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1551 August 8, 2004

my boyfriend is about 8 inches long, I always thought he was very big, and the first couple of times we had sex it was fairly painful (and i was not a virgin). he says he's pennis feels like its getting bigger, and he's 21, i wonder if that's possible. I heard the average is 6, and i guess 8 is pretty big, but not freakeshly big. Though, i've been with him for over 10 months, and he still cant fuck me super hard or too deep, cause i'm naturally very tight.
1552 August 8, 2004

how many woman who made posts on here and say they love big cocks are trolls???????
1553 August 8, 2004

  I am 6 7/8 x 6 and I seem to get the job done.  I had a ex wich we were each others first who inevidbly cheated on me.  She had sex with a guy that was maybe 9 long and thicker than me, but after the break up she never quit coming back to me for more.  I also had a friend that is 9 or larger and his girlfriend had a threesome with me and another guy friend of mine.  She is still with her boyfriend he doesnt know, but she still comes back to me for more.  So is size really all that important why would they want me if they had a man hung like a horse.
1554 August 9, 2004

Do girls actually care more about the size of a boys penis, or his personality?
1555 August 9, 2004

Jason Carey:
Hey,its jason again. I just wanted to say I apologize if I offended anyone on this site that has a less than average penis. I certainly did not try to make anyone feel bad by what I was saying earlier. Many apologies.
1556 August 9, 2004

my Pic-Link # 1503
You can see my penis-size-pic under # 1503.
Let me know what do you really think about this penis-size.
All comments welcome.
1557 August 9, 2004

great site

9 is fine for me and mine.  My girlfriend went of
with her x millionaire boyfriend who wants to make
up and give her everything that she wants.  She was
gone for 2 days and then she was back grabbing vor
my cock and unzipping my pants like only the starving
can do when she got it out she started kissing and
holding it and putting her mouth on my head and then
as she was fondling my cock she told me that what she
had gone thru with him sas horrible for her.  He couldnt get her vagaina to open and finally he forced
her and thought that she just had'nt had sex in a long
time and after he got off he told her that he would be
patient with her and all that jazz by the time she got
her clothes off, and mine she was so wet she was dripping and wide open and got in my lap and slipped
my cock in before it was totally hard and then she just kept hugging and kissing me and moving on m;y cock unti she could feel it getting big and hard in her and then she started to calm down and then she
started squeezing it with her vagina and milking it
and asking for my mans milk in her and when I started moving in her she grabbed at my balls and held on to then and when I shot my sperm in her she started laughing and crying and started to move on me until
I got hard again and filled her with cum she was happy
to be on my nine incher and satisfied...will fill in the dots later.
1558 August 9, 2004

This Website is good, but it also advertises for penis-related companies. Information might also reflect. 40% reliable.
1559 August 9, 2004

Ive read alot about Lou Christi and his big cock. Ive also read he used to go with Diana Ross ,  Maybe thats why she had such a great mouth that streched across her face and looked like she just sucked a monster dick,  I love those stories about Rock and Rollers , keep them cumming.
1560 August 10, 2004

happy but:
why do men and women give a crap about the size of penises.before you thing i must have a small penise i dont i have a 8.5incx6.5 penise.But the men who have a small penise and there wife or grilfriend ,buy a dildo or vibrator.My wife went with a man who had a small penise before me but she loved him,and would never thing to put him down.If you do have a small penise then treat you other better she wont leave you.There must be a few men out there who have a penise like me it does not make you any better,a better man.And i have slept with a few black women so i know black men do not all have big dicks,and its the width not lengh that will do it for a women.So men with small dicks get over it and black men you do not all have bigger penises than white men.Men who are like me 8.5x6.5inc it does not make you a better man
1561 August 10, 2004

Follow -on to Marc's comments (#1510)

I agree completely women have had a "free ride" on this gentialia size issue since primates evolved. 

Men have forever had to endure and contend with external genital -- the penis.  It has been the subject of endless physical and verbal insults, derison, jokes, ridicule, etc.  This web site is a good example of that abuse.

