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1601 August 24, 2004

Thank you for this incredibly honest site!!!

You hit the spot. I love the fact that you mention the penis size as part of a man's complete package, instead of a be-all, end-all.

My bf (though larger in the size department) thinks that I have "abnormal" sexual preferances b/c I openly talk about liking bigger penises, giving oral, and loving to get rough sex, but his previous lovers were all repressed. I also thought that my protruding labia was something that should be hidden, although I have fun playing with it all the time.

This website is empowering to women who are comfortable with their sexuality. Thanks again!
1602 August 24, 2004

A happier Jennifer /  Hi Pamela...:
Pamela...you couldn't be more right.  My boyfriend is about 5-6 in. with average thickness.  He can not make me cum with it.  He and i would get so frustrated with the whole issue that we finally just discussed it.  He loves me and i love him but it was so hard to resist a bigger man because i just love cumming during intercourse.  My ex was big.  I remembered getting so aroused just seeing it and i know for a fact that i could feel every inch so deep inside of me.  He could give me multiple orgasms.  Since my boyfriend and i had a long talk we came to an agreement.  To make a long story short i have a new lover as well as my boyfriend.  I know i can't believe it either.  I was always a one man kind of girl but i never ran into this problem.  So here i am with 2 lovers.  My boyfriend told me i am too sexy and i deserve to have my vaginal orgasms.  I couldn't believe he said it.  Sometimes i feel a little guilty and think maybe i shouldn't of ever said anything but he totally took control of the situation and i am glad he did.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail right now but i can truthfully say that a big cock has made all the difference in the world.  I don't walk around aggravated and frustrated any longer.  My new lover is so much bigger and is making me have the most incredible orgasms.  At first i was just being alone with him but now my boyfriend watches.  It turned me on so much to watch my boyfriends eyes the first time Mike (new lover) pulled out his cock.  I swear it looks twice as big as my boyfriends.  I can't believe that i am doing this but i can't imagine going back to just a small dick again.  I swear my relationship has gotten so much better and i don't get disappointed in my boyfriends dick anymore.  I find that i except him more now that Mike is around.  I think it is just due to being satisfied.  So what i am trying to say is that it should be okay for a woman to voice her opinion on this and if you are a girl who was in my situation you never know what will happen.  I could probably go on and on about my situation but i am sure you probably have heard enough.  I don't want to discourage you smaller men but as for me and 3 of my girlfriends we all agree that bigger men are more satisfying when all things are equal.  A funny thing about men with big cocks, is that they get away with a lot more and it is definitely harder to stay mad at them.  My new lover mike pissed me off just yesterday so i spent the night with just my boyfriend.  As soon as my boyfriend went to work this morning guess who i call...Mike...  He wasn't in my door for five minutes and i was sucking you know what.  I swear that thing is like a drug.  My boyfriend just doesn't get away with that shit.  So bigger men don't always make the best boyfriends but they sure make the best lovers.  Take care.
1603 August 24, 2004

I don understand why all u guys r so much worried abt penis size! Sex is Love making. Its an understanding between partners. The art that matters most. How u caress ur partner and how he/she reacts. Hulk like penis can be a tool for Mrs/miss elephants not for human females. I had a multiple sex partners before my marriage and all the time emotions worked out. No bedy complained with my 6". yes I had some confusions once that mine is smaller when I often explored the "Huge" section of porno images. but later found out all were camera tricks. It is also a psychological issue of many male upon which many stupid businesses like "Penis enlargement pills" ," Grow ur penis by 2-3 inch" sort of " genital enlargement pump" so and so are cheating people. Trust me guys these will only spoil money. Cos Medical Science donot support them. So whatever u have be happy with that as long as u can understand the psychology of ur partner. Good luck to all no matter what size u have.
1604 August 24, 2004

Happily confused:
Hello all, I am a black man with a 7 inch by 6 inch penis. I have always wanted a bigger penis because when I was younger I saw my first porno flick and felt inferior because the guy had a huge penis also when I was about seven at the public pool I was in the locker room and there was a guy there whose penis was down to his knees.  Needless to say after those experiences and growing up in my hometown where everyone seems to be ignorant some guys got left feeling less than a man.  When i became sexually active I still felt inferior so I practiced my techniques with older women( I never dated girls my age because they were too shallow). With my average cock I became adept at pleasing a woman. Never had complaints or backbiting (you know how women gossip.} As I got a little older I would talk with my partners about my insecurities and I always heard answers like it doesn't matter, or its the motion in the ocean, These things are true for some women but others are shallow. Women are more sensitive to touch so a skilled man can please a woman without even penetrating her. Now I am married and my wife and I have discussed the subject and she is older and has had her share of sex partners too, one guy she knew had a penis that was at least 15 inches and no girl in the neighborhood would sleep with him because he was too big, another guy she knew had a penis that was 6 inches long and as big around as a aerosol cleaner can, his was too wide and would not fit. and she said both of these guys were unattractive.  Still another guy she knew was attractive and all the girls wanted him but his penis was only 2 inches long smaller than my three year old son's.  the moral of these stories is the -irony- every man wants a big penis but how many women out there can actually take one all the way at 15 inches what would be the purpose in a penis that big. I have tried penis enlargement exercises and they do work thank GOD, I started out at 6 inches even and 5.5 in around, with my wife's blessings I pursued the exercise About three months in I noticed the growth up to 6.5 another three months and I was at seven inches and 6 inches around.  The only reason I stopped is a brief stint at the county jail. Exercising was no option there.  The best part was one night my wife and I were intimate and she asked what was different and she looked and gasped in amazement, she was excited because I actually had results even though she thought the whole thing ludicrous.  I felt like king of the world that night. So guys one question I pose is if you had a big cock how would you really feel if you could not have sex because it was too big, that defeats the whole purpose for having a large manhood.  And if you are average focus on pleasing the woman use your imagination, take her places she has never been before with just your touch or caress or your licks.
I learned how to please a woman thouroughly because I thought my penis was too small to really please a woman and I thank GOD that I no longer feel inferior because a real man can use all the senses to get the job done.  If you want more advice please respond to this letter. (chucky309@earthlink.net)
1605 August 24, 2004

I was around the corner from three girls talking about the penis size of their boyfriends. When women are together, they are quite honest with each other. They all were proud of their boyfriends size which by their discriptions were all hung well. I don't think women are being truthful for whatever the reasons when they say size isn't important. I lost a girlfriend to my roomate, in college, who was extremely well hung. He had her making noices I could only dream of making her do. Be honest women, sometimes the truth hurts.
1606 August 25, 2004

