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1901 December 1, 2004

Hey DoubleR,
I thought you gave an excellent response to these scum hos like Susan.  Well, it seems now she is talking shit again. 
Let me address you again.  Obviously, there is no love in your life (you obviously don't give a shit about your husband and should divorce him if you even have one tiny ounce of decency left in your trashy existence).  Your fucking generalizations about other women and large penises as well as most men requiring huge breasts is fucking annoying as hell.  I have two close friends that are both attractive- one is small and petite with A/B size breasts.  The other is fairly thin with huge natural DD size breasts.  I have been attracted to both of them at one time or another in the past.  There was a time when I really was attracted to the petite one.  The other one is also very pretty, but at that time her breasts did nothing to lure me to her over the other one.  A sweet personality can win out over the large breasts anyday.  Now I guess if I didn't have feelings for either girl maybe I'd take the larger breasted girl, but attraction is far deeper to me than body features and big breasts don't hold water to the whole package of a person (personality, attitude, looks, etc.).  I had absolutely no desire to have those big breasts nor did I wish the petite one had larger breats.  So, try to fucking understand that your generalizations are just fucking stupid and this works both ways- for women and men alike.  If there is no love or at least building emotional attraction then it's just sex.  And to me no sex is as good- no matter how extreme the body features are- as when you are emotionally excited by the person and your heart is racing from this overwhelming emotion.  Just plain loveless sex is pleasurable, but boring to me.  I sort of feel sorry for you in a way.  Maybe that is the true reason you have to seek out huge dicks.  There is no love in your life and you try to compensate to turn yourself on by sleeping with men of extremes.  Well, maybe that will work for you for a while, but I'm betting that will eventually come to an end too.  I feel sorry you are unloved and your life is empty, meaningless, and sad.  Other people may hit these states too, but they have more respect, honor, and decency than to belittle themselves like you and become classless and trashy.  I was originally angry at you Susan, but I now pity you.  It's obvious there is no more love between you and your husband, so divorce him and try to find someone to love again and raise your spirits and your emotions before you sink to a level so low that you end up committing suicide.

One tiny little note about your comment on the black guys who these white women, that you refer to, fuck.  I am not racist, and I certainly don't speak for all black guys.  But, I know a few black guys, some are even friends, who are just average looking.  I don't know if they are well endowed or not (let's asssume they are).  But, they will fuck almost any white girl.  Even if she has marginal looks and is a fat pig.  All the power to both these guys and the girls.  If these girls wish to be filthy and trashy good luck to them, I certainly have no desire for them.  And for the guys, if they want to fuck fat pigs then it leaves more of the sweet and pretty girls for me!  It's really degrading and disgusting how these types of guys and girls (Susan you are one of them too) act.  And if you think it makes average guys like us jealous or insecure then you couldn't be more wrong.  I am totally unaffected.  I actually like being average in size and am glad I am not huge.  Cause then I would have a hugely difficult time knowing if a girl really likes me or just my unit.  Being average allows me to weed out the keepers from the trash whores.  I certainly don't want the later by any means.  Arrivaderci!
1902 December 2, 2004

Susan: (Obviously a black man)

Black men who create fake posts from "women" claiming how they love big black dick, are more pathetic than funny.

Black men, on average, do not have large penises. Most men, regardless of race, do not have large penises. This is what makes "large" large. Otherwise it would be average. If every black man was running around with an 8" dick, then the average penis size for all men would not be 5-6" but 7-8" (consider the millions of black men who live in Africa, the US and across the world). There are enough black men in the world to raise this figure by an inch, if they were legitimately larger--but alas, they aren't bigger.

Secondly, as I previously posted, if "Susan" (the obviously black man who is posing as a white woman) really did have a large penis--which statistically he likely does not--he would affirm my previous post, as some others already have. Men who really are hung know that most women prefer to brag about their man's size as opposed to actually utilizing it. I sleep with many women, and I can't tell you the last time a girl has really let me take control sexually (doggystyle, missionary, etc.). With my 8.5", I hit the cervix of most all women (black, white, or purple) and so they resort to "riding" me, so as my penis doesn't penetrate too deep.

I agree that women are impressed with large organs, but sexually, most don't prefer them.

This is the truth...period.
1903 December 2, 2004

Matthew Simms:
I would only like to say that the information contained in these pages is as useless and "asking a woman if your penis is big." Regardless, big penis, small penis, your stuck with what you got more or less. If you think (or do) have a small penis it only means that you weren't meant to have one (Although you could blame your ancestors or God but that would be foolish and equally useless). If you have what you think as a big penis, well then I would personally like to congradulate you for, well nothing actually, it's not like you did anything to get it. For all I know you're probably a great guy or something but believe me, when your on your deathbed nobody's gonna be crying over the loss of your penis (and if they do then you were officially a failure in all respects). I measured myself and I come out to be in the average range. It's not like I'm giong to obsesse over the size of something I can't really fix. Any comments? tell me at athisfeet0@msn.com
1904 December 3, 2004

Just Pondering:
Maybe size obsessed women are just acting like nearly all men who are obsessed with size. Men are generally labelled the more "shallow" (sexually speaking) of the two sexes, and women who follow a similar ideology might fall into this category as well. The size queens just have a more guy like mentality in their thought process making them value size as most men do. Penis envy rearing its ugly head?
1905 December 3, 2004

Head or Tails:
I am proud to say that I haven't read all of the posts here but I have read a lot of them. 

I am currently slightly below average in length and I've never put a tape measure around it but think it is average.  Fortunately, I came of age before Aids was widely known about and had more than my fair share of women.  Yes, penises come in different sizes and so do vaginas.  Even with my below average equipment I have been with many women that were very tight, some so much so that it was painful for both of us after a particularly long session.  And just to kill one myth that all vaginas are looser after child birth, the smallest one I was ever in belonged to a 31 year old mother of two (I was 22 at the time).