In contrast women have been afforded the luxury of a vagina -- an organ that is out of sight -- secret and taboo to even discuss in mixed company.

I remember a college party many years ago -- most of us were drunk or nearly so anyway and one of the women started a battle of the sexes "discussion/argument that rambled from topic to topic mostly light-hearted stuff -- suddenly she shouted something to the effect that wouldn't it would be fun to measure all the mens penises so the women could decide who the real men were.

There was some general laughter mostly by women -- I seem to recall that even some of the males were even stupid enough to laugh about it. 

So I said, "OK I'll be first -- if I get to put a measuring stick in your vagina afterward" 

Well instant silence!  Embarrassed silence actually.  One of the women said "in your dreams" and a couple of guys cheered and one yelled "Yeah let's everbody get sized up!"

Not anothe word from Ms. BIg-mouth.  She seemed to be ready to cry.  What a big bad boy I was to say "vagina"  -- but it was fine for her to yell "penis". 

Things got back to the party -- but the woman in question quickly left with a female friend.  Their evening was fun unitl the tables were turned.

Exactly the point Marc was making.

I agree with others who suggest that there is no need whatsoever for this site.

What we need is a web site devoted to vagina size.

Everyone knows down to the last thousanths of an inch the length of the human penis. It's been measued ad nausem. 

I hope you get you that web site on vagina size up and running soon.
1562 August 11, 2004

i have a 6inch penis and the ladies love it,but i can not stop cumming to fast and i mean fast sometimes.sometimes i just want to cum before i even  but it the wet spot.i need help,iam 32 and i have a premature ejackulating problem.
1563 August 11, 2004

I have a small penis and have tried not to let it bother me but it is growing increasing difficult in this day and age!!
My penis isn't worth measuring when soft, but (grows) to 4inches when erect, i always knew it was small, but until i found some old photo albums in the attic, i saw my wife with her friends at a male stripper night, and to see them handling these very large penises, really made me realise that hey if she wanted a big cock she wouldn't still be with me, so other men in my situation should realise that if you are happy in a relationship just live with it!!
1564 August 11, 2004

I am thoroughly impressed.  The comprehensiveness and persuasiveness of this site is not possible of overestimation.  I never thought I had a small penis...I'm 8 x 7 1/4 and have had plenty of women gasp and all that stuff... but I've never been satisfied unless I "knew" that I was the BIGGEST she had ever been with.  This site has made me feel much more comfortable with that, and its informational structre and approach are superb.  I have a J.D. and can detect bullshit by nature, so most conversation surrounding the topic is useless.  Thank you for taking the initative and the effort to thoughtfull address this issue and put many uncertainties to rest.
1565 August 11, 2004

Well first of all I'm a 53 year old man and was well blessed with 13". Thick as a beer can when fully hard.
As for the females sayin that only huge cocks are the best.... well thats bull shit . Let me tell ya from experience ... most females I've had raise hell when I try to let it all go in. Only females i've had all of it in were about 350 lb. in wieght. Smaller females had a tough time just excepting the head. As for me I wish there was a such thing as a penis reduction. I've been posing nude for art classes for some time now and most of the females talk about it's no way they would try that thing.
1566 August 11, 2004

Big Dick:
My dick is 8 1/2 inches! Beat that! I'm 22 and already am above average. At age 13 my dick was 5 inches! Anyone else have
1567 August 11, 2004

Ha ha. My dick is only 5.5 inches, but i still get hella pussy. I fuck the shit out of women with my little dick. Aim straight for the g-spot with my bell-head. I love my small cock and so do 95% of the women I fuck. And I've never even had to eat twat either. I steal big dick dude's girlfriends.
1568 August 12, 2004

I have to admit, it does feel very good and sexy to here the words, "you're so big" come out of a beautiful girl's mouth, but that's not what guys should be thinking about. Even though I have heard girls say that they love large penises, I don't care. I'm over that. My fellow men, just go out to a club, find the prettiest girl who you know is attracted to you, take her home, and fuck the hell out of her. After that orgasm, the last thing you should be thinking about is penis size. It's the same with breasts as well. I love large breasts. Looking at them, holding them. But that doesn't matter either. Because once you reach that orgasm, nothing else seems to matter. All of this bullshit talk about size is unecessary, lets keep it simple and not try to complicate things.
1569 August 12, 2004

awesome site. the bigger the lips the better for me. please tell me where i can get some more free pics. bigger is better
1570 August 12, 2004