The man:
so, im guessing the moral of the story here is

guys need to stop trying to feel the need to please the female population so hard.

as for me ,im happy with my size and i will not give measurements to how big i am mostly because i have more respect for myself than most.
1607 August 25, 2004

Why are men still hung up on the size of there penise.Unless the last women you went to bed with was a slapper,she liked you.Did she ask you the size of your penise before she slept with you?did you tell her show her.Well then she slept with you becuse she liked the look of you,nothing to do with your penise size.So unless it was a one night stand and she went to bed with you a second time i thing she liked you evan if you thing you have a small dick.So try to treat her right,and your see no matter what size you have she will stay with you.The men with an above avarage size penise and who things thats makes him mr great and does not treat the women okay,will find he will be stuck with a lot of just one night stands if thats what you want good for him.The men with smaller penises treat the woman you are with okay and you will see there is more to life than sex.It does not all rest on sex a woman can buy themseles a dildo or vibrator if it means so much.Any man who would let his wife sleep with another man becuse he has a bigger penise does not love her or she does not love him if she sleeps with him.
1608 August 25, 2004

 Big is not always good:
Why do people go on about how good they feel becuse they have a penise of 8in or above i have one.Yes some women did love it,but others would not want to try it,becuse they said it was to big.Plus when giving me oral sex there jaws have hurt them after a while.So unless the women they are with has had a baby,some are to scared to try it.So all the people who write in saying they have a 8,9,10 or more penise,they cannot say in truth,it is always great.Plus having a 8.9.10in penise is no good unless you know what your doing,it does not make you a great lover.So do not get to big headed,you will make a fool of yourself,big is not always the best
1609 August 26, 2004

Little Below Average (ok, small dammit!):
Well first I just want to thank you for creating this site- I say it's always better to know than be ignorant forever, but man does the truth HURT!!! It's tough you know, because there's an instinctual desire for us guys to dominate (especially when it comes to women) and those of us who aren't well endowed have to suck it up and admit defeat. As I said above, I'd rather be well informed, but at the same time, I'm sorry to say that this site leaves me with an even lower sexual self-esteem. Maybe it is true that guys like me can be more emotionally and spiritually satisfying, but what guy cares about that? Call me shallow, but let me remind you that instincually, it's the woman's job to care about those things, while most guys' top natural priority is to spread their semen around to as many women as possible (aka, be a playa). Us smaller guys have been denied the ability to attract women in this way, and that sucks the big one (pardon the expression). As far as I'm concerned, the only way for us average/below average guys to win (and yes, winning is extremely important because when you win life is simply better) is to become non-sexual beings. After all, when you think about it, sex and the pursuit of sex doesn't accomplish much in the long run. Think of Jesus or Mozart or Einstein- were they driven by sex? I don't think so, and yet they are all responsible for some of mankind's greatest acheivements. One of the important things that seperates humans from animals is that we don't have to be slaves to our instincts- and you can bet that our natural curiosity is not driven by sex. Those of us who weren't made to be sexual beings (i.e. underequipped) should focus on the more important goals of furthering man's knowledge and avenues of expression. If fate is telling us "fuck you" when it comes to endwoment, we should say a big fat "FUCK YOU!!!" back (or DON'T FUCK YOU, ha) and make our place in life another way. Life may not be fair from the start, but we should damn well try to MAKE IT FAIR!!! After all, with overpopulation becoming such a huge problem, being asexual is probably the best thing we can do for the world right now. The hard part is, of course, becoming accustomed to the continued rejection of our primitive natural urges- I would even be willing to castrate myself if the ONLY result was a cancellation of my libido (I suspect I wouldn't appreciate the potential side effects of such a procedure though). Who knows, with the way video games are coming along, virtual reality sex is probably not far off (and in VR, we can all have ideal 9 inchers!). Well, at least for now, there'll always be porn and my faithful hand!!
1610 August 26, 2004

Heres some facts for you Ed:

1. penis size matter MUCH more to men than women
2. the average penis is below 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth
3. most (around 90%) of women cannot orgasm from vaginal penetration alone...(this is because the clitoris is actually an underdeveloped penis and is what triggers an orgasm)
4. most men exaggerate about their penis size--usually by 1 inch
5. porn stars exaggerate their penis sizes and the camera "adds" size
6. most women do not care about or are "grossed" out by semen
7. A penis over 6 inches in girth is extremely rare
8. A penis 8 inches or more in length is extremely rare
9.Any woman who posts on this site is probably a slut
10. most of the posts on this site are done by Ad companies or lying teenagers
11. hygiene, shape, appearance of penis is more important than size to most women
12. the great equalizer "myth" is valid in many cases
13. women often overestimate the length of their partners penis (trust me- from personal experience)
14. facial and body attractiveness are more important to most women than penis size
15. if you are hung but ugly-- that sucks
16. if you are small but attractive- ur ok
17. if you are ugly and small-- that sucks
18. if you are attractive and hung-- u are very rare
19. men make the penis issue worse for themselves by always bringing it up to women
20. penis size is not correlated to any other physical feature although bigger men TEND to have bigger phallusus
21. the author of this site has money-making as one of his/her motives for its creation
22. the author of this site has no compassion for his/her readers
1611 August 26, 2004

  the LIE'S:
First not all black men have bigger penises than white men.I have slept with a few black women in many countrys.And i have been called big by them,most black men are 6-7inchs in lengh.Most women dont realy thing if a man has only a small or average penise,thay should get rid of them sex,while inportant is not the most inportant thing in a marrage.Most women cannot handle a 8inc or above unless they have had a baby.So there are plenty of women out there who have not had a baby.How many women who have not had a baby do you thing could handle a 8inch or bigger penise,they may thing they can,but take it from someone who has a bigger than average penise they cannot.So you men with a less than 8inch penise get over it ,for gods sake.And you men with a 8inch or bigger penise stop the lieing,it does not make you better just lucky.
1612 August 26, 2004

am learning how to be a better man every day from
this site....thanks

when my girlfriend went back to her millionaire
lover....I started to tell her it was either him
or me, but did'nt.

I almost cut myself short...and then I remembered
to my amazement, that what a man is about is getting
his sperm into as many women as possible.