I have now been married for 16 years to a woman that I love and she loves me.  She doesn't have the smallest but feels good to me.  I am not the largest she has had but I feel good to her.  Yes, she has had some that were physically more appealing to her but she doesn't give that a lot of thought and is happy with me.  It seems that a lot of people that post here believe that a woman can have pleasure only with a large one.  Surely that is true for some people.  However, regardless of size, none of them are going to satisfy without proper preparation. How you act long before you get into the bedroom is important, the amount of affections is too.  What are you doing as far as foreplay is concerned and how attentive you are to what turns her on? 

For us, sex that from start to finish that only lasts an hour is just a quickie.  We like to spend several hours teasing, rubbing, enticing etc. before we even get into the bedroom.  It isn't unusual for my wife to have had two orgasms before we get in bed and a couple of more in bed. 

While physically my wife might prefer that I have a larger penis, she is very happy and satisfied with me as a husband, man and lover.  Part of our variety in sex play includes sex toys that are larger and I enjoy watching the reactions these cause in her.  Hell, if she decided tomorrow that she wanted to fuck a man with a larger penis, not only would I not mind, I would be glad to help her find a suitable one.  I've offered and she hasn't taken me up on that but if she does, true to my word, I will be okay with that.  Now there are those that will say that women that have a lot of sex with large penises are stretched out, wouldn't I worry about that if my wife decided to have a larger man?  I am sure that the stretching thing may be true for some women.  Some of them probably just had very large vaginas to begin with.  Most women though, are very elastic there.  My wife feels pretty good after 16 years of marriage and unless she has sex with someone with a penis bigger than the three babies that she has delivered, it probably wouldn't affect the overall feeling.

Now, for your further amusement I have something very interesting to add.  I am 43 years old and will turn 44 in several days.  It is widely known that aging causes some sexual problems but there is one that I had no idea about.  Yes, getting hard takes a little more work that it did when I was a twenty something.  The thing that surprised me though, was that I am currently 5.5 inches when I am pretty damn happy.  It was the first time I had measured myself since I was 22 and only did it because it felt different to me.  That time that I measured when I was 22, it was 6.25 inches.  of an inch disappeared.  No, last name isn't Bobbit and there were no industrial accidents.  Surprise, some of those that think you are too small and inadequate, it can get worse. 

In closing, this is the life that has chosen you, live it and love it.  You are what you are and have what you have.  Get used to it.  All you can do is make the most of it.

1906 December 4, 2004

don't worry :
guys, don't worry about it.  most of the posts on this site are from men. very few women spend time surfing the net about penis size (not the kind you'd want anyway.  Most of the women who rave about large penises only do it as a way of getting control over men. Believe me, many women are insecure about their bodies, and they use this as a power ploy over men. As far as relationships are concerned, a mans hardest job is to attract a mate. A womans greatest challenge is hanging onto one. It's easy for a woman to get laid, but lets see how good she is at hanging onto her man. Guys, respect yourselves. if your wife or girlfriend belittles your size, throw it right back at her. and then dump her. stand up for yourselves. just remind her that very few women over the age of 30 are even very attractive any longer. It's time to stand up for yourselves, guys. Women treat us like shit, and they always have.
1907 December 4, 2004

Me again:
I follow this site with interest.

Susan - some men are going to flame you for your comments, whilst I think that you really need to do some work on your Karma and if you have any honesty you should let your husband be free.

If you look at the cock rating sites, you will see that there is no need for debate on the visual side - the bigger guys win out every time.

On the physical side, I think the Ed has made the mistake of trying to put a definitive measurement on women's prefernces.  This is typically male and mostly wrong.  I don't think that there is much disagreement that women would prefer to be filled by their partner.  Not stuffed to bursting (though there are some), just filled with some flexibility.  Being filled is therefore relative to their own dimensions which as anyone with any experience will tell you are significantly variable.

And whilst there are positions which better accentuate the full feeling, it is statistically obvious that the small men and women and the huge men and women will find it harder to find the perfect fit.

Having said all this, it's importance pales to that of the emotional compatability for a long term relationship.
1908 December 4, 2004

I think all men should commit mass suicide if their penises are under 9 inches(flaccid). This way overpopulation will no longer be a problem. That'll teach us to be born with small penises (8 inches or less flaccid).  That would be awesome dude!
1909 December 5, 2004

i feel sorry for white men bcoz it seems like your wives are fuckin black guys behind ur backs.im one good example my white husband dont satisfy me at all, so i prefer fuckin black guys behind his back.
1910 December 5, 2004

This was an entertaining site, but I do have some problems with it. And here they are:

-Don't you think it's funny that the studies reporting larger average penis sizes are also the ones that didn't use medical staff for the measuring. They were basically taking the guys' word.

-Women, most of the time, don't really know what they want and generally are very poor judges of size. Sorry ladies your minds just aren't geared that way. If you don't believe me pick up a psycology book.

-There are entirely too many factors that go into good sex.I'm sure that to most women size does matter to a point and that to others it's the only thing that matters. The thing is that different women like different things.

-I'm right in the average range, and my girlfriend is very honest about the fact that she would like it to be a little bigger. But she's had a couple of monsters and until me she had only had 2 orgasms in her life. And we just get better all the time, I'm getting to the point where I can get her off almost every time. So there's hope fellas.

