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1701 September 29, 2004

if a woman makes fun of your penis strike  her immediately and then push her face down in the pillow and penetrate her anus with maximum ferocity. i gaurentee she you will have her screaming.
1702 September 29, 2004

Back in the mid-90s I was in my early 20s and had a 20-yr-old girlfriend I'd dated for a couple of years.  She was a virgin when we first got together, and she thought my cock was big because she had nothing in memory to compare it with, plus I pathetically would tell her it was 7" when it was really 5.5".

I'm a pretty good looking guy and she was a hottie in those days.  She knew I had had threesomes with a couple of women before, and she was jealous of the fact.  She would hint that she wanted to have two guys.  I was sort of shocked by this in those days and I wasn't for sure for awhile if she was kidding or not, but I was considering it, but I worried that she might find out my cock wasn't so big after all.

I'll cut out alot of background to get to the main part.  We had a mutual male acquaintence we got to know through her sister that she shared an apartment with.  He wasn't very good looking, and in fact I kind of treated him like crap sometimes because I didn't like him spending so much time around there.

One night we were drinking, her sister was at work, and it was just us 3.  Somehow, I'm not sure, but the subject of cock size came up.  She was being bold and goofy and said she wanted to know who had the bigger cock.  Well I was nervous, and tried to get out of it by saying I didn't want to see his cock, but he egged her on and he was really pissing me off on that lol.

I got mine out, stroked it and got it to its max of 5.5".  Once he knew I was at my max, he flopped his out and even semi-hard, I knew I was beat.  I felt my stomach drop it seems.  He started to stroke it, but I told him that's enough, and we buckled up our pants.  My girlfriend was in awe.

Later on she asked us both if she could see his again.  By then I knew there's no stopping her.  He said he would show her if she'd strip also.  She looked at me and I didn't say anything. 

They both got naked and without even asking, she went over and started sucking his enormous cock.  I was pissed, but turned on, it's hard to describe.  I remember this gloating look he had on his face.  He was this skinny, short plain looking guy with a huge cock with a hot chick on her knees sloberring all over it. 

He was teasing about fucking her with it, but at that point I said no, since she wasn't on the pill, and I didn't want an accident with rubbers.  But other than that, I let her keep sucking for some reason.

We never talked much about it after that, and he disappeared not long after.  But a big cock really drives a woman crazy who hasn't ever seen one.
1703 September 30, 2004

After reading Ed's Penis debate I must say that much has come to light. Thanks for the thorough research!! I have alway worked hard to please women I am with, but now it seems that as an average fellow (6.25 x 4.9) I may need to work even harder to keep them away from the dreaded monster cock!!
1704 September 30, 2004

Jonny Little:
I have a one and a half meter long penis, and the girls love it when I stick it up their arse and make it come out of their mouth.

Size does matter if you want to make a girl's eyes water!
1705 September 30, 2004

I have a larger than average penis, aprroximatly 7.5 inches long and 5.5 to 6 inches thick.I have been told that i fit the big size frame.I have seen girls giggle and say that it will do and I have had girls ask me where I am going to put that?The fact is that penises are different sized and vaginas are different size. My girlfriend said wow the first time she saw it,her friend cringed and said owuch and said hell no. Point is size does matters to a point, but ask your average girl how well a 9 incher fits,and you wil;l probably hear a lot of not wells and whoas. Confidence and not what size bracket you fall in. So in other words, work with what you got
1706 September 30, 2004

Does the shape of the penis matter? All measurments being equal, do you women out there find a straight penis or one with a curve more pleasurable?
1707 September 30, 2004

I have a question for any ladies or gents here:
I am 5.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. My wife will not admit to liking a bigger penis than mine. However, when I do oral sex on her, and then slide 4 fingers into her vagina just before she climaxes, she then has the most mind blowing orgasms with strong contractions that I can feel. When we have vaginal intercourse, she does not climax this way, even with her on top controlling the angle and depth. She says she has trouble having orgasms vaginally. I think she does not want to admit the lack of my size. The question is this: Have any of you had any positive or negative experiences with girth enhancers such as the products like the cyberskin sleeve or the other natural feeling girth enhancers? Ladies-Did it feel better? PS-My wife does not like dildos. Thanks in advance!
1708 October 1, 2004

send me the email of this website and tell me whats the easiest way to increase the size of a mans penis that won,t harm his health, how big will it grow to if his cock already is 10 inches cut cock

does having a larger penis increase a mans sex drive,
whats the longest size penis increased to hurd of by a bi or gay man
1709 October 1, 2004

Hi All,

A few comments:

1. I appreciate Ed and this website.  Although I didn't think at first that his approach would help me deal with my "average" sized penis, it has.  Coming to accept that bigger guys can generally please women better than me has been liberating.

2. At 6" long by 5" wide, according to Ed's chart I'm "enjoyable".  I have to say that this chart - IMHO - is not universally applicable.  I have been with women who have very loose vaginas, and I could tell I wasn't satisfying at all.  I was, however, recently with some tighter women whom I gave several vaginal orgasms to.  I know that one was not faking, because she's a "squirter", and man did she go!  Anyhow, point is, some people fit together better than others.  For these women, I was more than "enjoyable", I was "satisfying".