Every time she has sex with him, after it is over,
she comes running to me to satisfy her with my nine
incher...she cant let go of it an when she sees it
she justs lays down and opens up her legs...we had
been real careful about her her days and I used a
condom but not anymore I have just decided to get
my sperm in her every time she comes to me....and
she is not trying to protect herself at all...on
those days that she is the hottest sex is amazing
she wants all of it and wont let go of my dick
with her vajina,,,she starts to milk me with contractions and hip movements...I just get real
still and while she is doing her thing I can feel
my dick get bigger and bigger she usually cums
first while she is real active and that brings me
to the brink....and then I start to move on her
slowly and then I shoot my sperm while I am deep
in her...and remember that the man who is deepest and
nearest her cervix is the man whose sperm gets her
knocked up....it is a real man thing or at least that
is what you say on this website.
After coming in her 3 or 4 times I feel VERY male
and that is the way that I want to feel...like a
potent man doing what men are supposed to be doing
she can have all she wants...I love it when my cream
starts ozzing out  of her vagina after I have pulled my dick out of her...makes me hard all over again.
1613 August 26, 2004

how do most guys on this site hav such big dicks when XXL condoms are stretched out to the max at 8 x 6???  its all a sham!  avg penises are 5 inches and women think they are 6-7!
1614 August 27, 2004

"Well...it has been a while since I wrote anything in, to the site; let's face it, any reasonable remark just gets absorbed into the cum-stained fabric of paranoia which the editor has no doubt sought to create..
However....I will say to "Happy Jennifer" this much:  If you really feel that a dude has to have a bigger dick to be a better lover, then maybe you'd better get your huge cunt measured because it is a known fact that most women out there can accomodate a normal sized unit and do just fine with it..  If you cannot, then shack up with your new friend and put your current boyfriend out of his misery..  If I were him I already would have left you rather than split you w/ someone else, because in my book splitting a woman w/ someone else is equivalent to pimping;  at the very least, it is corroding his character to do so even if he does not see it..
Cut him loose, for crying out loud, and be the whore you are destined to be---and don't drag a well-meaning guy down with you!
Oh, and yes....this posting is of course for everyone out there who can see the point..
1615 August 28, 2004

I've been with severals men (15+), all different in size. Some  of them I found them small, others big. One day, I met a guy who was REALLY big (at least for me). he was very attractive and i have to agree to some comments here: it's like a drug. Once you've experimented a big cock, it's hard to come back to "reality". Anyway, with guy was in fact 8" x 6". never met a guy as big as him. that's why Im little suprised of all thoses comments exposing giant sizes....

Overall, bigger is better, on pure sexual relation. But on a SERIOUS relationship (where love is involved), like the one i have since 5 years now, penis size is not important and become a detail. He can make me come over and over just because I love him....and actually no-one could match that, whatever the size of their dick....
1616 August 29, 2004

Love your site, it's very informative, espcially the post by DMB on June 6, 2004. I know that the "ideal" state  your penis should be in while you jelq is to be
semi-erect; but does that mean your penis is halfway- limp or just shy of a full-blown erection? If this is a stupid question please forgive, and thanx for your reply.
1617 August 29, 2004

iwantexposure :
I am not gay but i am turned on by great looking females and males and yes, a big great looking cock is a turn on for me.  My cock is 7 inches long and almost 6 inches around.  All women I have been with (including 1 lesbian) have said that i have a gorgeous big cock.  I have pictures that i would love to show if anyone has an email address.
1618 August 30, 2004

i'd like to add that im 6 inches and i always wpnder to my self if i could satisfy a girl but you know i haven't had sex yet, and i always wonder what it would be like, and i was wondering if they're was any way someone could tel me how i could g4et a girl to have sex with me, anyone?
1619 August 31, 2004

Omg, what has the world come to?  Why do people give a flying fuck what size a dick is or how big tits are?  Ya, big ones are nice and all, small ones are small ones...but damn, this 'debate' is nothing more than a bunch of people who think nothing more than sex?  Get the damn orgasms over with and do something more productive with your lives.  We're humans, not rabbits.  Shit, all those people who think humans will erradicate themselves are right, not because of weapons, but because of stuck up fucking people who are so fucking picky they disgust me.  Kill-a-hoe.
1620 August 31, 2004

Hey Kintaro (post #1610)

Your facts and opinions are pretty good and mostly correct in my opinion.

Your statement about men claiming more than 7' of penis as lier is probably true. 

Likewise, you could have added a few more "truths"-- women who claim to be able to take more than 8" are probably exaggerating.

women who claim be able to handle 10" or more ARE liers.  The Vagina Instite (membership is about $30/year) has measurement of over 10,000 vaginas -- both unaroused and tented -- and only a small percentage are deeper than 8".

All you have to do is look at an anatomy chart of a female lower pelvis to realize that 12 inches of penetration would have to go through into the xtomach and lungs -- sound attarctive and pleasant?

You can forget about the Ed's average numbers and his "size queens"they do not exist on this planet.
1621 September 1, 2004

JENNIFER,I bet you have a large nasty hole.just remember....it works both ways.and that goes for all you big holed gals.
1622 September 1, 2004

Hmmm I have to say this site is very interesting indeed. IMO I think some of the stats on this site for penis size are not accurate, but I do agree that penis size matters to women. Of course it does like he said its natural selection. And Ill simply say it Im small, about 5.5x4.5 (and its a bitch to get condoms to fit right and if you cant get condoms to fit right then you know your too small or too big). Ive had a few girls laugh at me but I never reacted like a little pussy. I always called them fat or prayed on something they would be insecure about to simply say "hey bitch, you wanna fuck or not if not get the fuck out Ill find someone else". SEX IS FUN no matter what your size and women IMO enjoy sex PERIOD.  women who poke fun at you for being small simply get no fun with you. being small isnt the end of the world NOR is it the end of getting laid. Now even if you are small you can still make a women's night with you something to be remembered. Doesnt mean you were the best ever but you were the best at the moment and thats all that matters. if you are small like me then learn to use what you have to optimize pleasure NOT just for her but for both of you. if she leaves you for a bigger dick...well go find a tighter pussy I always say. Now you can sit there and bitch piss and moan about not getting any....OR you could go out and get rejected a few times until you find someone willing and get some. but the worst thing you could do is give up. The sad thing is you people do and I dont feel sorry for you one bit you pathetic peaces of human trash. you want to be WEAK then sit there and jerk off too some overhauled plastic bimbo sucking on a cock 3 times the size of yours OR get a normal looking woman to suck on your pee shooter and make you feel good. just be sure to return the favor. she will likely tell her friends that you're small but WHO CARES you got some. but she also might say that you did other things good and we all know women like other things too not just big dicks. Women are very complex creatures. and they will lie their asses off and tell you your penis is fine. You know what if you want to sit in bed next a hot babe and ask her.."do you think im small" and she says "size doesnt matter or some other BS like that" and in your mind you think "shes lieing to me to make me feel better oh what am I to do" LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING...instead of debating about if you can please her or not...I mean shit if she's naked in bed next to you and you sit there and whine how the fuck is she supposed to be turned on at all when she has to cradle you like some fucking helpless child.  Instead you could be fucking her brains out and enjoying the evening. cuz let me tell you something women, regaurdless of their size preferance, simply want SEX. even if it aint the best in the world they still want it so WTF is keeping you. They see a throbbing dick they want it regaurdless of size. granted they would probably go for a bigger one if it was available but how often is it available at the same time yours is?(by same time I mean like in the same room at the same time) unless you're into swinging or group sex and even then most women wouldnt leave you HARD and DRY. they would still please you. so get those 3 inch peckers hard and start poking some pussy, and stop staring at your 3 inch pecker wishing you had a pussy on it instead of you hand lubed up with a lugi you just hocked up looking at porn where other guys are getting laid and you are not.
1623 September 1, 2004