What if its the womens fault for having too big a vagina. It seems all the pressure is now on men for having a poor endowment when in fact it could just be that women do not have as small vaginas as they use too...
1571 August 12, 2004

If the average size of a mans penis is not enough for a womans gratification, than how come the average size of a womens vagina supposedly isnt smaller to give her a really good amount of pleasure from the average joe.
1572 August 12, 2004

hey theguy if this penis enlargement thing does work post the link to the place in here
1573 August 13, 2004

honest Bob:
i have a 5 inch penis and i feel that it works for me.
It makes me feel good and it makes my girl feel good and thats all that matters. for all u big guys out there i bet ive gotten laid 10 times as many as you. Attitude is everything!  why let a small thing make such a big difference in your life.
1574 August 14, 2004

This site is totally misleading.  Yeah size matters-your right Ed. But this site exagerates not only the degree to which it matters, but how big is "big".  That ideal penis chart is a joke. It was constructed without any experimental evidence by a male author no less. Females don't know how to judge how big an erect penis is by looking at it.  The notion that bigger "cumshots" are desired by women is just as ridiculous. Maybe some prefer this but certainly not the majority.  Ask yourselves gentleman, how many women do you know that have asked for a cumshot on them?  I think Ed is either a greedy old man with his mind set on Ad space or a homosexual who himself fantasizes about bigger penis. The sites main goal should be to establish just how big the average penis really is and how much variation there really is out there.  Most studies (Kinsey, online, etc) have been done improperly without proper monitoring. In addition, other more accurate ones such as the Durex condom survey in which nurses measured each subject may be void if one takes into account the possiblity that only those comfortable with their penis size would agree to have women measure it for them...

do some better research Ed and maybe intelligent people can take your site seriously because this is an interesting topic
1575 August 16, 2004

alright, here's my my deal.  I am a tad under 6 inches, about 5.9 or so, and I dont have much girth.  Thing is I never really thought about my penis length at all until I started seeing my girlfriend whom I dated for a year and a half.  The sex between us was always good and she was a girl who had vaginal orgasms quite easily, so I was pretty much always able to make her come.  I do however have performance anxiety that stem from my being a bit neurotic.  She however did not make it better because she would get mad when i couldnt keep it up, which is understandable, but she would say things about how she would fake her orgasms or she would say offhand comments in the heat of an argument about how "If I had anything down there, then there wouldnt be a problem".  Now I dont truly believe those things that she would say to me, I'm sure that she did fake it some of the times, but not all of the times or even most of the times, and I dont think my penis was too small to give her pleasure.  But like I said I am a bit nuerotic and now after we split up I find myself fixated on whether or not the guys she has sex with now are much larger that I am, or if the sex is better.  I found out she had sex last night with a black man and she said he wasnt much longer than me but that his penis was somewhat fatter.  My thoughts are that a penis which is significantly under 5 inches is definetly going to be less pleasurable to a woman but that us average guys are not that bad off...yeah it would be great to be large, if i could make my penis any size overnight I would make it about 7.5 inches long and not as skinny, but thats not going to happen so why beat ourselves up about it?  My message to the ladies is this:  Don't tell a guy he's too small even if your only doing it out of spite, it can really fuck with a guys mind if hes prone to obessessing about things like I am.  I've spent the last 11 months or so thinking about this subject, worrying about it, sonsidering it, letting myself feel inadequate, and I still do sometimes, I can't help it, yet at the same time I rationally realize that it is STUPID!!  Average is not bad.  My message to the guys is this:  If your in a relationship or you have a sexual partner who is a mean spiteful bitch, dump her ass no matter how much you think no one else will want you.  You have to think of yourself first and the bitch second or third or fourth depending on the situation, in most cases if your too small, hey that sucks but theres more to like than the size of your penis, and if your average, be happy with that because the only one who can make yourself happy in the end is you.
1576 August 16, 2004

vibrating swirly wanx:
who the fuck cares about ur penis goddamnit....
my penis... comes in a box... n it vibrates     beat that
1577 August 17, 2004

who the fuck cares about what women like best?
Sex is a two person thing people...
Yeah, sure you probably would like to fuck some stallion with a 8-10incher or whatever size you crave...