3. As a recovering alcoholic of many years, I'm going to type out a very healing piece of prose here that comes from the 3rd (I think) edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  For those of you struggling with penis size, this can help, if you apply it:

"Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.  When I am disturbed, it is because some person, place, thing or situation - some fact of my life - is unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it was meant to be at this moment in time."
     - p. 449, Big Book of AA, "Doctor, Alcoholic, Addict."

Point is, you don't have to particularly like what you've been given, but if you're going to find peace you do need to accept it.

Cheers all,


Comment from ED:

I highlighted Mike's comment and put that line in bold because everyone should read it. I never heard this particular phrase but it sums up my point of view very well. Apply it to all the obstacles in your life and things become remarkably easier.


1710 October 1, 2004

Yo what the hell is average size for a guy. Cause last time I checked I was a 5 3/4 in. is this regular?
1711 October 1, 2004

Women prefer larger dicks. Fortunately, sex is only one part of the equation. Just like physical appearances, intelligence and compassion are, individually, only one part of the equation.

I'm fairly good looking (I model part-time... though you won't see me in a Calvin Klein commercial.. I only wish I was THAT good looking), of average height (5'10) and by most accounts am very funny and fun to be with. I'm not too big on IQ tests as a measure of intelligence, but for what it is worth I scored on average 136 (from 3 separate tests over my lifetime) and am by most accounts intelligent. I have a small penis (4.5"x4.7"), but that has never prevented me from having fullfilling, long-term relationships. Just learn to use your tongue and you'll please your woman just fine.

I did get cut down several times back when I was playing the field (one-night stands) and it hurt, but by and large most women want the complete package when it comes to something long-term. If you just want to get laid, go get a hooker. I have to concur with the author of the article on playing the field with a small penis too. There are some people who get off on getting prostitues off (or one-night stands). Who the fuck are you kidding? Just worry about getting yourself off, especially if you're paying for it.

A small penis size is like any other socially-determined deficiency. Unfunny, dumb as a brick, short, fat, bald, ugly, jerk, dresses like a dork, whatever.

Everyone (except maybe Brad Pitt... only thing that dude lacks is a rocket-scientist IQ and a good fashion sense [though Jennifer has been dressing him since they got together, so it's nto a problem for him anymore]) has one or more of these deficiencies. The only time it's a real problem when it comes to women is when you have all or most of those deficiencies (god have mercy on your soul if that is the case).

The vast majority of women want the full package, not just a big cock. A sex-centric society has made penis size something of perhaps greater importance than it needs to be, which is unfortunate since it is one of those things we have no control over.

That being said, if you have a small penis, don't let it drag you down. It's not the end of the world. Almost every woman would prefer a larger penis, but then every guy would prefer their woman to look like a supermodel. No one has it all. Start to view your pros and cons as a balance of the whole and you'll be on your way to finding someone you can make babies with.

And to end on a bigoted note, while I think black men have larger penises on average, I think black men (and women for that matter) are also the most unattractive overall of all races. I'm hispanic.

My racial preferences in order of attractive to unattractive...

- caucasian
- asian (both East and South-East)
- hispanic
- middle eastern
- South Asian
- african American


- caucasian
- hispanic (Ricky Martin may look gay, but the women love him)
- asian (east/southeast) (have to admit, I would rank asian males last except for the fact that the top 5% looking asian guys are IMO really good looking, with the rest looking worse than the average black male).
- middle eastern
- south asian (never was into the brown look)
- african american

Hey, at least I'm honest about it.
1712 October 2, 2004

I'm a size King.

I listed the ten women I have had most sex with.

I then ranked them 1 - 10 on the size of their pussy, then 1 -10 for how much I had enjoyed the sex, and I tried to be as objective as possible.

I then plotted the results, horizontal for size and vertical for pleasure.

My best sex has been with the medium to large, whilst the worst was with the largest and smallest pussied partners.

Simple - no big deal.
1713 October 3, 2004

Peter Pants:
  You know it would be nice to have a big penis, but if you don't so what. When you are old and gray that stuff is just going to give in to gravity and become crusty and moldy. Besides maybe you are a gifted poet,musician,businessman,scientist,etc. and have more to offer than a big unit and a sub-par IQ.
  These people spouting natural selection are the best. From a survivalist aspect, I can guarantee you that a big penis won't save someone from being destroyed in a fox hole(no pun intended). This is why there are so many different sizes of penises in this crazy world. Because size really doesn't matter!! If it did we would all be 8+.
1714 October 4, 2004