- And by the way, talk to your doctor.
1911 December 5, 2004

Are women lying again?. After much consideration on this issue I have come to the following conclusion. Does size matter?. I think not. After watching many adult movies on the net, that included many big guys, not very many women have orgasms. Out of 300 plus videos, only one women had a "vaginal orgasm" with a large member. The ones that don't usually are "rubbing themselves" to help achieve orgasm. I have seen more average guys with women who have achieved orgasm than those women with guy who are very large.. Most of the time if not always, the women with guys who are huge looks more as if they are in "PAIN" than having a good time. I have seen women orgasm from oral sex, from a finger, and from a machine called the "Sybian" that uses a 3 inch dildo . I enlarged myself from 6 to 8 inches and the first thing I noticed was a "tighter feeling" when intercourse happens. My woman had bleeding episodes for quite some time. Now she has "broken in" to this size and does not bleed anymore. But now, even tho I am larger, the feeling is the same as before. So I assume this would be true for a woman who has an 8 inch, 10 inch or larger. I strongly believe women use the "penis size" issue to "belittle" men. They can't beat us up, so they use this issue to try to make men feel bad, and some men do let it bother them. These women are really MEN HATERS!. This is the only way they can try to make men hurt. They use this issue because they have insecurities in themselves. Be it breast or ass size, their age, or weight, or looks or they are just plain unhappy. In order to take some of the unhappiness off of themself , they attempt to hurt others, mainly their male counterparts, and this they believe gives them some power or control over their own unhappiness. By making others unhappy, for some reason brings pleasure to them. As for us guys I think it goes like this. WE are very competitive!. Who is faster, who is stronger, who makes more money, who has the best looking woman, who's car is faster, who can win the football game etc.. This competive nature then holds to what we call our "manlyhood", or our DICK!. Since this is what differentiates us from women, we believe that a bigger dick makes a bigger man. We admit to ourselves, while dressing in the "Locker rooms" of America, that out of the corner of our eyes we look at other men. We see guys with Large dicks and say to ourselves, "boy what I could do with a dick like that:"..I can really make a women come and scream!. But this is all in the human mind!. Reality does not meat fantasy in this case. Just watch some of the videos and you all will see the proof!. Women ARE not having an orgasms with Super Large dicked men!! No matter how many of them say it matters, their seems to be more so that say it does not. What they want is what all of us want. We all want to be loved for who we are. So us guys with the big ones, I say so what?, and to guys who are average, good for you, and to the under averaged size crowd, I say again, so what?.. It does not matter in reality...It really does not feel different.. Unless your large enough to inflict pain, then I guess it would, but not in a good way..
1912 December 6, 2004

I read your site and I was quite impressed overall. I can see how you would recieve a lot of hate mail. There are a lot of guys out there who put on the machoe wall. They talk big when in fact they are denying there smallness. I fall in the C range of penises and I am ok with my small penis. I did have some concern regarding my size before I found your site. I am always looking for the truth and your site seems to back the idea that, "women perfer larger penises". Makes perfect sense to me. I am going to order the book your reccomened written by Mike. Hopefully the book will take me out of the nice guy approach. I did show my site to a friend, he found it very hurtening. But I know he will get over his small penis. lol... We both pray for small gina women. Even though they still would want bigger. Thanks for hitting me in the face with the truth. It is what I needed and it's what the world needs.

1913 December 6, 2004

I agree with Susan. I wish people would cut all the crap about dick size and just admit that yes, black dicks are usually bigger than all others. I have been with a black man and I have seen many, many dicks in my day and just about all of the time blacks rule the day. My first black experience changed my life and opened my eyes up to what I probably knew was true all along anyway. And how many white women do you see chasing black dick - tons! She's right, most white women would probably have a go at a black dick if they could.
1914 December 7, 2004

1915 December 7, 2004

6.5 x 5.5:
Yes its true!!! The averge woman has a vagina thats too large!
All things being equal(ofcourse), most men (if not all) would prefer a smaller tighter pussy! DEBATE OVER!!

I have very high standards and only fuck pretty women with tight pink pussies. Very little pubic hair(natural)is hot too!! Try it. Just can't let em know what you're after or they will think you're shallow. Women with big hairy vaginas are worthless except for anal and oral sex!! Unfortunately, only a small percentage of women have tight little pussies, but once you've had one, you will never want loose again!! My wife is loose and I very seldom fuck her! Don't get me wrong I love my wife(very pretty) and I'll still fuck her ass, and will let her blow me, but I much prefer the college girl I'm fucking twice a week!!! Shes in love with me, and says I'm huge. Believe me, even the sight of this tight little pussy is EXTREMELY SEXY, and I love to paint my face with it (TWO COATS)!!  A friend of mine who lives in the city, dates an Asian girl, and I'm lucky enough to date and occasionally fuck a few of her girlfriends, most of which are very tight (just not the prettiest). They've all said I'm huge too and constantly inquire to my buddy about my next visit. If you think this is backwards, you are a pathetic excuse for a male and deserve what you get!!
1916 December 9, 2004