We would also like to fuck someone who had
A)larger breasts
B)little less padding on the waistline
  etc. etc.

 Bottom line is: GUYS! BE DUDES! Just go out and fuck your woman the best you can! If she's a bitch about sex then kick her ungrateful ass to the curb! Who cares?! Stop wasting your lives with pointless and trite info like this!

 Honestly, what is going to be done positive after men read this message?

 A)Guy with normal dick feels average
 B)Guy with small dick feels like shit
 C)Guy with big dick feels great

 All read this and....Now what? NOTHING HAS CHANGED!
 You are what you are dudes...now get the most out of life!
1578 August 17, 2004

 happy  with size but who cares?:
Why do women thing if a man has big feet or big hands he will have a big dick?.Also if they see a bulge in a mans jeans,when he is just walking down the street he also will have a big dick.Do women realy care if they will go out with a man becuse he has got a big dick,they are not the type who you would realy want to be with.Its like women a man will see a good looking woman and stright away they thing she must be good in bed,well maybe some are but some are crap.People should get over the size of there penise,it means nothing,its how you treat a women that counts.Dont thing i have a small penise,becuse i say that.I have a bigger than average one,but that means nothing.
1579 August 17, 2004

 i had sex with this dude with the puny cock i was like WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! ok maybe i didnt cum cos it was my first time. im 21 now and im sexually active and i must say ive never had an orgasm due to penetration cos most of these guys are too small. i like very rough sex and sometimes i feel like im coming but the dude always comes and breaks my concentration. all im saying is that if i dont feel the pain due to length i dont cum.SIZE MATTERS and something else matters that we dont talk about "durability" just yesterday i met this guy, he was hung like a moose, and we were gonna do the doggy anyways, i swear when he put his cock inside me after 3 thrusts he came! i was so pissed and he was like "at least im hung and i was able to get it up" tell me that dude dosent need help.thats why there is so much adultry going on cos we marry ppl we love not ppl whom our pussies love, guys guys pls if u can ask ur girl to get implants or put on make up then u need to go get a 10 inch dick forget 8 inch that sucks!.there is no need to feel insecure about it. go out and get u a dick, as far as im concerned, ur not a male if u have anything less than 8 inch, come on its about time we made fun of men who dont have big dicks
1580 August 18, 2004

I like big clits..how many of your ladies have big clits..
1581 August 18, 2004

who cares:
look if a women wants a big penise they can buy one in a shop,so men with a small penise get over it,work a bit harder.Anyway its not the length its the width that does it every time.mine do is 8.5x6.5inch and i have had a women say it was to big?but i dont try to brag about my size as i did nothing to get it this size,most  women like it some love it in bed but some will not evan try it,so you lot with an 6 or 5inch penise you are the lucky ones,you are nice an average,and you will not get turned down when they see the size,of your penise
1582 August 18, 2004

mr dick:
Hello, after reading your site it does cause me concern, My gf has had 3 previous partners to me, none of them small, one "massive" as she put it, yet I am the first person to give her a clitoral orgasm (besides from when she slept with a woman, once).

So.. look at it this way, her ex with the massive cock (looks like roccos she said) was great in bed, and she was happy with the sex she had with him, she was with him for 1 year, been with me for 10,  I am small 4-5" erect 2" across, And yes offcourse she would prefer my penis to be bigger, but I can still give her leg shaking orgasms anytime I want to, either using my tounge, or penis.

If a women states that you are useless unless you have a massive cock, then forget about the shallow slut.

We also use sex toys, I always buy the big ones, she prefers the 6-8" ones, vibrators, oils etc etc.