There's a page missing from your website. (In fact, it is missing from every sexual advice website I've ever seen.)
For the lesser-endowed guy - why is LIFELONG CELIBACY, and developing the mental discipline necessary to first endure, then move to being happily celibate, never discussed?
"Someone for everyone" is a load of crap (and if you're poorly-endowed, that "someone" is likely to resemble a cross between a hippo and the ass-end of a garden slug.)
To be a poorly-endowed nerd, trying to compete with well-endowed studs (gods, really, as far as the nerd's prospects go) is to bring a water pistol to a bazooka duel - and YOU KNOW IT.
I have been concientously celibate for 12 years now. It IS a situation you can get used to... it beats "settling" for a fat pig any day!!! (I have rejected at least 7 "fuglies" in the last year alone - and I must say I'm proud of myself!)
For good-looking women are too PROUD to "settle" for the smaller male... just as I'm too proud to "settle" for a fat ugly female (my equivalent, in the sexual arena.) And there is NOTHING wrong with this - pride is man's most NOBLE emotion (at least in my view!!!)
Your site is basically honest, and doesn't pull any punches or promote  "sunshine and bunnies" misconceptions - except for the fact that poorly-endowed nerd-type guys (especially past the age of 25) should be give the UNVARNISHED truth... and THAT is that they should consider giving up on sex forever, turning their attention to other things, if they are not willing to try faggotry or "settle". This will be the best, in the end, for their mental health.
This is far kinder, in the end, than telling these poor schlubs that they can get a hottie if they "just keep trying."
SO - include a page on how to give up sex for the TRUE losers out there who may visit your page... and don't just link them to some religious sites, as a lot of nerd-losers don't even believe in "God." (I am an atheist myself, who used meditation to re-channel my sex drive!!!)
1715 October 4, 2004

To be honest the site falls into two parts.  Yes, women who are very sexual would probably like a bigger penis.  However they can also get satisfaction from a smaller penis.  Many women are not so sexual, although sex may be important to them.  So I think that classifying all women as wanting a huge penis is inaccurate.
For women other long-term factors may be even more important, such as the man's desire to be a homemaker, have children and be successful as a provider.  I have had a relationship with women who fall into each category, one of my previous lovers had 42 previous partners, but rated me highly as a lover in spite of my 5.5 long by 4.5 round penis.  My wife of 34 years, bore me two daughters of whom I am enormously proud, still at the age of 54 enjoys our lovemaking.

Now you could say that given choice either type of women would choose the man with a bigger penis, but they didn't.  They were perfectly happy and my wife is still perfectly happy with me!  I am the only man who has given her an orgasm.

And I suppose this underlines the issues of confidence.  If you are confident as a man you can take all before you and having a small Dick isn't such a great issue.  Have Confidence!
1716 October 4, 2004


my cleaning lady wass here early this smorming
looking wonderful and full of life and I will admit that I was feeling the same way...she nursed her
baby first and put him to sleep and then she turned
her atttenion on me and begen to nurse me while she
still had her nursing bra on I didnt take her nipple but just started to lick it she got very hard and
in a few minutes of came the bra and a sensual
woman was reaching in to my jock looking for my
nine incher to hold on to and in a moment she was
at my balls with her explaining that what she wanted
was the heavy cream inside of them I felt a chill go
upmy spine as she started rubbing behid my balls and
i wanted more than just sex with her I pulled her skirt up and she had come without any pants on I slid
out of my jock and started licking her swollen lips
and the sides of her legs and then I grabbed my cock
and pulled it up and started to to rub my balls on
her lips first just barely touching her and then
with moree and more pressure she was real wet and I
slid all over her and she had an orgasam after that
she was all mine...she told me that her husband had
filled her with his cum right before she left the
house and she wanted my cum in her so that she could
get pregnat by me if she wasnt already...I dropped by cock and pushed it down to enter her she raised up to
take it and pulled herself open for me to enter...
I begen to crew her like a dog and she started to moan
I warned her not to come ntil I had and wwnt to work
she was ready to suck my cock with strong taginal
contractions so I stopped and let her take over the
motion, no womans mouth could do what her vagina was
doing to my cock ererything was in the right place and we were busy making a baby  and in a few short
minutes I delivered my cream into her she didnt stop
sucking me howwever and I stayed inside her until I
started getting hard inside of her again and she
just kept sucking me untill I gave her cream again as It was happening she began to make small animaal sounds and began to orgasam and then she started to
cry and pull me close to her and hold me in her arms
I could feel the milkk leaking out on my chest we
just stayed that way for awhile and then I pulled up
a little and started to nurse her while I was on top
of her I began to look in her eyes and reliaze that
I was getting much to close to her emotionally but
somehow I didnt care...the baby started to cry and she
got up and went to him and brought him back to the bed
sshe backed up against my body and started to nurse him and started to rub her but up against my cock
I put my hand on her belly and slid it down to her
clit and started to rub her and she pushed my hand
and inserted 3 of my fingers inside of her and told
me to fuck her with my fingers until I got hard again
we laid there for and hour with the baby nursing until
he had gone back to sleep with her moving on my fingers and she turned uver and faced me and said that
she didnt know what was happening but that she loved it and didnt want to stop anytime soon and then she
got up on her elbow and put her tit in my mouth and
I started to nurse her like an animal and she started to making the noises that she had made earlier and
I started to rub her self on my cock and I started to
get hard again she sliped my semi hard cock inside of
her and told me that she wanted it more than ever she
stopped nursing me and grabbed my hips and asked me to
hurry and fill her that she needed me and started sucking on my nipple and playing with the hair on
my chest...this went on for the rest of the day antil
she had to leave....strangely enough I had absolutely
no guilty feelings about putting my cum into another
mans wife and I didnt really care if he jumped her and
shot his cum in her when she got home....I must be
more of a man than I have everbeen

