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1651 September 12, 2004

I hate it when people associate a bigger penis with masculinity. A large penis is like large ears or a large nose, some people have em, some people don't.  I have seen little dorks with huge penis's and huge muscular dudes with tiny ones. Ron Jeremy has a big dick for cryin out loud-- that guy is a short, ugly little shit. Testosterone is what characterizes "masculinity" and that has NO effect on dick size-- so chew on that biaaatches.
1652 September 12, 2004

my penis is 5.9 inches and im the smallest my girlfriend has ever had.  She addmited to me that she has been with 4 other guys and they were all in the 7-9 inch range.  She also told me that im the perfect size because i fit just right.  Im proud to say that while she has had sex with others im the only one that has ever made her orgasm.
1653 September 12, 2004

I just want to say that I have been reading this site and I think that my unique experience with this issue will be insightful to all of you? I had a boyfriend for 3 years who was average, probably around 6 inches. (although I never measured it.)   I used to think that size did not matter.  Then, after my boyfriend and I broke up I hooked up with this guy who was gorgeous and I remember when I pulled down his pants and took off his underwear I could not believe how beautiful his cock was.  It was so big and perfect.  I remember I just sat there for like 5 minutes just kissing it and licking it because it was so beautiful.  I sucked it and then rode him for like an hour and had three orgasms.  My point is: I thought that size did not matter until I hooked up with him which I continued to do for 3 months until I met my current boyfriend who is also well-hung.  But, this guy had such a hold on me. I just truly worshipped his cock and he had such power over me mentally.
1654 September 13, 2004

If penis size is so important why aren't all women married to black guys. Answer:this site is opinion,not science.
1655 September 13, 2004

el diablo:
Give women a choice between a hung guy who's ugly and a gorgeous guy of average endowment;I'd say 95% take the latter.
1656 September 13, 2004

bc boy:
I'll be totally honest.I'm average,43,a blow addict(very bad for erections!),balding,tall,fairly good shape.I worry constantly about my size.A co-worker is about 8"/6" and does quite well.He gets many comments from women he's been with.He claims about 200 partners in his 44 years.He's also an alcoholic and most of his partners are also drunks,addicts,or have some emotional/mental problems. He hasn't had a steady girl for about 5 years. I'm happy to be me. Moral of the story:we all have shit to deal with in life. A big unit would be nice,but health,happiness, and good friends are likely more important. Last,for guys out there who fret about size-try dating Asian women-they're sweet,kind, and not quite the gold-diggers that white girls are. I should know,my girl's Chinese.
1657 September 13, 2004

from asia age 21yrs my penis size normal 2ich after erected 5inch, in width just 2inch, it is sufficent

so plz advice me
1658 September 13, 2004

do they ask NO  so get over it:
I have a 8x6in penise,before i moved in with a gril i never took much notice about my size,i always thought i was on the small size.But yes some women like it but also some women were scared to try it.Women prefere width to length.A women who has had a baby will enjoy a penise like mine the best.I have been known to be able to go on for hrs.I belive becuse of my size i have less feeling,so i can go on for longer.Also the best thing about a penise my size is when i do cum the women will be able to feel me cumming in her,which she loves,this is best done in the doggy position.Anything over 8x6in is to big i have had trouble with the use of condoms becuse they have broken everytime i have used themx5 times.Why do men try to lie they will get found out,in the end about the size of there penise.Does the women you are sleeping with ask you about your size before she sleeps with you?No so get over it.Take your time and enjoy it but when she says stop becuse as in my case they are hurting then STOP.
1659 September 13, 2004