I've been coming to this site for a long time, reading the various posts by people who claim to know the answer to the "Does size matter?" question. It's funny to see the venom unleashed at the people who view this sensitive issue one way or another. People who are blasted for having an opinion.
First, let me say that I believe size does matter, but not to everybody. If I were to guess a percentage, I'd say that size matters to 65-to-70% of the women out there who are sexually active. More than two thirds, but probably not as high as some might think.
Some women simply aren't going to care how big a guys dick is if he is the guy of her dreams in every other way. Many more women haven't been with enough guys to realize what they may/may not be missing, and frankly couldn't care less. These groups make up the 30-to-35% of women to whom size does not matter.
I have zero facts to back up my assertion; just some limited personal experience and discussions with women on various message boards and chat rooms.
About me: I'm a 33-year-old white male with a penis, when erect, is a slender 5 1/4 inches long by 4 3/8 inches around. According to most surveys, my dick is around average to maybe slightly below average in length, and well below average in girth. I've accepted the fact I have a small penis and I don't care. I love my dick just the way it is.
I was always the small guy, going all the way back to the locker room in school. I didn't start puberty until I was 15, and was noticibly smaller than pretty much every other guy. There were guys with bigger flaccid cocks than me at age 14 than the size of my erect cock now.
I lost my virginity at 18 to the woman I would eventually marry, who was also a virgin at the time. The first time we had sex, we had sex for an hour with my pumping my dick in and out of her for all I was worth and wondering why it didn't feel better for either of us than it did.
After marriage, we got into a pretty lame routine of me sticking it in and thrusting for five minutes until I came while she stared at the ceiling. We started buying porn during those years, and my wife was floored at the difference in cock size between me and many of the male actors, although there was never any mention of me being too small.
I eventually got better in bed, and could make her cum by sticking it all the way in and rubbing against her clit with my pubic area, but my dick basically played little-to-no role in her satisfaction.
Finally, about five years ago during an honest "how could sex be better" discussion, she said she wished I had a bigger cock. She said my penis was too thin, and she really wanted to know what a big penis feels like. I wasn't all that surprised by her honest admission. I'd pretty much suspected all along.
My wife has not slept with another man, but she does have desires to do so some day. She has a large vibrator she enjoys, and we bought a girth extension for my penis that makes it two inches thicker during sex. She has never failed to reach orgasm within 10 minutes while I am wearing this extension during sex.
My wife isn't a slut. She's never slept around. Her vagina didn't suddenly get huge one day. She just happens to be a woman who needs a bigger dick for sexual satisfaction. From the first time we had sex - had either of us of had any experience - we could've figured this out. My penis is just completely inadequate for her sexually, and I'm fine with that. I have the dick I was born with and I can't do anything to change that, so why should I get pissed off at women who say size matters? To most women, I think it does (especially where girth is concerned).
A sidebar to this story: I had an affair with a married woman in 1998 who said I had the biggest dick she had ever had. She had slept with six guys before me - all while she was in high school - and on top of that, I was at least two inches longer than her husband, who supposedly had an infants penis. She could have multiple orgasms just by the feel of the length of my cock going into her. So to her, size mattered as well, but in her case, my size was bigger than what she was used to so it was me who was the stud for once.
After me, she divorced her husband and was living with a guy from Puerto Rico who she said was truly huge and gave her the best sex ever. But clearly size mattered to her, too, and for a while at least, I had been her best and biggest.
So, I guess to summarize my rambling, size probably does matter to most women, but women probably vary a great deal in what they would consider their ideal size. My wife wants bigger, but the woman I had the affair with would have probably of been satisfied with my size, at least for a while.
I have a nice, compact, "cute" pencil dick, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. If I am too small for most women, that's OK. It's what I've got and I can't change anything about it, and as my wife has told me, it's perfect for sucking. As long as she keeps giving me blowjobs, she can make fun of my little cock all she wants.
1917 December 10, 2004

Some guys have huge cocks, most don't.  Obviously women want the rare huge cock instead of some average common junk.  I'm pretty small, but I can sure eat pussy!!
1918 December 10, 2004

Shock talk and gossip! The male ego is easily manipulated and exploited. I suppose any moron can understand the concept of what the author is trying to say here. "The right tool for the right job"
The relationship between penis and vagina is usually not a critical factor in mate selection. In cases where "the shoe just doesn't fit", the couple will have to individually weigh its importance and potential impact on their relationship. Furthermore, this "size relationship" is not the sole responibility of the male (as this "penis size debate" implies). In other words, is the shoe the wrong size or is the foot the wrong size? Does the foot "blame" the shoe? Does the shoe "blame" the foot? Depends weather you are the shoe or the foot perhaps, since neither can change itself.
The "blame" or "fault" or "responsibility" is shared equally, provided your penis or vagina is within the "average range" (90% of relationships). The penis is as big or small as the vagina is small or big. You dig? The average penis is too small no more than the average vagina is too large. How can anyone argue the contrary with a clear conscience??
Insights into why the author has twisted this concept into a "male" problem is the topic worth debating. The fact that he fails to identify himself and his true objective is a big clue.
1919 December 10, 2004

THIS IS STUPID. ABOUT 10% of the people on this site tell the truth. 60% TELL THERE DREAM SIZE AND FANTASIES. And 30% tell lies. Im reading about dicks the size of 12 in" long (that makes me wonder if they had implants) Then there is people who say their dick is 4.5 inches" (that gives me a $hitload of confidence and wonder if that does any pleasure for chicks.) I am exactly 7 in". All i want to know ladies if thats a decent size. Ive slept with many women who never complained once, and seemed compleatly satisfied. All i want to know plain and simple is 7 in" a decent size.
1920 December 11, 2004

As a male with a larger than average penis, but not a huge one (I'm 7 inches long and 6.5" around), it bothers me that the sight of my dick does not make my sexual partners gasp.  But that doesn't change the fact that most women, I believe enjoy the feeling that a large penis gives them.  Yes I understand that a lot of it is visual, but when it all is said and done, women like feeling that their vaginas are full.

The fact is that women like big dicks.  It's a fact and we need to accept it.
I have spoken to a lot of women about it and I think that length alone is not enough.  In fact a long thin penis is annoying based on what my female friends have said.
1921 December 11, 2004

slim weenkier:
ok i have a problem i have a 1 inch penis its only 2 inch around i can never get hard im only 19 and i need viagra every women i try to pleasure makes me get a vibrating tool to help the job get done. I have a penis pump but last time i used i got crabs and i got a rash so nothing seems to work i cant even jack my self off because it doesnt even work. Im with a women right now who wants to desperatly have sexual intercourse with me but im afraid if she see's my centimeter peter she will run and call me hurtful small penis names! WHAT SHOULD I DO???
1922 December 11, 2004

I think to some girls size matters and to some it doesnt. As for me im 6 inches and the girls ive been wit had no complaints. Im never shy about my size, there is nothing you can do so just rock out wit your cock out and stop worring.
1923 December 12, 2004

im asian and im really petite, 5'2, 95 lbs.