Ladies, what do you think of a 5.5" long, 4.5" around cock?
I heard one ex-girlfriend tell he friend I was too small, but other women have seemed pleasantly surprised.  I wonder if they expect it to be small because I'm only 5'6" tall.
1624 September 1, 2004


....she keeps coming back to play creampie with me and
my nine incher after leaving her other man who
is less endowed....now she has me entering and pulling out of her with a mirrow so she can see
how swollen she is and how extended her clit is
and how we look when I start to enter her...right
at that time she really gets hot...and makes me
wait for just a second before I enter her so she
can see what we look like and then she pulls herself
open for me to put to put my hard cock in her
and then she begs me to nurse her tits hard...
and to put it in all of the way then she grabs it
with her vagina and sucks it like a baby on its
mother and then she cums and right after that I
cum with her telling me how great it is to have a
huge dick knocking up against her womb.. and then when
Im done she starts to watch as I pull out so she
can watch my semen start to drip out of her...sex
at its best...she plays with my cum whith her fingers
and rubs it on my dick....and pulls me back to her
again.....I will take all of that kind of cream pie
that I can get.

1625 September 1, 2004

I just read a story about a few rock and rollers who have big cocks, and I can verify one name, who I saw at the Chacago Airport taken a leak. There were four guys lined up all trying not to look at Lou Christie with his dick hanging out, Amazingly large,fat,circumcized , He shook that think and stuffed it back in his pants and walked out with all of us standing there STUNDED, Everyone noticed it and I broke the ice and with a few comments. Lucky Guy!! Everyone agreed.
1626 September 1, 2004

Average Shmoe:
I just want to throw my experiences out there for the "small" men, and make a few points, because I know what it feels like to worry about penis size.

1. I would estimate that the average size is probably closer to 5" than 7."  Unlike practically all of the males who make comments here claiming to be at least 7" (yeah, right) and then saying "i'm not bragging," here is some refreshing honesty for you. I am 5.5 long and 5" around, (measured the CORRECT way). I don't want to go into detail, but I have worked in a job for many years that has required me to see hundreds of men's penises. The VAST MAJORITY of the penises I saw were of no noticable size difference than mine (and I am only about 3-4" flaccid). I'd estimate that only about 20%were noticably bigger or smaller than mine, and I can probably count on one hand how many were what I would consider "huge" or "tiny". By the way, for all you people out there who are bent on "average size," you should rethink what that really means. There is a big difference between mean (average) and median. Theoretically speaking, the average size may be 6" but that does not necessarily mean that 50% of men are larger than 6". That would be median size, which is not usually cited in studies of penis size. My point is that people put all this emphasis on 6" average, when it is really not a very meaningful number.

2. Large penises are not required for earth-shattering orgasms. I have worried about penis size in the past--enough that I was depressed about it. I am now convinced that this site is part of a larger conspiracy to get men to spend all of their money on enlargement products (that don't work, by the way). When I stopped to think about why I was worried, I realized that it wasn't because of past sexual experiences, it was only because of things I've heard or read. I have slept with 7 women and "done things" with probably twice that many. Some were one-nighters, some long-term relationships. I have NEVER received a single negative comment about my penis. On the contrary, I've received compliments on my technique from most of them, and on my size by a couple of them. A large penis is NOT necessary to give huge orgasms, or multiple orgasms; I have done both, (and I'm not talking about manual or oral, I'm talking about straight penetrative sex). The difference is called FOREPLAY and ATTITUDE. If us guys spent as much time learning how to turn women on as we did worrying about size, women would be groveling at our feet to get some more of our lovin'. As further 'proof,' I have been dating my current lover for about six months. She is the loosest feeling woman I have ever been with (and no, she is not a slut, she is just naturally a little larger down there). The first couple times we had sex I was worried that I wasn't satisfying her. So I spent time learning how to be a truly excellent lover and giving her lots of attention. Well now she orgasms VIRTUALLY EVERY TIME we have sex, usually multiple times, and almost always more than me. It is not uncommon for her fingers, toes, and occasionally her whole body to go numb, and for her to become flushed and very hot and unable to move for a couple of minutes after sex. She has told me that I am the best lover she has ever had, hands down, and that I always make her feel "amazing."

To reiterate: 1. Don't believe all the bullshit about all the giant penises out there and the lusty dickhounds that can't have anything less than 10" (because they won't be having any sex if that's the case).  2. Don't believe that you can't give a woman INTENSE intercourse pleasure if you don't have a massive member, because I am living proof that a tiny, sad, pathetic little "grade D" penis can send a woman with a larger than average box into a total body-numbing orgasm and have her literally BEG for sex--and there is no reason in the world that you can't either.
1627 September 2, 2004