Thanks Ed
1717 October 4, 2004

ok im new to this site, whats the real average? 6.5? mines 5, not worried about really, in fact its even a turn on all this size talk and knowing sizes
1718 October 5, 2004


I am small and I've never had a complaint from a girlfriend.
1719 October 5, 2004

I'm ganna participate by question I really need an answer for it. My question is does sex affect the virgina size? I mean if a girl excersice sex for cables of time does that make her virgina wide. In other hand is vergina sizes like pennis sizes it vary from one another? And if the virgina is wide does that means the girl she had a lot of sex? Really I need satisfied answer.
1720 October 6, 2004

Girls love my big 8.25 X 6 cock, guys hate me (losers) theres nothing like a big cock to do the job! You know your cock is big when women fear to lift they leggs up or refuse to do doggy style, also they wet themselves when they cum all over your cock. Its big no shit!! Ahh life is good.
1721 October 6, 2004

Hi there, this summer some of our friends and I whent skinny dipping in a lake, followed by sauna etc. And I couln't help looking at the guys penises and comparing to my boyfriends, he is probably amongst the smallaest in the group, and after stumbeling onto this site the other week and reading some of the comments. I decided to measure my boyfriends penis, this of course really turned him on. He is 19,5cm long and 14cm around. This would be about 7.5x5.5 inches. And some of our friends where way more big... so this 6inches thing can't be right, is that average for the whole worlds pop? Cuz a thai guy i was with was alot smaller than my BF, and this arabian guy was way larger...
1722 October 6, 2004

Let's face it...:
Sure, many of you people say that nobody has it all, but guess what, SOME PEOPLE DO!!! This is what I find annoying- there are attractive, passionate, well hung men who can get pretty much any single woman they want if they are persistent. The best looking women will find these men and they will have long and loving relationships (either that or they will screw and love it, then move on). THIS is what's so frustrating to those of us who aren't as well hung- we will forever be excluded from this elite group, and that's just a terrible thing to have to acknowledge. Considering the pressures of the media, it's hard for your average guy not to want a gorgeous young woman, and the same goes for women who want to be with a strong masculine man. I feel that we all deserve that opportunity once, but who or whatever created the universe decided against equal opportunity for all. Makes me sick!
1723 October 6, 2004

Additional point...:
The other thing is that with most things in life, even if you are not naturally gifted you can work towards a solution. As far as endowment is concerned, this "great equalizer" is nullified. Example- there are mathematics prodigies that have a firm grasp of Calculus at a very young age. Most ordinary people don't have this ability, but at least in this situation you can compensate by studying throughout your life and eventually coming up with a revolutionary equation that the prodigy wouldn't have thought of (think of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare here). However, a bigger penis is something you can't work towards. Don't give me this crap about jelquing (sp?) either- sure maybe if you spend hours upon hours you can gain an inch temporarily, but come on this is hardly a satisfactory change. Pills and enlargement don't work either, and anyone with half a brain knows it.
1724 October 6, 2004


What size do you prefer?  Length and width in inches...
1725 October 7, 2004

To all these guys who are letting the wives/girlfriends be with other guys who are well endowed- I can't fucking understand the reasoning?
Jason(Post#1702)- what the fuck is wrong with you?  You sat there and watched your girlfriend suck another guys cock right there infront of you?  I would have ditched that cheap whore immediately.  Obviously, she didn't care about you.  But, first why the hell didn't you walk over grab the throat of that skinny little fuck and knee him hard 2 or 3 times right in his fucking cock.  Tell him to fuck that cheap whore all he wants with his bruised cock.  I'd of crushed the skinny bastard- regardless of his cock size.  I mean imagine if it were a girl with huge tits and not a guy.  And you went over to her and starting sucking her nipples right infront of your gf.  And if she didn't care if that happened then I would want to leave her because it shows she doesn't care about you.  I would want her to be jealous and angry in that situation. 
Blondie, Get it straight, you are a fucking tramp.  You're so full of skankiness you don't even know what's right anymore.  Sex with someone else when you're married IS a big deal and it's shameful, dishonorable, and disrespectful.  I know some guys who would slit your throat over what you do.  I would never condone such a thing, but I know it is true in some cases.  Consider yourself lucky (I guess?) that your husband doesn't care and your are allowed to do it.  But, I think you should shut your fucking mouth up because most women wouldn't condone what you do and many would consider you a trashy whore.  So enjoy your situation- it's your life and I could care less.  But, as far as this site is concerned the only thing you should open is your legs.  As for the mouth, shut the fucking thing up from now on!
1726 October 7, 2004

Questions for Jason:
I thought your story about your 20 year old girlfriend was really interesting - and probably tells us something about girls.  They are all at least interested in penis size, comparison, and seeing a large one.

I was wondering if you could just answer a few questions about your incident to help fill out the story.

1) Did your girlfriend ever suggest a threesome with this guy?

2) Can you guesstimate how big he was (versus your 5.5 incher)? Was he bigger in length, girth, or both?

3) What did you do between the time that you both buckled up your pants and your girlfriend asked to see it again? drink? eat? what did you talk about? Was it the same night?

4) How did your girlfriend ask you both to see his again? Did she look at you or him when she asked?