large penises would totally rip me apart and make me bleed. i find that i am satisfied with 5-7 inches.

depends on how you use yours, guys. ;-)
1924 December 12, 2004

did you notice that the people that say "size isn't everything", are the people with small dicks. now myself am 7.25", which is a pretty good size knowing that  i am only 18 and 5'6". I did use a pump for only a couple of days and it's great. those who are instreasted sood buy one.
1925 December 12, 2004

My treasure is 7" in length.
My jewel throbs like a race horse wanting to get out of the starting gates.
I have Black gf's who tell me my weapon is PERFECT.
So this 7" White Guy loves his DICK
1926 December 12, 2004

Unhung Hero:
Well, if penis size is more than psychological and size really does matter, then women will be forever searching for bigger dicks.  It's just a matter of time before 9 and 10 inch dicks will be considered average or even small to women who crave 14 inches and up!  I have met women who claim this is what they must have to be satisfied.  As a result, the tight pussy is becoming extinct.  Constant pounding with massive dicks, regular masturbation using extremly large dildos, fisting and other sado-masochistic practices have stretched pussy beyond pleasure and taken old-fashioned romance out of today's sexual experiences.  The way things are going, when it comes to sexual activity, it looks like both men and women will be relegated to self-fulfillment.  No brain, heart or soul, just a big dick and bigger pussy!
1927 December 13, 2004

Some thoughts:
Only an imbecile would amass so much feedback and not learn from it, grow from it, or show a shred of respect to the thousands of contradictory testimonies he's received. This is not a debate or an open forum. It seems to be a one-sided, closed-minded opinion of one man with a fetish. Sorry bro but lack of objectivity invites critisism.

The gap between men an women is steadily narrowing. There is more equality between the sexes now than ever in history(except perhaps in some 3rd world nations). Society is now far more tolerant of sexual expression from women. Perhaps women are not so different from men and some day all people can feel the freedom to expess themselves sexually without fear of being judged, labeled, or deemed socially unacceptable. After all we're all made of flesh, we all have nerve endings, a central nervous system etc...yet what arouses us and gets us off sexually, is a very long diverse list of physical traits, behaviors, fetishes, fantasies, and activities. Psychologically we're all so different. So individual. So unique!

Given an average sized penis and an average sized vagina, is enough friction created? Is the amount of pleasure an average man feels dependent on the level of friction created by the vagina? Is the amount of pleasure an average woman feels dependent on the level of friction created by the penis? When people masterbate is friction the main ingredient???? How big of an object does the average women choose in this circumstance? and how tight is the average man's grip on his penis while masturbating? If sexual pleasure is all about friction, whats all this other sexual activity about? Why so much need for giving pleasure? Why so much fantasy? Why are relationships so complex?

My best friend/roomate in college(Chris)had a small dick (about 5ish). I'm just under 8 and considerably girthier. Otherwise we are very similar guys.  However, he was perhaps a bit better looking and slightly more charismatic than I. I the more intelligent and cultured. We certainly dated our share of women during our sophmore and junior years. However in our senior year, we fought over the same girl who I met, dated and slept with first. She wanted her space and no committments. However, she liked Chris right away and wanted to date him instead. She chose him despite my efforts, and even after he cheated on her, she was still obsessed with him and wouldn't come back to me.
All things are never equal. Yes, penis size is important to some women but it looses its novelty effect quickly so you best have plenty more to offer. I've also met a few women that liked me mostly for my penis, but they were one night stand material and not the type I prefer. Some women can be just as shallow as some men! In my experience, penis size just doesn't compete with any combination of personality, looks, intimacy, romance and love.
1928 December 13, 2004

pat :
I love a big dick, I saw a guy peeing behind a tree one time and his dick was huge at least 11inches long and very fat with a big head it made my pussy wet
1929 December 14, 2004

i am writing this letter because some of you need to hear how much worse it could be. my penis is short AND VERY THIN also it doesnt get as hard as most cocks so its too thin to give any pleasure when the pussy squeezes she can barely feel anything, size queens feel nothing. also because im not fully hard my thin penis bends and slips out any time the pussy squeezes more than just a little bit so it is impossible for the pussy to cum. the article is right that girls get frustrated and annoyed because the pussy must work hard to squeeze around such a narrow penis and then of course i slip out. also i cum a tiny amount and it just drips out a little. the article is right about small penis guys getting less sex and more jerking off.
1930 December 14, 2004

Thia site is so awesome.  So much truth.  The average and small guys read it in disbelief.  Cry more please.
1931 December 14, 2004

I'm an Asian male, 5" x 5".

I read the comments here; painfully I accept that I'm too small for the vast majority of women out there.

I've decided to focus on very tight women then.  Is 5" by 5" too small for practically all women, or are there some women who can be satisfied by someone 5" by 5"?

Are Asian women all tight?  Should I focus on petite Asian women onlyl? Are certain groups like Vietnamese and Filipinas tighter than other Asians? The thing is, it's difficult to know how tight a woman's pussy is until you stick your dick in her.  What are some rules of thumb to tell if a girl has a tight pussy?

What about Hispanic women?  Some of them are very petite.  Do these petite Hispanic women have very tight pussies?
1932 December 15, 2004

Little Bert:
   I'm glad to see there are so many people obsessed with penis size. I, too, am a "penile-holic". My 5 inch peppy has limited the number of sexual positions available to my wife and me. Additionally, it frequently pops out during sex. Fortunately, my oral skills help bring my sweet wife satisfaction.
   This brings me to my main point: if you cannot make your penis larger, then make your partner's vagina smaller! By giving her oral until she climaxes, her vagina will swell and tighten enough to compensate for your small penis. However, if you're short like myself, you may still pop out at the most inopportune time.
   Now if I can just overcome premature ejaculation (22 seconds is my record)I'll be set!

