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Girls Getting Screwed by Machines!


Do you ever wish you had a fuckmachine that could satisfy your girlfriend anytime of the day. I do! Why? Because once in a while I just get fed up of fucking her. It's not that I don't like screwing her, but that sometimes I feel like I can't screw her long enough. She is one of those women that the more you fuck her, the more she needs it. Yes, I wish I had a robot to fuck my girlfriend!

A bright mechanical engineer from California had been playing with the same idea, although for a different reason. Tired of the complaints from his wife for always being away on business trips, he needed something to keep her sexually happy while he was gone. The device he had in mind was going to be more powerful than her ordinary vibrators.

The first machine he built was a converted electric hand drill with a dildo attached to it. When it was ready he immediately tried it out on his wife. Although she liked the rotating grinding of the inside of her vagina, she wanted something that would simulate the in-and-out movement of normal love making.

The next machine he thought of was an electric handsaw. He got one, removed the blade and connected the dildo attachment.

This time his wife was more than pleased with the non-stop fuck action. In fact, the engineer was so impressed with his wife's orgasms that he instantly wanted to build another machine. But he wanted it to be bigger, more powerful, self-standing and one that she could operate herself with a remote control.

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