sell enlargement products.

   I know of no men who prefer larger pussy lips (labia minus) and I have talked openly about it to over 20 men at least.

  I was really concerned about this site at first. So concerned in fact that I actually had to go find my GFs dildo collection to see what she used when she was alone- I expected some 12 inch bottle thick dildo- LOW AND BEHOLD- My cock was bigger then any of her dildos!! Im not that big- 7.5x 5.5-5.75.

   Shame on the people who made this site for their own gains- propogating myths foreward in order to get endorsements from companies- Its dispicable at best. I sincerely would like to say you are FOS and need to re-evaluate your desire to live. There are many good ways to commit suicide for you.
   I've slept with at least 30 women in the last 2 years and I can also report that they were nearly all repeat customers. Anyhow thats not to make myself feel better but to tell you normal guys out there that a penis bigger then 5 inches will probably do you fine- There is alot more physiology that should be talked about on this site.

  NO PENIS IS BIG-NONE- is there a penis that is as big as a 8 lb baby? A. no- can all vaginas push out a 8lb baby? A. yes all things being equal. So in reality any woman can take anything at any size. Im curious how many women masterbate using their fingers alone.

  Once again whomever made this site ought to be ashamed of them selves and anyone of intelligence and education ought to know better then to beleive any of this. Nothing about this is scientific- that graph chart was based on 10 women- what kind of women would like something like that crammed in them in the first place? A. probably porn stars - but we werent privy to that information now were we? Pathetic.

I hope you die from falling on a hug penis.
1996 January 15, 2005

Against All Odds:
Lol...ya'll so funny u killin me. I am not small and I am not large either. I am decently hung but lately I have found that this is not good enough. I like making my girls scream and moan and lately I find that girls can actually take my shit with no complaints. This does not make me feel like a real man. So therefore I want to increase this shit of mine by at least three inches. Does anyone know what I can use. By the way thank you so much for having such wide pussys that make us average sized men feel worthless. I am going to change things around against all fucking odds.
1997 January 15, 2005

I don't feel all women can be grouped into one large dick loving group. I think the human race is diversified to ensure the continuation of the species. I know three  woman getting divorced from big boys and going to smaller men ,two even commented on it to me tired of that big dick and didn't know how to use it. Most women would rather have someone go down on them than stretch them from here to the moon. Lets face it, if you have a dick as big as a babies head, then your doing something, if not your flappin in the wind like everyone else. A vagina is a potential with no nerve endings after a couple inches. It takes whatever is thrown to it. Hmm try this survey and you might understand women better. The question would be. Do you want a man with a really big dick or a really big bank account?? Why is it you see no ugly women in a Corvette or other flashy car, unless they own it. You mean all the guys with Corvettes have big dicks. No women aren't visual and it is interseting, like a friend of mine said who works at a sex shop, if all these womaen want big dicks then why aren't they all buying the largest size dildo we sale?? They usually go from small to average, he said maybe they are afraid of stretching themselves out, once in a while some girls will come in laughing and buy a monster two ended headed dildo, but usually just look and laugh at them under the glass counter. As long as your dick works that the important question. What if you had a real big dick and suffered from impotence, now to me that would be the ultimate shame. One other thing, I read in playboy this guy wrote in, he had 11 inches and could only get blow jobs, these girls would say no way your using that on me, their advice to him was to keep the lights out till most of the evidence was buried. So much for mr. big...
1998 January 16, 2005

As a forty year old woman I feel like I can speak with some experience. Although I am not a slut who has screwed hundreds of guys, I have had a varied sampling. I have only actually measured two in my life; one was a long time relationship who was about four and a half inches (I told him it was five) and fairly thin, and my current significant other who is five and a half inches long and five inches around (I told him he was six inches because he too was so paranoid about having a big enough dick to satisfy me). The rest of the erect penises I have seen or had were virtually identical in size to my significant other's except for one that was smaller, one that was maybe seven inches long, but not as big around as my current SO, one that was around five or six inches long yet extremely thick and one that was just huge (he was so big that I would not have intercourse with him I just gave him a hand job and never saw him again) and without exception the size did matter, the two !
 smaller ones were did not feel as good and the three "larger ones" were uncomfortable. So, the medium size ones are unquestionably preferrable to both the small or large ones. Just call me Goldilocks, because I like them not too big or too small, I like them "just right."
1999 January 16, 2005

Spongebob Squarepants:
LMFAO, some fat chick broke your dick? That is quite a touching story.

The truth is obvious, we are all individuals, we all vary infinitely in a number of ways, and if we wish to have relationships with others it has to be a two way deal. Some people are perfect for us, most are probably not.
2000 January 16, 2005

Dude who Gets it:
God you people are so stupid.

Number 1, the author of this sight is just trying to help you retards. It is a FACT that women would like you to have a bigger penis ((in their ideal range-not sure if Ed's is the same as most women's, but you get what I'm saying)) if you could still be you!

 What the fuck is the big deal? I'm sure she'd like you to look like brad pitt as well if you'd be the same person.

 It really is that simple...

    90% of women are not Dick Hungry sluts that a lot of people would have you believe they are. Sure, I'm not going to lie, they probably do like a bigger one. But not to the extent of their feelings being so tied up in dick size that they can't love anyone else or have a LOT of fun in bed with someone else who's dick wasn't as big. Give them SOME credit guys.

   All this site is is common sense.

   Treat it like this:

   Would your woman like you a little better if you had a more attractive and sculpted body given everything was equal? Yes.

   Would she like you if you looked a little better and still were the same person? Damn right.

  So would she like it if your dick were a little bigger as well? Sure thing.

  Don't be a crying little bitch about it, just keep your feet here on planet earth...and don't get sucked into the

 'Oh...if it isn't 10 inches I'll never have any fun with her'

 OR the

 'Ha, my cock's 9 inches, I'll always dominate her and she'll pretty much be my fucking slave'

 Mentalities....neither are very real-world scenarios.

 Sure there are some women ((I'm sorry to any who have run across them)) that are like that, but not many.

 Hey guys, life's tough...get a helmet.

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