Oh come on put it in me!!!  What do you mean I've been inside you for Ten Minutes!!!:
If you're like me, you've got a five inch cock.  Oops.  Just face it guys, you are inadequate if you're below 6.5 inches.  No women will ever want you, but that doesn't mean you can't have sex.  Oh no.  There are plenty of desperate women out there, and some are even somewhat attractive. Just realize that you can never form lasting relationships with women.  Society blames men for failed monogamy, when in reality it is most likely the woman's fault.  The only people interested in monogamy are people like me, small-dicked guys, and unattractive girls.  Why is it big-dicked guys and attractive women don't want to be with just one person??? . . . . because they CAN!!! Spiritual people might also want a long term thing and not care about dick size, but one true thing Eddie mentions is that these "spiritual" ladies probably don't care about sex in the first place, so fuck them! (or not I guess) 
    So if you've got a small dick it is IMPORTANT that you do certain things. (1) NEVER EVER EVER get married unless you are prepared to have a wife that WILL DEFINITELY cheat on you, no matter what she says, (2) please don't have children; not for your sake, but for the childrens' sakes.  Do you really want to spread the small-dick gene to another generation?  Do you want to knowingly bring a male child into this world who is destined to be a reproductive and evolutionary failure?  I want to have kids, but I will fight with all my power never to have them; why?, because I couldn't bring a child into this world to suffer as I have (sexually speaking of course).  I hope that I never have a son (having a daughter wouldn't be bad though, because I would transmit the small-dick gene to her which would translate to her having a tight pussy which would offer her an enjoyable sex life). (3) When (or if) you do have sex, do not expect to please a woman. No matter what she says she is not pleased by you.  Wanna be sure?  Do some spying or have a friend spy, and you'll discover what your partners REALLY thought of you. (4) Please don't turn to religion.  Having false faith may help you sleep at night, but is it really worth it to live a lie?  If there is a God, then he created you as a lower-order human male and there's nothing you can do about it.  But the evidence seems to suggest there may not be a omnipotent god, but that's another debate. . . (5) DO NOT RESPECT WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!  If they don't respect you, then don't respect them. But if you run into the very rare women who is not a sizequeen and a hypocritical bitch, then you should give them the respect they deserve. (I know only one such girl.) If the Christian rule "treat others as you want to be treated" is true; then I assume when women belittle small dick guys, then that means they too wish to be belittled and hurt.  LET THEM TASTE THEIR OWN MEDICINE!  Hit them where it hurts; never with your fists; point out their imperfections like their fatness or smelliness
or stupidity. You may not cut it in the sexual department, but surely if you're a man you have other talents.
      Wow if you've read this far you must be as bored as I am, or you can't sleep.  For you BIG DICK guys, you got lucky, and chances are you know it.  You have absolute power over almost all women. After all you've got something they want and we little guys don't.  If you're big I am extremely jealous, but at the same time I understand that that's life.  For every success there are failures; this is the necessary equilibrium or balance that exists in nature.
   Just don't expect me to have a good attitude about it.  What if I cut 3 inches off your dick and made you as small as me?  You think you'd be able to take it?  Probably not.  Of course I must accept it for it is my life, but I will never let go of the anger and bitterness I feel.  And neither should any other small guys.  I'm not saying to be an asshole about it (as this comment depicts me to be), but don't fake satisfaction with your penis if you truly think you're small. 
     Every small guy should follow the 5 points I mentioned earlier.  It doesn't matter if you're a billionaire, bodybuilder, or a rocket scientist: if you don't have the dick, you can't keep the chick!!!

        your friend in time,
                            Doctor Browne
1628 September 2, 2004

 i used to think it was ok, until i was alone with a woman in a room and when she saw it she started laughing and said it was the smallest one she had ever seen and went out the room.
Whenever i get out of the sea my swimsuit sticks on me and i see girls, even teenagers pointing and laughing.
1629 September 2, 2004

G- Dog:
You girls are freaks.  Now thats whats up.  I should make a site "How long is a Womens Vagina." As far as the penis thing goes.  I like the size of mine.  Light up my email If you like 12+ inches. (Christo628@yahoo.com)
1630 September 2, 2004

i was at this party the other day and we were all sittin around the pool and i noticed this hot girl staring at me. she went inside and to the bathroom i went in as soon as she did. immediately i pulled my cock out my pants and she got on her knees and started licking it. i got a semi and hit her in the face with it. she loved it. i pushed my dick deep in her wet pussy and sucked on her nipples through her bikini. i was about to cum and i pushed it deeper. i felt cum ooze out of my dick and i pulled it out. she couldn't get over it. it was her first time. now we bone all the time.
1631 September 2, 2004

i think size is important in extreme cases.for example i don't think a woman would want to have sex with a guy with a 1 inch penis,or would they want to have sex with a guy with a 20 inch penis.size matters of course but only in these cases
1632 September 3, 2004

Response to Post #1602 A happier Jennifer

Your boyfriend's either a fucking pussy or he doesn't really care about you.  No guy would want to see his girlfriend get screwed by someone else unless he just cared about her for sex and fun and didn't truly love her.  You yourself are a fucking worthless whore.  It's one thing to be a shallow low life and leave a guy with a reasonably sized dick for one with a huge one.  But, it's downright skanky and trashy to stay with him and fuck someone else simultaneously.  How the fuck could you do that?  I could understand if no one had any feelings for anyone else and it was just fun sex, but this is someone you care about!  If I were your boyfriend I'd cut this guys dick off and tell him to fuck himself with it!  I hope you catch some disease that your 'well-endowed' friend picks up from one of the hundred other women he is most definitely fucking besides you.  I can't bring myself to understand this.  You love one guy, but still enjoy fucking another.  You don't feel like shit about it?  It seems all you need and care about is a large cock.  Why then don't you and your boyfriend just go out and buy a small horse so you can fuck it?  A cocks a cock, right, I mean it seems that's all you see?  You can fuck the horse anytime you want, it'll be bigger than your big dick lover, and you won't be cheating on your boyfriend.  To all the women out there (excluding the bi-sexual ones), if I were your boyfriend and we loved each other, would you let me fuck another girl with porn star features because I told you she turned me on a lot more than you!  I can just imagine what kind of harsh comments and words you would have for me.  Jennifer, now imagine your boyfriend in the reversed role I just described.  He'd be a careless, worthless, scumbag to do that if he really cared about you even if you agreed to permit it.  So, how do you think you appear?
1633 September 3, 2004

To be clear up front, I guess I fall in the "average" range: just a little over 6" in length, and a little over 5" in circumference.  I found this to be an enlightening site, however I remain somewhat skeptical on certain points.

Having a Master's degree myself, I always look for solid research, which leaves me with a question or two for the author.

First, whereas there are some scientific studies cited (i.e. re: female promiscuity), there are a lot of facts & figures presented in your document that are not referenced.  Where is this information coming from?  I don't necessarily disagree with it (although I'll admit I wish some of it were not so!), however I would like to look deeper at your source material to see what it has to say.

Is there a bibliography of materials you used that we can look at?  Much of your information SEEMS sensible and intuitive, however I would like to look at where it came from.

Can you help?


Comment from ED:

There is quite some exaggeration used on this site (like the "facts" page for instance.) Much of the information comes from interpreting other info and discussions all over the web. Also, please read this page for more explanations.