this website is pure gold

last evening when I came in from work my cleaning lady was still there and had her 3 month old baby
with her and I noticed that she had two wet spots on the front of her blouse she saw me looking and was
embarrased I asked her if she was nursing her baby
and she said yes she could see that I was getting
a hard on...I then asked her if she had washed my
my jock straps and she handed them to me...I went and showered and went back into the kitchen in only my
jock strap and asked her if I could taste her milk
that I always wanted to know how it tasted my nine incher was standing out in my jocks and she had her
eyes on it and I asked her if her husband was as big
as I was and she said no and I said well his is big
enough to make a baby and I asked her how big he was and she said about 5 inches and I asked her if that filled her up and started to reach for her breast and
as I touched it the spot on her blouse got much larger
and I tenderly squeeze her tit and she moaned and and the milk gushed through her blouse I undid her blouse and she had on a nursing bra I opened it to a rock hard nipple and I reached down and put it in my mouth and started to suck  on it she put her hands on her breast and held it for me to nurse...a really great experience...as I was sucking I pulled up her skirt and put my hand in her pants and played with her
clit and labia which was very wet then I stuck my
fingers in her vagina and she loved it she was still
big from having the baby and I asked her if she thought my cock was big enough to fill her up and
she said she didnt know and I said why dont we try and
she didnt say anything but her pussy was moving on my
hand so I took her over and stood her in front of the
sink and let her watch me pull my cock out of my jocks
her eyes got real big and I turned her abound and pushed her over the sink pulled up her skirt and took
her pants off and put about 4 inches of my cock in her and said is this about how much your husband has and she said yes and then I slid the rest of my cock in her and she had an orgasam I slid in and out of her for about ten minutes and she had had two more orgasams after the last one I could feel myslef getting ready to cum I asked her if she wanted me to
pull out and she said oh no and I asked her if she wanted my cream and she lactched on to my cock with her vagina and I started moving faster and stronger in her she was so wet that her juiices were running down my cock on to my balls I picked her up so I could
get my cock in her straight on and pumped her harder and she had another orgasam and a moment later I spermed her hot and fast and while I was still in her
I squeeded her breast and milk spurted all over the sink I turned her around and started nursing her again and she said leave enough for the baby...I pulled down the other flap and nursed her other breast
she was holding my head and playing with my hair and
kissing the top of my head and I took one of her hands and put it on my cock and said do you want some
more of my creamy sperm in you...the baby started to
cry and she took her breast out of my mouth and went to the baby and I left the room to go and get dressed...In my wildest dreams I would never have ever approached the cleaning woman before I started
watching this website which I insist is making a man out of me...the kind of man a man should be...thanks
1660 September 13, 2004

Jennifer/ Hey Jimmy:
I bet they all seem like large nasty holes too your little dick.
1661 September 13, 2004

Comment to Blondie (and others like her):

First, I wonder if either of the following applies to you:

1. You're a man pretending to be a woman; or
2. You're a woman just playing around with this site.

Here's the thing: whereas I'm an average guy (see my earlier post, little over 6" with 5" around), I am very fit, muscular, good-looking and intelligent.  I have lots to offer a woman, and they know it.  I have no problem getting women, and more often than not have trouble getting them to "go away" when our time has come to an end.  This also - by the way - includes women who have expressly told me they prefer much larger penises than mine, something I do not feel the least bit threatened by.

You see, as Ed says in his website - and as many who post here rightly say - there's much more to the entire relationship than a good f@#&, I'm sorry to say.  If any woman ever dared suggest to me that - because of my size - she needed another lover "on the side", she'd be out the door so fast it'd make your head spin.  Simple.  And - guys - if you find yourself in that situation, you deserve so much more than what she has to offer you.

So Blondie, if you're serious, then I think you need to just stick with the well-endowed guys, and leave us smaller guys alone.  You can share your selfishness with those who can satisfy your lusts.  Or here's a thought: think about becoming a more rounded person and try looking at getting more satisfaction from the non-physical qualities in your partner.

Of course, if you meet either of the two criteria I mentioned above, then just ignore this message. :)

Cheers & Peace,

1662 September 14, 2004

 women and men who let them cheat:
I thing thats a load of bullshit,any women who will cheat on there husband or b/friend just becuse he has a smaller penise is a tramp.And a man who lets his wife cheat on him,becuse he has got a small penise is an idot.I have an above average penise and if i know a women wanted to sleep with me and she was with someone else,just becuse i have a big dick i would not she is a tramp.Mind you the average pro our slapper has more morals,than a wife who would cheat on her husband becuse of his small penise.Which man would you would not know what they had.The man buy your wife a vibrator or dildo like my 8x6
1663 September 14, 2004

slack burt:
i asked my g/f how do i compare to him , her ex , size wise .nothing special she said i dont really remember him much that way .odd i thought  im average and know that,s small to women from past experience.i wonder how her ex got his reputation for being very well hung then .sad people making daft storys up i suppose darling . yes she should know and it was news to her alright.ok lets play games then .unbeknowing to her iknow had an hidden agenda .i introduced porn films no reaction from her .odd when im sat there thinking christ lok at the size of these dicks . the realisation hit me ive been living in a fools paradise to have believed size did not matter its what you do with it . im a fucking novice compared to the big lads al that wasted energy for what . like anything in life you  need the right tools for the job shit //..eventually to cut to the chase i got her interested in size and said why dont we measure my cock she was enjoying her self too much even saying i was cheating and doing it wrong its smaller than that /good know lets see what happens next . i know why not try and think about your ex what does not much difference relate with a tape measure  it became seriouse why what for whats the point she said  .well why not i said why are you getting mad .im not playing your stupid game im going to bed .yes i bet you are it could be he had a lot bigger dick than you say  so what if he did why did you have to be so nosey he was a lot bigger than you  .i had my answer but i was a lot happier sexual bunny before i got the truth. I hate it thats why im on hear alone feeling rubbish letting it spoil what was a good sex life for a small penis person
1664 September 14, 2004