Sex is all about fun, lets enjoy it.
1583 August 18, 2004

 am i the only one help please:
 Am i the only one,when i have had sex with a women,they all tell me i was great but that they all felt me cum in them and that thay felt me swell up inside of them.My wife who was married before and has slept with a few men told me,she had never felt that with any other man.Other women have cried saying it felt so good and they never felt a man swell up in side of them like they have with me.When i have woren a condom it will always breaks as i am about to cum.I know by reading this site i am bigger than the aversge,why has no one ever talked about how there partner feels them swelling up inside of them.They have all said how great it is and how its the best feeling.But it only seems to feel like that when you take the wonen when she is on there knees.So i cannot be the only one so all these people who write in saying they are 8-9 10inch if you are why does your partner never tell you they feel you swelling up as you cum as i have been told its a great feeling.To break a condom which i have done the 5 times i have worn one,which is one of the reasons i try not to have to wear one.
1584 August 18, 2004

This is terrible. I'm going out with a wonderful guy in comparison to my ex. The problem is that he is not as good as my ex in bed. My ex was very good in bed, he could last hours and was very very big. I could cum again and again with him even if I was mad at him and was trying to prevent myself from orgasming in front of him.
My current boyfriend is truly adorable but he doesn't make me cum. As a matter of fact, I hardly feel him. His penis is on the average/small side and his stamina is ok. Was I spoiled with my ex? Did he stretch me so that I cannot accomodate smaller penises?
I'm really puzzled. I was almost considering going back with my ex just for the sex. what a shame!
Any advise, girls? Already been in a similar situation?
1585 August 18, 2004

I'm a 31 year old married man with an 8" X 6" penis.  My wife was only with 1 other partner but it was a long time ago and she was really young (15) so she doesn't remember his size.  We've always had problems with sex since she is very tight and often rips and bleeds during sex (she doesn't bleed alot, but it's still frustrating for both of us).  We recently had a baby and afterwards, sex was incredible since it didn't hurt at all since she was now stretched out... but now it's been almost 5 months since the baby was born and it's back to being "a little uncomfortable".  We have been together for over 10 years and you would think by now she would have been able to "accomodate" my size... especially after reading this website.
We've tried it all, plenty of foreplay and lots of lubricant...
The only thing that seems to alleviate her pain is having sex 2 times a day everyday and I used two fingers to stretch her out once a day as well (we did this when we were trying to get pregnant and the sex was great... no pain and no tearning).
My point is this... if I have an ideal penis size, why does sex have to be so much work?  If I don't stretch my wife out everyday and have sex all the time (hard to do with a newborn baby), it's painful for my wife and therefore I don't enjoy it because I know when she's in pain and when she's not.  Also, we have to be careful about positions as well.  I love having her on top because she controls how much she can take and it takes the burden off of me worrying whether or not I'm putting it in too far (however she doesn't like it on top because we can't give her any clitoral stimulation... and she cannot have an orgasm without it).  Also, when she's really in the mood, she takes all of it and I can feel it hit pretty hard against her cervix... almost a painful thing for both of us, but a big turn on to both of us.  We can't really do it doggy-style unless I'm very conscious about how far I'm putting it in... I can really hurt her cervix if I go too far (for the smaller guys, take note of this... you get much deeper penetration if you do it doggy-style).
So from what I've read in Men's Health Magazine, the average penis size (when measuring a random sample of people and the measuring was done by doctors/nurses) is a little over 5" and the average porn star is 8".  Obviously just about every porn star is above average and most of them are huge.  How can it be that for the average woman, an 8" penis is ideal?  Ask my wife what ideal is and she'll tell you 5" X 4.5" is just fine... although she might like 8" X 4.5" once in a while because she likes the deep penetration but good luck finding an 8" penis that's only 4.5" in circumference!
Also, for oral sex, my wife has incredible talents (she can put alot in her mouth), but how much can she constantly hold back her gag reflex and how much pain can she endure on her jaw before she hates to give me a blowjob.  She doesn't say she hates to give me a blowjob, but she has said for oral sex she'd like me to be more like the average 5+" guy.
For a married guy, unless your wife is really loose and has a mouth like Mick Jaggar, it's not necessarily a good thing to have a big schlong.
1586 August 18, 2004