5) What did your girlfriend look like? Tall? short? thin? fat? hair color? face? body, etc?

6) What were relations like after the incident?  Did you talk to this guy much?  Did she seem disappointed with your dick size? How long until you two broke up? Did you ever feel that she was thinking about that night?

Thanks so much for answering my questions.  I was very curious about your story!
1727 October 8, 2004

There are always exceptions to the flacid vs erect rule.
My penis is on average 2.5 - 3 inches flacid.
When erect, it is just shy of 8 inches.

I have never measured around, but it seems of normal
size around.
1728 October 8, 2004

ive searched all over the internet for a site like this one.  it pains me to say but i do agree that women probably prefer bigger cocks.  just as most men probably prefer large breasts.  i guess that is why you see so many interracial sites, women want big cock, and face it guys, us white men on the average are much smaller then black men.
1729 October 8, 2004

A couple of things...

Firstly, I may as well add myself to the list of statistics - I'm 20 years old and I'm 6.25" x 5.0"

I think that chicks want a dick to be as big as guys want a pussy to be tight.  Chicks want a dick not too small and not too big, just as guys want a pussy not too loose and not too tight.

So having good sex is dependent on average guys hooking up with average girls, small guys hooking up with small girls, and well endowed guys hooking up with sluts.

Now, my two [2] questions are for the ladies.

1. Circumcision.  Do girls have a preference ??

2. I've got a mole on my dick.  Nothing big and ugly, just a normal mole you might find on your arm or shoulder or whatever.  It is on the top side of my dick just below the head.  Should I be embarrassed about it ??  Should I let it be ??  Or should I get it removed ??

1730 October 8, 2004

Hung enuff:
This is hilarious to me.  I'm a 37 yr old male and have had 60 to 70 women in my life.  I'm (by the standards on this site) "only" 7.5 x 5.7. and EVERY woman I was with thought I had a big cock.  My friends who have seen me skinny dipping or whatever always talk about my cock like it's big.  I don't think I never asked any of them but they have always volunteered the opinion.  I have always been under the impression that 5.5 to 6 inches is average from all of the studies I've read.  That would make me above the average.  I am grateful to my DNA for providing me with my 7.5 incher.  I still wish it was bigger.
Only one lady I was with said she had had a bigger one.  Sex is about more than whippin out a big cock.  When I have sex with a woman I love to please her, orally, intercourse, everything.  To me, it is about pleasing her. 

Some women are into big though...I have had some women that only wanted to give me oral on a regular basis with no strings attached because they wanted to suck a big cock.  Usually they were married to some guy with a short one.  Having viewed pornography over my life, I am aware that there are men with bigger tools...9+ inches.  But this site makes it seem almost like the norm.  I think it is a very small percentage of men with 9+ inch dicks out there.
1731 October 8, 2004

Reading this site leaves me feeling suicidal.Are you happy now Ed?
1732 October 9, 2004

I am 7.75 x6.25 .When I was a kid ,I always thought it was to small. When I got into fucking !

I found that I liked slim females with a long pussy!
I also found out that if I kissed and licked her legs ,pussy ,asshole very slow and deep. I would always get the female hot and very wet ! Then slide my dick in to the hilt !

Size does matter to women ! I like a long and open pussy . One trick was to have larger toys for the two of us to play with ! Very large ones ! If your dick is small ? Always have lots of toys to play with !
1733 October 9, 2004

I am 7.50X6.25 . When some of the females that I fucked had a nice long vagina ! I always make sure to kiss and lick her from asshole to clit first !

If your dick is not that large , Mkae her cum with your mouth,toys,fingers,first !

Then ask her to hold open her pussy lips wide !

Place her legs back and fuck her DEEP and slow at first . Make sure she keeps her lips open while you bang her !

This way ,Your dick will go a bit deeper ! You can add 1 inch or more fucking this way !

Alot of women have never opened her pussy in front of a male before !
1734 October 9, 2004

I am 7.5 x 6.25 . I got a call one morning from my bosses wife Cathy ! She said to come over asap. She said his truck battery was dead and wanted a jump .

It was a hot summer day and I showed up with just shoes and shorts on . I always thought that my dick was small till that day .

I drove up and noticed his truck was gone !

I knocked and Cathy openes the door NAKED !

She was one good lucking lady ! She grabs my shorts and drags me in . I am shocked !

She showes me pictures of his 4.5 inch hard dick .

She starts to lick my dick slow and deep in her mouth !

I was hard as a rock and she stops . She says she will show me how to fuck her deep and hard !

Her pussy is wet and ready ! She lays back and opens her pussy lips wide !

I place my hard dick into her and she places her ass where I could hit the back of her pussy !

She had this all ready before I got to the house !

Every stroke she would make sure she got every bit of my dick .

We fucked slow over 2 hours ! She said she always wanted to fuck me . Her husband left town the night before . She taught me how to fill her pussy with my dick ! We fucked and sucked over 8 hours !

When we got humping deep and hard it would hurt her ! She would hump faster and harder !