I think my obsession is a combination of instinct that is not right sized and being exposed to abusive men who had a need to walk around with their pants down to the ankles just to show you. It also helps to have dated women who use your emotional weakness as a weapon.  My problem is in my perception and environment.  It is the head on my shoulders that I will be expanding. How about a site for women devoted to small tits and big ass!?  I will start by telling you I love small tits and big ass, but because i am a man of action the real proof will have to be in the pudding!
Thanks for a great site!
1665 September 14, 2004

as a sort of stud for call in the pennsylvania area, I can say women love large penises! I have been requested by many women, or even have had it set up by women's husbands to have sex with their wives because of my very large (11 inch) penis, and hard body...and while they love the body, my main calling card is my penis... I can be contacted on the aol instant messenger name hesthehottest
1666 September 16, 2004


Here is a test that I tried on my cleaning lady who
I've been having sex with for the last week or so...
she told me that her husband was about 5 inches
so when she came on Wednesday and we were starting
to get it on...she was very swollen and wet and
ready for my cock in the best of ways...as I took
the position I grabbed my cock about 4 inches behind
the head and put it in her and started to pump for
about 5 minutes where upon she shyly asked for all
of it when I let go of my cock and put the other
5 inches in her she came in an earth shaking orgasam
and directly after that I came in her and then she
had another orgasam...she said that she loved to be
filled and said that she could have taken an inch or
two more as excited as she was....something to think
about...all I know is that I loved knowing that she
I had put my semen farther in her than any other man
had and I felt great about it.
Thanks for the Penisize Debate Website
1667 September 16, 2004

I did'nt think size mattered until now.
I was marred for fifteen years to a man who had a six inch Penis a year ago he passed away and now I have met a man with a eleven and a half inch penis and larger around than his fourarm I did'nt think such a penis existed until now. I am not a small woman at six foot three and one hundred fifty eight pounds I thought I would not have any trouble taking him in boy was I suprised. The first time he tryed to enter me I thought I would pass out from the pain that ensued. I knew that I was ready for him because I was leaking all over the place. He was just able to get the head and about three inches in when I asked him to stop. I told him that we would try again in a couple of days he agreed.The next time he got a little more in and each time after that a little more went into places where nothing had been before and the feelings that he created became more overwhelming each time.I had orgasms that made me shake and tremble like never before and I cryed like a baby to think of what I had missed all my life up to now. So size sure has made a difference to me and I will soon marry this man who has shown me such great pleasure with his great big organ of love. How lucky I am to have found him.
                  Thank you God.
1668 September 16, 2004

To the creator of this site, I give you my whole-hearted thanks.  I am finally free.  The night after I read the report, was the first night of untroubled sleep I've had in several years.  So knowing how size does matter, I'm wondering what I can do about that.  I'm an Asian, and as it's been shown time and time again.  My ethnic class has been endowed with the smallest penises on the planet.  The most advice anyone told me was to date Asian girls, their vaginas were meant for dicks like mine.  But as a general rule, Asian girls leave guys like me to date any other ethnicity in the search of something bigger.  I'm just wondering how I can pick up the pieces knowing what I know now.  There's no kind of hope to cling to anymore.  If there are any guys who are going through what I'm going through or just feel like saying something.  I'd truly appreciate it.(buddha78257@aol.com)
1669 September 17, 2004

Here we read mostly silly aspects and foolish comment.

From the healthy and sexual interested women could take  80 % a bigger or big penis. And if such modern women without economic or healthy problems can choice
between an 8/thick incher or an 4/thinny incher and the two men will have  the same quality in their character and the other body parts - than such woman took the male with the bigger penis.If she has the choice.

Most male ,80%,have not enough and their luck is, that there are more problems of all in economic and healthy wayand than the size of the penis is not the first question.

But theoreticly ,if all have good times and could live in their way, the most women wish a bigger partner for their pleasure.

And not others say this side. If they could choice,
they would choice a male partner with good body, bigger or great thick penis and with money.

If men could choice, they would choice lovely women like models or filmstars with big breasts and pretty figures .
And the same choice would take the women ,if they can do it. Handsome ,good figure, fine character, bigg or great and thick penis and balls and money.

Not more is written by Ed on this side.