big snicker:
I'm 22 straight and I had my share of "You're a big boy." I had women stared with their jaws open, some have cursed me out, some have ran of the room half naked.
I have heard the crap that no penis can be over ten inches long. Well, I am 14in*9in, 4 inches wide. I can get all the oral sex I want, but what I wouldn't give for some missionary.
Any advice? Since of my unique "talent", it is hard to find a woman who don't scream or faint. B.T.W. My jacking time is now are at three hour sessions. Help!?!
1587 August 18, 2004

in response to MIKE:

why did your girlfriend sleep with a guy who is twice as long and twice as thick as you?  now you're screwed because you don't compare at all...on the other hand he was PROBABLY a tad too big for what women prefer.  which leads me to my next point.  not to tease you horny girls in here but i have no other outlet for my pride.  i measured a couple days ago and was delighted and surprised that i'm over 8" by about 1/3" and close to 6 around.  dream on ladies! haha, this forum boosted my opinion of those stats because it's so close to that so-called perfect size above average, but not gargantuan.
1588 August 19, 2004

I agree that a big dick is good, but you need to consider some girls are scared or prefer smaller penises too. I mean what if they love stuff like anal a lot of girls dont want a huge dick in there ass and then some girls want big ones because they love oral sex and medium ones have a place too because thats what a girl wants sometimes in here pussy not some huge peice of meat.  Some women want big and some women are scared of big dicks and want smaller.  I have talked to many girls atleast 7 on this matter and they said they wouldn't care as long as you where average just as long as you where a good lover.  They would choose a good lover over a big dick any day.  If a girls loves you your penis size wont really matter either. Thats all I got to say....
1589 August 19, 2004

zach attack:
why is penis size such a big issue? true, guys like girls with tight pussies, but it's not something that causes as much stress and embarrassment as dudes with their dongs. fortunately, i am very well-endowed. i never realized this because it's hard to tell in a locker-room type situation. only since i became sexually active have i found out that most girls have never even seen a dick as big as mine. but it's not all fun and games. i have been told before that i am hurting them when i have sex. often they ask for me to stop fucking them because it's uncomfortable. i mean, a big dick is nice to have around, and i certainly wouldn't trade it for a lil one. but dicks, like all body parts come in different sizes and we should learn top get past the size isssue. recently i got a frenum piercing and the piercer was like, "damn! dude. you're one lucky bastard." and i guess i am.
1590 August 20, 2004

I can't believe men read this and believe this stuff!  I, as a woman, feel really bad that society has placed so much pressure upon men to think that the size of their penis is the main focus to women.  The so called women this site talks about are the kind that will feed insecurites in men just to feel better about themselves.  The truth is, a vagina is a muscle that expands to accomodate any penis size.  There may be more friction with more "girth" but as far as what pleases a woman...it's taking the time to ensure she has her orgasm first.  Bottom line, "It's not the size of the wand, it's the MAGIC, in it!"  It's true!  Another thing to consider...with Asian men (I've never been with one) it would only make sense for them to have a penis on the smaller end of the spectrum because Asian WOMEN are on the small end of the spectrum.  With Black men, I would only guess that Black women are more muscular all over.  Make sense??? It does to me!  So, for all you poor guys reading this and who are allowing yourselves to actually "buy into" this crap - don't worry, be happy!  Women worth being with will love you for you no matter what your penis size!  I can't believe some of these people that try to feed on others' insecurites...I would say they're the ones with the REAL insecurities...wouldn't you? 
I hope I've helped shed some light from a female's perspective...(I'm in my thirties now so I know a bit about this topic.)  Personality and Character and making a woman feel beautiful will far outweigh the shallowness of how big your penis is!  :~)
1591 August 20, 2004

There are so many flawed consepts on this site!  You are correct that women are mentally stimulated by the size of the penis.  However, every woman I've ever been with prefers thicker penises to longer ones.  Also, every woman I've ever been with say that men with big penises make lousy lovers, since they thing they only need to hammer her with his huge tool and she will be satisfied.  A penis much more than about 6.5 to 7 inches woman hurt a woman if the man isn't very, very careful.