She would cum and cum ! We both were sore in the end . I fucked her for over a year . Her husband at last said , He knew we were fucking . He wanted to make her happy ! He watched us many times from outside ! Cathy ,Taught me about dick size !
1735 October 9, 2004

Mr Crowley:
Well gee, i'm glad I have a 10.5 inch long and 8.5 inch thick cock.

dunno what i'd fuck it with though.
But judging by this site the majority of woman on the planet want it.

This site is a crock of shit.

Go get a life webmaster.
1736 October 10, 2004

f*ucking sh+t...
news flash, most mature females, least all the ones I've ever met, agree that as long as it's easy to see, then it's fine. Just because you have a biggy doesn't mean you're a sure fire great lay. Sure, some girls who think they're women (just because they have breasts and pubic hair) do think size really matters. And if it's that important to them, then they're more than likely just slutty nimphos, and if you're looking for something long term then you better keep looking. If you're just in it for sex, then you've got it made I guess. Mostly, it's like height. We don't care as long as there's not a huge difference that can't be made up for in some way or another. Emotions behind the actions make up for more than you'd think. Women, not girls, have (no pun intended) bigger and more important things to think about in life besides penis envy. Did you get a date because you flung your huge dick in her face? Not likely. And if you did, then you probably want to seriously reconsider the woman. Really, this debate is never going to end. Some guys are just bigger than others. So what? If you fear you're not well "equipped", and want to change that, then do something about it besides moan and complain about it. With so many products in the world today there's bound to be some way for it to be as big as you want it to be. But, might wanna be careful what you wish for. It'd kinda suck to go through all the trouble then get to the moment and she takes one look and thinks, "Ouch!"
1737 October 10, 2004

advice from 'down under':
My dick is just bigger than 6" x 5" and 'uncut' (intact).  I'm good looking, 6 foot tall, and I work out.

I go out clubbing every weekend, and if I don't end up taking a girl home for sex it's because I got too drunk :)  But that hasn't happened for a while.

So i'm fucking on average 2 - 3 girls a week with a 6" dick.  Having an average sized dick does not affect my ability to pull chicks and have a good fuck.

Btw, having an intact dick is more normal in Australia than having a cut one.  Aussie chicks are cool - they don't mind either way, as long as it's clean.

Anyway, I've experienced tight, medium, and loose pussies.  And if her pussy is too loose (which is rare) - I'm calling her a cab ASAP.  She's loose because she fucks alot.  And that's not the type of girl I want hanging around in the morning.

Sure, she MIGHT have a laugh to her friends about the fact that I only had a 'average' sized dick.  But i'll go and tell all my mates all about how much of a dick-in-a-bucket she was, how I couldn't keep it in her, how shit the sex was, etc.  (that's probably taking it a little bit far)

Just like so many of the girls have quoted on this forum that they would RUN from a small dick - I RUN from a loose pussy.  If more guys took this attitude and approach then we could turn the tables on THEM...

Women have the ability to stay tight and not let themselves get loose.  If they did, then they would enjoy sex with ANY sized man they come across.

Guys can't manage the size of their cock, we're stuck with what we've got.  So it's up to the girls to keep themselves maintained if they want to feel 'full-filled' and have great sex with ANY guy they fancy.

Girls should be more concerned about not letting themselves get streched and loose, rather than being reliant (or sadly dependent) on how well hung the guy is.  I say it's their fault if they are too loose for a 6".


For those guys with an average sized dick -

Go find a girl who has more respect for herself.  There are plenty of girls out there that don't fuck very often, and trust me, their pussies will fit your dick like a hand in a glove.  You'll probably find she has a better personality as well.

1738 October 10, 2004

I have had sex with hundreds of woman and never had  a complaint.  My penis WAS 6.25 inches long by 6 inches around.  18 months ago I had phalloplasty and mow my penis is over 7.5 inches in circumference and about 8 inches long.

Most women I have sex with are in pain if I thrust too hard.  Most are afraid of it.

I had the surgery because the woman I loved had been with a guy who was bigger than me.  She said she had nothing but pain from the one time experience but I felt compelled to match him out of some weird fear.  Using dildos as guide we figured he was about 9 inches long by 6.5 inches around.

Before the surgery we made incredible love for hours with her having multiple vaginal orgasms.

After the surgery my penis hurt her. The girth is HUGE and I hit bottom when I thrust hard.

The bottom line is I should of been happy with my so called "average" penis as now my big penis has ruined the sex life I had with the woman I loved.

Since the surgery not ONE woman has not experienced some kind of discomfort and before the surgery I was told my cock was perfect.
1739 October 10, 2004

all i want to say is, this site is great.
ever since i commented about my studding, i have been contacted more than ever before...all of them say they LOVE my size once they see pictures, and most really want to arrange something if possible. of the two i've done from this sight, both said it was a memory for a life time. my huge cock has been the biggest they've ever seen.
thank you webmaster.

again, to contact me, go on aol and im hesthehottest
1740 October 11, 2004

To Monica

  So you measured your boyfriend.That's fair,but tell me would you let your boyfriend measure how tight you are.You know fair play.

Some time in the near futur all women will be able to compare were their pussies fit on the international vagina tightness scale.Men will finally have a scale to compare their women to other women also.