Little Bert
1933 December 16, 2004

to all those men out there who think size doesn,t matter your cazy. i,m a good looking guy who never has a problem with women but i have a small penis. i have a girlfriend of three years now and she will even admit to me its small. and that she get way more pleasure out of larger penis. if fact she say the larger the penis the more she gets off. she still has sex with me like once or twice a day and still enjoys it, but it would be better if i was bigger. one last comment, its the width not the lenght that counts. MINE is 5 inches long but only 
1 1/4 inched in diameter. shes says the best for her is about 6 inchs long and 2 inches in diameter. but bigger is good
1934 December 16, 2004

My cock is 9 inches long and 7 inches around! Ive made it this way through penis enlargement. I was  born with an above average dick of 7x5.5! But  the women love  my big cock! My  girl gets that tickle waydown deep and it causes her to have  massive orgasms! She actuall sqirts juice all over and soaks the bed! It  does take her about 10 minutes to get accustomed to my 9 inch lenght and 7 inch girth! But once she takes it in    she goes crazy with anywhere between 15 and 20 orgasms!

So  , yes size does matter! average to below average cocks can never give the kind of orgasms a big man can! Im also a 270lb bodybuilder! My woman calls me the ultimate male! Big muscles and Big dick!
1935 December 16, 2004

It appears that the importance of penis size is relevant to the individual woman. In my experience size has not always mattered. In fact, I was with a woman who cheated on her boyfriend (who was supposedly endowed with a 9in+ dick) with me. She complained that she was with him for 3 years and that he not one time brought her to orgasm. Yet here I am with a meager 5.5 X 6 incher and was able to bring her to orgasm on more than one occasion (yes she came back for more)up to 3 times in one session. Now I am not arrogant enough to believe that it was ME who did this because I don't. I feel that it was OUR chemistry and emotional connection that made it possible. Her boyfriend was an insensitive jerk with a big dick and I was a sensitive and attentive guy with a little one. The defining difference was psychological and emotional. Personally I feel that incredible sex begins in the mind for most women and is enhanced within the context of true emotional intimacy. To me when we men begin to focus less on ourselves (our penises) and more on our woman's needs and interests great sex will be an inevitable consequence.

- Tony
1936 December 18, 2004

Wordly Woman:
I came across this site by accident, and think it is cute.

I'm a woman who has dated several nationalities and race of men.  And I'm here to tell you that the LENGTH & GIRTH of a man DOES MATTER, but a man MUST KNOW HOW TO USE HIS MEMBER! 

My first love was a tad over 9" and could only insert 8" but he would tilt the remaining inch toward my clitoris, stimulating me vaginally and my clitoris simutaneously!  THAT'S PLEASING A WOMAN, SEXUALLY, WITH YOUR MEMBER!  The sensation, intensity and friction of each drag of his stroke left me literally breathless.

From that first relationship I explore other men.  The smallest being about 3-4", average being 5-7", and largest being 8-9".

The African American men that I experienced tend to be large, but I came across very small men too.  All others, White-American/Europeans/Latins/Russians/Purssians/Japanesse tend to be average, and naturally some were large and some were small.    

This is one wordly woman's truth!  Don't get mad, just learn how to use your member, or ask a woman and follow her directions.
1937 December 18, 2004

The Final Say... I wish:
Size definitely matters. The question is how much does it matter?
Maybe that could be the subject of the sequel to this.
Mine is 7.2 x 6.1 and probably puts me in the biggest 15% of the population. My girlfriend is always telling me how big and great it is but when shes really wet and aroused I feel that my cock isn't big enough and that if she had the choice she'd take more.
So how much does size matter? I'd say a lot... but still its not everything. I have a friend who is a handsome womaniser, has slept with 50+ women but he always gets dumped after about a month. Is it because he only has a 5 inch cock? I have another friend whos not great looking but has a fine ass gf. Is it because he has an 8 inch (and thick) dick?
One way of quantifying how MUCH penis size matters is to do a survey with the following questions:

1 How big is your penis?
2 Once you've entered a sexual relationship with a woman, how successful are you on a scale of 1 to 5 ( in terms of how much you get dumped by the woman for example and how much she desires you etc.)
3 How wealthy are you on a scale of 1 to 5?

Now, if penis size is important we'd expect that there would be a strong correlation between size and overall relationship success. This correlation could be compared to that of wealth and relationship success. If there is a stronger correlation between relationship success and penis size than that of wealth then it could be said that penis size is more important than wealth. Get it?
By the way, I think that virtually all of this book is very true. The problem is that it rubs it in too much. For example if it had been a 56 page book rubbing it in that men with more hair are more attractive to women then it would also leave 90% of men feeling inadequate and crap because most men have at least a small degree of hair loss. After reading it, some men would become preoccupied with having a full head of hair.
So even though the author hasn't said that penis size is almost everything it nevertheless makes a lot of men feel that way.
1938 December 18, 2004

Small Husband:
my wife became interested in a friend of ours that was known to be very well endowed. He was married but known to get most of his sexual satisfaction from outside of his marriage my wife began to flirt with him and make jokes to me about  how he would feel. They finally got together when i was out of town and she went to his hotel room. My wife said she had never felt anything to compare to the excitement she got from seeing and feeling of his fully erect 9 incher. She became very much more into sex after she was with him she had sex with 4 other males (at different times) while she was having the affair with our friend she said that she became much more easily aroused after she had experienced sex with our friends huge cock. She said it was something she never thought made any difference untill she experienced the feel of how much a 9 incher could fill her up. She also loved how his huge balls hung down. Our sex also improved and that benefite of her affair still exists even though it has been over 5 years since their affair ended when he moved. But she still becomes very hot when we talk of her experience with him and how his huge 9 incher filled her and how he filled her with his cum. She says that just the sight or thought of him comming from the shower to the bed in the hotel room gets her so hot just thinkingg of how manly his huge balls and his swinging 9 incher looked and just knowing what he was going to do to her. She said she could climax giving him head. He was also the first ever to make her have multiple climaxes. She says she craves the feel of large cock often but it would have to be someeone she knew was free of s.t.d. because she wants it bare to get the real true feeling of her climaxing on him and him in her. After reading how scarce this size is she may never have that experience again. She talks of going to visit him sometime to spend a day of just total sex but has not. By the way we now own two 9x7 inch dildos we use them regular and she says his name as I shove one in the full length. She says it may be possibile that some women really dont care about size but she believes that 99% have just never felt or seen a 9 incher or they would be size queens too.
1939 December 18, 2004