My penis is of average size.  I'm six inches in length and 5 and 3/4 in girth.  Your site suggests that I can't really hope to satisfy a woman.  If this is true, why is it that when I penetrate a woman, she moans with pleasure and looses control almost immidately?  Why to the consistently tell me my cock is so big?  I've only been with one woman who's vagina I haven't filled and stretched.

What women tell me is more appealing than size is shape.  They do have a preference to a well shaped penis with a glans that is proportional to the shaft.

I know a lot of guys with really big members (> 7 in).  They wish they were MY size.  Why?

1.  A lot ow women will only have sex with them once, since their penises actually hurt them.

2.  They often cant get but part of their penis in her vagina.

3.  They have to have very gentle sex and can't really give it to her passionately.

4.  Men with really large penises don't have as powerful an orgasm and they tend not to be able to shoot their semen very far (women love to watch a man shoot hard).

5.  They find that as they get older they have a much more diffiicult time getting and mainatining a really hard erection.

If women all really want big penises, they must all be very frustrated, since the average penis size for American men is now 5.9 inches.  Penises about 7 inches are rather rare; penises above 8 inches are very rare.  If you are of average size, work on your technique and don't worry too much about size.

And hey, I like tight vaginias, but I don't reject a woman just because she isn't as tight as a teenager anymore.
1592 August 21, 2004

This site addresses the issue in an objective and quasi-scientific manner which is fair enough, but it is predominantly the male perspective and style.  Most women I know do not approach the issue in the same manner.

If you separate the sexual act from all other things then you may come to these conclusions.  However again, most women do not.  So you have a site with predominantly male comments.

One thing is for sure, if a woman loves you and you love her back and make love with her as opposed to putting on some performance that you may have learned, then the size of your penis is not important.

What a better world it would be if we men could also seek the fulfillment of love rather some series of medals for our fleeting sexual prowess.
1593 August 21, 2004

I am a black woman, and I have had my fair share of black male lovers,and also a couple of white ones, so I have an opinion on this subject.
Yes, there are some really big black penises, but I have also had the good fortune to encounter some very well endowed white penises as well. What I learned is that, yes, a large penis CAN feel good, but so can an average or even less than average size penis if the man knows how to satisfy a woman. If the man does not know how to satisfy a woman, then it doesn't really matter what size he is!
1594 August 21, 2004

I was married for 20 years to a man that was around 6" inches.  I was unable to orgasm with just intercourse and I always thought it was MY problem... as most women do seem to blame themselves about it. Until I was single again and had a lover who was 10" and thick.  I came with just intercourse the 2nd or 3rd time we were together.

If I had been asked if size matters 5 years ago I would have probably said no since I only came with clitoral anyway.  My ex and I used toys, vibrators, hands, oral, etc.  Doesn't mean it WASN'T good by any means.  Maybe that's the point that men don't get.  YES, size in intercourse matters BUT there are so many ways to cum.
1595 August 21, 2004

I'd like the so-called experts to prove it that a vagina only feels things in "the first one-third" or "the first 2 or 3 inches".  That is a bunch of bull.  Yes, the early sex researchers touched with a Q-tip type device and said it couldn't feel anything.  I, as a woman, can confirm that light touching is like touching a lip that has had novacain.  You can tell it's being touched but can't really FEEL it.  Other experts believe that this is a sort of protection from the excrutiating pain of childbirth if a woman was able to feel so keenly inside.