Just wondering if you are a fair person Monica and this applies to all women out there also.Many of you say that you measured your boyfriends but are your fair enought to be measured yourselves.Of course the scale must be available and how to do measurements.This is due out soon with all the know-how and information.Would the women reading or posting here please reply to the question

1741 October 11, 2004

happy thanks giving everyone.
what is the white stuff that comes out of u when u fuck to much?
1742 October 11, 2004

WMDO Member:
All of you small penis men need to realize that you cannot satisfy your women.  It is just a matter of time before some three-legged stud comes along to give her a real screwing and then she will throw rocks at your puny, shriveled child-like baby penis.

All of this talk about small dicked men being so sensitive, caring and being capable of being good lovers makes me want to vomit.  The reason you are so sensitive is because you are practically women yourselves.  Your tiny peters are not much bigger than a females clitoris.  It is impossible to satisfy a woman with a penis under 12 inches.Those of us that are in the WMDO (Weapons of Mass Destruction Organization) have meetings about our BIG Cocks and measure them with our yard sticks.  Rulers don't have a place at our lodge.  One must be at least 12 inches to be in the club.  I myself sport 18 X 12 inches (flaccid)!  It looks like I'm screwing a fire hydrant.  My cock is so BIG that I have had to sew a third pant leg onto each pair of pants I own.  There are only 100 of us in the WMDO and we all like to gather and talk about how MASSIVE our cocks are and laugh at men we spot in locker rooms who have nubbins where a MAN sized cock should be.  We have been planning how we are going to impregnate all women that have short weenied boyfriends & husbands.  We are taking over the world with our BIG cocks!!  You really need to give up your woman now and go live in a cave spanking your hamster dicks until you die.  This will spare you from the shame of watching me or another WMDO member thoroughly satisfy your woman in front of you and therefore, embarrass you to death.  We will take our ENORMOUS baseball bat sized Cocks and knock your doors down.  We will then beat you down with our BIG hog legs and then pleasure your women, shooting quart after quart of sperm into them, thereby impregnating them with our "BIG cock" genes.  They will then worship up and chase you away.  You pinky penised types will die out and there will only be REAL men in the world.  If you truly love your women, and value your pathetic little weeny lifes then leave them now and let them come to be with REAL MEN.  How can this even be a question?  Do women care about size?  Do they even make dildos smaller than 8 inches?  Ha Ha!  Pathetic worms.
1743 October 12, 2004

Ray-ray i will comment on cyberskin sleeves they to enhance your girth but the're stretchy and my wife said she could feel me moving but it would stay inside they weren't effective for us. i find if i make my own sleeve out of i think its callled ub3 didloe it is the same type of skin surface as cyberskin it works better you have to cut a hole in it about one in if your small like me it will strech on you and give you a little more girth and as much length as you want it comes in 8 in length and is about 2 in in diameter i make ahole in it 4.5 in long and one in wide it works for us. It is the most natural i have found. I hope it works for you if you try it. these men who think their small at seven in they are large what a joke.
1744 October 13, 2004

come on...the avarage size of a mans penis is about 16 - 17 cm in length and about 12-14cm around.

its only a few procent of men who has a dick from 20cm and up...
1745 October 13, 2004

.....hope i am just going thru a phase but since i have been involved with penissize debate.com i have
started surfing the web to see what is going on with guys with big penises...it would seem to me that it
is the most talked about topic in the world...was talking to a guy in the Netherlands about his monster and got around to asking him how much jiz he shot with
his oversized cock....6 months ago i would never have
spent any time even thinking about comparing that sort
of thing with another man much less talking about it
and now i have started looking at mens buldges as i
am out in public to compre it to mine and I have started buying underwear from switzerland so mine will
hang looser and show more...i may end up being a flasher who knows...what i do know is that my cock
seems to be happier...and hass started to get hard
in more public areas which draws more attention to
my cock and i am not to bothered by all of that...
maybe we should rehame this site liberation of the cock...seems to be happening to mine...it loves to hand down my leg in tight pants these days seems to be develping a mind of its own

1746 October 13, 2004

I have a 8.5x6.5 inch cock! My woman makes unbelievable sounds  when getting penetrated by it! What do u ladies on this board think of  cock  that size?
1747 October 14, 2004

Intellectual Response:
Well, well, well. You think that women only go for men with big penis's? Well, let me tell you something go to the Middle East or a society based on purely islam and you will amazed. Women dont care about the size of penis's, because they will only marry 1 man in her whole life. Men treat women as if they are the greatest thing because they are. There is no such thing as rape in islamic societys, because if you do such a thing and are caught you will be castrated. Also, the fact that everybody would not have sex until they are married would also lead to a society that is not based on looks at all.

 Women cover there whole body leaving only there eyes and hands visable. Men are always wearing clothes at all times and are not allowed to swim with or see women swimming, same goes for women. Penis size is absolutely a huge non-factor in islamic societys. If the man's sperm is healthy and can produce a baby that is all that is necessary. EVen if a man has the tinyest penis ever, the women should never know because speaking of things you do sexually or talking about something you do in your bedroom is a terrible sin there.