i would just like to say that im bigger than "average"...but i know that some girls have wanted bigger than what i have to offer...i can imagine how "average" or "small" guys feel..so hey girls! if average isnt big enough for you then the man isnt the problem ..you are!...and us as men should start making a much bigger deal about the size of a girls vagina just as they do to us..they are plenty of tight girls out there..so to all you girls with huge monster boxes that try to blame on your men for your own short comings..just remember that he can find a girl that is tighter just as easy as you can find a guy who is bigger....  :0
1940 December 20, 2004

Akeem Bourne:
What the fuck are you all saying.... I'm the fucking best...my dick(when hard) is 8" and thick.
I had a girl once, but she died because i fucked her too hard, but now i have a woman who can really handle extreme pain. So big or small there is always a fucking advantage of the size dick you have or might not have.
1941 December 20, 2004

Got a Big One:
So I myself am in the endowed category.  I have a natural 9 x 6.75.  I found this site while actually searching for a means to make my dick a little smaller.  It becomes a problem a lot of times.  I've had to break up with several girls just because we couldn't have regular sex at my size.  I have had sex with 500+ women.  I have talked to many more.  I think the ideal size for women is around 8 x 6.25, and I'm actually going to take pills that will shrink my dick a little for that size. 

This site has so many men concerned over their dicks.  While all you ladies think you're in the clear, you're in for a rude awakening.  I have a big dick and have slept with over 500 women.  I have a major problem getting pleasure.  You chicks reading this should instead be learning how to please a man and GIVE BETTER BLOWJOBS!!!  You girls really need to work on pleasing a man.  So many men are worked up about dick size.  You females need to be more worried yourselves.  Christ, I need a good blowjob...  You ladies need some work too
1942 December 20, 2004

I'm 7.2x6 and I've slept with 5 girls, and I've had
mixed reactions. I'm 23 and the most experienced girl I've been with was 31 and she loved my size. Whenever we'd have sex she'd tell me how good and deep it felt, especially when I would push all the way in, and reach maybe and inch past her cervix. Women hate their cervix being hit, but if you can angle it so the head of your dick slides past the cervix and into the anterior or posterior fornix of her vagina, it can cause a lot of pleasure. This girl would be on the verge of tears from pleasure when that happened. All the rest really enjoyed it too, but you have to be gentle, or it will hurt her. In this respect, you need a bigger dick, or you just can't reach those areas of her vagina. My current girl is the same. She said the guy she was with before was a lot smaller than me and she never came from penetration. Now she comes almost every time from it.
When she's on top, I can tell she really enjoys slamming herself down all the way to my balls.
I think size matters but I think 80% of women wouldn't
be too comfortable with anything over 8 inches.
I've gone past the cervix a bit with every girl ive
been with, so I don't think much more would be helpful
with pleasing MOST women, however I once had a room mate who told me she measured her bf and he was just a touch over 10" and she said she could take all of him, so there are exceptions, but they are rare.
1943 December 21, 2004

Okay, I am a white male, 31 years old. I am about 6 inches long and a little thicker than average. I have been with my current girlfriend for 5 months. She has told me that she has felt and seen many guys with much larger than me, but she has only had sex with 7 total men. Out of those 7, only 1 was larger than me, although she beats around the bush about exactly how much larger he was. Recently I have been using toys in the bedroom with us. I bought the John Holmes synthetic rubber dildo. I have used that on her almost every time we have had sex. I found that she cums harder and more when I use it. I am only able to get about 8 or 9 inches of it inside her, but I think as I work it, I am able to get more. She told me last weekend while she was drinking a little and feeling brave that when we have sex and it is just me and no toys, it is good, but when I use the toys, and switch and go back to me after the big toy, it kinda sucks. She then told me that last Friday night when I wanted to have sex,  she joked around and put it off until we ended up falling asleep because she was in the mood for something really big and thought I didnt bring the toy over. So she blew it off because it would have kinda sucked. Little did she know that I did remember the toy and it was in my bag. After I told her that she said if she would have known, we would have had sex. I think I have created a monster! We have talked, and one of my long time fantasys have been that while in a relationship, my girl has the freedom to go out and have some on the side. I would stay in while she gets ready and goes out. She would call me thru the night with updates and all, just to tease me more. Whenever she is done, she would come home and lie on me, rubbing my 6 inch and telling me how it all felt. She has a guy friend that she used to mess around with, but told me she has not had sex with him before. She says her girlfriend says he is really big, and she is debating on playing my fantasy with him. She said she is waiting a while though because she wants to make sure we are secure in our relationship to do this. What do you all think? It really turns me on for her to tell me that she likes them bigger than me, but she is hesitant to say it most of the time. How do I get her to open up and tell me what she knows I want to hear?
1944 December 21, 2004

I think there is too much overreacting going on.
First off, I have yet to date a girl who even knows how long an inch is!
Whether you tell her you are 10 inches or 5 inches, she won't know the difference.
She can only compare how good sex feels with you compared to other guys, and by using various techniques, an average dick (like mine) can get really deep and even cause a certain amount of pain in some girls.
I have only ever had good comments from girls (whom must have had bigger guys), and that was without me ever asking them for their thoughts.
So, if you know what you are doing, an average-sized guy can really deliver a lot of pleasure to most women.
If you can make your girl orgasm, you are big enough - no matter how small you think you are!