If someone reads about G-spot stimulation or orgasm (or tries it) it takes a firm and deep pressure.  I was very insulted when a male friend, not a lover, disagreed with ME that MY pleasure is greatest when the dick is at least 7" long because of that false "2 or 3 inches" theory.  I have a very slim, I couldn't fit two slim fingers in its hollow base, dildo that is 8" long and I know from experience that I could have a vibrator on clit and it's just not doing anything because I need that deep caressing.  I could put a finger inside and it's not much better but use that 8" dildo and put it almost all the way in and move it just a little in and out, caressing deep and strong way at the back with it's curved length, and I will cum in minutes if not moments.
1596 August 23, 2004

You people have waaay too much time on your hands. Suggestion: get away from this insecurity masturbation; switch off the computer and go and have an intelligent conversation with real people.
1597 August 23, 2004

Very interesting site!  But the generalization presented here bothers me.

You imply that women want muscular men, square body, wide shoulders, big hands, muscles etc.. more is better? Nature might have put it that way along the way, but surely in todays world a woman doesnt need his man to be a weightlifter or a boxer.  Actually its quite the opposite, Brad Pitt types,  just healthy looking individuals do far better than the ones showing most provess in ability to wrestle or lift stuff... I know this pretty well since im big ass strong guy who didnt get intimidated by anything in the locker room!

Anyway, when you do generalizations like this, its hard to swallow the point of your debate. Tough Ive never had an issue with my "member" and this site propably was not ment for me. l feel I learned a something new. Just had to bring this up .

1598 August 23, 2004

Though i wholeheartedly agree with your article,i have something that will make the other medium sized guys feel better! Being of average size myself i find it just as important to find a woman who's vaginal size matches my penis size. As you get to know a woman and find out about her previous relationships, it'll become easy to fogure out if she's really a slut or a good girl. If she's been promiscuos, go ahead and drop her! Even though we guys want a chick that'll give up easy sometimes, i don't want a stretched out cunt for my wife! Try to find the girl who hasn't been around and by all means make sure the passion is there! I'm willing to guarantee that passionate sex (where you actually feel something for her besides lust!) will actually ADD size to your penis! She may fantasize about a large 1 but she'll KNOW that you'll give it to her good! Need more hints? contact me! (justinbig8@hotmail.com)
1599 August 23, 2004

I stand in @ 6 3/4 x 1 3/4 mushroom shaped head with slight bend upward towards sky, circumsized, healthy (std free), well groomed. Women and my wife have told me I have an attractive penis. I have seen some others wierd shaped heads etc... I got lucky!! I'll say this, if I could, I'd suck it if I could reach it. Dang I'd give myself a blow job every day if I could.
Penis sizes really do matter in two areas, penetration of pussy and when giving a blow job. Pussy doesn't really need length but, width is very important. As for giving head, if it's to big / fat then head won't be as good. So cocks are really caught in the middle. Now they make sleeves for cock, making it longer and wider. So there are ways to work what you've got and satisfy your lover.
Remember pussys love that width. Makes them go wild!

I personally have "cock envy" for a great looking cock like my own. I am not gay! I do however enjoy my wife pointing out a great looking cock on video or magazine. The perfect looking penis is a sexy looking tool. It's the only part of a man attractive. I aquired my envy through 10+ years of my wife using dildos and flesh looking / feeling cocks that she uses with her strapon. Over the years, she has used upwards of maybe 100 differant styles, colors, lengths and widths, not to mention the viborators also. In 10 years of having a wife who engages in role reversal your mouth and rectum develope likes and dislikes. So I know from personal experiance that a smaller not so wide cock is great for sucking and licking. I'd say a 5 x 1 1/4 are perfect mouth size for me anyways.
Although I have never actually come in contact with another mans penis I do know I envy a sexy one. Can't help it, a cock, not all, is a sexy muscle. Well defined sexual tool loaded with sperm ready for pleasureful sexual action when needed. A penis is like a little model or body builder with that perfect shape. I have spent a lotta time using my own so I know.
1600 August 23, 2004

Love em all:
 I have a seven and a half inch penis and a tongue that is about the same. What do you think the women I have had do when I go to work on them with my tongue.I have never failed to bring any of them to a shaking crying leaking orgasm time and time again till they almost pass out and some have from the pleasure that they get from my tongue. I have never had the same thing happen when I had my penis deep inside. So I ask you does the size of a penis really mean that much? I have taken to many woman away from the so called hung studs to think that it means that much.

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