 Also there is the biological and medical things that make your huge website a joke. It is a medical fact that women nerves end within the first 2-2 1/2 inches of the inside of her vagina. So, if you have a 2- 2 1/2 inch dick you have nothing to worry about because that will sexually satisfy her. You are completely forgetting the fact that the penis is only there for the reproduction of humans, not purely for pleasure. Women are not out there looking for the biggest dick, we all know that. They have a huge emotional difference compared to us, that attaches them to the person they want to be with. Problem is, here in the United States having sex before you get married is suddenly a great thing to do, and there is no problem with it. Women are looking for someone to care and love them and emotionally be there for them whenever they want. If you meet those first 3 criteria, they could care less if you have a small penis or a gigantic penis.

 Men, listen to this. This guy is saying that women dont want nothing to do with you unless you have a big penis. Well, the average penis size in the latest study done by a condoms company shows that the average erect penis is anywhere from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. This is where the main amount of people studied fell into. Also, this is a survey where the men are actually tested by qualified nurses, they go into the tent and are givin material to arouse themselves for the test. Once aroused the nurse measures there penis from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis.

 Most survays are just voluntarry, and the guys just write there answer down on a sheet without any-body actually checking them.... sounds fishy right? Hell even if i was asked to give a survey about the size of my penis i'll add on a extra 1-3 inches... why not right?? The survey by the condom company came to the conclusion on average in a exact decimal points the size of the average male that you walk into on the street will have a erect penis of 5.3 inches. Odd, you make it sound like a 7 inch dick is the minumum for a regular penis didnt ya? That is because your whole website is just full of shit trying to get people to believe that unless they have a dick that is 7-8 inches plus they are less of a man and women will like them less and that isnt acceptable.

 For people who think they are "average" at 7+ inches, you obviously will think that way because it is your penis. I dont have a huge dick, but i know my wife thinks it is huge but i on the other hand just think it is normal and everything when it reality it's above average. Guys with 10+ inch dicks even want to add on some inches... your probally like what? Why? Well because they dont even know what the average size penis is and think that there's is smaller then regular and are just like the rest of us.

 Think about it guys, if you see a women who has the perfect body and perfect breasts, but is the biggest asshole in the world and wants you to spend all your money on her, but you only get sex in return would you want her? Well, even us guys who are way more emotionally calmer then women, and have less of a attachment with them would rather wait for a more sensible women. But, this guy is saying women are just going around looking for a guy with a big dick. Why would women waste so much time building a emotional relationship if they were just looking for big dicks, that easy you just have sex with them to find out.

 Man, i can believe i even have to respond to your horrible website that makes everybody think they have a small penis if it's not 8"+.

 I'll say it one more time, penis size does not matter to women and if it does your better off without her. Also breast size does not matter to men, and if it does your better off without him.

 You actually can compare the size of womens breasts to the size of mens penis's unlike you said. Just the breast doesnt actually do anything, men who are looking for just big breasted women will not even think about going with a small breasted girl that simple. Women looking for a guy with a huge dick will not go out with him after they see his dick, because apperently they dont like it... although in reality it doesnt make a difference. It is the fantasy of wanting to see a bick dick that drives these women even though penis the size of 4 inches will give her the same pleasure of a man with the penis the size of 10", it's that simple.

 On another scientific note, women who are looking for men with big dicks probally have little or no vaginal muscles, or at least do not know how to use them. Asian women are able to put quarters in there vagina and be able to drop out however much change you want right on the spot, not one by one but all at once because there vaginal muscles are incredibly developed and they can feel each quarter and can pinpoint where to relax her vaginal muscle to let the correct change out, and where to contract her muscle to keep the rest of the change in.

 Why wouldnt all the asian women just run away from asia? Almost all asian men have below average penis's? This is because asian women have smaller vagina's, and there vaginal muscles are so developed they are able to close around the mens penis completely, makeing no difference if you have a big or small penis, it will feel the same to them. You can go ahead and research that, it is a fact.

 You should just close this site down, it's complete bullshit.
1748 October 14, 2004

this site is the biggest peice of bullshit i have ever read in my entire life. yes women obviously would like a man with a bigger penis that is obvious just like guys would rather have a girl with a tighter pussy than a girl with a big loose pussy. nearly every woman i have been with has said i that size doesnt matter if you know how to use it. i have an 8" penis and i have satisfied many women more than there other partners with bigger penis's. its all in your attitude and knowing what the woman wants. this is just another way for guys with larger penis's which are only from 2-5% to feel like they are better than other guys, and to sell products that dont work. if women really only care about size then there are going to be ALOT of lonely women out there cause a large penis is very uncommon. not to mention if a woman absolutely has to have a big penis to get satisfaction then it probably means she is a total hoe-bag. the facts of this website are all incorrect and obviously not studied by a professional so therefor anyone who reads this shit should just laugh at its ridiculousness. common guys get a life.
1749 October 14, 2004

Fred, the fucker:
Comment # 1701  was hilarous!!
1750 October 14, 2004

my girlfriend hates big dicks. they hurt. many of her friends say the same. they are really bad at estimates, too. she thought i had an 8", but its just over 6. it even hurts her sometimes. the g-spot is 2.5 inches inside. if you want to give her the most intense orgasm, you have to be halfway out to hit it with the head, and softly rub her clit. If you can time the two together, you're the man.

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