Problempeople ,male and female, have other reasons and thought only sometimes about such questions.

The most postings here are silly, because they forgot all the reality and the theory and that  question, what humans will do ,if they can.
If they can-80 % of men will be alone ,without women. And 80 % of modern ,selfmade -women wish ,that their partner are bigger as he is.
That is the truth.

And the mistake is, that the women don`t say it. On tehs side ,ther are 5 or 8 % postings by women. And there is one third or the half feminists, which wrote foolish things about males penisses from their subcultur subculture ideology . Normal modern women wished more-and the best of them say it!
1670 September 18, 2004

Comment to H: What a sicko! Are you just testing your pulp fiction porn here? The worst part is if it is true. You must have been bottle fed!!!
1671 September 18, 2004

well size does matter to some girls but not all. I am asian and my is only 6" and i have pleasured many girls.  there are many ways to make a female feels good. Each women has their sensitive part. Go find it and do it to her. i bet you that she will love it.  So just snap out of it.  Not all asian guys are small i am 5'3.  So its just depend.
1672 September 18, 2004

Informative site though as other reader's have mentioned, would be nice to see where the data came from.

I'm an Indian (from India) male and for years I thought I was on the smaller side and I still think that I am.  When I'm FULLY erect, it's 8x6 (really, no exaggeration or b/s factor added in) and I can grab it with both hands and still the head protrudes from the top hand.

  THe strange thing I find about women I have been with is that they still don't moan and groan when I have sex with them. Actually, a previous g/f told me her ex was so large that it wouldn't fit without alot of lubrication...  Surely, this did wonders for my self esteem and I still suffer from this psychological damage eventhough I am supposedly very close to the ideal size presented on this site and I am not confident to go after the women who make advances towards me (I'm fit and good looking) because of this past experience.
  My current girlfriend says she has had very big ones as well; however, she really likes mine (or so she claims) and I even make her "cock" tails stirred with it and then she sucks it dry..haha
BOth my current and ex have had vaginal, G-spot, and clitoral orgasms and my ex even had multiples (she was very attractive so I could stay hard long). They all liked the looks, of my penis and would voluntarily give me oral (I don't like to ask because I find it degrading to a woman but if she wants to do it, I'm not going to say "no"! :D).

My question is, how is that these two have had much bigger than mine when mine is supposed to be on the larger side per this site??   This leads me to believe that unfortunately, yes, there are many huge ones out there and eventhough I am  8x6 (no lieing), that "yes", I am maybe a little better than average these days...

Please respond with truthful comments..

P.S.  Any slim, attractive women who would like my size can find me on at the_phoenix_0@yahoo.com
1673 September 19, 2004

Hey Terry,
Nice to see all you mentioned about your new fiancee is his fucking dick.  Is that all that mattered to you?  And then you say, "...and I cryed like a baby to think of what I had missed all my life up to now."  So, I guess you basically spit at your dead husband's grave and basically say that he wasted your life with his small penis.  Geez I feel sorry for you.  You don't even talk at all about your current financee.  Are you actually marrying him or are you getting married to just his cock?  That's the way it sounds.  Hey, I know a horse who beats your fiancee by 6 inches, so maybe you want to cancel the wedding.  After all, all you see is a cock, right?  What a fucking trailer trash skank you are.  When I marry the woman I love just the psychological attraction alone makes any other woman- huge breasts, gorgeous looks, anything at all- be totally irrelevant.  And perish the thought if she ever died the only thing I know that I would be missing is her!
1674 September 19, 2004

"D" "O" double "G" dog:
Whats the dizzy this is d-o double gizzy. My dong is so long.  Its like 13 inches.  To add my two cents it aint all that great.  aka can get only half in. aka can suck it myself(not that I do).
aka Sofa King High
1675 September 19, 2004

Most girls I've met have always said penis size didn't matter...until they've met me. I have a 10.5 inch penis, 6.5 around and they LOVE it. though there is pain for them in intercourse, they mainly love the look and feel of it..Every time a woman sees my penis for the first time, she either strokes it with both hands, or kisses all over it for a long time...their eyes grow big, and they marvel as they can't get their hands around it.  I'm glad to be blessed with such a large penis.

my last gf cheated on her boyfriend for the first two months of their relationship just because he only had a 7 inch penis, and she couldn't get enough of mine...she often said she hated that she gave in so easily, but just couldn' resist. she is still with her boyfriend, even after tellin him she cheated with me. i guess he just dealt with it.
1676 September 20, 2004