1634 September 3, 2004

of course women like it big:
i have slept with big men small men average men.I would not put the man that was small down,he knew he was small,so he tried so much more.Some men who thing they are so big are not average at best.the man who was well hung,was the best not becuse he was well hung but becuse,he never acted like he was.Size does matter but if your only 5 or 6 inc get over it,there is nothing you can do.Men what ever size should respect there women,and please be clean.My man who is well hung is clean well manered,knows how to please me.Yes size does matter,but sex is not the only thingthat makes a good marrage
1635 September 4, 2004

 Go to any porn site that has large lists of free   mpegs from A to Z--what ever your preference..

  How strange that if you click on "orgasms".....
 of the "orgasmic" mpegs are of women having
 sex with men....!!! LOL----!  they are all of
 women fingering themselves or on machines.

 Quite enlightening, dont you think fellas???
1636 September 6, 2004

Dick (really):
I guess mine is very large, though never thought of it that way. I'm 6 1/2 and thick. women have told me that thickness is nicer than length. more important is how it looks -- color, texture, and the package, balls, hair, legs. Preferences with it: i admit i'm very oral, like to be slow sucked, deep if possible. Some women like to "deepthroat," i.e. take the penis past their mouths. i like for her to take and swallow my cum and to give it back for me to swallow (i like the taste of mine and swallow it when i masturbate). i love for women to love it, fondle it, but like them to offer me their vulvas too (which i love to suck on whole, not just nibble at labia and clit). i guess you can say my Cock and Me are very hung up on themselves, though. I'm well hung, and proud of it, and am suspicious of women who say they don't think size is important.
1637 September 6, 2004

Even though being large myself (9 and a half inches, by 6.25 around), I do notice that almost everyone has to exaggerate their size...even those that wish to be honest about their penis size and are proud about it, have to add an inch just to compensate for the automatic substraction people do, assuming that size is being exaggerated.
so, hopefully, more guys can take a cue from me, and feel free to give their real size, whether large, small, or inbetween
1638 September 6, 2004

average fellow:
I have a theory. I think circumcision may be the problem in alot of ways. Think about it, what would that extra skin gliding in even the most wide of holes feel like compared to a cut penis. I dunno let me know what you guys and gals think. It could make all the difference. sigh.
1639 September 7, 2004

I recently found out that my girlfrinds other boyfriend had her go on the pill...that explains why she has been so free and not concerned about my
cuming in her...what is so great about this site is
that I have gotten enough information to know that
I dont have to be the only guy that is cuming in her and that it really doesnt matter to me...what I do know is that she loves my nine inch dick and is satisfied by it more than she is satisfied by the
other guy who she lets fuck her because he has money
and she likes the lifestyle that goes with it...he
has 5 inch dick and as soon after he has come in her
she wants to get with me and does...sex is great
she comes to me with his cum still in her...the first
few times this happened I felt like a dog getting my
turn at a bitch in heat....now I feel like a man
who can fill and stretch her and get deeper in her
and that is what she wants...she lets me know that in
every way....every action....every sexual movement...
that causes my two tabelspoons of cum to shoot hot and
heavy in her right up against her cervix....she sucks
on it until the last drop is in her...and then I pull
out...and lately at this point she starts to cry....
Perhaps is there was a third guy in the mix sex might
be even better....maybe I am just a dog...but a satisfied one.
1640 September 7, 2004

Another thing!  From what I have pooled from my various female friends.  There are only a few guys who can actually make love and fuck like a champion so here's the lo-down.

Small cock + Don't know how to fuck = Ok sex

Average cock + Don't know how to fuck = Ok sex

Big cock + Don't know how to fuck = Ok sex but pain for a week.

Small cock + Do know how to fuck = great sex

Average cock + Do know how to fuck = great sex (maybe even better)

Big cock + Do know how to fuck = great sex (maybe even better than the average and small cocks!)

But in all honesty... how many people out there really DO know how to do it like a champion!!  And more importantly (related to this debate anyway), how many guys with big dicks (as in the MUCH larger than average ones in the world - anything 8 inches and above with more than 6 cicumference) no how to fuck?

According to my many girlfriends... finding even an average guy that can make them feel heaven = VERY HARD!

A big dick maybe better, just maybe... but learning how do it is the most important part!  Big dicks are a bonus!  (As not many guys have them - and the majority of guys really don't know how to get it on!)

i'm out!
1641 September 8, 2004

Derrick: my girl friend of 5 years has large labia minora. first thing i noticed when we made love was how they hung down. her outer lips seem normal. first of all i was excited. after we fucked and later i asked her if there was a problem. "with your penis?" "no, with yr...uh.." "big lips?" "i love my lips...they cling to yr cock, didn't you feel it?" Oral sex is fantastic with big pussy lips. i suck the whole vulva into my mouth and her labia minora fill my mouth. i even sort of swallow them, the way she swallows my cock, or takes it deep as she can. when i eat her when she sits over my face, afte we've made love, my cum drips into my mouth and face with her cum. a great pleasure.
 oh, yeh, cock size. i'm 7" and pretty thick (2" around at base). she likes the thickness more than my length, but she likes to look at my penis bulk, long and wide, even when not erect. she says it used to scare her to watch my hardon pulsating but she likes it inside her and in her mouth and throat.
1642 September 8, 2004

Doctor XxX:
exercises for enlarge your penis

if you get worry you will get a wrinkle so.. why not smile and get a dimple ..:)
here's some exercises for enlarge you penis (its really works)
 Before you get started with any penis enlargement routine you must warm up first!!
Always Use A Heat Warm Up First

Important! Start each session by applying heat to your penis for at least five minutes. Using a cloth soaked in hot water or a microwave heating pad work well.

You should repeat applying heat every 10 to 15 minutes during your enlargement workout. This will relax the tissues in your penis and increase blood flow. The heat is very important and will help speed up your gains so don't skip it!

Also you should be in a warm room while working out or at least have a space heater to keep the area warm. (applying heat is one of the key steps to enlargement that will help you succeed in adding size to your penis!)


The Kegal is the secret for stronger erections!

The Kegal exercise is designed to work the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. Strengthening these muscles will help give you a stronger erection by forcing more blood into your penis and will be key in gaining mastery over ejaculatory control.

To locate the PC muscle is easy. While urinating, squeeze to cut off the flow of urine. You have just flexed your PC's! To find out what kind of shape your PC muscles are in try this: Achieve an erection. Now clamp down on your PC muscle as hard as you can. You should notice an immediate increase in penis size do to more blood being forced in the penile chambers. If you don't see this it's time to work those PC's!

How To Kegal:

You will exercise the PC muscles in two ways. A quick hard repeated flex that is only a second long or a long hard flex held for 30 seconds. Start with one set of 30 quick flexes followed by one set of a long flex. You should increase this every time you work out and eventually work up to about 500 short squeezes and between five and ten long squeezes three or four days a week.