Plus, there are many women out there who find above average penises uncomfortable - especially if sex lasts more than a few minutes, and certain deep penetrating positions will just hurt them more.
I'd rather have a normal sized penis and know that 90% of women can have comfortable sex with me, than have a big dick that 50% of women will complain of pain after having sex for more than 5 minutes!

Also, what if the woman you fall in love with has a fairly tight 'box' (quite common).
Having a big dick will impact negatively with your sex lives.
At least average-size fits just about every 'box' comfortably - that's why God created most penises to be 'average-size' - it's the best all round fit!!

Ps. I live in South Africa, and the rumour that black guys are much bigger than white guys is completely false! I think it is a joke that got out of hand somewhere along the line - like having big hands or feet is an indication of penis size - just another silly rumour! Ha, guess we humans can be quite gullible sometimes :-)
('A man is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you gonna get until you take off the wrapping')
1945 December 21, 2004

Hi guys I am not well endowed myself I'm 5 inches erect and 5 inches around exactly. I have realized the real truth for a few years now and it hurts. Natural selection is in full swing. But hear me on this. I wont give up I'll go out fighting and screaming in this world make no mistake. And for all you woman who ridicule us on our penis sizes. I wonder if your breats measure up. I'd guess probably not.  A day there is break through science that truely can enlarge a mans penis safely and effectively will be a day I will cry with happiness.
1946 December 21, 2004

Pipe dream?:
I wish bro! I highly doubt size matters much to my wife. I wish she did like big cocks or at least fantasized about it, or something else that aroused her! I'd prefer that she liked pussy and threesomes but I'm not choosy anymore. She is just not receptive to this topic and I'm usually left feeling like a pervert for bringing it up. Lets face it, most women just don't care about sex as much as men do. I wish my wife were more sexual more often. I wish she had some fantasies and fetishes. I wish she wanted to try something new. Most of my male friends seem pretty bored too and often make comments that coincide with my scenario.
1947 December 22, 2004

 I find it hard to believe that someone went to the trouble of assembling this hodge podge of pseudoscience with no eye towards turning a profit.

 If however, someone did take the time to do this for nothing, or as an act of 'public service', I think a better website might be one devoted to exploring the mindset of this individual and what experiences shaped him.It would certainly trump the puerile, masochistic, and completely fabulist things that compose this site.

 This person is dealing in the currency of fear no matter what their intended motivations may be. Could be they rationalize it by saying they're making a racy indictment of the system, could be to make money, could be they think that they are some sort of shiva of penile insecurity who has come to ring in a new era where people accept their sexual worthlessness, could be they are working out some personal issues in an overly elaborate way and in the process taking other folks self esteem down.

 Those are but a few reasons and the reader is welcomed to rank them in their own order of evilness, but the point is this is neither an exercise in facts or beneficial to mental health.

 If you are at this website I can say with some certaintly you have problems. I can also say with some certainty that penis size isn't cracking the top 20. You start off with a proposition that you are unworthy, unloved, undesirable, etc. You make some sort of connection between these feelings and genital size. You come here and find out thru the miracle of fake science and badly reasoned arguments that in fact your feelings are because of your genitals.

Well shit man, the phony research and comment section from 'real people' who couldnt possibly be bitter little trolls or perhaps men like me wanting others to feel exactly the way they do, those things wouldnt lie. It's not like it would be some kind of sick catharsis or way to make money. I mean, the women say size matters, and those that don't are lying or frigid. It was all well documented by the best internet scientists in the world who for reasons unclear chose to stop the research on global warming and dedicate their lives to penis size research. I mean, it's not like advertising is predicated on creating and fostering insecurities so they can sell the ready made answer, or that we live in a toxic mental enviorment where fear clouds us from seeing our real problems and their real causes. No! This is bedrock and from it I deduce that either a- God does not exist, or b- He does and he thinks it's really funny that I have a small wang.

 What I'd like to see is a written confession, preferably in the form of a suicide note(JK) as to what the real purpose of this website is. In the meantime, those of you with really small penises... It can't just be about the sex. When is the last time you took your penis for a walk? Or stayed up late talking about unified field theory or kepler's laws of motions? Sex is but one thing you can do with your penis.

 Next. Since when the hell did men start caring about bringing their partners pleasure? Am I still living in the U.S.A.?I think if you develop some honesty you might find that the wailing, panting, moaning, the real visceral reactions you crave from women, you want because it massages your ego. You know, it WILL validate your existence. If you can get women to worship your penis as a false god you will attain a state of enlightenment. One only has to look at the porn industry and see the low rate of depression and suicide amongst male performers to bear this out.

 Wait. I guess thats not the answer either. But they are one step ahead of you in the respect they know it's not the answer while you're online dreaming about a life that doesnt suck quite as forcefully as this one because in this fantasy life you have a huge wang that magically solves all your problems.

Try learning something here and ask real questions- find real answers and maybe grow as a human being.
1948 December 22, 2004

8 to 10 inches is just about right!  ;)
1949 December 22, 2004

I am 5" long and 4" around and have been either made fun of or turned down by any women that wasn't a whore that I paid for.  And I am a really attractive guy whose treated women with the upmost respect, and still get the red light. I hate that I will never be able to be with a women and they truly love me just because I have a tiny penis.  This is not something I can help and I sure didn't ask to get a penis so small.  I just wish I could meet a women that I could truly please but from what I've read its impossible.  Will there ever be any hope for.  Someone please give me an asnwer.
1950 December 23, 2004

how imprtant is curve, does it make up for size? DOes it matter at all?

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