I think all men are worried about there penis size. I hate mine (6in long, 5.5 round) I wish I were atleast an inch bigger. My girlfriend says I'm fine, even says she wouldn't want bigger cause it would hurt but I just don't believe her. I'm glad she says those things though, it's better than saying she's been with a hung guy and that she loved it. I've always been so insecure about my penis. I have a very nice muscular body, which has really helped with the ladies. I do believe that most women are ok with average penises, the few that only want huge black ones are generally whores and certainly not worth a real mans time. The problem with them is that they have been with so many guys that they have stretched out and must have a big penis to satisfy them..
1677 September 21, 2004

lil man tate:
I have to say that I am lucky.  My wife has a very small vagina and my adequate penis is perfest for her giving her an orgasm 9 out of 10 times, multiples on top.  Size only matters if you let it.  Remember women,  there are excercises to help increase your satisfaction as well(kegel).
1678 September 22, 2004

its true:
I meet and moved in with a women who was a 6tf blond,who was so vain with her good looks,she used any man,she never thought anything about screwing them.Anyway that was untill we first had sex,and she cried her eyes out,saying she had never felt anything like it.I have an 8x6inch rock hard penise.So we lived toghter for 2 years when we had sex she would cry and shake telling me she had never felt anything like it.Then we split over a silly argument,but she would still call around to me to get sex,anyway she wanted to move were i had moved,i was told she was pregant by me.But she still tried one more time to be vain but i just left her.But becuse of my 8x6 she had never felt that or anything like that.So yes size does make a differance.Sorry you men who have smaller penises but you have to watch your women.Becuse a women wants to fell a nice big penise like mine
1679 September 22, 2004

The Sandman:
My first comment is about your site and my second about penis enlargement. First, in the introduction, you claim that you are not here to promote the sales of penis enlargement sites or pills etc. Yet I've noticed throughout, you mention several different sites and products by name, including even a pill to increase the male pherimones (if that's spelled right...who cares.) Hell you can even click on it and get taken right TO those sites. It just seems to me that if this were a serious debate, that you would keep to that alone, and leave others to sell the products. I mean, if you're going to mention that penis enlargement excercises is worth a try that's one thing, but to give brand names and specific sites to visit, leads me to believe that this is just one more marketing ploy...Well? 
Anyway, that being said, I do believe that MOST women will prefer a larger penis to a medium sized or small one, WITHIN REASON!!! And I agree that probably many women would like at least once in their life to try a big cock, too. Just like every man would probably once in their life like to try a barely legal blonde with a tight little ass, big tits and a shaved little cunt. What's the difference. The thing is, there aren't all that many monster cocks out there, and I'm sure most women know that, just like for most men, there aren't those barely legal blondes beating your door down to have a good time. But that doesn't mean that an average looking, or even less than average looking girl can't bring you immense pleasure if things connect between the two of you. Same with big dicks and little dicks. Yes, I know...big dicks feel better to most women than smaller ones, but I happen to know a girl with a husband who has a huge one (believe me, I saw it through his sweat pants once) and she says that size doesn't matter to her, and that sometimes, it would be nice if sex wasn't a workout. I'm rambling now...my point though, is that size does matter to a degree, and I believe it's a very small degree. Now as far as penis enlargement, I would like to give it a try. I'm average, and would like to have a bigger one. It is a self esteem issue, I'll admit. I just wish I could find a site somewhere out there that will give the truth on penis enlargement...does it work or doesn't it?...that didn't end up trying to sell something. I want to believe it does, as any man would, I guess...but two things make me doubt it. One, you always see these big huge bodybuilder guys with little ones (not all, but most) If guys are as dedicated to improving their bodies as much as they are, wouldn't it stand to reason they would devote the same to the most important male body part, if it WERE possible, and secondly...If penis enlargement has worked for so many men who are obviously sporting these impressive shlongs, how come the average penis
 size still remains the same? Hmmmmmm. I hope I'm wrong.
1680 September 22, 2004

average joe:
I'm 26, white, 5'6in, very muscular, 6in penis, 5 in girth. I feel I am average. The only complaint I have ever had is that sometimes I cum to fast. I think that most guys reading the stuff on this site have penis insecurities. It cracks me up to read some of the guys comments on here, I mean almost all of you claim to have 8-10 inches of dick. I think most of you are full of shit! Most guys lie about there size and I know many of you on here are flat out lying for whatever reason. Sure I wish I were bigger but I am not nor will I ever be. I'm ok with it. I get my wife off about 60% of the time we have sex. Even if I were bigger, that percentage would still be the same because her vagina would be used to that size. So all of the guys reading this, don't worry yourself to death, if the girl wants bigger, let her go get it, along with the many diseases she will catch. Girls that only want big cocks are nothing but whores. Even if I were hung, and the girl I was with always wanted my cock because it was big, I would kick her to the curb. I want a girl who wants me, everything about me, not just my dick. So all the ladies out there who sleep around, looking for the big dicks, maybe we'll pay ya a visit in the AIDS clinic.
1681 September 23, 2004

average guy:
I can refute one claim that the author makes: He says to NEVER lie to a girl about having a big dick if in fact you don't have one. When she finds out you don't, she'll reject you and you will be humiliated, etc.