You can perform these exercises just about anywhere even while driving your car but it may be easiest to combine with manual stretching and will be described further in that section. Work these muscles hard, as they are very important to developing sexual endurance later on.


The penis squeeze will EXPLODE your girth and bring your woman to orgasm!
For most women girth is more important than length for sexual satisfaction. That's because the first two inches of the vaginal tract contain the most nerve endings and a thick penis is required to stimulate this area. The penis squeeze technique increases girth for thicker erections!

The squeeze is a special exercise to increase girth. Within weeks of starting these you will start to notice a difference! To perform this exercise you need to achieve a full erection (there is no need for lubrication with this one).

a. Long Penis Squeeze Grasp your penis at the base with thumb and first finger as far into your body as possible. Kegal hard and then squeeze so that blood is forced up the shaft and your penis is fully engorged (the veins along your penis will be bulging and the head will actually look glossy when done correctly).

Hold this position for a count of 30. You can move your hand forward up to an inch to increase pressure while you count. After 30 seconds release your grip and shake out your penis for a few seconds. Then achieve another full erection and repeat.

During each squeeze you should contract your PC muscles to get the maximum force of blood. This exercise gives you maximum pressure to your penis so you must be careful. You want to force as much blood in as possible without doing damage.

Keep alert for any signs of pain or little red spots. The spots are tiny burst capillaries and are harmless just stop the exercise until they disappear (usually a couple of days). Then ease up on the pressure and start again slowly.

b. Short Penis Squeeze Grasp your penis at the base with thumb and first finger as far into your body as possible. kegal hard and then squeeze and milk up the penis shaft about an inch so that blood is forced up the shaft and your penis is fully engorged. Release and encircle your penis around the base again immediately, kegal hard and repeat. This should be performed like a short Jelqing move.

Rotate using both the long and short squeeze methods in each workout at first. Both are equally effective so if you find you prefer one method over go ahead and use it but switch to the other method once in a while for variety.


Penis stretching will increase your length for a more impressive looking penis!
You don't need surgery to lengthen the ligaments attaching the penis to the pubic bone. The following simple stretching exercises will help you achieve a longer penis without cutting and mutilating your penis!

a. Soft This exercise will help lengthen your penis and stretch the ligaments attaching penis to pubic bone. You should be about half erect for this exercise as a partially engorged penis is more pliable and easier to work.

Encircle your penis with thumb and first finger behind the head. Pull at a downward angle for a count of 30.
While pulling perform the PC quick flex exercise.
After the 30 count grab your penis at the base and shake quickly 20 or 30 times to relax it.
Repeat this sequence pulling to the right, left and then straight out. When pulling straight out perform the PC long flex instead of the short.
Repeat the sequence of pulls.
When first starting the amount of pulling pressure should be light. Increase pressure as you advance so that by the fifth week you are straining with exertion to get a good stretch (but not to the point of pain). A good way to get extra leverage as you advance is to sit in a chair and grab your penis with thumb and first finger. With the other three fingers grab the end of the chair and pull. Kegal hard while doing this exercise. You can get a great stretch this way!

- Advanced variation: Ligament massage. While you have your penis pulled straight out, use the thumb of your free hand to press down and out on the ligaments at the very base of your penis. Be very careful not to apply too much pressure and injure yourself.

This technique gives an incredible stretch to the ligaments that suspend the penis from the pubic bone. After a few weeks you can use this technique in the shower. The hot water will aid in achieving maximum stretching!

b. Hard The idea here is to directly stretch the ligaments attaching your penis to the pubic bone. First you must achieve a full erection. Grasp your penis around the shaft and push it down as far as possible. Next you want to pull it down with force and release for about twenty reps. This is a quick pull-release, pull-release type movement that is really a series of downward jerks. After twenty pulls apply a constant pulling force with no release in pressure for a count of 30. Release the pressure and shake your penis to release tension. Repeat this exercise to the left and right sides. You will need to regain an erection first. Remember to do your kegals with each stretch!


How to Jelq for increased penis size!
This exercise has been claimed as a "mystical Asian art" by some or "an ancient Arabic tradition handed down father to son" by others. Whatever the truth, you must do this exercise exactly right for it to work!

Jelq works by forcing more blood into the penile chambers than they would normally accept during an erection, and by stretching the penile tissues. Over time these tissues will expand to accommodate the larger volumes of blood.

When performed correctly this important exercise will work to increase both your length and width. You will also see an increase in vascularity and erection strength.

To perform Jelq, achieve an erection about 80% hard (it is important to have an almost but not quite full erection for this exercise). Having a partial erection during Jelq is the second key step to enlargement success. Your penis should be almost to erect size but still flexible.

Apply a generous amount of lubrication to your member (you can use hand lotion, baby oil, olive oil, whatever works best for you). Grasp the penis at its base with your thumb and first finger encircling it in an OK sign. Your hand position can be palm facing up from underneath the penis with the thumb over the top or hand over the top of the penis palm facing down with the thumb encircling under. Start with whichever is most comfortable to you. Push your hand towards the head of your penis applying enough pressure to force blood forward toward the head. Release and immediately repeat with your other hand.

Continue to switch hands as you perform the exercise. Each Jelq stroke should last about 3 seconds. This should be a slow, steady and powerful movement. You should be able to see your penis expanding to its limits as you push blood up the shaft. Don't worry about counting strokes you will be milking for the time periods described later. You will probably need to take short breaks while Jelqing to rest your hands or regain a partial erection.


Follow this penis exercise workout schedule for incredible results fast!
Here's the quick start plan to get you fast results! You can literally see results in 30 days! Just follow the schedule and be consistent with your workout. Don't forget to take accurate measurements before you start so you can measure your size increases!

Week 1: Stretches for 5 minutes, the squeeze for 5 minutes and Jelq for 10 min. You should be very gentle this first week and let your penis tissue adapt to the new stresses of the routine. Workout Mon/Wed/Fri.

Week 2: Stretches for 5 minutes, squeeze for 5 minutes and the Jelq for 15 minutes. Increase the pressure for all exercises. Remember if you feel pain you are applying too much force. Work in ligament massage during stretching. Workout Mon/Wed/Fri.

Week 3: Perform the soft stretch for 10 minutes, the squeeze for 10 minutes and the Jelq for 20 min. You should be applying maximum pressure to all exercises but be careful! There should be no pain at any time. Also if you see any tiny red dots appear on your penis decrease the force you are using. The spots are tiny burst capillaries that will go away but are signs to ease up. Work in ligament massage during stretching. Workout 4 to 5 days a week. You need off days to recoup.