Over the years, there have been many times when, as part of an effort  to pick up a girl (in a bar, at the beach, etc.), i've managed to let the girl know that i have a "big dick". Usually, i'd say it was about 8 inches.

Truth is, my dick is almost perfectly average - exactly 6 inches long measured from the top. It is a little thicker than average, but just a little. And, some girls have said it has a "nice head", i.e, it has a bell-shaped head that is perhaps a little bigger than average. But overall, my cock is solidly in the average range.

Despite this subterfuge, when the moment of truth arrived and the girl gets a good look at my cock, i've *never* had any girl evince any indication of displeasure, even so much as a slight facial-wrinkle of disappointment (and i'm always very keen to observe this). And it goes without saying that i've never had a girl laugh at me, or refuse to have sex, etc. based on disappointment over my dick not being as big as i advertised. The norm has been for hot sex to commence forthwith. These situations have occurred perhaps 20 times in my life, and i'm 20/20 in getting laid, etc.

Only three explanations come to mind:

(1) Perhaps i've been lucky in picking up chicks who happened to not have had experience with a wide range of dick sizes, such that they really don't have a basis for comparison,

(2) Absent a ruler to actually measure with, most girls just can't eye-ball the difference between 6 and 8 inches (perhaps if i'd claimed my dick was 12 inches  my lie would have been blitheringly obvious),

(3) Perhaps some of the girls have been disappointed, but that disappointment was swamped by the horny-passion of the moment (i.e., typically, the girl would get a look at my dick only after we'd been kissing, groping, etc. and are then actually undressing), such that they are so aroused that 6 inches is more than good enough at that point in time.

But whatever the actual explanation (ladies, any other ideas..?), lying about dick size is a strategy that hasn't had any down-side for me. :)
1682 September 23, 2004

OK, I want to say that mine is very large, and i have a heck of a time getting a women to sleep with me. I am very charming, and always get to first base, but let me tell you - I really have to sugarcoat it, or I don't even get the head in. You guys with 7-8 inch dicks are much luckier than I - I am sure you get more women.
1683 September 23, 2004

Smalldick in Seattle:
My nickname was a play on the title "Sleepless..." I'm not really from there and my dick is not small either, based on averages that is, but if I'd read this site before I knew that I would have probably walked away with my head hung low and never revealed the tiny string bean between my legs to another woman ever again. Ed, get real. You talk about penises, like there are these monsters out there that could jack up a car when hard, and pussies like their these gaping crevases the size of the grand canyon, and if you don't possess one of the "monsters." then your dick will never stand a chance of pleasing a woman whatsoever, and even if it does, she'll still be longer for something bigger. Give me a break. I don't care about what you say, as far as I go, but it's just a shame that I've read some guys that have read this crap and are ready to give up on sex because of it. Why don't you just tell the truth from the beginning... that this site is just another marketing ploy to sell penis enlargement products and leave it at that. Now, to all you guys ready to give up on sex, I want you to go to a site called "Monsters of Cock" The guys name is Roberto, I think...and he is supposed to have the biggest cock imaginable, and you can tell by the looks on the girls faces when they see it, that they are truly dumbstruck. The thing is, this cock is obviously THE BIGGEST cock these girls have ever seen. It's obvious that AT LEAST half of them are in some pain when they fuck him, some of them are in a lot of pain, and a couple made him stop because they couldn't take it. Having said that, I compared the size of his cock to the girls hands, heads, to get an idea of how big he really is (don't listen to the claims on the site of 12 to 15 inches either) I would guess that his cock measures maybe 10 inches at most and since most of the girls can almost wrap their fingers around his thickness, I'd say his girth is maybe 6 to 6 and a half. And he's the BIGGEST I'VE SEEN and obviously the biggest the girls have seen. So these claims of 11 and 12 inches or more with a girth of over 7 or 8...Give me a break! I'd love to see it. Now, I'll admit...to most girls, bigger is probably better, to a certain point...from looks and feel, and I would have a bigger penis if wishes came true, but I'm not going to give up on sex because I'm not packing an impossible amount of inches in my pants...believe me, girls are not expecting that and if they are, they're going to be highly dissapointed most, if not all of the time. Think about it this way. Girls like to look at and to feel bigger dicks as a rule...fine. Guys like to look at bigger tits and feel tighter pussies as a rule...fine. Now, I was with a girl that would hardly be considered on the good looking side to most guys, and me as well, and she didn't have the tightest pussy either. I had a one night stand with another girl who was much more attractive and tighter and hornier...the whole 9 yards...and guess what. She didn't even begin to compare with the sex I'd had with the first girl...not even close. It was because there were feelings there. Tell me guys, if you were in love...truly in love with a girl, no matter how she looked, is there any other girl out there that could do it for you like she could? I don't think so. And if that's true for guys, imagine how it must be for women...Think about it, and stop worrying about your dick size. Find that special girl who will love you and she'll love your cock as well.
1684 September 23, 2004

Great Site Ed:
NOT!!!! There are so many things on this site that are just wrong...So so wrong, but let me touch on just one at the moment. It's about how to trick your girl into saying that she wishes you had a bigger penis, mostly by giving her an impossible choice. If there was no more "you" only two clones of you...one with a penis bigger than yours and one with a penis smaller, which would she chose? Duh. This is supposed to prove that she wants more than what your packing. Look at it this way, guys. You have this girl...your in love with her. But you can't have her, there are two clones of her, though...one has a sligtly better body that she and one a slightly worse body. Which would you chose...duh. But, if all three were there to chose from, you'd pick the original, am I right? If you truly love someone, there's nothing you'd want to change about them. I know that's true for me. By the way, don't bring up that subject with your girls unless your looking for a serious fight. Hehehe.
1685 September 24, 2004

all women need a good fxxxk sometime:
Dont we know by now all women like sex as much as men.But they try to make out its just the men.So lets be honest here every women wants one good f..k and they will get it from a man with a 5x3inch or a man with a 8x6inch which do you thing?It does not take much to figure that ne out.This i heard from a tall model like women who was honest and told me ALL WOMEN WANT SEX AS MUCH AS MEN.So you men with small penises get over it.
1686 September 24, 2004

Hello everyone. Normally I wouldnt care what a bunch of strangers said about me on a website but I have to clear some things up. To the guy that called me a tramp, he is just a man with a tiny Penis. Dont judge me, you dont know me. I do love my husband for all the non physical pleasures...thats why he is my husband. Women require more than nonphysical pleasures, and for me that takes really big penises. Fortunatley for me, in my line of work, big penises get presented to me all the time. Its just sex, even the vacations and cruises, are just a means to have sex for a number of days without distraction. My husband loves me enough to want to see me fulfilled in all ways. I came across this site looking for Big Dildos on the Internet, notice I wasnt looking for 5 inch dildos. Face facts, MOST women love a large penis, even petite women like myself.
1687 September 24, 2004

During my life I have been with 80 guys. None of their cocks have been the same. I love the different textures and sizes. But, the cocks I prefer are the ones that are long, muscled, and have a very large head!!!!!!!!! I'll admit that I do have a large pussy.
My husband only has an average sized cock. I can cum easily because he is curved right to hit my G-spot. The only problem is that my husband has a hard time cumming because I'm too loose. I love my husband , but miss being single and being filled. By the wa, the first things I notice in a man is his ass and the bulge or lack of one in his pants.
1688 September 24, 2004

pa stud:
just as an addendum to my comment before, as a pa guy with hard body, 11 inch cock, very thick, i would like to advertise that i am willing to travel for a good job.
to contact me get on

aol instant messenger
1689 September 25, 2004

The guys that say that they 7"or 8" in thickness, what a load of bullshit. thats thicker than a can of coke. Guys u measure your dick not your thighs. And every guy in here reckon ther 8 9 10 inches, c'mon, dont bullshit me. The average dick is 5 inches and for those chicks or guys that like huge cocks are most like sluts or fags, if a guy likes dick hes a fag period, but i mean all of u boys and small girls talk like nothing else mattersother than how big the guys dick is. Listen to me very carefully. GET A MOTHA FRICKEN LIFE. 7 inch girth, what a fucking load of shit
1690 September 25, 2004