Week 4: Perform the stretch for 15 minutes, the squeeze for 15 minutes and the Jelq for 30 min. Start off the stretch with the hard method for one or two rotations and then move to the soft method. Remember to Kegal! You should be going for maximum intensity with each workout. Work in ligament massage during stretching.

After the fourth week try working out Sun/Mon/Tue and Thu/Fri with Wed and Sat off. Or go five days straight with two days off (for example Mon-Fri on with the weekend off). You may be tempted to workout everyday but you need days off to recouperate.

High intensity short workouts with adequate rest will give you the most gains with the least amount of time out of your day. This is far more effective than low resistance type exercises that take up hours out of each day and years to show results if any. It is very important to keep using the heat applying methods described earlier to maximize gains and prevent injury!

           hope you will like it :)
                             your friend Doctor XxX

Comment from ED:

That's some great free information. Try it out guys! Just be careful not to overdo it. Stay pain-free!

1643 September 10, 2004

b/m below average vs. the 11 inch stud:
Periodically, I'll visit this site to read comments on penis size and what men believe women want (a mystery for the ages). Growing up I've always thought I had a small penis, some women confirmed it. I never wanted to undress in front of women knowing that my penis maybe smaller than their previous partner.

 Many times if I was hangin' out at bars/clubs looking for a good time I would get a little drunk (crushed) and would not care how I appeared in front of them. Until the next morning and we wake up and she sees my small dick. That shit feel humilating.

I've meet a girl in a bar (both drunk) and had sex with her; we begin to date. I don't recommend dating girls you meet drunk at a bar but to each their own. And through our relationship she informed me that she date a guy before me with a 11 inch dick. WOW!! How the fuck can I measure up. Fuck her 3 times? I knew she liked it because the positions mentioned having sex with him was exciting. With a long dick guys you can fuck any way you want. The greater the varity with a large dick the happier your girl will be.

She he had the best sex she ever encountered. That's some shit no guy wants to hear. Unfortunately when she meet this guy in college the next semester he transfered. A dissappointing time for her, she told me that they kept in contact through the summer until she return to school and then we meet.

You maybe wondering if I feel insecure about my 'girlfriend' with this monster stud. Hell yeah!! Their is no way that I can compete but,if she still let you have sex with her take full advantage. Because if you allow her to go without, she will find that stud who will give her more dick than your ass would.
1644 September 10, 2004

This is in response to all those that would say that "small" women like small dicks. I am currently a lingerie model, I am 27 and I am 5'3 and am very slender. I recently recieved D cup breasts but before that I was a small B. I am BY NO MEANS a large woman in any respect, yet, there is nothing I love more sexually than being impaled by a giant penis. There is something about it that makes you feel so submissive and feminine.
I am currently married to a much older man. I love him dearly but he does not have the size I crave. I emphasize that he is a very dear man and is very good to me but there are certain physical desires that must be satisfied. I cheat on him regularly but only for physical pleasure, it is nothing against him. Recently he caught me with a lover. Too my surprise he has embraced this need of mine. He recently sent me on a cruise with one lover. I still satisfy him sexually and I feel sexually satisfied and we love eachother. It is a lifestyle I think more less endowed men should accept.
1645 September 10, 2004

 After reading much of the penis size debate I must say I feel like I am from another planet. If the numbers shown on the ideal chart are accurate, then I am in trouble.
 At a small 6.25 X 5.3 inches with a boomerang curve north it seems I haven't a chance of truly pleasing another woman. This fear was facilitated by the comments of the last girl I was with. She told me she enjoyed my foreplay but the actual deed was very unmemorable. That was discouraging. It's sad to think that what you have isn't enough.
 Especially as much as I love women. I have always considered myself a slave to their pleasures. I can think of nothing more electrifying than being in the company of a woman who desires me. The five senses are so wonderful!
 In the end, if I can't come through with the goods, why sould I even try. I want my lover to feel as good as I do. My fear is that this can't happen with what I have.
 Big boat small mast!
1646 September 10, 2004

hello i just wanted to say i am 38 years old and my dick is 4.5 inches long and about 3 around ..i have never had a problem satifying woman at all and most come back for more..my wife loves it and i make her cum again and again,, she has had lots of huge cocks and says mine is better so i think it is all bullshit any man can satisfy a woman ,,i have saw my wife get huge cocks who could not make her cum .. she says smaller ones are harder andthat feels better,,
1647 September 11, 2004

Im a 21yr old black male and have a reeally small penis about 6"x2.5" my girl of two years says dat she is fine with it but dhe has only ever orgasmed thru fingering...yet shes only been 2 others....its tearing me apart being so small...i cant satify da woman i love....Not to mention da myth about us being bigger constantly over my head...life is not worth living when ur so small i need help or i might just not make it to 22............
1648 September 11, 2004

Ades Freeman:
To the site creator: You've done a good thing by directing a spotlight to an issue but I think you're not giving sexuality more dimension. After all, penis size is not the only factor in good sex and getting sex. Hygiene, romance, employment (not necessarily economic status), ambition, diligence, health. Although there are other wants where men may have no control, e.g.: social status, race and (the other immutable physiological attribute) height. Nonetheless, we have a right to want any of these things just as women do. Too much exploration in any single topic can create a bias. e.g. One that may study mathematics alone and ignore biology will adhere to the numbers over science and pure logic.

This is a message for the insecure: Just as the male gender varies in the size of his member, women vary in their prefences because they too vary physiologically. Now I'll give you a warning: Do not beat yourself up if you consider yourself to be less than or equal to the average (whatsoever that may truly be), I guarantee with high confidence that you'll find someone that loves you unconditionally. This is not quantum physics, gentlemen.

To the misogynistic one's: Never deviate from the fact that women are the reason for sexuality and even the very reason we exist. Furthermore, while it may be true that there are bad people, never call anyone a cunt. Doing so will lose you respect.

Thank you for your time.
1649 September 11, 2004

To Blondie:
    Don't get me wrong, but you are out of your fucking mind if you really think that a guy who is avg sized should just give up and surrender his wife/girlfr to someone who is bigger  (!)
The very fact that you would post such a proposition puts you firmly into a category of lowlife that is unmatched by most women..  But then, maybe that is what gets you off....being thought of as a whore..
Dudes, I hope you see through women like this early in the game and if you do catch one cheating on you...send her to the CLEANERS, in court, and emphatically NOT on a f*cking cruise trip..!
1650 September 12, 2004

[post removed upon request by poster]

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