This site does try to tell it like it is which is a good thing.  I'd be interested in more women's opinions on the specific ideal length and circumference measurements displayed on page 40.  Are these basically accurate or not?
1691 September 25, 2004

i am 6.5 by 5.0 and my girl of three yrs only just told me that her first and only boyfriend before was a whopping 8.5 by at least 6.0. but somehow she claims that i grew since our first times and that i am quite sufficient. her first real orgasm came with me and she has been coming ever since. we've both been pretty honest with each other and she says that while a big one is visually stimulating, there are other drawbacks like the tears and scars and even the soreness involved. she loves all positions when we make love and she says that she caould not do that before. anyway guys, there are jelquing and stretching exercises which could be done and with a little help from natural products you could add an inch or two and that will make a huge difference.
1692 September 26, 2004

Full Spectrum Warrior:
Im Black, 6 foot 7 and 300 lbs.
I used to be very large at around 480 lbs because I gained weight for pro football.
My penis then was a mere 5 inches and I was unhappy about it. I started losing weight and by the time I was back to 325, my penis was a long solid 10 inches.
After losing another 25 lbs and working out, I maxed out at 11.5  X 4 inches thick.

I feel much better about myself when I look in the mirror and grip my hugeness and I doubt I'd ever go back to bigness. My women love me too which is the biggest factor. If you get certain women from other countries such as Asia, Penis size is on the back burner, in fact, many of them get excited with dicks bigger than 3 inches. In America, our media has our minds so screwed up that we feel that a dick smaller than 10 is useless.

 The truth is, anything larger than 5 is great in a woman's eyes and   the thicker the better.
Having more than 5 inches makes sex easier for the man and more enjoyable for the women as most of them enjoy being filled to the brim.
1693 September 26, 2004

This is for Suzanne..1603
I find you story very intriguing..do you mind sharing the details
1694 September 27, 2004

Hey Ed, Where do you fall in the scheme of all these numbers? Just curious...What are your measurements?
1695 September 27, 2004

Jacques Terlonge:
I have a small cock and I never get laid
1696 September 27, 2004

"milk and honey"

on friday of this past week I went home for lunch
knowing that my cleaning lady would be there...as
I entered the house she was nursing her baby her
blouse was wide open and I could see her breasts and
got and immediate hard on which she more than noticed
happening...she cupped her other breast and invited me
to lunch which I accepted with joy and lust in my heart...however the demands of my cock overcame my
my desire to suck  and I left her breast and got my cock out in front of her she loved seeing my nine inch engorged cock in that condition...while she was still nursing the little
boy I took her from behind...immediate savage sex...as she tenderly held and nursed the baby I pumped her with a passion I had never felt before
my nine incher was on fire and so was her vagina...she backed up to it like no woman I have ever been with
 and waited for my hot cum to spew into her
depths...I shot more of my sperm into her than I had
ever shot before it just kept coming and she had
and orgasam that shook her whold body for a couple of minutes...milk and honey at its finest...a man and
a woman and maybe another baby...my cock was sending
that message.
Thanks for your website

1697 September 27, 2004

This is to "T" the escort. As I said before, I have had a lot of "large" penises, never before have I seen or heard of a truthfully 11 inch penis. Reading this site has angered me a lot, both men lying about their penises (dont call your nine incher 11 inches) and men ridiculing me for my lifestyle. Every woman deserves amazing orgasms, every woman DESERVES a big Penis.
1698 September 28, 2004

Hi, I am a 22 year old female. I found your site while I was looking up sites to order Magnum condoms for my boyfriend. Everything you say is true! Women DO love large penises. I don't mean to be shallow but I am just not attracted to men with small penises. I feel kinda sorry for them but hey what can I do?! Guys who say penis size doesn't matter are jealous and they are only kidding themselves. Your site is very informed and poses a logical argument , thank you for the info....;)
1699 September 28, 2004

Just thinking:
You know I'll just bet that when a guy is masturbating he is not thinking about how tight his hand is around his member. I'm sure that what he is thinking about is the pleasure he is receiving from visual stimuli or his own imagination. Maybe he's thinking about a hot girl in a position he likes, or some deed that he is imagining might be performed on him. So, I say that girls are abosolutly the same way. Size falls into this same category of what the mind tells us.
In our sexual society a large penis falls into this visually pleasing stimulus for women. So I am sure that it is not feeling that turns a woman on so much as the thought of a large penis. I don't want to ramble so... girls keep a pair of bifocals with you and you will never be disappointed!! Something for all to ponder.
1700 September 29, 2004

inadequate stub:
Well of COURSE men are going to feel bad after looking at that chart. If this site intends to sell something, you didn't think they were gonna say your penis is perfect now did you?
Oh sure, they have a chart, then all the positive stuff, but like multiplication, even the teeniest negative can offest the positive.
Remember - almost no one has a perfect anything on their body. That is why people squander tons of money on plastic surgery.
My penis in far fromn ideal, but I have never had problems during sex.

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